How can we shift the overton window to the left so our ideas become a part of the public discussion?

How can we shift the overton window to the left so our ideas become a part of the public discussion?

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ignore every ☭TANKIE☭ who shit-talks jeremy corbyn and bernie sanders and shill their ideas relentlessly

But ☭TANKIE☭s types are what helps to shift the overton window in the first place.

Entryism is required. Literally every brainlet knows this

I suggest people look into the concept of 'Hork's logic'

Depends entirely on the system. In parliamentary democracy? Can work. In a weird American style "democracy" wherein individual legislators are essentially serve at the behest of their donors? Fuck no.

Tankies appeal to the general public, right? Right?


Relate it to what already is talked about. Eventually people will make the connection of the cause of most societal problems.

relatability and repetition

Citation needed.

Get better at memes.

Give guns to literally everyone. Take it away as a culturally special trait or front in the culture way. Revel in the forgotten secret egalitarianism of gun culture by creating a society where anybody can hold in their hands an indisputable testament to the lethal reality of scientific progress in chemistry and physics.

Try going full ML in an American political system where the Overton window is so skewed to the right that even social democracy is an extreme. Now, add that right wingedness to a parliamentary and what the fuck do you get? Literally nothing, you won't convince anyone. You will get lucky if the police don't arrest you because most countries that far right have banned you from being a communist.

Refer to first comment Fagstash

Well at least we can agree on something.

Expand on that please

Memes are good, but the masses won't be won with memes alone - it must be won over by a massive army of leftists volunteers who built up a parallel organizational structure to rival the GOP itself from scratch.

Then how do you explain why the entire fucking internet is a right wing shithole, how nazis are only gaining in popularity, and how we got Trump as el goblino en jefe? It was all done with memes.

Now that's idealism.
Surely Hillary fucking Clinton and the democrats fuckups couldn't have any responsability in Trump's victory.
Surely the degradation of the conditions of life for a non neglectible part of the population under the democrats wouldn't have any beneficial effect for the conservatives.
Surely decades of propaganda prior the Internet tying Left Communists Democrats and Liberals into an amorphous blob couldn't have played a role
Surely this is le ebin Holla Forums's meme magic's doing.

Thanks Satan.

Yeah, what even are material conditions right?

Yep, normies see a bunch of spotty teens handing out copies of Cold War era party paper and take them very seriously indeed.

Tankies literally think that they have a chance of undemocratically overthrowing our Navy Seals, Marines, Army, Air Force, CIA, FBI, police force, national guard and green berets to install communism.

They are fucking delusional, and will be rounded up in the first wave of state terror arrests when the fringe right brilliantly uses democracy to undermine democracy and human rights just so they can pre emptively line them up against the wall and shoot them into disgusting corpses. This will be to prevent a coup and edgy ☭TANKIE☭ hipster left wing activists die first in oppositional purges. The military aristocracy will never allow hipster ☭TANKIE☭ bullshitters to overthrow the government let alone install communism.

Hipster ☭TANKIE☭ logic is fucking priceless. Don't listen to them.

Refer to whoever wrote the first comment.

In America you can only move the country left or right through democracy.

The fringe right fully intend on using democracy to subvert democracy. They plan on killing ☭TANKIE☭s if they are successful.

That's not how you do a revolt dumbass. You don't attempt to directly attack the army and you generally want to avoid engagements unless they're on your own terms.


The second a revolution becomes a blip on the radar the military aristocracy will work hand in hand with the dually elected (f/c)ringe right officials to mercilessly suppress it.

(f/c)ringe right will be seen as legitimate because they're smart enough to democratically destroy democracy.

Fuck, do I wish lefties were smart enough to get over their I.Q. metrics, and realize that without exploiting democratic apparatus they have exactly zero hope in this shithole declining superpower. They will continue to be seen as a fringe/cringe undemocratic terrorist organization until they get over their damn selves and exploit democracy.

If your message isn't appealing enough to motivate dumb shithead rednecks to vote for you then it ain't enough to get them to give up their convenient American lifestyle to join your revolt.

It's almost like retarded autistic deplorable right wingerz are smarter than you. Which sucks, because they're normalizing their vitriolic poison to moderate conservatives.


Its simple. Produce socialist theory thats not utopian idealism and works in real life.

kys you revisionist western-funded puppet

Tankie butthurt at a Titoist as per usual

Exile ☭TANKIE's☭, start shilling for left wing candidates and inform the public about Socialism and explain how it will work.

This. Also one of the best things you can do is radicalize your family. It's probably the single most impactful action anyone can take as an individual. The slow work of helping them grow will only be successful if it's done by someone they know and trust.

Grounding politics in real human interactions and real human needs (as opposed to media illusions) is what will fundamentally re-arrange things.

Markets aren't communism.

I agree ☭TANKIE☭s are retarded but an easy way to shift the overton window is to amplify and echo the voices of those who take a position a few notches more radical than what you really want.
For example, if what you actually want is a public health care option in the United States, coordinate with and promote those pushing for single-payer, universal health care. If the single-payer approach constitutes the “acceptable left” flank of the discourse, then the public option looks, by comparison, like the conservative option it was once considered back when it was first proposed by Orrin Hatch in 1994.(tl:dr make ridiculous demands so your previously radical idea sounds relatively resonable)

Neither is state-capitalism

So we agree that Tito wasn't a communist then.

He was definitely a reactionary socialist of some shade. He did good things for Yugoslavia but it collapsed to liberal nationalists in the end.

it probably works better than acne-ridden lardasses doing nothing at home or smashie anarkiddies in any form

This, I'm sick of brainlets acting like Holla Forums and their meming was some huge force behind Trumps victory. There were a ton of other factors behind it and they didn't all materialize right before the election, a lot of it was years in the making.

I'd still like to give Kadarism, at least, a fair shake.

Maybe start by actually entering any discussion, period, instead of going "HURRR DEBATE IZ USELESS EVERYONE A FASCIST LETS KICK OVER TRASHCANS INSTEAD"

Though even then, it's already hopeless considering 99% of modern communists are either SJW crypto-liberals (the very kind that turned everyone reactionary) or autistic Stalinists who care more about defending Saint Pol Pot or whatever the fuck. Only with anti-idpol do you stand a chance to build common ground with other ideologies.

It is not rocket science, it is simply a matter of growing the movement until the media is forced to react to it. And stop fucking acting like you need to meet at coffee shops to "organize", make use of the fucking internet already for fucks sake. Why isn't there a 24/7 Communist general up on 4/pol/? It's literally allowed.

Liberals won't engage with marxists and there's no point in debating actual fascists.

The overton window is a load of shit thay doesnt represent how ideas work in society. Even if it was true, you still shouldnt moderate yourself

According to the overton window, the general acceptable discussion in society is an average of current discussion, approximatly. You can be more mathematical about it's description, but that's pretty much what it is. So if there is a moderate right wing and moderate left wing view, discussion centres around the middle. However if there is an extreme left and only moderate right, it centres around the moderate left. This isnt how it works though btw, but it just shows that even if it did then entryism is still fucking retarded

The overton window says nothing about a "center" and it doesn't mean whatever is in the middle of the window is viewed as the centrist position either.

Unironically learn with libertarians and the alt-right.

It's not difficult, really. Apply common sense. The problem with the Left is that any political instinct is usually beaten out of people by theoretical abstractions of reality that brainlets who read two books like to advance, like the whole "ideologies don't drive revolutions" meme.

Federal infiltration is why.

That's actually completely how it works ask for 1,000% and then follow up with a 150% request this is sales and human psychology 101