How do we make the leftist version of Turning Point USA? It can be inclusive of all leftist organisations and can...

How do we make the leftist version of Turning Point USA? It can be inclusive of all leftist organisations and can, for lack of a better word, fight back against, well, TPUSA.

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Why would we want too? TPUSA is a laughing stock and fell apart. A better model would be making think tanks like the heritage foundation to pump out talking points and policy to progressive channels and Democrat Cops of America campaigns. The republican party became further right through the far-right billionaires and millionaires producing easily digestible talking points and straight up policy through think tanks and feeding it to their media.

The entire point of "talking points" is to quell objections to the status quo.

You're better off with actual tanks, and pumping out bullets.

Nazbol gang

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remember, it's fine as long as it's ironic

Just repurpose all their images tbh, fam.

A "leftist TPUSA" wouldn't make sense. TPUSA was created to counter the upward trend in support for socialism among US millennials particularly after the 2008 crisis and Occupy Wall Street events of 2011. It is literally a reactionary astroturf organization created by millionaire investors and donors from the Republican Party to stem the tide of a movement that threatens their economic interests. Theirs is a losing battle. We have the wind in our sails, although we have started off at a low momentum. A successful US left strategy should take a page from the UK's Momentum: let the Right be defined by its opposition to the Left, and the Left focused on setting the terms of the debate and building a mass movement.

Why do we need to compete with diaper boy?

TPUSA are already basically a reaction to the Democrat Cops of America.

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What kind of person calls themselves a conservative thinker and doesn't have workers under them using the N word?

We have turning point ussr on Facebook, it's good enough.

I hoestly don't want to give Holla Forumsredditors a page that basically supplies them with retarded memes. Look at what TPUSA has become

There is Facebook page called "Turning point USSR", which does some work criticizing TPUSA

It's not gonna work. Reactionaries have such strong propaganda because they have the money. Charlie Cuck likes to complain about leftist parasites despite contributing absolutely nothing to society. I'm pretty sure this guy lives off his daddy's money and donations from other rich reactionaries.

Why would you want to?


We simply can't have the cultural reach that the right has, because of the very way the system is structured. A capitalist society puts capitalists at an immense advantage by tying power to capital, after all.

I really wish I could write prose like Charli'e quote here.

i thought that Terry Davis sounds funny on these

form a group
call it 'turning point usa'
shill communism
change the face of 'turning point usa'