Daily News Thread 2/27

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Detained Immigrants on Bond Hearings

Supreme Court ruling means immigrants could continue to be detained indefinitely.

'Wacky' weather makes Arctic warmer than parts of Europe

A freak warming around the North Pole is sending a blast of Arctic cold over Europe in a sign of “wacky” weather that may happen more often with man-made global warming, scientists said on Monday.

Saleh Muslim: Release of Syrian Kurdish leader angers Turkey

A prominent Syrian-Kurdish leader who was detained in the Czech Republic has been freed, prompting anger from Turkey, which issued the warrant for his arrest.

South Africa's Assembly Approves Land Expropriation Without Compensation

The legislation, approved by an overwhelming majority, was proposed by the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters party.

U.S. threatens action against Iran after Russia U.N. veto

The United States threatened unilateral action against Iran on Monday after Russia vetoed a western bid for the United Nations Security Council to call out Tehran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of Yemen’s Houthi group.

U.S. Weighs Venezuela Oil Sanctions Before April Vote

The U.S. is leaning toward imposing oil-sector sanctions on Venezuela before the country holds April 22 elections that opposition leaders have vowed to boycott, according to a senior State Department official.

German neo-Nazis Trying to Infiltrate Car Industry Labour Union

The Zentrum Automobil union is raising concerns in the automobile industry and with politicians in southern Germany for its increasing neo-nazi rhetoric and influence among the workers.

Philippines Protests 'Dictator' Duterte at Revolution Commemoration Rallies

The rallies commemorate the People Power Revolution that toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos, a role model and hero for Duterte.

Trump’s North Korea Point Man to Step Down

Joseph Yun, the U.S. special representative for North Korea, is set to step down, the State Department said on Monday, in a move that comes as Kim Jong Un’s regime says it’s willing to hold talks with Washington.

Trump, Boeing Reach $3.9 Billion Deal for New Air Force One Jets

President Donald Trump reached an informal deal with Boeing Co. on a fixed-price contract for the new Air Force One program that will cost $3.9 billion, according to White House officials.

Porn checks deadline looms amid uncertainty

A few weeks before a major change to the way in which UK viewers access online pornography, neither the government nor the appointed regulator has been able to provide details to the BBC about how it will work.

US State Dept pledges $40mn of military funds for ‘information wars’

The Pentagon will pump millions into a State Department center created to fight propaganda and disinformation campaigns waged by foreign nations, as it wants to be “on the offensive” and respond “aggressively” to attacks.

Brad Parscale: Trump names as 2020 election campaign chief

US President Donald Trump has named one of his political strategists as campaign manager for his 2020 re-election campaign.

Actress Stacey Dash Files for California Congressional Race

Stacey Dash, the actress turned conservative political commentator, has filed paperwork to run for a congressional seat in Southern California.

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Time to worry. This comes on the heels of a lot of war talk, a clear moving of hardware, a likely uptick in operational tempo in Asia (see all the recent accidents the US has been having in and around Japan), and a similar departure of a candidate ambassador because he was not on board with preventive war.


U.S. Military Opened Secretive Drone Base to Visitors (After The Intercept Wrote About It)

Last Wednesday, the U.S. military did something it had not done before, inviting a sizable delegation of local leaders to a secretive $110 million drone base it’s building in Niger.

Robots: what do they mean for jobs and incomes?

The recent opening by Amazon of a new retail store in the basement of its headquarters in Seattle has provoked more talk that human labour is soon to be wiped out by the expansion of robots and AI.

Killing a Parasite — Canceling Student Debt, Part 1

How student debt is killing its host.

Melting Ice Could Release Hazardous Waste from Abandoned Cold War Site

Melting Greenland ice will release chemical and some radioactive nasties from an old US Cold War base. Expect more of this sort of thing.

Why is the FDA banning Kratom?

The FDA's dangerously unscientific decision to classify the herb Kratom as an opioid will do nothing whatsoever to stop America's opioid crisis, writes Coco Smyth.

This is going to end up like Zimbabwe, isn't it?

tyb news user


Supreme Court Hears Fiery Arguments In Case That Could Gut Public Sector Unions


What a terribly appropriate fucking name for a scab

Thus ends the last of the American labor aristocracy.

Fuck off this is terrible

there are no brakes on this ride, we are passengers who cant change the direction rails.

How about you kiss my ass scab

Nah, Boers will fight.

That is also a fair point.

The irony is that right now there is a public sector union strike going on if they decide to gut it, it might radicalise it.

How quintessentially Republican.

how about you stop defending the left wing of capital

Who isn't striking right now?

Even if they do, it won't do them much good.
At this point, they're better off just immigrating somewhere else.

I will never stop defending the unionization of the work force after everything they've tried to do to destroy it, and I will fight tooth and claw to make sure mine stays unionized

Eat my shit scab, eat my shit

The private sector which have 10 unemployed waiting to replace any uncomplacent worker

Unions have been in a more or less continuous decline in the US for half a century. At most SCOTUS could only speed the process up by a few years.

Hopefully once unions are gone, their effects on social expenditures are gone, and their consistent influence on voter turnout is gone, liberals will realize how much capitalism has fucked our politics and economy. They probably won't though.

The street cleaners. Once that starts we kick into full De Leonism.

Tell me about white land-owners in South Africa. Are they kulaks?

There are tons of people who want public sector jobs out there too. It's not about public vs private. Public sector unions are captured by management and reactionary. Up until very recently they barely even stood up for themselves let alone other workers.

Nah most of them are lone ranchers with guns. The real kulaks in South Africa are the tribes; the zulu nation as a legal entity owns a fuckload.

So this is literally the kulaks coming after the proles?

Well the south African farmer is not a prole per se: it is not like America where they are under wage labour, they are mostly just regular peasants. Also the ANC and EFF are not representing the zulu nation, they have their own party that is very anti-ANC.
However, I fear due to the EFF being high on idpol, they will target boer estates (which ofc, some of them are kulaks or even regular landlords) instead of trying to break up the land monopolies the tribal nations have.

So kratom is still legal for now? Because I may need some. If not I might as well start doing heroin.

Exclusive: As Trump trashes NAFTA, Mexico turns to Brazilian corn


Farm groups urge Trump not to weaken U.S. biofuel policy


As someone who lives in rural farming areas that voted heavily for Trump, it's a divine justice to see them squirm under his agenda. His fossil fuel based agenda has already sounded the death knell for my town by shutting down the wind turbine plant.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see if signs the upcoming Farm Bill. I think there's a good possibility he'll throw it in the trash.

The natural results of idpol

Trump’s Tax Cuts in Hand, Companies Spend More on Themselves Than on Wages


Fat cats are using the tax break to make themselves richer? Shocking.

It's good to know my student debt is crashing the economy, at least.

Just think: we have a generation so saddled with debt and unable to find work that the American economy won't be able sustain itself in the future.

I fully expect that once the Millennials become the main consumers, we'll have an economic crash of biblical proportions.

America is living on borrowed time. I actually think a lot of the elites understand this which is the real reason why so many are obtaining foreign citizenship. They aren't afraid of a revolution so much as they are concerned about their American citizenship becoming irrelevant.

=Info Wars Recieves Second Strike From Youtube Within Wake of Parkland Shooting, Cannot Post New Videos for Two Weeks, a Third Strike Would Mean a Permanent Ban From Youtube.


Literally all they have to do is stop posting obviously fake shit as fact but they can't even do that. What's their end game?

Money, dumbass.

Don't encourage them to make good decisions, this ruins Prison Paul

Alex Jones is begging a Parkland survivor to help him get good with youtube.

What a maroon

How does losing their YouTube account help them make.money?

It makes them money right up until it doesn't.

Mueller Risk Index Warns of Market Declines as Probe Continues


There is a Mueller Risk Index.

General strike when

It's obvious that Trump is going to be the fall guy for the ensuing economic collapse. What I wonder is if people will still support him and the Holla Forumsright or not.

Trump isn't a "fall guy" if he's actively exacerbating things with his chaotic administration.

That is true, I wonder if porky is going to make the investigation itself an excuse so that they can have an easily manipulative tool in their ranks, or if they want someone who is more charismatic and able to hide things under the cloak better. That is what I've been asking, since all sorts of stock market articles and channels are going on about how Trump is totally innocent. So I honestly don't know how porky is going to capitalize on this.

This is making me kinda regret taking those 2 years of community but on the flip side I still have to buy everything cheap and coupon snip for days.

Reports: Kushner Security Clearance Downgraded Following White House Scandal


Jared Kushner has lost access to the President’s Daily Brief

Foreign officials discussed how to manipulate Kushner through his business ties: report


It's nice to know that even the in-laws share Trump's arrogant stupidity.

How do they even know? I mean, not that it's surprising. What is surprising time and time again, however, is how open they are about their spying.

Because people need to keep their mouth shut. They see people enjoying it wayy too much, now they want to outlaw it. Ruining it for the rest of us.

It's a big deal. If Right To Work laws are pushed nationally in 2019 then Democrats are walking into 2020 with not even half the amount of money they had in 2016, individual candidates will suffer much harder because public workers will no longer be fully expected to vote for them. Even large cities like Chicago or New York will be shaken as police themselves start demanding more things out of Democrats if they want their vote. Freed from their Union obligations, they can now go full mercenary and demand anything or vote Republican.

On the whole, it causes the Dems to crash and burn going into a redistricting year (2020). A situation which leads to a permanent Republican majority until the 2030s. The only labor movement not affected are trades and construction that have had to deal with split jobs for their entire existence, and know how to handle it.

Trump isn't trashing NAFTA, he's using it as a way to cut China out of the NA market. Mexicans are just being anal retentive until the renegotiation process is complete. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Pemex is finally privatized per the NAFTA renegotiation.

Jesus fucking christ if Trump kills the whole farm bill you'd probably see mass farm bankruptcies return to the US. People don't know how much US agriculture is defended and propped up with government assistance

I figure this would have been higher on the ladder than land

I thought they grew corn in Mexico, why would they need to import from Brazil?

No. All of SA's porky problems exist with the mines, not the farms. The mine owners literally extract wealth and pay workers shit because they can get away with it. Who owns the mines? Firms based in London. ANC won't touch them, EFF will. That's the real fight, because any coal miner strike in SA shuts the country down.

Also persecuting white farmers only ends up in capital flight, which the USSR had too. In Stalin's case it contributed to the holodormor, in Zimbabwe it caused their current drought and stability issues. White farmers in general can jump the border into Zambia who is happy to accept their business, and has become a major food exporter to both Zimbabwe and SA as educated people leave and land redistributed to friends of ANC who have no idea how to manage it.

But the primary difference between the USSR and southern Africa is that the latter won't have anyone save them this time. If SA splits apart due to stability problems it's going to be violent as EFF are explicitly against all whites, jews, asians, and indians residing in the country. Much like Holla Forums is vis-a-vis Jews. Given that their goal is partially genocide, it's going to be a messy situation that will either demand a Boxer Rebellion type solution or become a Suez Crisis tier event for England.

Subsidized American corn ass-blasted the Mexican agricultural industry.

Yes, I hate all of you for it too.

If you try to touch their mines suddenly the massive South African mercenary industry becomes a well armed, trained, and paid group of anti-government citizens which will have the media portray them as freedom fighters.

True. Fuck is there any way forward for them