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Trans treatmen soaring in Scotland for children:

UN LGBT Pride:

Grassroots Spokeswomens turns out to be neoreactionary:

Trans model Munroe Bergdorf to advise Labour on LGBT issues:

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owow who dis semen demon?

Tbh this is down to SNP policy directly: it is somewhat worrying how much they have been pushing it as a political thing.

The only treatment you need is a bullet to the back of the head.

Sexuality is reactionary.

Why does Jeremy insist on having these poisonous people in his party.

The leader of the Labour Party doesn't have the power to expel members.

What a fucking name lmao.If you aren't a whimsical coal covered child working in a factory who says "oi it's spay send already, innit? after he hears the 7th bong of the evening you have no business calling yourself Munroe Bergdoff.

Everyone who isn't volcel or post-virginal volcel will be purged btw.

Starting with you first.

this tbh

The Scottish need to stop trans-ing kids.

He needs to try at the very least. If he doesn't have the power, he should seize. First the trannies, then the libs.

Whatever that means, lol

It simply does not concern me what people identify as. I don't see LGBTQ as an impediment for the seizure of the means of production nor do I see it as a boon.

Eh most liberals are auto-purging, I imagine once Jon Lansman becomes Gen Sec JK Rowling herself will leave the party.


I know what the article says, I'm wondering what "trans-ing" means. Is this similar to the "turning my kids gay" hysteria too? lol

It's preventing puberty to help them stay children. Most of these kids would have these feelings resolve by themselves without medical intervention. We should allow them to grow normally and let them choose once they're adults. Treating a child is very unethical, because they haven't gone through puberty and wouldn't have an experience to base their decisions on.

Ah right, because it's not like they have to be assessed by a doctor for gender dysphoria? You just waltz in and get pumped full of chemicals I guess. Won't somebody think of the children!?

Looks like you didn't read the article?


It doesn't make them stay children, though. It makes them something totally different. Transhuman, almost, in that only some very specific genetic mutations have ever produced teenagers like them in the past.


Who is this seminal criminal?

You can't be serious.

My guess is you didn't bother to read the paper they use in the article, like you didn't read the previous article, and are just using this as a backpedal. It's okay to admit you're wrong sometimes.

The science isn't there yet, that's all you have to say. Not scaremongering.

So you admit you're wrong?

Go back to tumblr.


I still haven't heard who this Seaman daemon is.

Glad to see more parents giving their children hrt. This enables us to have a new generation of youth who have grown up outside the confines of old gender roles, and transcend stereotypes ultimately leading to a paradigm shift.




Lol, that they feel they need to listen to this person, I almost feel bad for them.

Sage this useless intersectionality discussion.


If you want to make that symbol, it would be "antisexistische Aktion".

This thread needs to go in the gulag pronto

At least I truly see, this is the power of intersectional marxism.

Take postmodernism and constructivism far enough and you as well can use similar arguments.