Friendly reminder: Karl Marx is the Alex Jones of the Victorian era

Just thought I'd let you all know.

Think about it. He was washed up, a NEET, and basically a leech on his friends until he managed to collect a niche audience that was willing to feed his ego. Just research his relationship with Engels.


He's still hotter, soooooooo


Didn't people really like his work? They showed up to listen to his speeches after all.
So suddenly being a journalist, a writer, and a university professor doesn't count as a job?

Ahh, yes, that's a good idea. Let's talk about when the father of communism decided to capitalize on the ignorance and gullibility of the proletariat to hawk his vision of a capitalist-free world.

It's only a job when the right does it

I got sniped lol

It's not like he became a millionaire who opened his own book factory and hired people to sell copies of his work. There's nothing wrong with recouping losses in the aim of education. At least his info was factual economics instead of the braindead youtubers like you idiots worship who also get paid money by advertising corporate whores to shill anti-communist """""facts""""".
basically this

Mmmmm, delicious ad-hominems.

A little too salty for my tastes though.

This entire thread is an ad hom.

We already had this thread, you're late.

Even if it's a blow-job?

Wait, no, that's only applicable when it's an election year.

I don't see anyone mention Alex Jones in there.

Or am I missing some sort of commie-subtext?

And if I wanted to make an ad-hom directed at you, I'd have to know you.

But I get the feeling you're probably some bougie uni student with a head full of impossible dreams as you sip lattes with your clique of useful idiots (who will be the first to be lined up against a wall if your utopia ever comes to pass.)

By that logic Alex Jones is the Marx of the modern era.

Alt right BTFO.

No, but Alex Jones is the Lenin of the 21st century.

Now you're getting it!

He just needs a fashionable mustache to complete the look.


Snakey Holla Forumsyps are slithery.

That's funny. You're funny. You should do stand-up.

And I bet you’re a basement dwelling neckbeard who hates Marxism because you think feminism is the reason why no women will want to fuck you.

What was the point of this thread exactly?


Oh shit! HERE IT IS!

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You argue like one. Respond to the point in his post.


Read his comments, friendo. He made no points, he just tried to insinuate I was a nazi.

"Wait, you mean suggesting they're a nazi didn't work? WELL DO IT AGAIN!"

^That's you, btw.

Come at me with actual facts. But if all you can do is throw the old-n-busted "neckbeard" bullshit around like a used-condom at a poz-party, then please throw yourself from the nearest helicopter.

No, I meant the ancom that you decided to shit on without responding to his points.

No, he only came from a life of privilege in an era where everyone from his age group had to work in order to survive. You have to have access to a lot of money, or have well-connected parents (who were also jewish. Very jewish. We're talking "well connected rabbis" here.)

You seem to be implying that monetary wealth is the only form of wealth. I wonder why that would be? Hmm…

They only really applied in the era he was living in. Since then, labor laws and other forms of worker-protections were enshrined in the legal structures. Yes, I am aware that "socialists" pushed for that. Those types of people realized that the only way to actually get any positive force for good started was to work with the systems in place. Not this petulant, whiny "the system is broke, tear it all down" mindset you'd find from useless anarchists who are only proletariats when they put on the black clothing. Every other moment in time they're just a bunch of self-entitled bougie scrubs whining about having to upgrade their iPhone again because it's "sooo fashionable."

Nice use of the multi-scare-quotes on the word facts. Also, why should I give some larper the time of day when what could have been a sensible and healthy discussion turned into insults so easily?

And that they're some of the most tired and over-used insults? I mean, this only affirms my belief that the commies on forums like this are just angry idiots wailing at the system because their parents told them to get a job.

He wasn’t that big back then.

Nice thread

Maybe he needed some Super Male Vitality?


This could've been a good meme thread if OP wasn't such an angry guy.

How do you know I'm angry?

What sort of mystical hoodoo do you have access to that would turn you into Deanna Troi?

Because you're resorting to sophistry. You're just sperging out and raging like a sad little man while you cherry pick random shit and occasionally shit your pants over "muh bourgie students with iphones." Grow up.


Guess he hit a nerve huh

Read the OP. Why did you have this expectation?

Uh, no, not really. You're spiel about labor rights and all seems to indicate you've got a basic idea for what Marx was about, but it's far from complete. The core of his arguments we're systemic. Labor protections can be nice but they don't fundamentally change the system. Also, critiques based around people "putting his ideas in practice" is a flawed approach because at no point did Marx really dictate what precisely should be done to build socialism, rather his work was focused on describing and critiquing the system he lived in and how it fundamentally operates and what it's problems were. Attempts at socialism aim to remedy these problems, but a given solution is open to interpretation and is generally specific to the material conditions of their time, hence there are so many different particular ideological tendencies of leftism. And this is easily illustrated when asked the question, "Which ideas of Marx do you mean to put in practice?" If you've read him you'd see immediately why there really isn't an answer to that question.

So you also hold some contempt for the bourgeoisie as a whole, then? Or does this only bother you with regards to Marx? But even then, critiques based on lifestylism are fallacies at best.

Are you really going to go down this route after having such a massive spergout about people insinuating you might have Holla Forums sympathies?

Explain these two charts with a different theory then.
Despite what some edgy LARPers might say, Marx supported participation in elections and unions.

Lol bruh look at your fucking posts. If this is how you normally act when you're calm around other people I'd probably be a bitter incel too

Capitalism no longer holds the extraction of surplus-value as its sole objective? Interesting.

He was actually a notorious drunk who literally fucking yelled at people in workers councils telling that their theory was shit. He was hated but admired by his fellow communists for being the motherfucker that shit talked everyone.
The left needs more people like Marx

Unlike Jones though, he was a philosopher who was trying to change the world, and wasn't just trying to sell shit

Marx was the first shitposter

No actually that was Stirner, his entire book The Ego and Its Own was an ironic shitpost to mock Hegel.

Just because some politician conjures up a new law it doesn't mean Marx is somehow invalidated