The masses of workers

why is it good for me to "feel solidarity" with my so-called "economic class"? to me it makes more sense to love the exceptional, the strong and beautiful workers who embody the good and live according to wisdom and are similar to me. Cross classes, cross cultures and races. I don't give a shit about my economic class insofar as it is divorced from the social/ethical/metaphysical realm.

I disdain the ugly, the alien, weak and vulgar masses. Whether they are owners of production or slave peddlers of hamburgers. They have different values, goals and priorities than I do. Insofar as their actions and lives are petty and ugly I have no love for them.

So what is there to revolt against? Revolt against human pettiness, materialism, greed, promiscuity, self-degradation, sloth, consumerism, revolt against being mediocre, ugly, weak, and dependent on others. Revolt against those who don't transcend themselves.

It isn't necessarily good and you don't have to
Economic classes are a spook

the spook theory is a useless spook tho

It is not.

he says: "workers of the world unite"
I say: uhhh no sweetie…listen have you read a book?

It isn't a spook to me because I like it
The idea of economic "classes" as Marx describes them existing is a spook because I don't believe in them and they were just some social construct invented by him in his books anyhow

It’s in your self interest. You can join forces with the workers and seize control of your future or you can admire the beauty and strength of the powerful from your filthy hovel and 12 hour workday. Nietzsche is the spookiest shit there is.

Because history doesn't give a shit if you're a "righteous" burger. The class war wages on regardless of where you put your faith.

wrong, history is written by the winners.

History doesn't give a shit who writes it. You are a member of the working class, your history is that of being exploited. You will die a pointless death slaving for your overlords, like the billions before you, regardless of what the news stations say.

This brainletism is the logical conclusion of spookposting

So this is the rational right's fabled debating ability

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The fatal flaw of any authoritarian philosophy is the assumption that the person in question won’t ever be on the recieving end of it. They think that Nietzsche must be talking about those OTHER vulgar masses, surely not I, because I listened to Wagner once and like to role play as a Roman in the internet. Surely I will be among the shining supermen and not crushed under a porky boot, surely I am just so special and so much better than all those normies and those girls in high school that wouldn’t date me. Surely I am the beautiful, the noble etc that will dominate this new society, despite the fact that when such hierarchies emerge I am almost statistically guaranteed to be on the bottom of them.

This is the exact same pathology you see with fascists, neo-feudalists, AnCaps, etc. It’s a massively inflated self image and the assumption that A) any such society would be a genuine meritocracy, and B) that they actually have the capacity to rise to the top. Ironically enough it seems to stem from the exact same jealousy and resentment that Nietzsche identifies with slave morality, in that neckbeards and chuds hate Chads, hate normal, well adjusted people, or conversely, enthusiastically suck the dick of the powerful.

Gud post

No matter how highly you think of yourself you'll still be made to work 8 - 10 hours a day just for the privilege of eating, sleeping with a roof over our heads and shitting in a toilet with running water, like the rest of us.

When you're done cleaning your room you should sort your priorities out.

Classes have no basis in the material world. They are just categories of analysis.

That's what i said to my boss when i said i wanted to be paid without working, but he didn't find it very convincing.

You're correct, but they do have basis in the system of organization we find ourselves in. That's like saying "Well, there's no material basis of a class system in Feudalism" and you would be correct, and that's exactly the fucking point.

Schopenhauer is more of a self help guru than a philosopher OP

Classes are a fundamental aspect of a capitalist society which *are* real material relations currently because capitalism is the productive force of society. Classes as a concept may be only that, but insofar as we are in a capitalist society these classes are part of material reality brainlet.

Also I know youre shitposting

if by "self help" you mean "talking someone out of suicide by making them realize it actually affirms the will to live" then maybe yeah.

I'm so tired. I'm a misanthrope; it's not my fault.
You don't understand.
It's not about you. The proletarian are only a revolutionary class in that they are the exploited class. They are the class that the system exploits, but that doesn't mean that all of the proletarian will be revolutionary or even reject the class system. If this was the case, there would be no need for any Marxist theory. The proletarian would simply be free.
You talk so nobly about "transcending the individual" and "loving the exceptional, the strong and beautiful" yet you can't understand the basics of an ideology you critique, and hate so strongly.
Just go somewhere else.

not on my watch, user

Fascinating, but entirely pointless. It's like a hostage situation. There are peeps in balaclavas and there are hostages. It's pretty clear who is who, and you telling the balaclava guys that you don't even like the other hostages won't change a thing about which group you are in. You will not materialize a balaclava over your stupid face by concentrating really hard and visualizing having one on. If you attack alone, they will kill you. But the balaclava guys are the much smaller group, and if all hostages attack at once, team balaclava will lose. If we two are ever in a literal hostage situation, I will use you as a human shield to protect my beautiful face.

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