How the fuck do i stop being racist? Im tired.of this uncesserary frustration and sometimes even fucking jealousy

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But at the same time how in the hell am i not supposed to get defensive of my race and mad when you see shit like this?

Ignore identity politics for as long as you can, and raise class consciousness as much as you can.

Stop identifying with your whiteness and you'll stop being provoked by deeply triggering and problematicness.


Recognize that actual existing racism is a class-issue. Stop falling for IDpol bait.

Those people are racists. Don't be like them.

Read Stirner and Marx

Those people aren't really the norm any more than Holla Forumsyps are. If you've spent any significant amount of time online you've probably interacted with plenty of nonwhite people and didn't even realize it simply because they're no different from anyone else.

Its natural but wrong. You need to fight it.


stop basing your opinions off of other peoples opinions. Just because some people have retarded takes doesn't mean you have to base your whole worldview off of responding to dumbasses. Read some philosophical and history books and base your views on evidence and reasoned thought

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Not only are articles like this sensationalized clickbait trash made primarily to irritate people, there are some cases (such as the South African Huffpo's "Deny white men the franchise" article) where ones that actually get published (ie aren't shoops) are outright forgeries created by imaginary black people. Hell, even Rachel Dolezal actually wrote some "thinkpieces" before people caught on to her.

It's true that there are some idiots who eat this stuff up, though - I've seen it. But a lot of those people are "white," too.

Lots of relevant links here:

Fucking pathetic, dude

How is this actually existing racism? Black people and white people have similar use rates, but that doesn't mean that whites are being purposely ignored while black people are purposely arrested.

If you don't want to be racist you aren't racist. It's that easy. If you don't disciminate along racial lines, you aren't a racist. What do you call them niggers in your head and you feel bad? Fun fact, insulting someone for a physical characteristic isn't racist, anymore than insulting someone for being too tall, too fair, too soft, too fat, etc… is some sort of physist.

Remember, if other races kill you, you win.

Try getting out more and chill at a bar or something.

Who the fuck cares if you're "racist" personally? It's actions that count.

For what purpose? Alcohol is best in solitude. In solitude, you can actually enjoy proper alcohol and not mass-produced pisswater(unless of course you enjoy mass-produced pisswater).

idk about you, but most pubs have atleast a modest selection of local and craft beer. Unless hard liquor is more your jam, but then, I'm at a loss. But I gotta ask about your OP, why do you consider yourself racist? Do you actively think other ethnic groups deserve less than your own? Though I have to agree, drinking is at it's best when it's finely made and you can enjoy it without a hundred people shouting over each other

I'm not OP.


Hey, racist OP. Bottom reply is for you.

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How is this actually existing racism? Black people and white people have similar use rates, but that doesn't mean that whites are being purposely ignored while black people are purposely arrested.

Racism is a class-issue. Im not referring to the disproportionate numbers of blacks to whites. Thats only a symptom of the problem. Sorry to confuse you.


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individual differences, no matter on what identity they may be based, race being just one of them, are not an issue for communism
even if you were a retarded person calling yourself a "race realist", getting an education on Marxist theory will make you realize the insignificance of your believes, identity issues and your petty bourgeois individualism

V. I. Lenin
A Liberal Professor on Equality

Realize that you are an individual and that you should stop taking personal offences on behalf of an abstract idea.

Holy shit, some things never change

i have yet to find anything happening today that isn't in essence a farce repetition of what classic ML literature is describing 100 years ago

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I do have a question, how do i cope with the fact that i believe that some privileges (say race, gender) do actually shape the western world and also the believe that only class solidarity will free us all and IdPol oriented fight is basically useless?
Shouldn't there be also a fight against discrimination (obviously)? My point is: will a class war disseminate all kinds of discrimination?

didn't mean privileges, but couldn't find a better word. traits, identities, characteristics?

The major problem with posting a question like that on leftypol is that at least a third of the board agrees with those kind of articles unironically. (as is obvious from hanging on the discord for any length of time or seeing immigration discussions descend into calling for european destruction and how immigration to china, the middle-east and africa are all imperialism)


You and me must visit different leftypols.

Jesus Christ. These are strange times.

In a society of fully realized peak Marxism, race (along with the abstract concepts of identity, personality and individualism) should entirely be eradicated, and that means you, Haile. Put down the Pan-African flag and go in the gulag, maybe you’ll learn to get along with the Magapedes while you’re in there.
The problem is that wether leftists want to admit it or not, the stench of liberalism pervades the leftist conception of racial equality. Lots of leftists are good about not buying into SJW radlib shit but we get tons of /r/socialism refugees who unfortunately misinterpret equality as passive-aggressive revenge.
Nazis prey on bullied white kids with low self esteem who feel brutalized by sjw shit by saying they’re the only group that cares about them, which is why we as marxists need to make it clear to these guys that being a Marxist doesn’t mean you have flegellate yourself in front of radlibs and you don’t have to have equality exclusively on the terms of one group but on both groups it concerns.
These conversations by no means should themselves be considered the only goal because that’s lib talk.
We need something more, we have to hope for a literal post-race, post-identity, post-personality, post-individual, post-self future. Then and only then can total egalitarianism by fully realized in the absolute.

read past the title of the article because

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Move to a whiter area, only read news written by other liberals.

Does she realize that the music she writes is basically African rhythms + Western harmonies with a touch of Asian silliness?

ikr? There are probably tons of other posts like that scattered out on the internet.

establish ethnostates in western European and western countries

can't have racism then

Realize that none of these things entail a systemic oppression of white people.

Curate the information that you are exposed to.

These are the most stupid fucking answers to this question. This is why racism among white people is getting more and more common. You're asking people to disregard or de-associate themselves with such an immutable characteristic as race, or even worse, trying to turn 'whiteness' into an abstract idea instead of a permanent characteristic of population groups. No matter what you do, there is simply no getting around the fact that there is a group of people that are "white," and are being attacked based on this fundamental characteristic of their being. Asking people to divorce their worldview from their racial identity in a time when racial status is becoming more and more of a point of contention (and determining factor of virtue in some cases) in society is simply ignoring the problem, it's not a solution.

And what of the hiring policies of mega-corporations like Google or the aims of a federal agency like the HUD or the admission policies of major colleges nationwide?

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Define what "race" and "white" are in objective, empirical terms.

But the first part is literally causing the second part.

Anti-racism is bourgeois, post-modern, new "left" idpol! We only care about class!

t. leftypol

Are we really doing this? You can't deconstruct "white" as a coherent identity by pointing to outliers or cases of mixed parentage. You can't empirically determine white, black, asian, etc, though they exist nonetheless. Can you tell me where green is on this wheel? Can you clearly delineate where green ends and where it begins? Even if there is no empirical designation for "white," it still remains a visible and identifiable trait. How do we know gravity exists? Can you point to me a unit of gravity? This kind of deconstructionist sophistry is below any serious discussion of race, and the fact that I have to prove the "white" people first and foremost even *exist* belies your dishonesty.

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we only care about class, so we have to be anti-racist simply recognizing that there is no such thing as race. Anti-racist doesn't mean only idiots and n1ggers with rainbow flags and "value diversity1!!1!1!", anti-racism is also assuming that race is a spook and it doesn't count. I would not throw the term into the idpol trash can only cause filthy liberals misuse it.

But race is real

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Great, then, other than their tiny brains, why don't niggers become literally any other race and stop whining about racism?
Pick up any school-level biology book and read it. On second thought, the distinction between race and species is subjective so you wouldn't understand.

Nor is there gravity. Down up? with Newton!!1!11!

I oppose capitalism because capitalism causes my neighborhood to turn into a brown reggaton shithole being shitted up by poc. I'm left wing, i belong here. I will not be silenced!

Even if you stopped being racist, you will still exhibit in and group behavior.

Why are you so adamant about being white or not lmao? The color wheel thing is irrelevant. You don't need to actively identify as white just as you don't need to actively remind yourself on how blue your jeans are.


whiteness is demonstrably not immutable nor permenant, as evidenced by the fact that different ethnicities are considered white in different time periods

You're post makes my point, you seem to be wanting to put people into discrete categories when you admit those categories don't exist. If "whiteness" can exist as a gradient then how could you ever refer to a "white race" as some sort of coherent group?

But this is the crux of all arguments: proving what your arguing for actually fucking exists. How can you claim sophistry when all of your arguments follow a baseless axiom?

whiteness was litterally invented by the english not too long ago to promote integration of other europeans in the americas and justify slavery of the blacks.

Its litterally not real, and people didnt and in most of europe still do not identify as "white". Its not a real thing, its not a permanent charistaristic of a population group, its not immutable, its an arbatrary made up catagory that constantly gets reworked to fit whatever political goal, which results in ridiculous stuff like far-right arguing over "are irish people white" or more recently "are hispanics white" and "how much % of non-white dna still makes you white".

There is no such group in nature. Its a social construct, a cultural catagory. Its not a "fact".

Racial identity is the problems. You cannot be free from racism and oppression unless you stop deviding people into seperate groups based on arbitrary immeasurable gutfeeling bullshit.

Fucking no thank you.

you need to be >18 to post here you know that

You're free to follow your religion and pretend cats are dogs and dogs are chickens. But you can fuck right off if you think anyone but other cultists think both your religion and science are based on belief.

Yes, the classification is a bit muddy. Technically we could classify peoples as different subspecies or species instead of races, same goes for other animals who are different subspecies but could be considered the same. It's like that all over biology, it isn't like mathematics where you have neat perfect definitions for everything except when it includes zero. Normal people learn to deal with it instead of sperging out and pretending all animals are the same.
Nigger, anyone arguing in good faith won't contest Whites exist. At the very least, you're White and you know you exist, ergo Whites exist.

is… is this the true power of autism??!!

I'm a unicorn and I know I exist, ergo, unicorns exist.

Funny how these terms are only ambigious when a white person is positively asserting their own racial identity, isn't it? You have no trouble at all understanding what a white person is when it's time to kick them off their land and tax them into oblivion to pay for social programs they'll never use.



We literally call out non-white idpol all the time. Hell, the first kneejerk reaction nearly everyone on this board had to Black Panther was how stupid black nationalism is. Lurk more faggot.

Funny how those asserting their racial identity can't even define what it is.

Start by judging based on how any tribe on earth deals with plastics and the pollution of rivers and villages.

You will be able to continue to hate all shitskins without being a racist.

The good thing about that is that picking up a plastic bottle instead of leaving it on the ground is less tied to money, etc and more to actual agency and the realization that "plastic is not just some sort of weird wood".
Many backwards "people" are used to 100% biodegradable resources they can just leave around to rot.
Plastics are beyond their minds and therefore there's an almost 1:1 overlap if you choose to judge based on things like the capability to keep the living space relatively clean and "hateful racism".


Plug your ears and scream really loud, perhaps the reality of race will cease to exist.

So the verifiable heritable differences in mean Autism Level, behavior, and physiology between groups we define as races are just going go away if we pretend hard enough?

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only neets worry about race

This is just a silly game of semantics. We know what people mean when they say white, they mean people of European descent. When someone says "FUCK WHITE PEOPLE" they're addressing a specific group of people and it doesn't matter whether whiteness is 'real' or not. You're dancing around the subject. What are you going to say now? That Europe isn't real either because the borders are all made up and as such there's no such thing as a European? This is dumb.

literally only you care, blacks have exactly zero political power so let them chant fuck whitey all they want

See Holla Forums? If a nigger can stop being reactionary, you can too!

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1. I'm not the original poster
2. It's not an exclusively black thing. It's mostly self-hating liberals and they have plenty of political power because there's a fuck ton of them.

I think this thread shows a real disconnect a lot of people on Holla Forums have from the real world, at least in America anyways. As it's pretty common in everyday life whether it's online or IRL to come across some blatantly deeply triggering and problematic ideology and for it to be perfectly acceptable and normal. This is an actual issue and I'd be willing to say it's why most aut-righters are where they are and it seems as though the answer to this problem is to just pretend it doesn't exist.

Racism unfortunately is probably an outcome of inherent flaws in human psychology. There is an interesting study on the subject here: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/desc.12537/full

Humans hate things that defy our attempts of categorization. This is probably a large reason that we often see people as being part of a "race". We can't fit all humans into the same category because they are so different, so we separate them into groups that our brain uses to make quick decisions about our judgements of others and how we should interact with them. Challenge yourself to see others by other characteristics. Empathize with them. Read the books of the racially oppressed. Converse with people you see as other. in general, expose yourself. Hopefully at some point then you will be able to fit them closer to your own definition of humanity.

Its admirable that you not only acknowledge your own inherent bias but seek to expunge it. Any socialist revolution in a racially diverse nation will need the proletarians to see each other equitably

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Racism unfortunately is probably an outcome of inherent flaws in human psychology. There is an interesting study on the subject here: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/desc.12537/full

Humans hate things that defy our attempts of categorization. This is probably a large reason that we often see people as being part of a "race". We can't fit all humans into the same category because they are so different, so we separate them into groups that our brain uses to make quick decisions about our judgements of others and how we should interact with them. Challenge yourself to see others by other characteristics. Empathize with them. Read the books of the racially oppressed. Converse with people you see as other. in general, expose yourself. Hopefully at some point then you will be able to fit them closer to your own definition of humanity.

Any socialist revolution in a racially diverse nation will need the proletarians to see each other equitably

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I don't see self-hating white liberals going around and chanting fuck whitey at themselves. I think it's you that lives in fairy land.

Good luck trying to get people from intermingling and crossing your imaginary boundries, dummy. Nazbols get the bullet to.

Wrong. You will be silenced and you will ENJOY your neighborhood being turned into a brown reggaton paradise.

I can sympathize with that.
But my real sympathies go out to the poor Chilean anons who have to hear that on the daily.
Bless their little hearts.

I have no faith left in humans

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Stop identifying as jewish and end your goy hatred.

Sephardic jews ran the slave trade. Stop blaming whitey.

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Define being an jew.

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So what did the US president from 2008 to 2016 look like then?

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I don't see any 'fuck whitey' slogans on either of those pictures

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Don’t you polbabies always say that Trump is surrounded by Jews and therefore has no power? Obama was surrounded by the same people.

If it feels good, do it.

dat cognitive dissonance tho

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Its not suprising at all actually

Point to me where Lenin or Marx/Engels argued for this, because they actually argued the complete opposite.
For the most part a result of capitalism and alienation. Gender doesn't exist, only sex.
I could honestly care less if you continue to hold racist opinions in communism, thats not my issue. My problem is any individual having the ability to leverage economic power over another and using it to make people comply to their biases. If you want to go straight home after you recieve your labour voucher for working and disassociate with any X people in your general vicinity, go ahead. Just don't go around trying to lynch anyone or expect you wont get seized by the community militia or shot in self-defense if you do so.

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I don't want to live among baboons. No baboons in the work place, public space, or living space. Ethno communes. Access to/being in proximity to white people is not a human right. Boons need to stay in zoos away from humans. Suck my cock.

The answer is as simple as it is difficult. First, you need to look inwards. You are clinging to racism for a reason, perhaps a projection of inequality or insufficiency. Get yourself together, develop some self-esteem not by image but by work and merit. Part of growing comfortable in your own skin is also being able to interact with others at a personable level, specially those of different status, class, age etc. Interaction, bonding and just overall good will towards others will then allow you to see how people, in general, as individuals, and by doing so, you'll notice commonalities, flaws and talents that are just part of the human experience and not just some autistic, sheltered "snowflake" abstract the internet say you could only possibly relate. Above all, face to face interaction with others will integrate you and make you feel at a great part of society. If you reach out to others of different backgrounds in good will, I guarantee you, in the very least, you'll realize why lumping everyone in a single box is a gross over-calculation and may even end up making a good friend along the way.

You mean those that are disproportionately geared towards higher-class, educated males, a large fraction of which identify as white? The idea that "affirmative action" is the reason that some user poster is a NEET memelord is laughable as it irrational. Nepotism and money are a far greater factor in determining social mobility and not some marginal, equal opportunity neutral program that tries to make up for these disadvantages in the first place (AF is not only race based and also applies to low income, gender and disability demographics).

Wow, the Holla Forumsrot set deep on this one. Sadly, it was the very same idea of "whiteness" that created the hollow, consumerist, and disposable "ready-made' American culture. Had they honored their heritage while assimilating those of others sharing existence in the same host nation, such as Latin American, maybe Americans would have a stronger cultural identity tied to actual identifiable history and folklore. Instead, all there is some generic "whiteness" label as a desperate badge of unwarranted status and relevance grounded on image. The real loss is clinging to arbitrary phenotypes while letting the individual–as a person of ideas, experiences thoughts and beliefs–rot behind, unable to interact or do something of itself, for itself; merit is developed, respect is earned, you are what you are regardless of what you look.