China shuts down golf courses, bans Communist Party members from playing

China shuts down golf courses, bans Communist Party members from playing
China driving against 'millionaire's sport' with closure of 100 golf courses

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Fuck golf, that land and water should serve actual people

Xi sucks in more ways than not, but he has driven the CPC to the best environmental policies in the world right now. Simply based.

At least KSA is torturing their rich fucks. This is weak.

Golf is extremely bourgeois and borderline fascist (since it becomes less and less fun to play as more people join in.)

Torture is pointless, China has the death penalty for the rich.

Communism achieved?

What will he make of this?

Relax, well have golf with Chinese characteristics soon

golf is bourgeois

made by CPC gang


this is the first thing I though of when reading this too
It's Abu Ghraib with nicer decor in there, probably.

so what, they'll let em loose in Syria or Iraq eventually and give them Toyotas?

Even if you agree golf is porky's favorite pastime, all this will do is give porky a reason to buy another helicopter or fly (first class) on Air China to some other country where they can play golf in a "proper" golf course with other porkies anyway. China then looses any potential tax revenue that could have come from golf (which is also a stupid idea, but less stupid than removing golf courses entirely). This option also removes any potential for artificial turf or greywater use as is becoming increasingly popular in American golf courses.

Also just look at this more broadly: this is a country that is attempting to ban or otherwise seriously regulate a sport. That's incredibly fucking stupid because even if golf is for rich people it's still an outdoor activity, and is better than sitting inside a casino or a tiny apartment gambling all day. This relates to another lost opportunity: China could have built their own proletariat golf community, but instead chose to ban it entirely denying access to everyone.

No he hasn't. By his actual actions (not rhetoric) the most he's done is shut down "polluting" factories, which most people realize is just a guise to get factory output down to stop the oversupply condition affecting most of their markets and resulting in multilateral sanctions across the world. Which is to say his only real action on climate change is firing workers and destroying their livelihood. This isn't socialism.

Golf player detected.

George Carlin would be proud

Let's deconstruct this. If playing golf is a thing porkies can always be expected to do, then it's reasonable to assume rich people will just fly to a golf course every weekend when they want to play golf. Charter jet services exist and booking a flight (especially with other golfers) is a trivial matter for people with the cash.

This is the same idea behind capital flight: if bourgeoisie elements can't do something in his home country they'll just leave so they can continue being elites.

lmao this golf shill now wants to blame Xi for not being able to ban golf on the entire planet. shut up golfer, your days are coming to an end.

You're right, we need global antigolfistische aktion and not anti-golfism in one country

I really, really don't trust China, but I also really, really like some of the shit they've been up to lately. Help, I'm conflicted


Honestly, this is a better idea

this is literally what the article says is happening, though it can only go so far since golf takes up so much damn space


critical support

Then they're not being creative enough. Force everyone to sign into a group and every group gets fifteen minutes on a hole (five hours total), everyone three hits or they're done. The same applies to shooting ranges in major US cities, everyone gets 30-60 minutes per week. There's also minigolf and driving ranges, things that are popular in America because both of them are cheaper and more readily accessible to lower income people.

Capitalists become capitalists in part due to isolation. Break down the barriers and you break down alienation and elitism. Strong communities that support themselves are ones where people engage in the exact same leisure activities at the exact same times. A shared common ground creates a shared trust and a shared desire to see the entire community prosper. Telling capitalists that they'll have to play their sport in other countries is the opposite of this.

and what, you've researched how they're dealing with higher concentrations of players?

kek my sides

No one likes playing with tons of other people. It's one of the reasons why golf is so fascist to begin with. Not only does it require lots of empty (but well kept) land it also necessitates restrictions on the number of potential players at any given time (thus why so many are operated by exclusive "clubs".) All golf will be banned under socialism.

yes I have because it's a fundamental paradox all private businesses have. If the state suddenly starts filling their business with poorer people (say, as part of an education or sports program run from nearby schools) they're not going to turn away the free subsidy. This then trolls all their rich customers who now have to be around people of lower stature.

It is the fundamental thing of capitalism that can be relied upon: capitalists will fuck each other in the mouth.

Does liking tennis make me a class traitor?

no, but it does mark you as jewish

TIL tennis is jewish

not necessarily, it's not like it takes up a huge amount of space. it's a bit individualistic though. more a culture thing I guess.

I am shabbos goy.

Greaves on suicide watch

critical support for tennis

golf, but with socialist-chinese characteristics, nothing wrong with that

It is. You need to own stocks of the golf club to be able to pay. If thats not bourgeoisie i dont know what is.

Good. Golf is for lazy, overweight, old farts.

doubles encapsulates the true spirit then

lmao Ive had the same thought

Tennis is stirnerite

This. I live right to an enormous golf course and it's disgusting how much of a waste it is. Usually there's only about 2-3 people golfing at any given time anyway.

You could turn it into a farm making locally grown food. You could build an adult education center to teach people about socialism.

fuck golf tbh

To put it in perspective there are golf courses the take up more land then Disneyland, so even for leisure golf courses are horribly inefficient.


Golf is a sport but there are so many other sports that rely on skill, give the player exercise, etc. Golf is a game for the old and the rich. Here are a bunch of better alternatives that don't waste land and are cheap to maintain.
1) Basketball
2) Soccer
3) Rugby
4) Football
5) Frisbee golf
6) Pickleball
7) Baseball
8) Fucking anything

Hahaha yeahow we've really stuck it to the Capitalists this is so great for Socialism and not performism. I'm so happy about this it's like I'm higher than the moon. I can't wait until we keep having more children and eventually all public space has to be carefully regulated so it can be used.


*blocks your path*

Xi's a power drunk faggot, fuck him

No fun allowed: China in a nutshell.

>goes skiing every winter
I never played golf, but why is there so much hate for it?

Stupid redlibs hate golf because fuck le rich xDDD
Golf is actually the sport of the proletarian struggle because every man can excel at it regardless of physical ability.

Sounds more like billiard. Don't you need strong hands in order to be good at golf?

That said, the actual sport of proletarian struggle should be something like basketball, football or volleyball, where all you need is ball and pair of sneakers.

Please be wary of scary Spaniards with concealed golf clubs.

You're racist.

Golf is fascist

George Carlin was an ignorant tool most of time, the rest, he was a smug liberal.

Due to the amount of land required for how many people you can accommodate. While ski resorts also take up a sizable chunk of land they can push through many times the amount of skiers per acre of land then golf courses can push through golfers for acre of land. Also since the big ski resorts are on mountains there isn't much else you can use that land for anyway, while golf courses are all on flat land with artificial elevations.

I agree. But are they going to use that land or just sell it to some party member? Are they going to use it for farming? Are they going to use it to build a neighborhood? And if it is close enough to people, I bet Chinese kids would love new football field.


Under communism, advanced technology will mean more land is available for golf.

The future is in space yet space colonizes in actual space (like O'Neil cylinders) would have even less space for golf courses.