This is literally one of the board banners...

This is literally one of the board banners, how do we stop poor people from falling for bourgeois propaganda and fighting each other? Surely this has gone on for long enough.

the idea that poor people falling for booj propaganda is a significant problem is, itself, booj propaganda
the middle class is the problem and has always been the problem

This. Fortunately AI is going to destroy the "middle class" in the developed world so we won't have to do much except educate and organize.

But middle class folks don't stop falling for the propaganda when they become poor.

Working class people in the US barely vote at all. Just because you go to church and drive a pickup truck doesn't make you "working class."

So who got Trump in?

According to exit polls? The middle class.

The only thing wrong with that image is that it doesn't blame both parties.


2016 was still horrible compared to the previous obama elections when it came to working class support for the democratic ticket



In America the middle class is petty bourg (or has that mindset) and reactionary as fuck.

How exactly do we defeat the idealist spook?


working class still.
people who own their MoP and yet still have to apply their own labor force to work with them, e.g. small shop owners. They are an overwhelming minority in just about all countries.

When the crisis really hits, all workers and maybe even part of the petit bourgeoisie will radicalize. There is no excuse for not being a militant communist in the US or anyplace in the first world, only defeatism and I say this while belonging to the "third world"

You guys need to discuss what you all mean by "middle class". Because capitalists love to run terms into the fucking ground, and "middle class" could be meant anyone above the working poor.

If you're wondering, pic related is the correct interpretation of "middle class".

Kill all the poor people.
Then kill all the rich people.
Then kill everyone else.

Usually middle class in America refers to anyone from traditional working class (lower-middle class) to petty-bourg (upper-middle class) but most commonly referring to your average suburban family(usually proletarians but like i said some petty bourg elements)

Right. So. The actual middle class are small business owners, landlords, lawyers, doctors, stock traders, and segregated community dwellers.

Basically all people who need to die.

When crisis hits, the middle class turns to fascism. They have ZERO revolutionary potential.

The middle class is anyone who 1. owns land and 2. will be financially able to retire before they are physically too old to work.

Didn't Marx speculate that the petit-bourgeoisie were potentially revolutionary due to their unique position of instability because of competition with the more prominent bourgeoisie?
I was told this once before by someone who read him but never actually read it anywhere.

I'm just telling you what people refer to as middle class in America. No one in America uses the term like that so there is bound to be confusion.

The Russian peasantry were considered petit-bourgeois by some, but they allied with Lenin during the Revolution. They became kulaks afterward though.