The Communist Party of Venezuela proclaims Nicolas Maduro as presidential candidate

Partido Comunista respalda candidatura de Nicolás Maduro
El Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV) expresó este lunes su respaldo a la candidatura del mandatario Nicolás Maduro a las elecciones presidenciales y firmó con el Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (Psuv), un acuerdo programático unitario para fortalecer el desarrollo de la Revolución Bolivariana y el socialismo en el país.
El documento contempla 17 puntos para la reivindicación de las luchas sociales, la protección de los trabajadores y la evaluación de acciones sociales, económicas y políticas.
El PCV es una organización que se fundó el 5 de marzo de 1931 para trabajar por la clase obrera y campesina, basada en ideales marxista-leninista.
El candidato de las fuerzas revolucionarias, Nicolás Maduro, formalizará este martes su inscripción para medirse en la contienda electoral en busca de la reelección para el período presidencial 2019-2025.
Los recaudos serán entregados ante la Junta Nacional Electoral, presidida por la también rectora del Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, como lo establece el Reglamento de la Ley Orgánica de Procesos Electorales.

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Too many communist parties just use hammers and sickles, I like to see some originality

what's it mean? is the rooster symbolic for waking up the sheeple?

No it's for huge communist dicks


Maduro gonna prove electoral politics ARE a viable path towards revolution.
Well, or he'll get assassinated by the US.
Time will tell.

The PSUV is simultaneously training people's militias, they are gearing up to smash the bourgeois state. They just need to find an opening where the USA can't scream about "killing their own people" and then bomb the shit out of Venezuela.

Tl;DK: Rooster is the animal of France, in Latin America France = Revolutionary shit.

Can we just move on regarding the rooster?


But wait isnt Maduro the President of PSUV?
How can he be the candidate for both at once?

Because PCV supports him, that's it as far as I can tell. Why wouldn't that work?

inb4 western leftists berating Venezuelan communists about this

in after western tank defending anything "red" abroad

take off that flag you fucking disgrace


im not sucking venefailan dick and anyone who does outs themselves as a fucking fraud

Do you know what "critical support" is? I disagree with the Venezuelan government in a lot of things, I can still support them, which is the exact same stance the PCV has. This is because, after all, it's still a leftist government under assault from imperialism and the national bourgeoisie.

The socialist version of "thoughts and prayers"


This tbh.

This is why "Venezuela" is a valid argument against your entire ideology. There is no reason for Venezuela to be such a shithole other than anti-Western socialists ruining everything. There is no external force keeping them down.

Kek, I guess Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan fell apart on their own then.

How exactly are they "anti-Western" though? Anti-Western would be to go against enlightenment or something. They don't want the US meddling in their stuff, if I'm letting a huge pitbull maul me, does that mean I'm "anti-dog"?

if I'm not*

You're just going to jump all the way to the Middle East? Why don't you use a Latin American country as an example of socialism's success?

The US is not meddling in their stuff. If they were then Capriles would have won. Maybe they should have meddled, but they let them fail. So when Chávez and Maduro whine about imperialism it's a way of passing the blame for the poverty they caused onto the US.

Yeah Allende just magically died for no reason lmao


That wasn't the argument you were making user, you were arguing that there were no external factors impacting development: i cited the imperialist machine.

Bruv there is literal proof the US navy provided logistical support to the coup.

I said it's not keeping Venezuela down. We're talking about Venezuela.

Except a US official at the dept of state literally said the intent of the sanctions was to hurt "the people of Venezuela". Add to this the consistent hostility from the US in both direct and indirect measures against the nation. You have to remember that it wasn't Anti-US until the US assisted the coup in 2002.

The coup to replace Chavez? Nigger you won. You successfully fended off the American pig dogs from corrupting the country, and now you have a free socialist utopia that doesn't have to suffer all the ills faced by shitholes like Japan and Taiwan. Venezuela is yours. As for sanctions, the US doesn't have to trade with Venezuela if it doesn't want to. You're essentially begging the people you complain about for assistance.

Bruv WITHOUT US INTERVENTION, NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN A COUP. You think America just stopped doing shit after that?? god no. When the coup was ongoing, certain US senators put forth a bill to support the political opposition in Venezuela monetarily: those opposition members reformed a few times until they became the Democratic Unity Roundtable: aka the MUD. Now you see, the US' first attempt to displace the regime has failed, so they turn to more subtle tactics; sponsoring opposition groups, media war et al. Now you may cry that this "media war" is just facts, but I ask you: when was the last time the US and western media was so united in its condemnation of a regime as evil and its people suffering? I mean even the Guardian is in on it, a paper renowned for its isolationist stance. It reminds me of a certain prelude to conflict with another oil producing nation that defied US policy…
Now who is bringing up examples outside Latin America? I mean Mexico, which has been under the guiding wing of America for the lat 80 years, is well known for its high standard of living and functional state.
t. Brainlet. Sanctions are deliberate attempts to stop not only transactions within a nation but transactions taken between two parties not related to it. Now when it comes to oil; it is all traded in USD. That is not just the status quo but the global hegemony for the last 60 years. Now what do you think happens to oil exchange when a nation that controls the USD says that Venezuela can't use its banks for arbitrary reasons (remember, they are claiming muh democracy meanwhile they sell guns to Saudi Arabia)? I mean this will soon be dealt with but that is a topic for another time.


Yes, let's not talk anything good about leftist governments on this leftist imageboard, as this would be """""larp'

Why are capitalist countries able to strangle you economically if you have a better economic system?

Mexico has the same streak of socialist anti-capitalist resentment that Venezuela does.

And the coup failed. The US backed opposition lost. Venezuela is what happens when socialism wins.

Among the populace maybe, certainly not in the government

Sure. And if it was in the government, we have in Venezuela an example of what that would look like. Ideally capitalism would be embraced by both the government and the populace, and then the country wouldn't be a shithole like every existing socialist country.

So what you're saying is that Mexico, despite its free maker capitalist system, is a shithole because mexicans don't like capitalism.

The US has barely working healthcare, education and +50% of the population loves capitalism.

All economy can be stronger if you steal other countries.

Are you pretending to be retarded or do you actually not know how economics work?

That's actually an interesting style of entryism. >Become president under socdem party, wearing socdem mask

sure gave me a kek there nigger

No, not the context. Its supporting everything leftist, even if its not perfect. Like you should.

And the ship finally sinks lads and ladies.

Honestly why is this even news? The PCV has always shown it's critical support for Maduro, Chávez and the PSUV governments.

it's an announcement, on the news, it's news

There's absolutely no reason to do this. There is no real international, and thus you have no actual political connection to these parties and orgs, and they probably don't even know you exist, much less are actually doing anything for you. Why should you unconditionally "support" parties that have no political connection to you and aren't doing shit for you in return? There is no reason. Once again, it's "thoughts and prayers".


Does this even matter?
From what i can tell the PCV is basically a dead party that lost most of its Support after Chaves's Soc-Dem Reforms killed/stole its support base
Oh and also….

Venezuela has Introduced Austerity and stripped even most of its Soc-Dem Reforms
Its a purely capitalist/Authoritarian Soc-Dem/Devolved workers state at this point and Maduro should be Exposed as the Soc-Dem/Neo-Liberal Dickhead he is

sounds good, but i heavily doubt they're even gonna use it to defens themself
btw., taking peaceful transitional steps is indeed legitimate, but the violent reaction is inevitable and people have to be prepared

i don't get what's not to get there
different parties can nominate a single canditate for presidential elections
this is common praxis pretty much everywhere

and you're probably the same black-flag-fag that still justifies shilling for SYRIZA

Asides from the local councils (Which im quite skeptical of) it has done nothing different then any other Social-Democracy or Oil gibs state
No and get glasses



When this place tells me socialism is not government doing things, I tell them this thread.


Yes, he is literally saying that.

"Even if there's, like, objectively capitalism, dude, like, the people are not properly attuned to it, maaan!"

Because there is a transition stage from feudalism to capitalism to socialism. The capitalist countries that became capitalist from feudal first and dominated resources are more developed and own the means of production and global hegemony. they have power on the planet through imperial means since it is the last stage of capitalism.

A poor country like venezuala doesn't suddenly become rich and powerful because "socialism" just like how a poor country in africa doesn't suddenly become rich and powerful because "capitalism".

in a world of global capitalism your country is only "rich" if you aren't on the imperialist shitlist.

you should really read more about this stuff before posting here, dependency theory and why global hegemonic powers develop faster than isolated shitholes (regardless of their economic systems) is a good start


lol, that picture.


ignore the meme pic

Cuba is Market-"""""Socialism""""" at absolute best…

Venezuela isn't being strangled by the west, it's being strangled by the fact it's entire economy is based around a carousel scam so the PSUV porkies can run off with billions of dollars once they leave office.
Venezuelas monetary policy is absolutely fucking retarded and the entire country is corrupt from the bottom to the top.

so what the fuck are the sanctions? eat shit.

kys retard

again let's kill you'reself nigger

Yep, pretty much. If you don't think it's nigh-unconditional, you haven't met a ☭TANKIE☭.

Reading comprehension. I wasn't taking about what should or shouldn't be discussed.

Sanctions on PSUV offshore bank accounts aren't sanctions on the economy.
Venezuela's fucked because of horseshit monetary policy and the entire economy is a fucking scam, it has nothing to do with the west.
Why in fuck do people defend Venezuela? It's a fucking dogshit succdem state with a mostly private economy. They have less Government spending and public ownership than western european countries.

The Communist Party didn't proclaim that, you kulak, because that implies he's one of their members. They declared support. And I'm fairly sure they have supported all of Chavez's ventures too, altho not unconditionally.

It's you the one who doesn't comprehends what he's writing.

There are sanctions on the economy. Fuck off conservacuck.

So a strawman, got you.

When you have people claiming that Assad and Iran are "really existing socialism", yeah, it's pretty much unconditional.

I've seen idiots claim that on this board.

What part of that did I misunderstand?

Explain how. They're on the offshore bank accounts of corrupt PSUV porkies.