When europeans will return back all the wealth they stole since the discovery of america?

when europeans will return back all the wealth they stole since the discovery of america?

pretty much all the wealth from amerindians was used as the basics of the first capitalism.

When world revolution happens, the West will be forced to pay back reparations for their crimes just like the DDR was. It will take a very long time, but it won't prevent Westerners from enjoying the benefits of socialism, it just means they will have to work a little extra to pay off their debt.

did rome ever return the wealth they ransacked

I can't tell if this is serious, a joke, or a pol false flag.

It's not gonna happen. All the wealth is already gone, transferred into bread that has made the imperialists fat. Instead of reparations, native americans should be asking for autonomy and autarky, so that they are able to regroup after centuries of death and free from oppression.

What do you think world communism is, retard? Even ignoring the need for reparations, do you seriously think it means rich countries just standing by and keeping wealth to themselves while 3rd world countries still struggle to develop? Of course not, it means internationalist support for developing countries. However, the reality is that socialists are for reparations for the crimes of imperialist countries. The USA and imperialist European countries owe a massive debt to the Global South and they will pay it off.

Ah yes, feudal, fascist, and capitalist Italy, truly the example socialists aspire to.


indigenism was a mistake

The right to self-determination is not reparations.

So the USSR was "indigenist" for making Germany pay reparations, good to see you admit you're anticommunist.

Self-determination requires the means for self-determination, which American Indians won't have on the shitty parceled-out reservations, it will require extensive funds and programs.

sup OP

false flag

You mean the gold and gemstones from the Aztecs and Incans? That's all in the Vatican, thanks to the incompetency of the Spanish monarchy and their extreme religious fervor. I can't really think of anything else that might have been stolen. Crops like maize, tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes and cacao weren't stolen, and I'd say they're worth a great deal more than all the gold in the world, especially potatoes.

Yeah, no. The U.S. is never going to repay any people under a Socialist system. There will be no U.S. to repay anyone for anything, only a humongous retard would advocate for the newly formed Socialist state to pay for Capitalist state actions. You're probably a socdem though, so it's still the same state, right? Just marxist and gay?
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Devuelvan el oro.

All you are saying is that the US is never going to be socialist at all. It sounds like you want Stras*erism, not socialism.

Are you calling Stalin and Grotewohl retards?

Excuse me? I will have you know all our wealth came from the spice trade in the indies and the native america s aren't getting jack shit in reparations. Go bother Spain and the UK.

Socialism and Anarchism are highly popular in Native American circles. Our liberation goes hand in hand with the liberation of all peoples. We'll be there when its time to finally deal with porky.

On 23 August 1953, the Communist People's Republic of Poland under pressure from the Soviet Union announced it would unilaterally waive its right to war reparations from East Germany on 1 January 1954, with the exception of reparations for Nazi oppression and atrocities

when will AmeriIndians pay royalties for their use of cutting edge Eurasian technology?

Development aid and reparations are two very different things.

Gib back money from the American Revolution first.

The DDR paid reparations to the Soviets.

How and why exactly?

We are returning it as we speak. Look outside all i see is poc on welfare shitting up the place. Stupid fucking damn dirty apes

African americans =/= native americans.


Shut up you fucking child.

Funny because native american culture doesn't believe in private property either.

Implying they have to. Power belongs to those with the will to seize it. A world where Europeans return what they "stole" is a will of power that commies have no drive to create. It's not a karmaic law of nature that anyone has to "return" or do anything, but that it's a circumstance which was created through an imbalance of strength that the subjects of European dominance sat at the unequal balance of. If those the Europeans conquered weren't such incompetent niggers, they wouldn't have fallen to the will of Europeans. It's that simple, it's the reality of evolution and hierarchical balance that commies can't wrap their heads around because they themselves are weak and rely on behaving as prey and victims in order to achieve their predatory ends.

I don’t support reparations
t Socialist

Because of WW2, not because of Imperialism. It was a common practice at the time for losers of wars to pay war reparations.

Never, it isn’t in the self-intrest for Euros to do so, and they can’t be forced because they have nukes. Even Immigrants in Europe and the US won’t support it because within three generations Immigrants tend to assimilate.

In the time of early Imperialism that was a good thing. Capitalism replaces Feudalism in the same way Socialism replaces Capitalism, it’s the evolution of history.

I might actually "know" OP IRL. Maybe I'm going crazy, but I've overheard this exact sort of statement before.

This isn't how history or the future works. The weak get conquered and exploited by the strong.

That's only how the first half of history works. The wealthy create those who destroy them later on. It's pure dialectics.

What do you mean? We're still being conquered by our superiors to this day.

Reparations are not happening. Our currency is not even worth anything. Globalists have been raping the country for 30 years and we are just their pawn.

The current establishment won't be necessarily "destroyed". They'll just move on to their next victim like parasites after the Jew-S-A is finished having it's assets extracted

If there ever is a political "revolution", they won't have to answer for anything. They'll just focus their global efforts on crushing the new establishment with sanctions

what retard wrote this

Several of those are not contradictory Holla Forums

The same kind of people who wrote that a man split the sea in two with his stick or that another turned could give back sight to the blind by touching them.

Uhhh ok

Give back to whom? You americans killed them all.

"Reparations" are a concept from bougie civil law. In a communist world, they would make no sense.
And what the West is supposed to 'give back' anyway? Gold? Countries like Bolivia still have shit ton of mineral resources and are poor.

Otoh, in a communist world, out of solidarity and internationalism and not white guilt, it is expected from richer countries to help and cooperate for the development of the Global South, by sharing knowledge, engineers, etc.