The Second Sex

Comrades, why haven't you read Simone de Beauvoir yet?

Uploading files for the second sex, the vindication of the rights of women, and the SCUM manifesto…

I got this old reading list yay

That would be absurd user

Because I'm not a woman? Feminism's fine, and I'm all for it. But it's for women, not men.

אני יודע שזו את חיה.


I read it a couple of years ago & it's honestly one of the best books I've ever read

This. I'm only for white male leftism, bringing about such policies as ree weed dude LMAO and receiving an extra pat on the back at my comfy office job.

This is some high grade liberal shitposting user. Highly illegal, said to have originated from the CIA.

I'm not OP, but Beauvoir's work should be read by every leftist.

That's right, know your place male.

women get the bullet too

No, feminist philosophy is though. I don't know what I could possibly get from it.

How will you reproduce?

Nobody needs to reproduce.

It's trash.

Someday we will all be able to split in two, like an amoeba.

Maybe some perspective on half of humanity. Even if you found no value in that though, what defines and acts upon what is female necessarily is going to have some relation to what is male. There isn't an apartheid between the sexes.
This just seems like a really myopic way of thinking in any case. Is what Cornel West writes about race only relevant for black people? Are you really that incurious?

Is there no natural drive in you to pass on your genes? To just die and wither from this world without leaving something behind sounds extremly depressing to me.

Shit-tier. Descartes was more of a feminist than her.

To protrate the suffer of this highly disfunctional species is even more depressing

You don't need to have kids to leave behind a legacy. You don't even have to be a celebrity or anything.
For example, my Judo coach is nearing 80 years old and by far he's had more impact throughout his life and helped way more people through promoting Judo and the various community service work he's tied into that than he ever did in having two kids, neither of whom he even talks about.
Not that I'm saying that having children is worthless but, well, it seems overrated. Especially in terms of leaving a legacy. Within 3 generations you're mostly lost to history anyway without that actual legacy through deeds.

That's a whole lot of writing to say "Women and men are working equals when the work doesn't require something outside of a woman's physical capacity." Cool. Can't say I'm interested.

Children are more likely to ruin your "legacy" than enrich it.


because Judith Butler is better


yeah she is okay I guess but i prefere Clara Zetkin and Glorious Comrade Kollontai way more

i need a copy of 'she came to stay' for reasons.

Women in the third world are threatened by rape, murder, human trafficking, death squads, the US military and its allies, islamic fundamentalists, drug cartels, mobs… then all of a sudden leftypol starts to jerk off to this bitch, incidentally involved with a literal cancer btw, do me a favour first world, fuck off and die.

Unruhe please go



Classic feminism, appropriating something that's unrelated to feminism to try and monopolize the idea of equality.

bizarre post

Best part of that book is at the end when she makes the same argument as Peterson. She basically goes on a tirade about how women can’t keep playing this double game of being equal to men in the work place while at the same time sexualizing themselves to get ahead. She says this contradiction will ultimately result in a total mockery of the feminist movement as women themselves are the greatest and most ardent supporters of the modern sexist infrastructure.

Which translation of The Second Sex is ultimately better? They both sound inadequate.

Charles Fourier coined the word "feminism" in 1837.