Zero Books does a video analysis claiming Zizek trumps Chomsky

I can't be the only one on Holla Forums that thinks Zizek is a charlatan, right?

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How long have you been posting here?

Zizek puts forward a hip persona which he uses to attract people to the left. But unlike Peterson Zizek actually had theory behind the act and he builds off of the work of Lacan. If you are having trouble understanding him I would recommend Zizek and Theology by Adam Kotsk


No, he's a fucking idiot. Holla Forums celebrates him because of EPIC MEMES.

If you think zizek is "incoherent" you need to fuckin read more

lmao if you think Zizek is coherent you need to read some basic Marxist texts. Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and most other great Marxist theorists are perfectly accessible to normal people and don't ramble on about bizarre psychoanalytical obscurantism like Zizek does. Real Marxist theory is the benchmark for coherent theory that correctly analyzes society, Zizekian theory is the benchmark for coke-addled perversion.

No! You are lying! You are a bizarre obscurantist, I can't hear you! LALA LALALALALA

Lacan is not Marxist, bye.

People in the third world is threatened by death squads, proper terrorists, proper paramilitary groups, the US military and its allies, islamic fundamentalists, drug cartels, mobs… Meanwhile people like you on leftypol all they care about is which theoretician is "proper" for your academic ivory tower standards like the bunch of cretins you are. Do me a favour first world, fuck off and die.

Hello, Holla Forums.

3rd world Marxists (the majority of Marxists on earth) care much more about theoretical rigor than you. Lacan has done nothing for them and they don't give a shit about him.

Zizek is an obscurantist liar and shill for the capitalist status quo, like all academics.


What the fuck is this?
The only one who could have written that whole shit is Phil Greaves after taking an acid hit.

Can you point me into a third world marxist who doesn't care about Zizek? Lacan is more or less easy, since he never wrote a political work.
In my side of Latin America Zizek is read and discussed, as well as Lacan.


Zizek is really self indulgent when it comes to language. I don't know if that's because he's intentionally obscurantist and leaves it up to the audience to draw their own conclusions or because of his aspergers.

ah, the same one who threw a massive temper tantrum about the 'trump endorsement'


Can any of you guys give me one (1) example of a matheme diagram and explain it?

Zizek will fucking embarrass Peterson to the point where Peterson loses relevance from anyone but his most devout fanboys

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charlatanry is a strong current in leftism.

Outside of linguistics Chomsky is only useful as a curator of the horrors of US imperialism. He's the arch-anarcholiberal who can't seem to move past a western Christian moralistic framework.



I agree, the antiphilosophical suppositions made by the vulgar materialists and ideologues must stop.


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if you can't explain yourself or discuss issues on an 8th grade level, you automatically lose to whomever can. prove me wrong.

mfw Chomsky is too stupid to understand 50000 Autism Level Zizek and Orwell was wrong when he argued quite strongly about writing in simple and coherent language.

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