Daily News Thread 2/26

Jeremy Corbyn backs permanent customs union after Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed the UK being in a permanent customs union with the EU in a speech setting out his approach to Brexit.

China Faces Rule by Xi for Decades With Repeal of Term Limits

China’s Communist Party is set to repeal presidential term limits in a move that would allow Xi Jinping to rule beyond 2023, completing the country’s departure from a political system based on collective leadership.

Syria conflict: Putin orders Eastern Ghouta 'humanitarian pause'

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has ordered a daily humanitarian pause in fighting in the Eastern Ghouta enclave in Syria.

Kim Jong-un's nuclear weapons are exclusively aimed at US, reveals North Korea

North Korea has said that its nuclear weapons are mainly aimed at the US and do not target any other nation in what is seen as a fresh threat at a time when top delegates from both nations are currently in South Korea to take part in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Saudi Arabia allows women to join military

Saudi Arabia has for the first time opened applications for women to join its military.

Panelist Stuns CPAC by Slamming GOP ‘Hypocrites’ on Sexual Misconduct

An annual summit of conservative activists and movement leaders faced an extraordinary bit of dissent on Saturday from a columnist who torched “hypocrites” within the Republican Party for overlooking President Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misdeeds.

Hezbollah: 'Beware Pro-US Candidates in Lebanon Elections'

"Voters should consider national interests when picking candidates and voting for them," Hezbollad leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said.

Trump wants his personal pilot to head the FAA and Twitter is absolutely furious

Citing a senior administration official, Axios reported that Trump has recommended John Dunkin – who flew him around during his 2016 presidential campaign in Trump's private Boeing 757 jet – to become the new head of the FAA, an organisation that oversees all civil aviation in the US and has an annual budget of over $16bn.

South Africa's ANC Seeks to Shield Poor From Sales Tax Increase

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress said the government must consider additional measures to protect the poor from the effect of higher sales tax, possibly by increasing the number of exempt items.

US Army wants a new surface-to-air missile for defence against drones and rockets

The army will set aside over $50 million for the development of the new Expanded Mission Area Missile (EMAM).

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Race against time to replace major disease control lab – CDC

The CDC lab in Atlanta – responsible for storing and studying some of the world’s most dangerous pathogens such as smallpox and Ebola – is showing worrying signs of wear and tear decades earlier than planned, the agency says.

Media Sites That Don't Purge Bots Should Be Fined, Senator Says

Social media giants Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. should be fined if they don’t weed out automated accounts, or bots, trying to influence U.S. public opinion, said Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Taiwan toilet paper panic: why is island caught short?

Taiwan retailers have seen a rush on toilet paper over the weekend, as word spread of an imminent sharp price rise.

West Virginia Schools Closed As Teacher Walkout Enters Day 3

West Virginia educators and school workers yet again plan to head to the Capitol in Charleston to rally lawmakers for better pay and health care benefits.

Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers give strike notice

Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers have given notice of a strike starting Friday that would impact about 24,000 children ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade, officials announced Monday morning.

Millennials 'set to be fattest generation'

UK millennials are on track to be the most overweight generation since records began, health experts say.

There's this radio show on sputniknews.com where one of the hosts is a PSL member and interviewed an African journalist a few months ago. The dude said that the local papers in Africa found that if they put Kim Jong un the cover the newspaper sells at twice the normal rate. Africans pretty much love China for their harsh punishment of corruption and NK for sticking it exclusively to the US – something we in the left are made to fear through narcissistic identification with our "main ally."



It Will Take a Political Revolution to Cure the Epidemic of Depression

How cultural developments, like shallow personal connections and authoritarian workplaces, feed the rise in depression.

Black Panther as a Red Herring


The Dystopian Technologies Being Used to Control Workers

Big companies are surveilling workers more intensively than ever and using that to create high tech sweatshops.

Corbyn is right – Brexit is what we make of it

Jeremy Corbyn's reminder this morning that “Brexit is what we make of it together” should prompt all of us on the left to look at what kind of country we want to live in.

Great as always!

It's not even just "loyalty" – this POV misses the hilarity of this situation. Trump is like "I've seen this man fly planes, he's good at it! If he can fly me, he can manage the Federal Aviation Administration as well!"

Probably due to geopolitical desperation. Not a good sign. Good for the ladies, tho.

Socialism, naturally.

oh man I can't wait to bring this up when classcucks start crying about "muh TP in venezuela muh socialism". Thanks News user

After the shitshow CPAC was, I wouldn't be surprised if GOP moderates ditch the party en masse.

Nice to see that the teacher pay problem has finally ignited into action. Good time to do it too.

WWF Appoints Veteran Banker As New President

Pavan Sukhdev, 57, who worked during a quarter century at ANZ Banking and Deutsche Bank, followed by a decade working with the UN, is convinced that the private sector holds the key to saving nature.

Tbh they have toptier aesthetics.

ffs I should've been paying more attention to CPAC. This is too good.

Strange how the leftist has the moderate position on Brexit while the neoliberals want to wreck their own institutions.

it just keeps on getting worse doesn't it

Trump: I would have run into school during shooting even without a gun


This retarded fuck.

I wish he did

Just more proof that Tim Heidecker is spot on.

almost like Corbyn is trying to preserve capitalism or something….

It's funnier when you remember this orange faggot has goddamn haemophobia.

Can Trump even run?

LMAO did they really invite France's fashy queen? What the fuck were they thinking?

nah not really, it isn't bad just looks like normal people.

They were thinking to drive off every moderate voter they could.

Eh people are misreading this: it isn't Britain "joining" the Customs union, but creating one with Europe. The nuance is important. Regardless, the most interesting stuff is in his foreign policy plan post-brexit:
We will put conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy, commit to working through the UN, end support for unilateral aggressive wars of intervention and back effective action to alleviate the refugee crisis.

Now there is some stuff that I do not approve of, specifically the "NATO commitments" part, but a lot of that would make Corbyn's government the most anti-imperialist in british history.

go back to your containment thread:


Wait, the UK is going to be fatter than America now?

Good fucking job.


This needs to spread like wild fire.

De Leon-Spontex best praxis.

anti imperialism is actually being an islamist reactionary.

They could buy something that works like S-400

Stalin was right to back the GMD in the beginning, Taiwan is true socialism .Mao was a second choice.

New Study, White Americans Going to Jail Faster, More Often Than Black Americans


This is less than the cost of one (1) F-35. The entire project at the moment costs less than one fighter plane. Burgers really have skewed priorities.

White privilege discourse became popular around the same time that actual white privileges were on the decline, which makes perfect sense. When white privilege was unassailable you couldn't talk about it. When the discourse changed, it was because the underlying material conditions changed. Talk about adding insult to injury for the white working class - not only were their privileges evaporating, but they were being told that they weren't.

Yes prole, don't vote for corbyn he's a capitalist, vote for the most right wing candidates instead.

It has more to do with the Opoid epidemic, and apparently this has been climbing since 2005.


Man you can really tell when he starts to get asshurt & frustrated.

It's so odd. When he gets really angry he starts speaking clearly, but when he's arrogant he starts slurring and fucking up. I don't know what the fuck is going on in his brain

guys this doesn't sound like commieism


US doctrine is entirely built around air power so it's not surprising they shaft an actually useful piece of support equipment in favor of their meme plane


Amazing, we also need a revolution, to regain the happiness that capitalism has also stolen from all of us.


Lol he can't run, is terrified of blood, the draft, and probably gunfire in general. I hope he runs into a school shooter though.

The arm fold is so fucking choice.

Man the spectacle is strong innit

goodbye animal kingdom, it was nice knowing you.

I think we've reached peak Trump lying with this doozy. He's told so many absurd lies in the past year, but this takes the cake. This falsehood has no basis in reality and only serves to boost his own ego at the expense of slaughtered students and frozen officers.

Anyone who believes this crock of shit should be shot to save the gene pool.

That arm fold lets you know that nothing is going to be done about school shootings. Trump is just going to spend the rest of the year whining about his plan to arm teachers.

In other news, Trump is using the Florida shooting to raise money for his re-election campaign.

Spics are counted as white ("White" Hispanic) in government statistics, this means nothing.


It'd only have been better if he pouted and said "Nuh gimme guns though"


Brainle t.



oh wow this sure is better than basic human rights, thank you house of saud you are my greatest ally


Yeah I'm sure Porky would be down with that.

I confess I'm so desensitized at the absurdity of that that I just laughed at the pic. Good editing job, by the way.

A germophobic draft-dodger boasting about how he would run into a school shooting without a weapon hahahahaha

it's amazing amazing you really elected a cartoon character how is trump even real

Holy shit, has Porky actually squeezed teachers so much he found a hard cap to exploitation?

Thanks, Obama!

We've always had our own corner these statistics.