I give up

I fucking give up.
I'm done with all of this shit.
I can't deal with it.

I can't deal with the failure of the left to actively seize the day and wage revolution,
and likewise I am sick of the right exploiting primitive human behavioral tendencies toward tribalism and in - group out - group preferences to successfully establish a new order built upon fancy lies which appeal to peoples' preconceived notions and subconscious desires.

What is going to happen within the next 2 years, or 10 years or 20? Are the Federal investigators ever going to take gather the courage to take Trump down or will they try to walk the tightrope between mega right wing Trumpites and neoliberal Democrats and never take him down?

And what about global warming and the environment. Is anyone going to take the radical action required to solve these issues or are people just going to wait around until all hope is lost?

It seems like humanity's game is nearing an end. With the recent upswing in nostalgic conservatism how is anybody going to take action to ensure the survival of our species with such a divisions in society?

How are we supposed to win conspiracy theory crazed right wingers over using logic. It doesn't work, they don't listen because they have their own separate interpretations of everything.

How would we even kill them all off?

What a fucking pathetic failure we all are. No true socialist society has ever lasted more than 3 generations.

The far right has rebranded itself and gained support. Virtually half of voters chose a psychopathic liar for President over someone who had a well thought out policy plan. Yes i'm talking about Bernie. It may seem very stale and passe now to talk about him and the whole 2016 election but half the nation chose a far right incoherent self - contradicting antithesis of
what Communism stands for as President.

It seems like people are never going to be logical enough to understand Communism, but the far right is based upon emotional appeals and vague subconscious feelings about the foreigners, the other people, those who aren't like us, those who "ruined America", etc.

Stalin had to keep the kulaks down by force. They didn't understand or care about the greater good. They were too uneducated, too individualistic. And then as soon as he died a revisionist took over and smeared him and everything he did for the greater good. Because of greed, feelings about "oh those poor people he purged, oh those poor kulaks, oh the GULAGs, oh Beria he kept us repressed so we couldn't do this or that oh the humanity."

At this point let Kim the monarchist get it over with already. Come on, launch those nukes. No more bullshit.

Get the apocalypse over with an end our misery quickly, rather than letting it go on over decades from global warming induced crises.

But that won't happen, the leaders of the world don't care about the greater good. They only care about holding onto power temporarily and gaining enough social status to pass on their genes successfully.

I give up. I give up on everything. Humanity has no future. Maybe I should just go on a mass shooting against Trumpites. Or just buy a non FFL required antique firearm with ammunition to kill myself with. Or jump off a local 10 story high building.

I'm done with humanity. I was optimistic for so long, I was trying to stay positive about the prospects of the human species but now i've realized. Everyone's better off dead. I tried to believe in an ideology, I tried to believe in the possibilities.

What a waste of time life is.

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I know that feel!

Trump being in office is un-ironically good for the left

And China is making massive strides in ecology and sustainable energy

Why do you think the left is fucked? the second largest economy on earth is a socialist state

It feels like i'm even losing the will to breathe. I am just stopping breathing. No more motivation.
If I could choose to disappear instantly from existence right now painlessly I would. No more suffering. No more getting sick from malaria or some other tropical disease when most of America becomes hot and humid enough to host the mosquito swarms.

China isn't truly socialist according to Marxian principles. It betrayed those ideals long ago when Mao died and they started "REFORMING" into capitalistic markets. Now it's all just to keep the people down so they don't start getting ideas about Maoism again.
Now they have oligarchs and a corrupt ruling class who won't let go without revolution which probably isn't coming.

we all do

See you in 60 years when it's way too late to save humanity from global warming because it's already too late to save the world from global warming right now, nobody can save us from global warming because radical efforts needed to be taken approximately 20 years ago not now.


Retarded right wingers are probably going to deny global warming and keep thumping the Bible until maybe the 2060s if not the 2080s.

Bunch of fucking retards who fail to realize they are the real problems with society and cause way more harm than African-American criminals or Jewish people or the Mexican immigrant gangs all of which they hate so much. "Muh cultural Christian valyoos muh precious white children. With this one neat trick Jewish banksters don't want you to know about, every single Jewish person is part of a grand conspiracy controlling the whole world and preventing knowledge about the superhuman logistical and organizational structure from leaking out. The media won't broadcast this KNOWLEDGE because they are Jewish"

Launch the nukes

The revolutionary is a doomed man.
There is a way OP, but it will have to be you' who plays the long game. Go to the local library today and burrow some chemistry books, that'll be a start.

FBI please go

The only thing which can be done is in the name of spiting the far right before we all get fucked by climate change.

I can buy a semiauto, buy full auto conversion kit, magazines and ammunition after getting a permit, but then i'd need to buy a car to reach the location, and i'd also need to carefully research where best to strike them, oh and also minimize casualties of neutrals, also need to train for worst case scenario of them being armed, oh and also need to be careful not to do other things like start a massive far right reaction against the left, oh and also it might simply result in Trump getting a new issue to use against leftists "both saides".

Just take all of these things into account, and do it out of the possibility of harming the alt-right even though we're all doomed.

Why not just kill myself. I'm no genius, chemistry won't help me devise some kind of global warming cure.

Leftypol is crying meanwhile nazis are literally killing faggots. lol remember when antifa pretended they had the balls to act on their ideology?

lol that's not the reason to learn chemistry

Do it faggots. We don't need quitters who call themselves realists. Even if 99% of the population suddenly died, any good socialist doesn't back down, but you do.

Yeah, post your gish gallops with articles pertaining as to why we are all doomed, it doesn't excuse you from backing down. These kinds of news should make you pissed off and direct your anger towards the upper classes responsible for this mess, but all it does is the opposite, you crawl into a fucking fetal position and give up.

If you complain about the state of the left these days you have nobody but yourselves to blame.

Even fucking Holla Forums gets it.

Keep on chugging down Trump's pure Aryan cum, you're daddies little girl and will do anything daddy says because daddy is always right, daddy is a super high social status white male and therefore it's your duty to obey him as a member of the "Aryan race" in order to save your precious white babies.

It won't matter in the end but that's now how you think, it's all about conforming with the "in vogue" movement even if it's just a way to keep the lower and middle classes in line for a bit longer before everything falls to pieces.
As long as your friends approve of you it's all okay because you are a primitive retard

go watch jacque fresco's youtube video on depression

Antibiotic resistance means many commonly survived illnesses 70 years ago are now deadly, almost no babies are surviving past 1 year. Humanity nearing extinction.
Government is providing free firing squad services to put people out of their misery.

I have depression but the facts are the facts. Nobody with the power required has the will to solve global warming.

there are unlimited ways that all earth-derived life will cease to exist, regardless of whether we manage to prevent climate change. your emotional attachment to humans existing forever is irrational.

Dropped lol

Stop giving a shit to humanity, only to yourself and enjoy the end of our times.

I still don't understand what attracts hopeless hedonists here.

Other hopeless hedonists.

Only thing we can realistically do know is educate and organize workers so that they can agitate or intemidate workplaces that treat employees like shit. Buying a gun and killing a bunch of reactionaries because you wanna LARP as a revolutionary is a fucking waste of time if you are going to kill anyway at least target cops and politicians (you know the actual upholders of the bourgeois system and ideology) also most cops are rightist af
I get where you are coming from on the global warming issue but we truly don't know what the fuck will happen and adding sensationalism helps no one.


The establishment sure is quaking in their boots
"Right wing" "Resistance" really has degenerated since 1995

Just read Land and join the reaction.
It's futile because the "left" or whatever you want to call it keeps eating itself even if circumstances are favorable. They'd rather backstab each other over petty theoretical distinctions, than move forward [i]communism[/i] one platform at a time. And in case of a mass movement, that's fatal.

Lenin and Mao were one of the few that actually understood power and what it takes to launch a successful revolution.

And for all those who argue "muh intelpro", just remember this:
The Bolsheviks had to deal with an international coalition consisting of every great power in the world, together with famine, ignorance and illiteracy, hyperinflation, social and economic breakdown, and hysterical slander and lies magnitudes worse than today's anti-communist propaganda.
And they won anyway. Even if it meant Kronstadt, even if it meant gassing peasants, even if it meant liquidating kulaks. They won.

But nowadays just look around and wince at spineless figure like Sanders who are forced to dance to the tune of neo-McCarthyism, the disaster that has been European socdems, the betrayal of Syriza, the failure of Occupy, Paris protests of 2015, etc.
Mass movements are carried by charisma and ruthless pragmatism. Both which are lacking nowadays.

The modern "left" is a waste of talent. Anyone capable of actually gaining a small following is better off just subverting the system for their own ends.
The NRx definitely had the right idea, even if they were still acting within liberal ideology: Become worthy, and rule

Evil always loses in the end, that is why the left fails and the right prevails

yeah, dude, if you're an amerilard, you should just get the hell out of there, come to Europe

I mean, you live in a 1st world country where you can go bankrupt over medical bills or can die, because you don't have money to pay for medical treatment …

GET THE FUCK OUT, you'll find a job in Europe

liberalism, fueled by socdem and marxist ideas, prevails in the world

"the right prevails"