Was American Psycho about capitalist alienation and how a complete psychopath can function normally in it despite...

Was American Psycho about capitalist alienation and how a complete psychopath can function normally in it despite murdering people over petty things by pretending to be thoughtful and cultured, yet in the end come out with no satisfaction?

It was written by an actual porky. Imo it's just spectacle.

George Soros has stated that he thinks that what he's doing with speculation is immoral, sometimes porkies are self-aware but are too soulless to care.

I always interpreted American Psycho as being about the brutality of the Reagan administration and American culture in the 80s because that would make the most sense to me.

You mean most of the time.

The only way for a porky to be brutally efficient is to be completely self aware

I doubt that's what they were going for

wait, did people interpret it any other way? i was almost certain is was exactly meant to give that impression

Didn't the author explain it was about how everyone in the upper layer of society were so self-absorbed that they didn't notice anything that was happening around themselves, not even distinguishing people. That, and how are profits put forward before human life like in the scene when the flat is repainted and the dead hookers are removed without a fuss just so it wouldn't lose property value

Did that scene even happen? It's right next to a scene where Bateman is clearly hallucinating (the ATM) and probably hallucinating (the mass shooting immediately after)

The whole "did it happen or not" aspect of the story also reflects how a vast amount of capital creation is a complete illusion / scam.

People in the third world is threatened by death squads, proper terrorists, proper paramilitary groups, the US military and its allies, islamic fundamentalists, drug cartels, mobs… then all of a sudden leftypol is scared about muh "alienation". Do me a favour first world, fuck off and die.

Alienation affects the third world too.

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Ellis has written several books that are him basically shitting on his social circle and giving a self aware description of porky life.
Pic related

The Capital system has a way of blocking out those kind of atrocities. Arguably, American Psycho satirizes that callousness to make a larger point about exploitation.

What are Ellis' politics? I thought he was center-right?

He is, but he's also a hardcore contrarion. It's strange seeing a centrist lib be so openly hateful to capitalists yet still hold on to generally establishment politics.

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On a related note I think that There Will Be Blood was about how capitalism is inherently psychopathic and it forces non-psychopaths (like Daniel) to engage in psychopathic behaviour to succeed.


Yes, never even slightly subtle about it.