Angela Nagles documentary on the online origins of the alt-right is up. Also includes a critique of idpol.

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People over the age of 25 should stop attempting to be funny

t. 24 y/o on the cusp of falling into youth culture irrelevancy

Nah, fuck that shit.

Only good thing about this is they brought in Adolph Reed.
Most of it was garbage.

but can you debunk my claim that it is cringy and makes this seem like "Stupid cringy LibTARD dosent get muh dank meme's" stuff?
It basically makes the video irrelevant before it begins
It also causes Holla Forums to swarm the comments section it seems

I guess Nagle didn't do her research?

a) this documentary was made by a liberal. the "kill all normies" title is literally mocking alt-right vernacular
b) it's 'cringy' to even use the word "cringe" if you're above the age of 18. grow up and stop being a self-loathing sack of shit.


not everyone who thinks Zoe Quinn is an opportunist is Ian teir. There’s not any evidence wizard chan coordinated any mass harassment. If you can find some, be my guest

Can you give me a quick rundown on this shit please I never gave a shit about what people on the internet said or wrote about games and instead just played the ones I enjoyed. Why did people care so much about some nobody who made an irrelevant game and supposedly slept with several guys to get a high rating? This "movement" sounds like typical internet drama blown out of proportions because some dude got angry because of vidya.

Thats literally all it was
That and a bunch of Autists Realizing "Game Journalism" (lol) is just as shit as regular Journalism
It just seemed to drag on and on for years with both sides acting like huge cunts and to this day some still dont want it to end

Its also where a lot of Autists Like Sargon of ASSkad got their head start

there is no quick run down
if you want the long run down, encyclopedia dramatica is generally the best resource for seedy internet history

Zoe quinn was dating a Holla Forums-tier jordan peterson fanboy, and zizek made a comment about how ideology blinds capitalists, and leftypol split from Reddit

I read the first few paragraphs, I have the impression is right on the money.

What an amateurish docu full of clowns, it looks like a 2nd rate film school grad project.

The Zoe Quinn shit wasn't really the main issue so much as the fact that halfchan and leddit tried to censor the people who were talking about it which just ended up drawing far more attention (and was the main cause of the exodus to Holla Forums), along with the wave of "gamers are dead" articles which really caused the whole thing to blow up.
Don't get me wrong here, Holla Forums had their hands in it from early on and were largely responsible for making it into a trainwreck full of reactionaries like Milo and Carl the Cuck of Akkad, but the whole thing wouldn't have even happened if it wasn't for the fact that people felt their "identity" as gamers was being attacked. Then again, it was fairly common around that time for Holla Forumsyps to start threads on 4/v/ that were just some random nobody on twitter (many of which were likely false-flagging Holla Forumsyps themselves) saying stupid shit about vidya and gamers, so they'd been trying to cultivate that sort of victim mentality for a while

Holy fuck Holla Forums and /r/the_cuck sure are buttblasted

moot is mostly responsible for gg becoming a huge recruitment tool for the aut right. If he had let them ruin Holla Forums it would have burned out after a couple of months. Instead he pushed them all to Holla Forums and Holla Forums which exposed them to fascist propaganda which their addled gamer brains absorbed completely.

I watched the doc and it seems really underdeveloped. Like there's nothing to gain from it that you couldn't find in Nagle's book or in the half a dozen articles on the alt-right she's written already.

For the most part, it really was.
There were no real heros, either. GG was right in that game journalism was corrupt, but too myopic to know what that meant in a broader context. Zoe's boyfriend dumping her info online was kind of shitty, but Zoe is also an opportunist who lied about wizardchan, created Crash Override which turned out to be a scam, claimed Nintendo made fun of her in a Mario game, and sabotaging charity projects and game jams.

That was a pretty good documentary and seemed fairly spot on. I liked how they talked about how identity politics was used in Obama's time to displace discussion about the political economy

good tldr

normie is /r9k/ vernacular and /r9k/ eventually ended up captured in the larger alt-right cultural orbit

Why didn't something like that happen when he banned chanology?

Because Chanology was about a more abstracted concept that had little connection to actual Chan culture
Videogames on the other hand..

I dont think thats true.

nah, that's about right

t. moot

I honestly think they would have been exposed to Holla Forums regardless. Like the travyon martin stuff already galvanized a lot of suburban whites.

Sweet bloodied fuck, these sperglords are the reason why social interaction classes are mandatory in elementary school.

also there was already an anti feminism movement on Holla Forums since the rise of anita sarkeesian, who would have been an internet nobody, if so many Holla Forumsirgins didnt IRL harass and shit up online non anita discussions with rage about it. i remember dozens of pics with thousands of people commenting about how they donated to anita just because all these Holla Forumstards were being an online mob

the fact that thousands of people still have STRONG opinions about GG and antia's videos and say they influenced their politics is why i think americans will never achieve class consciousness

Can we promote this doc?

do we want to?
its pretty bare bones, it could have been and house, hourandahalf longer, plus the only part of it i was looking forward too the nagle interview with spencer was cut short

I enjoyed how it specifically pointed out the liberal left’s role in fostering this shit, something I’ve been saying for a while. The people who are drawn to this movement are socially alienated young white men, and liberals tell them that they are le privileged white devil instead of examining why these people are so lonely and miserable. These are guys who feel that their life has no meaning, the same people who go join ISIS or become mass shooters just because they either want to become a part of a greater whole or take the world down with them. They could easily be brought into the left with a message of comeraderie and concern for their legitimate grievances related to their alienation.

Holy fuck this part had me dying.

I like to imagine that all of their meetings go something like this.

Right wing people are embarrassing and make me cringe.

Kinda feel bad for them, rightists remind me of people who got bullied really bad in high school.

Gotta love how conehead forgot he was wearing a mic.

Anyone else find it funny how often karma figuratively and literally bitch slaps this guy?

there's some cosmic irony going on.

I feel bad for weebs like you

take a second good look at the image
or are you just retarded? you are somewhat literate enough to type a comment so this shouldnt be the issue here

I would do obscene things to that shapeshifting slut.

I still can't tell if Amber is exotically ugly and therefore hot or just ugly.

Quite frankly I don't care. I'm attracted to her for reasons I can't understand (and that's okay).

amber a'lee frost is who?
the girl in the front with the half life flag?
thought it's a dude with boy tits, just look at that saggy belly, but with right wingers you can't be sure, their girls are really ugly as fuck.
no idea what's "exotically ugly" about that, it's just disgusting.

how is it a bad title if it triggers the attention of the crowd that unironically says retarded shit like that?
seems like it's doing its job

Christ, how new are you?
Amber is a co-host on chapo trap house, she's not remotely right wing.

oh, i don't care for that "trap house" thing, i see that thread every time but can't be arsed to look up unimportant peoples opinions on whatever they're talking about

That's all this thread is fam.

she's a marxist

that's why we don't make videos
anyone here who does shoving their face in front
or be it just name- and tripfagging should be banned, unless they actually contribute something
talking on a talkshow isn't a contribution to anything

i mean, that's how we got this fuckboy "muke"
do you really want this?

this is why the left goes nowhere online

Dude, I think you're taking this shit entirely too seriously. You should calm down before you have an apoplexy.

Muke is an embarrassment because he doesn't read (and has autism). I don't think there's really any comparison.

Also would it kill you to type in an intelligible manner? Perhaps use some punctuation?

wtf is going on in your brain, are you mentally challenged?
look at this faggot
he takes muke apparently serious and even thinks talking dumb shit and forcing your personality with posting low quality videos makes him a "contributer"
and you tell me i'm the one taking anything here serious? i'm just here to call people names, mock them for idiotic posts and occasionally throw some literature in
you take this shit far more serious than i could be arsed to, so no, i'm not gonna comfort you with capital letters and punctuation

Seriously dude calm down.

i'm all for shitposting but at least make an attempt to be coherent and base it on something actually written, this is just lazily letting it flow through a disfunctional sphincter

capslog, not caption

just finished watching, this video is shit and ends on the worst possible note
that discussion at the end is such a idpol shitshow
"we as whites get victimized"
"no u'r not"
what's that "class" talk about before when she can't even bring it up in proper context when talking to that faggot? literally driving off in a black SUV, poor poor spency boy

She’s like a hot young commie version of Frau from Austin Powers, and also the best Chapo member.

The fuck are you guys talking about? She looks like a female version of the 56% meme.

Why is this hosted on an account called "Ajit Pai"?

Fucking lmao, Girlvinyl why did you forsake us lmao

When R9K did the "reeeeeee normies" thing ages ago, it was still passe as fuck - "normies" was an old (then) ironic term adopted from autism groups, and "reee" was basically just a bastardization of "wryyyyyyyy" which had been spouted during raids all the time in like '06. I don't know if they were all newfags, but it came off as tryhard as fuck. The title is pretty appropriate since there was a significant gang of autists increasingly loudly and increasingly embarrassingly using these phrases in 2016.

Is Nagle even a liberal, though?
Not being rhetorical here, I don't know what Nagle's ideology is supposed to be.


Pretty spot on shit actually. A great gateway for IdPollers to understand what they got right and what they got wrong.

I also like the call to reconsidering how we approach rightists.