Preserving the Right to Bear Arms

How do we stop liberals from taking away the right to bear arms? My fedbook feed is full of pearl clutching soccer moms rehashing stupid talking points about guns…

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just take the black pill. humanity is doomed. people are too high on ideology. Black Panther has 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. any effort made against the reproduction of the bourgeoisie is futile. this IS the society of the spectacle.

The answer is in the amendment.

they can't and won't. the only good your arms are for is violent revolution anyway, and if that ever happened you could get guns illegally anyway. the "gun debate" is a sideshow distraction for libs and conservatives, it will never end. stop getting distracted.

Reassure the soccer moms that the AR-15s are safe and locked away in our People's Cache. They won't be used unless revolution breaks out.

Nobody's taking away your guns. Stop shitting your pants over a non-issue.

Just look on reddit, all the liberals there are saying they've had enough and they're actually going for confiscation, and saying they don't believe that anyone has a right to gun at all.

We should also do something to stop the idea 'the right to bear arms' from being a primarily right-wing conservative thing, and that supporting gun rights makes you a paranoid right-wing extremist.

And you think that'll actually happen? Lol don't kid yourself

Join the NRA. As shit tier as they on other issues at least they will protect the second amendment.

The NRA is a crypto-fascist organization now. They would probably support gun control for left wing groups.

Right wingers will "support" gun ownership until there is a threat of revolution, I guarantee you that


OP you really think gun manufacturers and the NRA are gonna let the feds pass any type of legislation that would affect their gun sales? Half the GOP is on their payrole.

We're gonna have another school shooting next month. Just let late stage capitalism takes its course. The more violence happens. The more people lose faith in capitalism. The more people become woke and porky gets done in by their own greed.

They are basic bitch conservatives but at least Wayne LaPerrie is woke on Jews.

no, not really. communist revolutions are historically a response to material conditions, never school shootings.

Shoot em in the face.

OP here.

I’m also wondering what the best position is for us to take on this issue publicly. As I said, the NRA is in a lot of hot water lately and it seems like more and more people are in favour of gun control. It’s a question of sticking to socialist principles of an armed proletariat vs appealing to an increasingly anti gun populace.


Frankly I don’t think that in a real revolutionary situation, something like the 2nd ammendment will make the difference between success and failure. Getting public support however will.

It is. Sorry to tell you but in the same way blacks cause half of all crime in the US ieven though they're only 13% of the population, many racial stereotypes are true, all mass shooters are white, we won't be able to fix the problem without identifying it first. If you deny this you're idpol tier.
Wait what. But the 2nd was made before slavery became a major issue.

Let chaos reign.

Yeah, getting the support of soccer moms trannies is gonna go far.

Post info graphs

How does that graph explain the drop for like 5 years after the handgun ban?

And what are school shootings representative of if not the decaying conditions of the proles?

Regardless of if you can still procure them when they are needed right now is the time you should be training with them and learning to shoot. You can't train if they are banned. Not easily anyway.

There are gun ranges in the UK.

Is Eric trying to pay hommage to Alejandro Jodorowsky?

Trannies are a tiny minority of the population and should be ignored. Courting soccer moms support isn't very useful if it's conditional on pacifism, Record Corrector.

No, he's just trying to dress like a rich African.

can't tell if Holla Forums or referencing something else


What’s idpol tier is saying that mass shootings happen because white males are too privileged and are lashing out at everybody when that privilege is threatened. This is an actual thing liberals say.

They DID

Why was this thread anchored? Anyway posting liberal cringe.

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