Inside American Neo Nazi "Atomwaffen" Militia, Chat Logs Exposed After a Stabbing, Murder

Inside Atomwaffen's Chat Logs, As It Celebrated a Member for Stabbing a Gay Jewish College Student to Death

concerned only that the group’s cover might have been blown.

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lol wut






Daily reminder that the FBI still apparently does not have files on these guys.




Why not?



Because they aren't a threat to the things that the FBI tries to uphold.

Give me a fucking break. The FBI is running this group. Fascists are the shock troops of the bourgeois state.

Jesus Christ these are legitimate fucking terrorists. Trump will go on about ISIS and Al Qaeda though and not do shit about people like this


There are two explanations. One is that they do actually have files on them but don't want to give them to the public for whatever reason and so are intentionally finding reasons not to release documents in response to FOIA requests. The other is that due to Trump they really just don't care (or cannot, as an agency, actively pursue conservative terrorist groups at this time due to administrative politics.)

this kid was radicalized by Holla Forums guaranteed

so there's the florida school shooter, that /r9k/ shooter in oregon, and the quebec mosque shooter for at least 3 possible 4chan related murderers

I wonder how far up it goes.

please link, it's uncomfortable to read all that greentext and spacing

He praised Mein Kampf and seemed to regard “Siege” as something akin to divine revelation; from his perspective, violence and society-shaking mayhem were the only options for a true Nazi.

That orientation attracted him to outlaw groups like the Not Socialist Underground, a German organization that carried out a massive terror spree between 2001 and 2011, robbing 14 banks, planting bombs and murdering 10 people, most of them immigrants. “The NSU was pretty cool,” Woodward wrote.

In one conversation, Woodward discussed the Bosnian Civil War of the 1990s, during which Serbian soldiers and paramilitary fighters raped thousands of Bosnian Muslim women as part of an infamous campaign of ethnic cleansing. “The only acceptable case of miscegenation is what the serbs did to captured bosniak women,” he wrote in November 2017. He continued "I want these women to pay. I want to impregnate them, and make sure they suffer through it. The children won't matter, fucking dump them. But these tanned cunts deserve to exist for only one reason. Us. Me. They will learn to respect us."


what a bunch of ugly degenerates

His last message before going dark was, "I feel sick.


Siege is trash. Misquote Nechayev, attributed to Bakunin ('revolutionary is a doomed man' etc). And they think they are the real deal. The fact that the Feds have nothing on them is hyper suspicious. I agree more with than any lack of ability on the Fed's part.

These are the same people that bitch about d.egeneracy..

Imagine becoming this fucking twisted though. Like I can't even wrap my mind around it, other than mental illness. I get why someone would be racist, though I do not sympathize with it at all, but to end up this way

I just don't understand how you can end up this violent and disturbed. I don't think I'll ever understand it.

These fags can't even roman salute correctly. You are supposed to tuck your thumb in you cucks

This is your mind on idpol.

Antifa are 100% justified in what they do


you need to realize they look at minorities as subhumans and a homogenous mass, in their eyes it was justified because they didnt kill a person they killed a subhuman defending "their people"

When has America ever cared about real Domestic Terrorism? They'll gun down churches, burning them to the ground with innocent women and children inside, but they don't care about the countless cells of terrorists across the 50 states. Fuck, Canada has a better track-record, and all they did was arrest some Quebecois Separatists.

Reminder this is basically word for word what ISIS did the past few years. Capture random women, rape them into submission, dump the newborn babies into forever burning pits of human bodies.

In one instant they bitch about Muslims being all ISIS, in the next breath they'll preach their very heinous tactics

This is sickening

Ten bucks baboon boy wants to be a stooge now

Damn, this guy actually lives pretty close to where I am.

You're probably surrounded by a lot of white supremacists, no offense or anything. It's Texas.

Piss off you liberal shit.

Because this group is highly secretive this organization.Similar to how the TUrkish Govemrnet hasn’t been able to infiltrate the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks.

We should learn more about there organizational structure and copy it. It might be useful to us.As for this group they seem to small to be important I doubt thew will amount to anything important.

Maybe, but in my experience most further right people here are the 3 percenters type.

I'm not even American. I don't know shit from shinola, all I know is its Texas
I agree

I am not going to live by the rules of an organization who stabbed a man to death, cut his corpse up, removed his lips, cut out his anus, and cut off his genitals. And frequently go on about owning women as sex toys who use rape as punishment.

If we're going to copy them, count me out man, that's not me.




You shouldn't look up to this militia. Just try and be a better person for once. Look at this, look at yourself. Reacting in defense for what they do.

Why? What went wrong in your life you end up like this? Nobody is an sjw for seeing this for what it is, mindless killing, mindless wish for violence, and death. You have no goal other than death or subjugation.

Just have a bloody line in the sand over your morals and standards. "When someone says I want to rape women as punishment and force their pregnancy and dump the newborn baby, I shouldn't support them, that's really fucked up." "When someone stabs someone to death, carves them up, I shouldn't support that, I'm not Jeffery Dahmer."

These are things you should be saying, not acting on the defensive for a murder because some ugly sjws exist. This is not an sjw issue, it's an issue of why. Just why would you ever feel the need to be defensive over the actions of a group you should be disowning.

imagine you're so miserable that there's nothing left in the world for you but hate. Towards yourself, towards other humans and quite literally everything that surrounds you. How fucking sad must this be.


Ever since the birth of the KKK, US law enforcement has been integrated with fascist terrorist cells. All major fascist groups in the USA today are supported by local police and the FBI. The persistence of the "Atomwaffen" is not a mark of incompetence or a mistake on the part of US law enforcement, it is their GOAL for them to continue unabated.

This is why I can't fucking stand both sides-ism. I don't even see the most deranged and delusional ☭TANKIE☭s on this board saying this type of shit. Hate and violence are the only language that these deeply sick individuals understand. You can't "own" them in a "debate" like these idiotic liberals keep thinking you can.

Everyone says that the Southern states are filled with racists, but they really aren't. It fucking pisses me off every time I hear people say shit of that nature. I'm not even American, yet this ambivalence to the Southern states infuriates me to no end.

Extremely sad. You see nothing in your community worth saving or fighting for, the only thing these people see are potential targets. There's no end game besides death. No constructive image a brighter future, it's just a period of mindless killing they imagine. They have become so lost they can only see a future for anyone by killing them all.

Ultimately they feed into our hands everytime they become more public and more members distribute their messages to groups like ProPublica. The public at large might have reactionary sympathies of some sort, but the more it's associated with this type of pure, unrestrained filth and nonsense, they're going to see a brighter future elsewhere.

The more they celebrate about death, the more they lose themselves and those around them. There's too many people who will not stand for this, and all these people can think is "Just Kill Them"

They are so lost they don't understand how self destructive they are

They got what they had coming to them, could've as well used facebook

Holla Forums you are lost. As human beings you are lost.

Why do you feel the need to defend a murderer of some random 19 year old? I don't get it, what is your end game here

you don't get it user. When muslims do it, it's bad because they're brown

Holla Forums you really need to fucking look in the mirror and realize the reactionaries you hate are the reactionaries you are on the fast track to becoming

Why are you being so fucking defensive over this. This is Jeffery Dahmer type shit they did to the kid. I just do't get it.

It's almost like there is a correlation between non-whites and increases in violent crimes like rape. But we all know that's just IMPOSSIBLE because to even THINK it would be horrible racism, right goys, er guys?

I can post anecdotes too. My 3 news articles confirm white germans are pedophiles.

Not sure if provocateur or idiot edgelord

you're fucking pathetic mate

The fact that you think you can try and deflect from this by screencapping a trash tabloid like the Daily Mail says all that needs to be said.

You people are gibbering, brain-damaged lunatics with the combined Autism Level of a retarded squirrel fucking a rock

Why do you have the defensive instincts about this

What are you, Atomwaffen fucking PR?

Pretty much every right wing group thinks atomwaffle are the feds or legit morons.

The left wing should be aware of such tactics. Cointelpro targets the far right and far left.

Always be wary of any organized group that is promoted or covered by the capitalist press. They are either controlled opposition, con men, or the feds. Or all three

And yet they are allegedly the prime suspects in recent unsolved rapes, murders, and have managed to stab and mangle a 19 year old boy to death. I'm calling bullshit on your "fake news" angle. These groups exist and have always existed and your gut instinct should want them solved as problems and not ignored.

What the fuck, this is the kind of thing you'd expect from the Reavers, not from people, as shitty as they are.

If they're Feds then that's even more worrying

And even if that's true:

For people who go on and on about logic and facts, the whole lot of you are fucking horrible at both. I mean, you people wouldn't know how to actually put together a basic fucking syllogism if somebody tattooed it on his dick and skullfucked you. You wouldn't know how to actually read statistics instead of cherry picking shit off a table that you can't even read.

Fucking lobotomize yourself, you fuck.


yeah that's a real reassuring thought

stop responding to one-off Holla Forums shitposts, just report them and let us delete it.

but I love arguing with them because I literally can't lose. You can't take that away from me.

Who said it should be reassuring? Be on alert, if you're a communist the bourgeois state wants you dead.

well I'm deleting posts that respond to their one-off shitposts, these threads should be productive instead of baitfests.

They're not the brightest bunch, it's always discord they get caught on. They don't even use IRC anymore.

yeah that's reasonable

lmao "we're not feds, only those crazy guys are feds."
-t. feds

The US security state has a history of backing fash and contras so I wouldn't put it past them

Because their meme Neo-Nazi MIlitia has max like a few hundred members with only a small chunk of those being true believers capable of violence

I don't see why some people ITT Are getting freaked out over this
These guys just mostly seem like the same old Holla Forums tier LARPers

You are ridiculously naive and gullible.

Nothing to see here, it's chill

Can you give me any evidence these tards are anything but the absolute fringe of the fringe of US politics?
And can you give me any evidence that they are a bigger threat then one of them occasionally having an autistic episode and killing someone thus discrediting themselves?

They have sympathizers with the feds. No question. There shouldn't be a reason so many cold cases are related to them, and they don't have their door knocked down for saying this type of shit, which isn't borderline, it's straight threatening to perform terrorist acts.

How they get by, it's just beyond me.

There's reason to believe that there's murders and rapes attributed to them. They haven't been solved, and whoever did it got away scott free and they have no plan of stopping.

This sounds too edgy and over the top to even be real.

90% it's just a LARP
But on he off chance they actually attempted to do it then fuck it
It would fuck their own "Movement" anyway
It would be our generations Oklahaoma city bombing on steroids
It would destroy the American Neo-Nazi for the next few decades

They are not a threat to the establishment, they are dogs of the establishment.

No, the brains behind this is apparently this fucking crazed boomer James Mason who finally has a bunch of little minions willing to listen to his cult nonsense. Not that Holla Forums isn't anything other than a bunch of little minions.

It's the leader of a group responsible for carving somebody up, of course it sounds too edgy to be real. They passed edgy a long time ago.

Are you a liberal? How does a group's "fringe" status effect whether or not they are a threat? Is a man with a gun less or more threatening if he's "fringe" versus "sane liberal"? Who on earth is suggesting this group is mainstream?

The FBI 100% certainly has assets in the group and aims to groom their members to carry out assassinations or other COINTEL operations. The group itself is just a small part of a larger US intelligence-approved mishmash of terrorist cells and fascist militias. All it takes is one assassin to change the tide of a fragile progressive movement– look at the disintegration of civil rights post-MLK.

Do you think they give a fuck about PR? The people who care about PR (the police, FBI, US government) use groups like this for operations specifically because they are a lightning rod for bad press.

Thankfully I can confirm that even pol looks down on this kind of shit. If not for that fact that its grotesque then for the fact its people actually doing something in the real world. They have a major complex about real world action always secretly being a jewish plot, if you ask pol this is probably also jewish.

America is such a fucking shit hole.

If you know anything about Mason you'll know it's the ramblings of a fucking madman prophet who failed at being a cult leader. But now that we have a youth as stupid as this, there's plenty of little Holla Forums converts he suddenly has in his flock

I haven't read it, but what it amounts too is your typical Nazi masturbation fantasy fantasy, some Charles Manson type shit, fetishizing of Nazi Germany and how to bring it to America, fascist rhetoric

Probably nothing you haven't heard outside of an image board

Well I don't live in America so some Neo-Nazi going on a rampage and killing a few dozen people at the shops doesn't affect me much so I could be biased against action
And I still stand by my statement that most of them are likely LARPers who just cheer from the sidelines while the 10% true believers do their thing
And I still think allowing these tards to exist likely does more to fuck with the US right wing then it does not
(Citation needed)

Not in their own country though. The U.S. is pretty much a one party state with two facades. The FBI has a history of infiltrating opposing parties on both ends of the spectrum.


You are just plain ignorant, read some fucking history.

I repeat, I'm deleting posts ITT if they respond to nazi shitposts. Stop wasting your efforts. Reload the page and look, your posts (and theirs) are gone.

"Support ISIS to destabilize Iran and threaten Iranian imperialism." is an unironic mainstream Republican position.

Unironic thanks for doing your job, BO.

Here's more from ProPublica who's covered the story

You don't just walk into power plants with bombs and weapons like that
American nuclear power plants have an almost military level of security, stop with the fear mongering.

The man was arrested for planning the attack, and he was just short of doing it because his house was full of explosives. Let's say, he couldn't do it.

His house was still filled with explosives.

this group is just satanists tbh

"Let's stop the fun by murder and rape and mutilating a 19 year old" is a line of brain genius logic I'm probably too stupid to understand, it's operating on higher planes than I can possibly imagine, because all I can think is m8 that's just really degenerate. But I am not on a high enough plane to understand this kind of secret cosmic logic. I probably would have to get lead poisoning first.

I welcome all the Holla Forums kiddies to pour into here and incriminate themselves.

antifa dont go far enough

fuck your free speech when your dealing with sociopaths like this

UAVs are cheap.

th-they wouldn't just let a UAV with a "package" attached to it just fly over them, r-right guys?

Maybe in five or ten years these kinds of facilities will have radio jammers or laser weapons installed to fend off drones, who knows. A lot of drones that are sold on the open market are programmed to shut down near certain geographic locations (such as the white house), but that only works for drones that have GPS and come off a corporate assembly line. In any case, drones are going to become a very common tool of serious guerilla or terrorist operatives pretty soon, and they can't be countered 100% of the time.

How would they stop it? Shoot it?

Do you seriously think the nuclear power plant is protected to a degree that one person can't detonate explosives in it? How many times have nuclear power plants been bombed? It's something like zero, which means that NO ONE has experience with this. No one has anything other than training or other experiences to even imagine what an attack on their nuclear powerplant would be like. You'd have to know his plan and the state of the plant to know if what he was doing was truly feasible.
No one is prepared for this, the security probably don't even consider an attack more than once a year on the toilet.


Literally the same shit ISIS was doing with the Yazidis.

The alt-right and these kinds of movements are the same thing as ISIS. If they were Middle Eastern, they would join IS 100%. They both hate modernity, both are supremacist and support genocide/ethnic cleansing.

Reactionaries have so much in common I'm not sure why they hate each other at all

B-but Antifa is violent too!!!

You will be pleased to learn, according to ProPublica

The organization first gained a measure of national attention in May of last year, when 18-year-old Devon Arthurs, one of Atomwaffen’s founding members, was charged in state court in Tampa, Florida, with murdering two of his roommates, Andrew Oneschuk, 18, and Jeremy Himmelman, 22. Both victims were Atomwaffen loyalists, apparently caught by surprise by their friend.

The murders allegedly occurred after Arthurs traded Nazism for radical Islam. When police took Arthurs into custody, according to news accounts based on police reports, he told authorities he had shot his former comrades because they had taunted him about his Muslim faith, and had gone into heated arguments about the compatibility between ISIS and the Atomwaffen before it ultimately lead to the the two murders. Arthurs told investigators he killed Onsechuk and Himmelman “because they did not see the truth that allying with them could give us an enormous advantage.”


yes, down to support from the US government

I haven't seen a whole lot on the CIA involvement in the formation of alt-right, but if people have stuff, I'd love to learn more.

Seriously in a strange way the most shocking part of this to me is the discussion of blowing up nuclear power plants, the electrical grid, gas lines, and poisoning water supplies. With fascists extreme violence, rape, and torture is expected but the fact that they're attempting to destroy social infrastructure like this shows they aren't using that violence with any goal in mind. No matter what type of society you're building infrastructure like that is vital. At least Holla Forums dreams of an ethno-state, people like this are just nihilists trying to destroy civilization itself

America doesn't need fascism. These kids are grasping for a movement that the elites of America simply do not need. I think the fact that despite their zeal they are largely unnecessary is what engenders this kind of insane racist destructive nihilism.
pic unrelated

Holy shit.
You can't make this up.
It's time like this I wish there was a this-week-in-stupid style news show for these shenanigans.

This. Honestly if these guys had gotten into different online spheres they would have been ISIS members. They are simply lashing out at the world and using an ideology to justify it.

CIA does international ops, FBI does domestic. There is ample evidence of FBI involvement in fascist USA militias.

With internet stuff too though?


gotta love how recent events just made this group insanely more popular and since no one is doing anything the message that leaks is that it's fine to be an assumed nazi. Where is leddit bash le fash antifa commiting some arson when we need it.

Like was the FBI involved in pushing sites like 4chan to the right?

Yes, probably, though actually posting on 4chan is probably beneath most real FBI operatives (outside of specific operations, such as the Holla Forums disruption campaigns against Ferguson, which were blatantly being orchestrated). Usually more that a bunch of FBI assets and pawns (witting and unwitting) also post on 4chan.

I remember once, in Canton, at one of the trade days - there are a great slew of open air tents, canopies, boothes, etc. Some large metal buildings that are akin to barns are there, and the bulk of goods sold from them are Chinese mass market crap designed for the trendy and middle aged; picture novelty wine bottle holders, twine on random scrap wood, Live-Life_love crap, etc.

In a single large metal building there are regular doors, not the massive sliding or rolling doors seen in the more utilitarian buildings. This building has air conditioning, and I suspect that there is a premium fee for the comfort, and for the security of an actual door. In here are the antique guns, art work, high dollar antiques, etc. People in this buildings are making real money off small volume purchases, as opposed to the large volume small-margin dealers outdoors.

One booth had a few civil war bullets in a basket, and I spoke to the owner, who wore sunglasses in doors, and he directed us to a box with pins - historical relics of the third reich, and I thought 'wow, actual historical stuff."

Then, I turned my head and saw the cross and round shield with the flame in the middle. It was a patch - on the booth renters jacket. I looked a bit, and holy shit - I realized I was in a Klan booth. I'm seeing newly made nazi helmets, rebel battle flags, klan symbols, neo nazi patches, rings, flag a bandanas, etc. I gaurantee you they white power is huge in Texas, because there is no way this guy was in that building without a big demand for what he was doing; huge volume low-margin sales.

The bastard can keep his civil war bullets.

Do you have evidence of them becoming "Insanely more popular"?

Nazis are the niggers of politics. No, seriously, the same reasoning used to justify the extermination of black people could honestly be used to justify the extermination of Holla Forumsfags.

I remember hearing there was a time you could get in trouble for having nazi artifacts lying around like that. I wonder where he got them.

Nvm, reread that. they were reproductions, right?


I'm starting to see why the "56% face" meme irritates these people so much.

Im not even surprised anymore, tbh.
The amount honorary aryans in these movements has always been staggeringly high

It should not surprise you at all at this point. In fact, you should take them seriously all the same. They are dangerous, they are irrational. They will not stop.

There are murders and rapes on their hands. Regardless of who they are, what they are, are monsters. They will not stop, they don't really care about their race. As you see if you read this, their motivations are only base. Holla Forums does not care for any of the reactionary justification they spit, they want to rape women and murder people. That's all it is in the end. Bomb a power plant to irradiate Hispanic people. Destroy water supplies to poison people. Blow up pipelines to destroy the ecology until they get what they want

There is comedy in tragedy, but I'm afraid their actions show it is abundantly clear they are not larping.

In fact, the man who wanted to blow up the nuclear power plant to irradiate all the Hispanic people around the area, his house was filled with explosives. He was ready to die.

It is funny, yet, it should be alarming. We are not dealing with sane minds. And how so many of them lost their minds so easily, it's very worrying

Not defending them or anything but you do realize that some Mexicans do infact look "White" by some peoples standards right?
Like your stereotypical "Mexican" is a Descendant of Iberian/Spanish Immigrants

Holla Forums at this point is a cult. There's no talking sense to them. They have no interest in anything that anybody uninitiated in their cult would call "reasoned discourse." Their constant sperging about "logic" and "reasoned debate" has nothing to do with logical thinking or rational critique. They just take internet culture's boner for a shallow and ultimately fake rhetoric surrounding "rationality." It's just a cover for their irrational, hate-filled bullshit, and they've convinced themselves of their own bullshit 100%. For them, "logic" can't be dissociated from the dopamine kick they get from having their biases confirmed. It feels good, they go, so it is good. That dopamine kick that everybody, you, me, everybody with an opinion gets when they feel like their opinions have been validated with some new piece of information or by following some well-worn thought pattern, they've let that utterly consume their capacity to interact with and interpret the world. They are, at the end of the day, junkies.

At the end of the day, Mormons made terrible sex compounds in Utah for less. Cults were formed, with less. Holla Forums is funny, but the threat they pose should not be under estimated.

They want to fuck, they don't care. They want to kill, they don't care. Shut the fuck up, why do you oppose us, what are you, a communist? How dare you, get in the pit too! Die! Die! Die!

Teenagers, mothers, children, adults, it doesn't matter. They really just want to violate the lives of everyone with no end goal. Just the laughter of a lost mind.

History isn't gonna judge chan culture kindly.


That’s why I said aryan. White is an arbitrary concept that they’ve never been able to pin down anyway. Most Jews look white.

What's the fucking difference, all of you have clearly lost your fucking minds and have some sort of Chan induced mental parasite

Some where, some were actual relics - he had a $300 2'x3' silk flag from the 40s in the corner!

All the Klan shit was new - but what was suprising was how subtle it was. There was no hood, no massive swastika on display, no big rebel flags; only more obscure symbols, like the various runes, 88, circled crosses, flames, and such. The itmes took the form of rings, sunglasses cases, car insignia, rugs, and cellphone covers. Oddly no coffee mugs or lighters. After the Tornado that ripped Canton apart a while back, I'm guessing that the organizers relaxed restrictions so as to keep the trade days afloat. I mean, there was no way the area was going to let it's single major economic asset go to shit, but they weren't going to wait for things to improve organically either.

He had a fucking end-aisle space, which is basically the sweet spot of foot traffic because it gets traffic up either side and from the front cross walk. [am hillbilly, i know how to fea market]

Just the subtly of the symbols, the brazen display of of the obsure symbols, and the knowing that he was getting good income from the low-margin, high volume sales in a fucking premium market building is horrifying.

White power is big in Texas, and is growing rapidly.

Holla Forums is satanic though.

It's really lame, but here in Mexico there are a lot of Nazi sympathizers, they hang on to their Spanish Basque(Northen Mexicans, Jalisco Sinaloa just to name a few regions) ancestry Claims.
in the recent months I've seen 2 guys wearing M43 caps with the Reichsadler emblem and the Totenkopf skull.(I have some fuzzy pictures of that individual).
I have even seen a guy, wearing a jean jacket with a gigantic Reichsadler patch on the back and a little one on the front.(I have pictures of that).
Even some right wing party(PAN) have gotten caught with some of their party members leaked pictures organizing neo nazi meetings.

What’s the difference? Are you saying you can’t be into weird esoteric shit and be a nazi?

Indeed, I think the one symptom you all have in common, is that you have lost the ability to love without violence

And you have lost the ability to give for others more than you give for yourself, you are too afraid to lose anything to give more to others than to give to yourself, regardless if someone is stupid to you, dumb, foolish. You lost the ability to want to appease other people in your community. You have lost the ability to care about your fellow people as brothers and sisters

And so you are lost. And so are they

We don't want to live around murderers and rapists and school shooters either, so buzz off freak. Nobody loves you, because you are incapable of love

See what did I tell you, he's infected with chan induced madness

And we don't want to live around freaks that try and white knight for psychopaths who torture and mutilate people who did nothing wrong. Fuck off and die, cunt.

I don’t see a difference

Like I said, history's not gonna judge chan culture kindly. In maybe 3, 5 decades, cultural historians are gonna look back at us and see channers as emblematic as everything toxic and infantile about our culture. And you know what? They'll be 100% right.

You have no fellow people. Nobody can meet your standards. There is nobody you would give yourself away to, and likewise, so nobody would give themselves to you. You have lost the ability to show compassion. You have the lost the ability to sacrifice. You have lost the ability to even consider for a moment, that you are surrounded by people who might have loved you.

But now you have nothing, and you love your dirt, and nothing can ever change your mind that the dirt you have is the most luxurious dirt you've ever owned.

You've lost your mind. And you'll never get it back. Laughter is all you have. You will never have children, even if you did, your children would see that something is wrong with their father, something is missing, something is distant. You would either abuse them, see them as a mistake, or run.

You are everything you hate. There is nothing saving you.

You are doomed. You have nothing left to do to the world but throw stones and cause tragedy, you are an engine of self destruction

And we do not want you here. Go away, go home.

AW's new leadership are literal satanists who pushed out the former Holla Forums vanguards. The result has been the creation of many lolcows, who have attempted to create the most edgy ideology known to man. AW's core ideology has morphed from nazis with guns to something more comparable to extremist Islam.

Your doing the same thing you criticize your enemies of
They include Holla Forums memes in their propaganda and talk about wanting to purge Muh Jews Degenerates Women Minorities etc
They are /yourguys/ and your going to have to deal with that fact
Big chunks of the NSDAP were Pagan Larping fags

Why arent you supporting your Wyatt powa comrades?

This. You Holla Forumsyps are massive fucking hypocrites in every respect and you don't even have the self-consciousness to even be capable of seeing it

The fact that Holla Forums can produce them says nothing good about Holla Forums. Holla Forums cannot be saved. They do not even see what they are doing to cause these people to exist. There is no underlying logic.

Holla Forums is just mindless Id.

It is a gigantic, tumorous, endless Id. It will blame everything it bleeds as not being whole enough, when at the end of the day, none of them are whole.

At the end of the day it doesn't fucking matter why you want to do it, you pathetic scumbag. What matters is that you want it to happen.

Also to get an idea of how extremist AW's current leadership is, their current leader was a penpal to Charles Manson who eventually cut ties with him over his extreme views. Yes, by "Charles Manson" I mean the convicted serial killer, murderer, attempted assassin of President Ford and cult leader who was serving a life sentence.

Even hitler would call you a moral fag

Most of the Holla Forums elements have been pushed out in favor of satanists, the lines drawn are usually in regards to jesus (Holla Forums larps at christians), abortion, and most prominently drug use. This isn't to defend Holla Forums but demonstrates how AW has gone completely off the deep end of the deep end.

Not really seeing a difference.
Does anyone remember Satan Chan here? I bet this is some shit she would have been a part of

We want to live in a society without you, you have proven to us you cannot run a society, all you would ever do is give us some dystopia short of ISIS. No excuses, you are what you produce.

What you have produced is someone who has gone up to someone, who just for the misfortune of being jewish and a homosexual. Stabbed him over 20 times, then as his corpse lay still warm, cut off his lips. Cut off the tip of his tongue. Carved out his anus. Cut off his genitals. Covered his body in swastikas with the hot knife covered in his blood, and buried him half assed for his family to mourn their son is gone.

He's been mutilated. Their boy is gone and he's been mutilated. He will never be back again.

The last memory, they have of their son, is that of a corpse covered in lascerations, teeth exposed, with a bloodied stump of a tongue, a mutilated pelvis. That's it.

And you know what? Your goals, your ideology, just cause more of these murders. Theirs cold cases in 2017 related to you and your kind.

You're not a joke anymore. We want you gone. You're disgusting. You don't know how to love anymore.


Yup, there it is. Ye ol' bad faith. You can't defend the fact that you want ethnic cleansing, so you fucking split hairs over shit like "peaceful ethnic cleansing" (which is a fucking contradiction)

They’ll both end in death, dum dum. End result is the same.

Fascism has always been a death cult.

Nobody will ever love you. Remember that. Nobody. Take that in, this isn't a reply to your bait or your shitposts. This is me leveling with you.

You are so alienating that no woman will ever find you attractive, and you know what, you're ok with that. And that's fine to most people, life isn't fair. We all get that. We all have accepted that in some way.

But it isn't to you. You can't accept you aren't perfect, and from there, you cannot accept the idea of giving.

As a woman I'm letting you know, that you have destroyed yourself.

But Charles Manson didnt even get a fair trial because his name was tainted to the Jury Months before the trial began
Most of the "Muh ebil cult drugged up on LSD to start a Racewar" is also bullshit
Truth is he was just a drug addict/Gang Leader whose buddies killed some local's who they were having some disputes with plus some drug dealers and then blamed him to save their own skins

god shut up you drama queen

Manson was connected to the feds

No. I'm not going to shut up.

I for one enjoy watching her dunk on the Holla Forumsyp in the most severe possible manner.

Please continue.

The point is that they produce this all in the end, these various sects, still says nothing good about Holla Forums. They can deny it all they want, they will continue to see the results.

Check out the Kiwifarms thread, including the awful (truly, awful) YT interview of Rape (the moniker AW's current leader goes by). The Holla Forums types are generally ok with terrorism but in the constructive sense, they see no point in murdering random children especially if they're white. Meanwhile AW wants pure violence all of the time, in all the forms they can use it. To put it succinctly: Holla Forums wants to save the white race while AW wants to cure it. Compare pulling someone out of a ditch to preforming chemotherapy.

It's a small difference, but a real one. It's what separates the meth-addled retards with hammers from racist construction workers. Again this isn't to defend Holla Forums, but most of Holla Forums isn't willing to murder their own families and friends just because they want to "fuck the system". Even the ones who want to do terrorism (like Tim McVeigh) are careful in who they target. On that note, compare the OKC bombing to the Tylenol attacks.


People not wanting to fuck you isn’t ethnic cleansing, no matter how many times you say it.

Thanks for proving my point, dumbass.

also, [citation needed]

"Curing" the nation always becomes fascism's goal in the end. It is a death cult through and through.


Didnt know Right-Posadism was a thing…

Sure, but there's a vast difference in strategies. Even with the holocaust, it took Hitler several years to organize an orderly persecution, round-up, and extermination of Jews. Compare that to the Rwandan genocide where the aggressors announced their attack through a coded radio message, and over the next several hours hundreds of thousands were murdered where they stood.

Which is to say Holla Forums would be the "lawful evil" to AW's "chaotic evil". One of them is willing to accept large amounts of collateral damage, the other is not.

You do not want peace. You do not want legality. You are a liar, a thief, a disposer, a virus. You are nothing.

You think you have power but the only thing you can do to people it seems is to fucking kill them or rape them.

You know what you say is bullshit, you know all you want is violence. Quit with the bullshit and listen to me. Listen to me and maybe hopefully you can change.

You are self destructive and the only thing you will ever do is support murder and rape. That's all this ends in.

And for the saddest reasons of all, you got sucked into chan culture at a young age and the dopamine kick destroyed your soul. You cannot sacrifice for a cause above you. You cannot help people you believe are lesser than you.

Your love is only that of a monster. And you need to realize, that everyone sees that in you. A monster. A selfish, vile, disgusting demon who only thinks for himself and not others around him. You produce these people.

Women hate you for it. You will never grow old with someone, never love a child. Never raise someone with a mother. You will never do any of it and do you know why?

Because you love getting high off the internet more than you'll ever love anyone who could have loved you like you deserved. You're lost, crippled, socially retarded. You've destroyed every hope you have, you'll never turn back.

As history goes by, you'll cheer at the murders, the violence, the rapes, and you'll blame it on anyone but the community you're a part of that's doing it an increasing level. You've lost your fucking mind and destroyed your chances of ever loving a son or a daughter or a wife.

You have lost everything and you don't even know it. You only know hate. And you will only know hate until you are dead

Again, have you met Satan poster? She was polyp that had no problem with this.

Holla Forums produced them, Holla Forums produced the school shooter, Holla Forums produced the mosque shooter, Holla Forums produced all these cold cases, you cannot wipe the blood from your hands and the time you've spent convincing yourself that Holla Forums isn't what it appears to be

You are a cuck

Convincing counterargument, bro

she's right, you're all cunts, lock yourself in a meat freezer


They're related, but different. Different workflows through problems, different approaches, different ways of viewing a final solution. Enough of a difference to piss all over Holla Forums and get them walking out of the group.

You know that more than anyone

you can argue there are different factions, but they still come from the same cesspool, and it’s Holla Forums. I’m not letting them distance themselves from that fact

that's the whole problem, "dunking" is juvenile bullshit.

There is so much that is hilariously stupid and self-aggrandizing about this that I genuinely don't know where to begin

You know that access to people isn't a human right, and that's the core foundation to what brought you here. You don't want human rights or human dignity.

You want fantasy, where you get a happy ending. You want the impossible.

You are a lost cuckold in a world of projecting men.

You're not wrong, but honestly? Fuck these people.

Also, it's cathartic.

I don't believe that's very descriptive of the situation. If you check out the kiwifarms thread, Rape's goal is part of a larger strategy (well, attempt) to subvert activist movements with satanic messages. The alt-right being full of retards as it is lends itself well to it, until satanists try pushing things like abortions, drugs, or gay sex which Holla Forums hates.

Then again Holla Forums itself exists in it's current state because a long time ago 4/pol/ was taken over by banned Stormfront users.

What if AW is the FBI? Reminds me of how they used idpol to break left wing movements in the 70s.

Well this is what this all about really. Access to white people isn't a human right. Nobody wants you you animals around here other than the big capitalist interests that brought you here. You'll be deported as quickly as you were imported. The process will be very smooth.

The guy this group was a part of mutilated a gay 19 year old who was jewish. For the crimes of being both. After 20+ stab wounds, of course. He mutilated the body.

It's all contradictory bullshit, there is no consistent logic

Only violence

Well Rape himself did straight up say if he would with the FBI if approached. But I think he only said that because he's a true retard and a coward who won't say he'd shoot a cop.

Come back to me when you can change the public's fucking mind when the public knows you for mutilating a 19 year old, and shooting up a school, shooting up a church

Come back to me when what I'm saying isn't fucking true.

This all splitting hairs at this point. Nazis have always played power games with each other. It was even encouraged. I wouldn’t doubt there are other Machiavellian individuals that would want to use pol. Not seeing much of a difference.

This is basically what happens when you spend the majority of your days in an online Turner Diary fantasy, and decide to begin manifesting your autism irl. From a sperg shooting up a grocery store over cartoon ghost girls, to Holla Forums murdering people in an attempt to start their neetsoc masturbation fantasy I'm convinced this generation is probably the most mentally ill one to ever walk the planet

4/pol/ used to be the Tea Party/Ron Paul board, not the nazi board. This was a while ago though, 2013 at the very latest.

I mean, seeing how many libertarians became sympathetic to fascist, not really seeing how this isn’t par for the course.

There are historical allegories. For example radical islam (which Holla Forums can be most readily compared to) is commonly compared to anarchist movements of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. Sporadic events that held major consequences (the assassination of President McKinley) but no actual core movement or nation-state until the disaster that was WW1. Bin Laden went from truck bombs in 1993 to hijacked airliners in 2001, then an open war with US infantry in 2005 and a true Islamic State by 2015.

It's clearly becoming more organized, and more effective as time goes on. AW may seem funny now but who knows in ten years a similar movement might exist in a poor country like Greece or Spain.

America is the only western country where the petty bourg have any sort of real major following that isn't met with widespread working class resistance. I say just let the nazis tear it apart and save the rest of the world the trouble.

Most of those people simply left for friendlier waters. Capitalists are only friends with fascists until nazis suggest higher taxes or (god forbid) cutting ties with Israel. The fact that Holla Forums helped create Trump (Israel's best friend, the most Zionist American President in history) just goes to show how hopelessly cucked most nazis are. AW is meant to be a reaction to that, a sort of reactionary movement within a reactionary movement.


the shooter was a legit fucking retard through, besides thinking danny phantom was real he only managed to kill himself and two of his coworkers

Yeah, but reactionaries becoming more reactionary is kind of what I would expect.

You're leaving out the other side of state-sponsored terrorists, which is state-sponsocommunists. Most terrorists in modern history have also been fascists and vice versa. So you should include the example of Nazi Germany, Pinoshit, etc. right alongside your ISIS example. It should suffice to say that fascist terrorists can attain power! However, the sponsors of fascism have certain demands of the fascists, they hold them to particular standards. If Atomwaffen comes across as a cultlike joke of a terrorist cell, it's because it is. On its own, its members will likely not amount to much other than MKULTRA-style assassin patsies (if even that). The fascists who the USA ruling class will appoint to power (if the normal functioning of more specific fascist entities such as ICE, FBI, etc. no longer suffices) will be more reliable and popular.

oops filter. state-sponsored-fascists

Damn, mods move fast

Perhaps. The problem is AW is basically just radical Islam put in a new age western cultural context. For as much as capitalists have tried to rein in the excesses of Islam, they've largely failed. Which is partially why all of them want to "move on" from oil (or at least imported oil), because it funds the House of Saud that has made it clear they will not stop funding terrorism. However all the confusion amongst their ranks only gives people on the furthest fringes of society a vacuum to operate within.

What the fuck are you talking about? The USA supported the Mujihadeen, and supports Al Qaeda and ISIS. Not to mention, of course, Saudi Arabia and similar states.

Only to result in 9/11, ISIS, and the migrant crisis. All things that capitalists have to pay for to clean up. Their attempt at doing onto the middle east what they did onto south america is only backfiring more and more as time goes on.

None of which have been disadvantageous in any way to the US imperialist class, and which in fact have been completely advantageous.

By expanding their police forces and military… wow, what an inconvenience for the capitalists!

The only potential backfire is that USA's blatant support to Salafism might possibly lead to a new united resistance front including Hezbollah, Syria, Iraqi militias, Hamas and Palestinians, Iran, and I guess a few other groups.

That's just not true. 9/11 blew apart their post cold war neoliberal consensus, it was the first proof that they couldn't just buy the world. It also messed up lower Manhattan (their home), closed markets for a week and closed American airspace for two days. It also killed a lot of their coworkers and friends. ISIS doesn't help them either, sure they might be able to sell some more guns but ultimately they aren't in it for the long haul. At some point the government will be forced to raise taxes to support Iraq's government, and capitalists will refuse. Then there is the migrant crisis, a prolonged disaster that is only causing strife and division in Europe, acting as a spark to the greater anti-EU sentiment that came about due to the debt crises.

None of this works to their favor. Whatever gains they make in the near term are far outweighed by long term curbs on their power and influence. One day they wake up and half of Iraq is being run by a fascist state who wishes their destruction, the next anti-EU politicians are getting power in France and Germany because the EU fucked up the migrant problem. It creates more fires for them to put out, which can only be put out with money. A thing they don't want to part with, and won't until cornered. But by then it'll be too late.

9/11 was the best thing that could have happened for the US imperialists, it gave them decades of ammo for war and police propaganda. It was orchestrated by the CIA for good reason.

ISIS fights the Syrian government, which the USA is trying to overthrow.

What the fuck are you talking about? The US military budget was just increased by another 50 billion or something, and there wasn't a single complaint from the US corporate media. Unlimited spending on imperialism will never go against the interests of the US capitalist class.

The migrants are being brought into Europe as slave labor, and the "strife" is state-backed fascists prepping the ground for legal entrenchment of their slavery.

Dude you are clearly a fucking clueless liberal, stop posting any time.

Whatever short term gains were generated via new security laws are far outweighed by their waning influence. Bin Laden and ISIS both proved one thing: it was plausible to destroy neoliberal democracy and build a competing system. It was even plausible to do this within the United States and New York City itself. Instead of reflecting on what they did wrong, capitalists doubled down on all the failed policies that brought them to 9/11. More surveillance, more support for the Saudis, more total disregard for the third world. The result was ISIS, an entity that is only shrinking away now because capitalists poured in another round of money to clean it up. Eventually Trump will declare his own Mission Accomplished, walk away, and two days later ISIS will strike back in a newer and more effective form.

They aren't going to tolerate being slaves. They are already locked into dense communities where they are isolated from normal society, in these places they can practice even more radical versions of Islam and demand more and more concessions from the state. Already this is a known problem in England, see the grooming/rape gangs. Among their top priorities is not using non-halal (re: normal) banks, a thing that is fundamentally incompatible with capitalism. They also demand sanctions on Israel, a country they hate. In time their power will coalesce into formal parties and their demands will expand down the list to forcing women to wear veils, banning gay marriage, and making Jews pay special taxes. All things capitalists will not endorse because it would hurt their profits.

Their final redoubt will of course be America, a nation which will be increasingly isolated as ever larger Muslim minorities demand more and more countries cut ties with the US system for their support of Israel. American capitalists will see their system dismantled, if not outright fought in places like Iraq or Saudi Arabia in civil wars.

Literally everything in your post is complete unsubstantiated idealist garbage. Read a fucking book.

why not you? Islam is clearly the dominant, ascendant ideology of the early twenty-first century. If things continue as they did for socialism a century ago, the result will inevitably be a powerful Islamic State and large columns of Islamist elements within non-Muslim majority countries. And Holla Forums will eat it all up because Holla Forums hates jews.

oh lord just shut up.

No its a death cult because you all go around talking about wanting to gas the jews and niggers and white coal burners
Its a death cult because every once in a while one of you snaps and goes on a Suicide Mission to kill all of the d.egenerates slaughters a bunch of people then get their head blown off or kill themselves

Oh and for people who claim to love "Your people" so much whenever one of you goes on a rampage you usually end up killing quite a lot of whites

If he's so wrong, why not explain how instead of being a fag and dodging his questions?

That's a handy little coping mechanism there, instead of admitting you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, you tell the other guy to read a book implying he's the one without a clue. But if that were true it'd be pretty easy to shoot him down, right?

Side question - have you ever been inside a gym? High school gyms don't count.

Someone's mad.

Plenty of fucking losers among your ranks as well, that's probably not a pissing contest you wanna get into. Nazis were so powerful and beloved in Germany because they put the wellbeing of their people above all else, as any government should. Did you read that thread I linked, before you deleted my post? The 14 words capture a lot of the meaning of caring for your people.

Yeah that's why they killed 12 million of them in the camps alone, then sent millions more to die for their own profits during the war. Nazis have a very "death cult"-ish way of showing their alleged "love" of their country.

You people have been getting pretty defensive as of late. I wonder why that is.

Well yes
Except our losers dont usually blow something up like an Islamist or kill their own family for not being "Right-wing enough" or torture a man and cut him to pieces for being part of a certain ethnic group

Oh yes putting millions of them into concenntration camps starting wars which caused millions of them to die using indoctrinated child soldiers because your regular army is falling apart is the prime example of "Caring for ones people"

We can argue about the Holocaust and how Hitler fucked up all day, but the point is that there's nothing wrong with loving your people and putting their interests above others. This is pretty standard for most races, blacks and Mexicans in the US will openly admit to doing so. But thanks to the Nazis it's become taboo for whites to do the same. Does that make sense to you? Damn near every white country on Earth is rapidly becoming non white. This is fact, not opinion. Why should whites be okay with everything their ancestors built being taken away and given to others, at the expense of their own children's futures?

No, they attack people in red hats with poles and bike locks.

They also try to assassinate republican politicians, even though both parties are bullshit and neither prioritize the wellbeing of the people, instead working for whatever corporation gives them the largest "donation".

sage for doublepost

Holy fuck, you have zero moral compass.

t. pseudoscience

How do you know this?
How many black and Mexican nationalists have you met?
Ive personally met very few
Nazi's are taboo because of their actions
Except almost all white countries outside of western Europe
Even if it is fact in the case of western europe it clearly isnt the case for "all White countries"
No one deserves something just because someone of the same ethnicity built it
No one "Deserves" anything shit just is


A white-Ethnostate is not a Human right


Gotta go to bed after this one guys, have a good night.

Whether they're nationalist or not, they'll openly talk about how they'd help each other out before another race. And I don't blame them for it, but the double standards are fucked. For example, lots of black people, even public figures were throwing black power signs at showings of Black Panther and nobody cared much. But if whites were doing Roman salutes for Captain America or some shit it'd be quite an ordeal.

And for the most part I'd agree nobody is entitled to shit, but a major exception being that children are entitled to the fruits of their parents labor. It doesn't belong to the state or anyone else, it belongs to them to do with as they please. My grandfather worked towards a better life for his children, and I'll do the same. Caring about future generations, even to the point of self sacrifice is how societies become great. But the West today has largely forgotten those familial ties and generations are largely isolated from each other, which has led to all sorts of issues and continues to do so.

The point is you're hardly in a place to point fingers. I heard you guys don't like him much here, but Stalin definitely killed way more than Hitler. Every communist revolution has led to mass death. And this is beside the point anyway. The point being the fellows this thread is about are fucking stupid because they're led more by hate than love.

If you don't believe in race then I don't think we have much to do chance of getting anywhere here. Yes they're blurred around the edges, but the vast majority of races are quite distinct and can be found from DNA, even post mortem skull examination.

Imagine believing popular media (the largest and most influential corporations group in history) and accepting what they tell you is real decades after is supposedly happened………………..

whoa brah

Imagine refusing to believe something that asctually happened because it shows that fascism is exactly the kind of death cult that it appeared to be when it first began. Petty bourg scum get out. Your future is over.

Come on guys, I thought we all agreed the Jews need to go.

wrong board dum dum


I'm not going to celebrate somebody getting stabbed 20 times then mutilated, I'm sorry buddy.

Imagine wanting to be associated with school shooters, mass shooters, rapists, and someone who cut someone up, someone with explosives who wanted to bomb a nuclear power plant, someone who shot his friends over an argument

I think the word for that is cultist, but I don't think it's harsh enough

Holla Forums hates the Jews just as much as Holla Forums user. And you call yourself a socialist.

Actually I'm not for stabbing someone twenty times, removing their anus, cutting off their genitals, cutting off their lips cutting off the tip of their tongue and scratching swastikas all over them

Seems a bit odd actually, I don't think it's something I want to be associated with.

You do you. Sociopaths need help too.

The funniest thing is that the difference between Holla Forums and Holla Forums is not between Right and Left - God knows Not Socialism is as Leftist as it gets. The funniest thing is that it's a difference between who's brand of violent, repressive, naive Communism is better.

It's enough to make a man want to invest in railways - either way somebody's going to Poland.

What did he mean by this?

I'll remind you I'm not up to date, I'm reminding all you faggots that this is what you want.

The only people going to any kind of camp are your deranged weirdos everyone has grown to loathe

From the man who mutilated the 19 year old boy:

Then you have Dylan Roof, the School Shooter, etc.

Really surprising you're taking this as some kind of non L.

Isn't it really funny when you stab someone over 20 times and carve them up, mutilate their pelvis, and cut off their lips. It just makes me so happy I might want to shoot up a school, right Holla Forums?

It also appears what some of you want is to be associated with ISIS

Point is you're universally loathed now.

Yeah, even if we're going to go with the fact Marx had some hostility towards Jews, his goal wasn't to kill, remove, or cut out their anus. But you know, keep defending this guy. I'm sure it will go great.

Better to reign in hell to serve in heaven populated by psychopathic school shooters, psychopathic retards who shoot both their friends for not wanting to ally with ISIS, psychopathic retards who shoot up a mosque, and a church, psychopathic retards who carve someone up, psychopathic retards who planned blowing up a nuclear facility and had explosives ready

Keep going Holla Forums, the public really enjoys your idea of heaven.

It isn't helping us at all. Keep shooting up schools, by all means. Show us who you are inside.

why is /liberty/ defending attomwaffen itt

this is really making me think

Controlled. I mean it won't be a free for all, there's no actual end game to what you want.

You just want chaos. Rape and chaos, and killing. It's abundantly clear. You want nothing short of nothing.

We have a future, you do not.

Thanks enlightened centrist man

I'd rather be gay then be whatever the fuck these people are

If you learned to read, you wouldn't believe half of what you already did.

Holla Forums's rules for the no no zone: Don't carve up a man's pelvis after you kill him dude that's gay, but if you stab him twenty times and cut off his lips and bits of his face its fine

lol ok Jeffery fucking Dahmer

Nazis and Austrian economists go way back. Also the Holla Forums disease.

Seriously Holla Forums is the greatest source of mental illness on the internet at this point. They've long surpassed tumblr.

Oh jesus.
How haram.

Nothing. You believe in nothing. You can claim you believe in anything you want. But all you want is dopamine. Yours is the Church of Laughter, and it's all that ever matters to you.

You don't care about capitalism beyond the emotions you have for it, your santa claus you grew up with. You don't care about the white race, you don't care about really any of it at all.

All you care about, is laughing, to the point you no longer understand self sacrifice or love.

You get your high on the internet, and its made all of you slowly lose your mind.


You believe in making excuses and laughter. Nothing much more.

It happens enough times, yeah.
A lot of you guys are gay and jewish af.

Yes. Why not? Why should I believe you?


I never mentioned either of what you just said, I'm just telling you what you believe. It's nothing you claim. You believe in little. There's no structure to any of it.

Frankly, your question "What do I believe" was rhetorical, not only rhetorical, but a set up. You can say you really believe anything you like.

And a lot of you laugh at murder.

Am I wrong?

Why should I believe you at all?

Yeah. Most of us are college students in Europe.

You're throwing everything but the kitchen sink at me, please have mercy

Not sure how this negates the fact you that a lot of you nazis end up gay and jewish.

What do you mean in what sense. The question is simple. Why should I believe a Holla Forumsyp when they've shown themselves to be quite mentally ill.

I'm a nazi now? What are you even talking about?

I didn't give you a course, I'm just saying I'm not a nihilist, I don't think you are either. I think you just get your kicks off death.


How dare I assume.
If you're not a Nazi, why tf do you care? The post was about a former neo nazi. Quit gripping your pearls.


you guys are the ones that come to our board every day.
Just a matter of time till you're nazbol

I think you have a really tiny dick actually.

Oh poor baby got banned ;_;

You all have pretty much the same talking points, so it really doesn't matter.

Very soon.

No, you're right.
It's worse.


Why are you distracting from the point of the thread? There's a right wing terrorist cell responsible for cold case murders and rapes? A potential bombing?

Why do you guys like cutting out people's anuses?
I just want to know.

Why are you distracting from the point of the thread? There's a right wing terrorist cell responsible for cold case murders and rapes? A potential bombing?

Yo, I don't care about faggotry.
If you're a faggot, that's fine. I just want to know why you cut out people's anuses.
I know plenty of gay people who don't feel the need to do that.

I totally believe you

Why are you distracting from the point of the thread? There's a right wing terrorist cell responsible for cold case murders and rapes? A potential bombing?







Sometimes I feel edgy saying we shoot line up fascists and shoot them but then I read shit like this.
What always bugs me about these little faggots is there need to be as gross and performative as possible. I at least think it's enough to shoot em in the back of the neck and throw them in a Ditch.

Christ, that's one thicc lad.
Absolute unit

You did

Wasn't Ironmarch taken down?

Time to get to work

This thread has clearly seriously aggravated Holla Forums as well as our own resident shitposters, I haven't seen a thread flooded this bad in recent memory. Very strange.

Can other volunteers please also watch this thread and clean it up? And can you idiots please use the report button?

Why would you feel edgy?

It's probably damage control.

I guess the contrast between daily life and saying we need to crush so many people. Most of the time you never meet people this depraved and horrible in life and you associate reactionary thought with your dumb grandparents or uncle etc.
Of course this is only a reminder that in a revolutionary setting people like AW will be your opponents.
Then do I remember To keep them is no benefit, to destroy them is no loss.

Nobody made the Soviet Union commit the Holodomor because the Holodomor was caused by butthurt kulaks

The disconnect between talk and action grows shorter the less stable economic and political situation is. They won't hesitate to kill you, do not hesitate to kill them.

I think AW are absolutely fucked in the head and their ideology is school shooter tier edgelordism, but it's surprising to see Holla Forums being outraged about terrorism on a moral level. Do you think communists should not blow up porkperty once the day of the revolution comes?

More reason to buy a weapon i guess

Bot gonna lie I was really looking forward to seeing Holla Forums's autistic retaliation. Is there an archive I can view anywhere?

Just a faggot susceptible to psyop isms, a roll of the dice and could've just as easily been Holla Forums. The majority of people here dont actually care about the politics they preach, they just have hate in their hearts and want to be violent but feel the need to justify it so they dont get consumed by guilt for murder. Our society is infected with murderous rage for a plethora of reasons. The rage filled people are just a symptom of a sick society.

I mean, do you faggots really think were just pretending to be as pissed as we are? We seriously HATE the gay agenda of the new world and the only thing keeping us from killing is the public. Its not worth throwing away our lives to kill a larping lefty so we sit and bide our time like anders brevik untill we are in a position to do massive damage. This hero simply thought he could release some steam and fucked up and was caught. Honestly the guy shouldnt have done as much as he did, the way to actually get away with killing someone is to stab them in an alley and take their wallet, then throw the wallet and knife down the nearest storm drain. They think it was a mugging every time.

I'm actually not.
I just think it's disgusting, regardless.
It's pointless destruction and torture without purpose. Terrorism is kind of pointless if it turns the people you're trying to help against you. Lenin made some good points about this.

That's not to say there haven't been moments in history that you could call terrorism that turned positive, but it normally wasn't as violent. For instance, the Boston Tea Party or the tar and feathering of the British would probably be an act worth repeating. Not only does the humor of the situation diffuse any real threat among the masses, but it sends a message.

I didnt know launching a Islamist Style bomb attack then killing a bunch of Labor party Youths at a Youth camp then being sent to prison for the rest of your life was "dealing massive damage"
You Realize that if some ultra-edgy White-Nat Party ever began to become popular in Norway Breiviks very existence would fuck them right?

respect the dubs

No, actually.
Everytime you reveal who you are, we think it's a good thing for us, though.

His manifesto was very clear as to why he targeted those kids. You can post all the reaction images you want, it doesnt change the fact there are people out there working and saving money just to be able to commit an attack.

Oh of course he really stopped da mudslime invasion by killing a few dozen people he sure showed them ehh?

Like i said just like Islamists
And How exactly are launching lone wolf ISIS style attacks supposed to trigger muh Nazi masturbation fantasy btw?




They actually were for a little while
It started off as your usual Holla Forums tier Neo-Nat Larp group
But then it seems like they shifted to Turd-Position/ASSerism/NazBol for a bit
But then they got co-opted by literal Satanist LARPers who seem to have basically turned it into "Satanist Neo-Nazi White ISIS"

lmao, they wrote Hanguk instead of Choson

You think you are being clever

Oh boy….

Much like ISIS its about spreading the message, right wing sentiment is growing all over the world. The people like anders brevik are martyrs who lost everything for what they believe and it inspires others. If people know others have the guts to throw away everything for their cause it makes the cause stronger. Even if the affected never commit violence they will passively help by spreading anti left sentiment to everyone they can. Its starts with bullying in the streets, then come laws against you. When a right wing leaning user sees something like anders brevik, they dont see murder, they see a person doing what they believe is right and that reinforces the sentiment tenfold in that person.

Right wing terror has existed for a while now, as well as Islamic terror. Upping the ante aint going to change much other than having a new 9/11 for most of the population to rally behind.



9/11 kicked off the new american wave of hatred towards the middle eastern people and allowed the US to start a war based on a lie (WMD) ask anyone you know what the war in iraq was about and theyll say 9/11. They think they occupied mud huts and goat herders to keep america safe. Do you really not think a big enough terror attack blamed on the right people doesn't move mountains? If I were brevik I would have killed useless right wing politicians and pretended to be a hardcore lefty to bolster the positions of the fallen politicians. Do you think someone like trump is going to change the world? No way since he doesnt even believe in the shit he says. But if you killed him, his words would be set in stone and he would be viewed as a martyr for his cause and the american people just love martyrs, see jesus christ

I mean, yeah?
What do you think that's going to do to Nazis?

If they can write them off as Nazis, a lot of Americans don't give a fuck.

You'd have to find a way for no one to know what you're ideology was. Good luck with that. Surveillance state has a way of figuring that out.

People in the third world is threatened by death squads, proper terrorists, proper paramilitary groups, the US military and its allies, islamic fundamentalists, drug cartels, mobs… then all of a sudden leftypol is scared by this bunch of cretins. Do me a favour first world, fuck off and die.

Jason, go to bed.
You're cranky.

Im just gonna summarize everything that has been Revealed about AW so far ITT
If someone wants to screencap this for a quick response if this topic comes up in the future be my guest
(Also im to lazy to so i hope you do)

Most nuclear power plants only have one or two armed guards you know, same with dams. If you managed to break into a dam and force the operators to open the floodgates you could drown a minority area easy and set back the population growth of niggers

Save it for your manifesto, chief.

I wanna agree with you but if I can be honest shit like this stands out for a reason. Its not the common conclusion. Normal "Right wing extremists" do not default to murder cults or in the current political climate we would be up to our teeth in such a thing by now.
Yeah like how La raza and MS13 are big and real threats too amirite?

I suddenly feel the need to clarify I hold no belief that La raza or MS13 are actual widespready issue groups. I am drawing the comparison because this is literally just a "Muh big spooky boogy man ooga booga" thread like when Holla Forums bitches about La raza and MS13 but now in Holla Forums form

daily reminder to support your local anarcho-dems
there needs to be tangible opposition to these idiots

Made by NazBol gang

This is what happens when you keep your head in a torture chamber/echo chamber and wont even humor a different point of view. The average Holla Forums user wont ever kill anyone but theyll help convince other destabilized individuals too.

I used 9/11 as a point that a large event can make people believe what you want them to believe

The only time in my life I was politically active I was a hardcore leftist. Actually occupy wall street was the beginning of my change of mind. Ive never had a facebook or other social media and when I talk like this I use a vpn. If the FBI asked my mother what my beliefs are or anyone from my past they would say I am in fact a hard core lefty. Ive never told anyone I know my feelings on this issue. You only get one chance and the best way to get what you want is to kill the person preaching what you secretly want to succeed and make them a martyr for their cause before they prove they are phony.

These guys are not feds. They're too off the grid so the feds haven't been able to infiltrate or flip them.

The Satanist connection is 100 percent real, and the people pushing Satanism onto the group tried it previously on the left a few years ago with a pro-DPRK group, and also with black Pentecostal churches by trying to influence them with the ideology of the Peoples Temple cult.

The motivation here isn't really ideological at all but religious, which is why AWD will promote these harebrained causes like teaming up with anti-fascists in their propaganda. The point is to summon evil into the world (seriously) and they will latch on to whatever group allows them to do that. It just so happens that neo-Nazism is more amenable to that kind of infiltration.

Now, if you're a fed, how do you explain this to the other feds? It's so crazy and bizarre, and the people doing it are so paranoid and insane, that it's hard to describe without people thinking you're nuts.


Ahhhh Texas is beaner land what you talking about Willis?

t. ISIS in 2014

How did that turn out? ISIS is a good analogy tbh, since they are the only other group with this level of edgelord ideology. It’s safe to say that they did more than some soft white bois will ever accomplish. They successfully exploited a civil war to seize huge swathes of territory and made the entire world shit it’s pants. Then a few years later they were all dead at the hands of the North Syrian Revolution and Bashar the Lion.

They're both real… I live in Chicago & it's very brown & gang infested here.



"Off the grid" means communicating on encrypted Tor websites, not posting your pictures in a fucking discord.

Tempel ov Blood is NAZBOL!!


off the grid means not using the internet at all you stupid anarchist

both time you are just larping

also, that's the point.

You don't say.

killing gay jews, lol

Nigger baboons in chimpcongo kill more people on a weekend than these satanists could every hope to

Why isn't Holla Forums making threads about the nigger baboon problem in chimpcongo?

Oh thank goodness, I was worried Baboon Boy wouldn't show

Random gang violence is not a threat to nuclear power plants.

You are not wrong, I mean, besides your racism, proles are largely more harmed by petty crime than by crazy political fringes. Lefties are detached from reality, Atomwaffen is rising exactly because of that.


While I'm sure they were able to gain a few recruits, a lot of the "rising alt-right" phenomenon is people who were already deep in it for awhile finding an "in" using the internet and by riding the Trump campaign's coattails.

The Atomwaffen leader was tied up with these guys who are straight out of the 80s bonehead scene.

Look at the skinny guy with long hair.

Several of these guys are straight-up gangster dudes from the Aryan Renaissance Society. Different branding but same shit.

The white supremacist movement is more like the mob, or like biker gangs. (Some of them are in fact biker gangs.) Like, dangerous, but dangerous in the sense that the Bandidos are dangerous (which is not that dangerous). These groups do actually sometimes kill people, often their own people, but mainly they're running various scams, trafficking firearms or drugs; but mainly they're running little rackets.

The Traditionalist Worker Party for instance is basically just a scam. They charge $20 per month and have a few hundred members nationally, which adds up to enough for Heimbach to support himself in that trailer he calls home in rural Indiana.

The TWP promotes these various workshops to train opioid-addicted, declassed white workers in the Midwest, but it's a bunch of talk and his real purpose is producing slick propaganda and traveling around the country hosting rallies, which doesn't accomplish anything except sparking protests which get in the local news, which helps him poach recruits here and there because they see the TWP as a party of "action." (His podcast is actually called "Action!") He then wrings enough money out of them before they inevitably call it quits.

A lot of these groups are like this.


Extended family was forcibly dismantled by the logic of capital. The nuclear unit is easy to sell loans too.
Didn't happen. Shitty tweets aren't material reality.
This is correct, tbh. But for everyone not just white dudes.
This isn't just about you and your fanatsies
Shitheads were given a platform on Holla Forums and their minds rotted further. What you need is some dialectical antibiotics.

I see a great future for these kinds of Jason-posts in the future. Mark my words, "asshurt third wordlist" is the next nazbol gang meme.

Behold the master Race /s

I've seen similar anarchist dens to that place.

ya but at least they dont go around calling themselves the master race

I can find an archive on ironmarch but not the AW site. Has anyone ever been to the site?

Wh*toids of any political persuasion are accustomed to living in filth. They love it.

They could be a Combat 18 style honeypot operation.

The purpose of honeypots is to disrupt and dismantle movements, it is incorrect to call AW or C18 a honeypot because it is actively supported by the state.

No, the purpose of a honeypot is to attract malcontents to a structure or organization that is controlled by the security apparatus. This is to allow for them to be easily observed for later disruption.

Why'd you need an archive? I can access both sites live

When can we start getting violent with Holla Forumstards


El goblino…

Okay wtf I just found out someone I know online was a founding member of IronMarch…
He has now converted to judaism

Of course

So he was a mod on IronMarch, but left after a far more radical bloke called Slavros took over; since he advocated lone wolf killings of individuals. The guy is still a right-winger but no an actual fascist. Also for the record, he is not ethnically jewish, he is one of THOSE types that convert
Apparently the forum also has links with the fascist group "National Action" in the UK; after one of its members help set it up failing to form an "integralist movement".

So, little buddy. how did that visit from the cops go after you made that little threat and suggest that the peaceful white master race terrorize a power plant into destroying a minority town? Did mommy take away your internet privileges?

I mean I dont doubt it, but if you were to ask Holla Forums they would probably say this is a country wide issue and america is drenched in the suffering they bring or some stupid shit. Really I am just ass hurt because if you were to make a thread trying to address this in the same fashion this white group is being addressed you would probably be shut down purely because you are now talking bad about a non white group and thus you must be Holla Forums or something.

how does this contradict what i said

What the fuck does "Atomwaffen" even mean

"waffen" means armed, I am going to assume "atom" is a reference to their "atomized" terrorist "cell" organization structure

Gotcha. Thought maybe it was some reference to nuclear war a la Posadism or some shit.

It translates to "Nuclear Weapons" in German.

this I guess is more likely, they are just calling themselves atomic weapons? lmao

I dunno about fullchan's Holla Forums, but why won't Hiro do anything about halfchan's Holla Forums? Do you think he's scared of what might physically happen to him if he shuts it down or something? Or does it drive most of the revenue on the site?

Why do you think a Japanese person would be troubled by overt xenophobia?

It is though. Their propaganda likes to use nuclear war imagery and they are apparently affiliated with ONA and Tempel ov Blood - satanic cult groups that see nuclear war as a rapturous event that would enable evil and violence and eventually invite the dark gods into the world. That Gates of Iron book that is their Bible is about a paramilitary cult dedicated to hyperviolence and brainwashing operating in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland (this is seen as desirable).

They are literally Nazi-Satanist-Posadists.

Finally, an ideology I can get behind!

They call themselves Atomwaffen Division, which makes a bit more sense I think.

This actually sounds similar to the unironic kek meme magicians tbh

i feel like a specter among these types, because people always assume they can say vague right wing and racist things around me.
it's a double edged sword, because i imagine a lot of allies would think i have "bonehead" inclinations unless proven otherwise. oh well.

I get the same thing but people think I am a tory (not as in a blairite, as in someone said "oh so you're voting for the conservatives then" unironically. Her face when i told her I wasn't was gold).

I have quite a few stories in the same color as what you've described, especially since I am also living in a semi-rural area of the South.
Every time I meet up with red buds and there's some random new people, there's always the inevitable whispering "yo, he's legit?"
Racist libertarian roommate I had got comfortable with me after a few weeks and started talking about how he hated all the indians and arabs on campus. Reported that fucker and made his life hell.
I often get a "hey brother" "no problem brother" from middle aged scruffy white dudes, which in the rural south of usa is basically code for "hello fellow white man who is also struggling against da j00s".

Woah, that's pretty fucking hard hitting. Also is anti-semitism that common in the American South? I thought there were like three jews down there.
And tbf, I have a southern english accent (although with shorten 'a's, thanks dad) and wear a wax jacket (It was in a charity shop) so people just assume "OH TORY". It can be quite funny speaking to people from back home: I love pushing marxist ideals with right wing rhetoric "the state is too powerful" "we need more community" "people should own where they work" ect. I mean it is nowhere near your level, I am mostly getting liked by porkies, not actual fash. Also interesting titbit: I once had a bird ask if I did clay pigeon shooting; worked out why then said no. I later realised SHE actually did it and I guess I looked the type.
How do you handle lad? I am not sure what I would do if everyone thought I was fash…

White rural and suburban folk mostly just joke about jews, not overly hate them. It will come up when you're haggling with someone over price, like "man, you're such a jew". They see them as weaklings who don't do honest work, like a jock would view a scrawny nerd.

What are you referring to when you say bird?
I either tell them upfront they're barking up the wrong tree or if I'm feeling sly or that I shouldn't reveal too much about myself for some reason, then I'll passively agree and egg them on to see just how far they go. You can get a lot of leverage that way by stocking up on knowledge of your enemies who mistakenly tell you too much.
I don't mind it much anymore, but it did use to affect me, not going to lie. I've mostly found the good in it that if ever where shit to hit the fan, I could be a strategic piece of our unit, especially since I know everything about their subculture both on and offline.
Amongst friends though, I just try and be a good ally and let that speak for me instead of always jumping at the chance to prove I'm not a bonehead.

shit like these people make me remember trots and anarkiddies are still my friends relatively speaking

same reason why there are so many anarchist :^)

Gas yourself, cuckold.

Tbf it is much the same in Britain: perhaps a relic of cultures that have lots of contact with jewish people historically but a very small existing population.

Oh a bird is british slang for a girl.
That's interesting tbf; you're right about the knowledge thing though. There's an interesting point that Daniel Radcliffe made when he was doing research for Imperium is that he actually went on a lot of fash forums I imagine places like IronMarch, StormFront tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he was on 8pol for a while.
The irony is that most of my mates back home are actually lib dems because Labour are "stupid lefties" and they see the tories actively fucking shit up. But I tend to keep my actual views to myself, I've only mentioned I'm a marxist to a few people and tbh it was in a jokey tone. They know I am leftwing tho, I seem to be the only person 'round here that supports unions anymore.
Also I think my dad might think I am a communist, mostly because I am not a Remainer, I criticise blair, was for Corbyn before he was cool and I kinda argue with him about the eastern bloc a lot he actually used to go there a lot for work, he has quite a balanced view, although does fall for the "3 generations" meme.
Anyone else got any stories? I kinda find the entire "hiding your powerlevel" stuff interesting.

Good lord anarchists are stupid as shit.

What is wrong with tor?

Not really. Depends where you go.

Nah, the nazis can just smell the idpol on you.

believe whatever you need to in order to keep thinking your little pool parties are secure. know the reality is that the alt right is heavily infiltrated.

the woodlands in east texas and southeast texas is a haven for the kkk and many different skinhead groups. you're talking out your ass.

Yeah, atomwaffen were hosting their chats on a system where the admins could report them to the police by copypasting. You should probably take your collection of Holla Forums memes and go back, now.

sure they are. I know Atomwaffen members and this simply isn't the case. and fuck your "burden of proof" do you really the American govt would support the killing of Jews, their main beneficiary?

They would literally support the killing of anything living on the planet, so yeah I do think so

Tell your friends to stop carving people up, shooting schools, and threatening to destroy infrastructure

It's really a bad look, nobody likes that


You can't see shit when you're covered in manure

and scho on and scho on…

Aren't they nostalgic about East Germany tho?

Yes, and they are pretty anti-capitalist too.

"no problem brother" I have hair and mainly get this from blue-collar family men typically also with hair when I'm at work. Does it really mean anything? Or is it just the context in which it is used?

How does it imply that?

the only reference I can find to East Germany in Rammstein's works is in Links 2-3-4, and the music video for that basically portrays communists as a bunch of stupid ants. The wiki page for Rammstein just has a list of denials from them where they insist that they're "not political." Anyone who says they're not political is lying to you. Rammstein is fascist.

Rammstein is gay, therefore is fascist.