Why is there a /leftpol/ board?

Sorry, I've been away from imageboards for a while and I must have missed something. Why is there a /leftpol/ board in addition to Holla Forums?

People got annoyed with the BO

leftpol is radlib

Long story short, BO autism building up, finally broke the camel's back with the r.ojava issue, rogue Bookchin people fled and created board, people who are banned for 6 months for not showing complete and utter worship of x country because they happen to be enemies of the US go to that board now or leave the site entirely

marketplace of ideas: one board is more ban-happy, the other is more dead.

BO also told every people who are dissatisfied with xir ban policy (which was only really enforced by xir) to migrate to /leftpol/ and tried to get the remaining people to use Holla Forums mostly for propaganda purposes (see ) and to move all theoretical discussion to /marx/.

So /leftpol/ is for the YPJ/YPG waifu fags?

Good. I personally hated that shit.

yeah, at this point it's pretty much /r/socialism but you can say "faggot" or "retard" without a ban

Although even though I hated the YPJ/YPG/SDF fawning and willful ignorance of the US interest behind it, I don't see why BO has to be that fucking autistic. Agree to disagree for fuck's sake.

No, it's for people who dared to think the US Army, perhaps the most blatantly exploited fighting force in human history, could possibly be radicalized with anti-capitalist rhetoric.

We had a thread a couple days ago about a US soldier turned socialist. The BO proceeded to spill her spaghetti all over the thread; yelling at people, anchoring it, deleting nearly a dozen effortposts, and banning people.

This kinda shit is unacceptable.

Interestingly, there aren't too many of them. You should consider checking out the place, since it has embed youtube videos and its BO isn't incapable of adding flags.

Proofs? The only /leftpol/ ban I see on the public ban list is pic related

Sorry, I read your post as "you can't say "faggot" or "retard" without a ban"

BO showed that they were openly contemptuous of the board so some of us decided to leave. Sadly it's still too inactive and overall most people just left. We used to be well over a thousand IPs, now it's barely 600.

Why don't you critically support US against Russian imperialism?

Why do you critically support an admin that gave mod status to Hoochie of all people? It's not even really about the Rojaja thing, it's about the board turning into r/soc where not complying with the ultratankie SJW orthodoxy gets you banned.

Was it the canadian soldier with the shellshock jpeg?

Holla Forums or SJWs saw an opportunity for a d&c attack

I'm fairly sure the peasants of the vast majority of societies who got drafted as cannon fodder didn't have benefits like body armor and hi-tech equipment and technology that let them slaughter people from kilometers away, neither did they walk out of it with free education or stipends or some healthcare benefits or employment preference or etc. This was a lesson the Pentagon learned well after Vietnam: that spiel about defending our homeland can backfire when the recruits actually are attacking the homeland of someone who doesn't pose the smallest threat to theirs. The human element is the weakest link for imperialism in the modern age, so one of the ways to counteract that is by making the modern American trooper the most pampered soldier in history.

Not that BO isn't a fag, but still.

In addition to the Ro.java drama, a bunch of anarchists have convinced themselves that Holla Forums is now some kind of Marxist-Leninist, Stalin-worshipping bunker (which is ridiculous considering this board has always been dominated by anarchists and leftcoms)

US soldiers are not exploited, what the fuck man? Soldiers doing unproductive labor, they are not proles. There is no draft in the United States, nobody is forcing people to fight for imperialism.

On the other hand, America systematically entices people into enrolling so they can have a taste of what people in civilized countries take for granted, like higher education and access to healthcare.

For whenever BO flips his shit and arbitrarily bans you, you'll be glad we have an alternative board going.

I'm not a left-liberal.

Do you really need to ask that?

has there ever been a successful migration to another board because of a bad moderation in Holla Forums history?

This boards' BO is a right wing deviation, it's now a controlled Holla Forums psyop with COINTELPRO everywhere. The subject of all of this is trying to see how farther right 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 can push people. Alex Jones would be proud, stay woke.

read the rules, they got "updated". or rather put more clearly. cloaking reactionary politics with left wing phrases wasn't allowed before, now shilling for US interventions was pointed out as an instance of this seperately
some fags got upset that they cannot shill for literal US occupation of Syria
they pretend that the issue is banning "YPG and over a dozen US military bases in Syria threads", however it is promoting them while also supporting them hosting US troops and airforce.
sadly this is only poorly enforced and retarded anarkiddies shitposting false equivalences with the Soviet Union is still a common pest around here
no idea why, they have their own dead board, they should be forced to stay in that containment shithole

the issue isn't "bad moderation", it's subversion by Antigerman shitposting brigades

they're using exactly the same talking points as they do on Israel ("only progressive, democratic state, they're developing socialism, US imperialism doesn't exist, mudslimes are worse and literally Hitler" and so on)

that some still pretend this is anything else but a deliberate attack by a small group of dedicated trolls from Frankfurt is a joke

touche BO, and why haven't you stayed on /marx/ exactly?

this board is for leftists, we can have disagreements
it's not for right wing pentagon shills supporting US military occupation

the levels of cancerous retardation coming from your post shouldn't even be physically possible


Maybe you could be a bit more charitable as to people's reasons or supporting r*java.
Working with NATO in over a dozen US military bases in Syria is not any worse than molotov–ribbentrop, which I bet you defend.

Its shit like this is why people hate leftist online spaces. They exist under heavy moderation and give credence to the rightist talking point that we hate free speech. I made a shitpost once and the BO deleted my shitposts and my effort post I made in another thread completely unrelated to the shitpost. I never got rhe whole ruujava love but I understand why the whole imperialism debate is complicated. We need a more democractic board.
inb4 ban BO plz be nice on my anus im a virgin

Like fucking clockwork, amazing BO we have here

lmao this place is a joke

then go to >>>/leftpol/

You fucking deserved to be banned.
Fuck Amerikkkan soldiers, they get the bullet too.

Because the left loves to divide itself over stupid shit

BO will ban you for anything. For the moment it's disagreeing with whatever knee-jerk Marcyite bullshit takes his fancy (I think BO joined PSL, he's also been shilling the party in threads), but it isn't principled in any way, it's completely arbitrary. Disagree with whatever BO is on his soapbox about on this particular day and you can look forward to a four week ban.

/leftpol/ banned me for calling them out for being IDEALISTS when the board was new. So much for the tolerant Left.

Have any of you ever talked to a US soldier who came out of the military bad? the american army produces a lot of burnt out vets who deeply hate the system.
Do you actually think that american soldiers all get the things they're promised?

Ahaha, stop it. My country participates just like the USA in NATO wars of aggression and soldiers here don't even get psychological treatment, and are even mocked/hated by the population for what they are doing and have shitty employment opportunities after the go out of service. In the US, you don't only have an entire ministry designed only to cater for Vets (this exists nowhere in the entire fucking world), you offer a barrage of services they can use, offer their kids free college in cases of PTSD, etc. - not even talking about all the societal approval you have as an American soldier, the whole "support our troops" mantra, discounts when you buy shit, politicians support, etc.

Do you seriously think that US American soldiers are "more exploited" than, let's say, any other soldier of a NATO army? Let's look at Turkey. Do you think an average Turkish soldier has it hunky-dory?

if it picks up steam i'll jump ship

For it to pick up steam you guys need to ramp up the quality quite a bit. Most effortposts are still made on Holla Forums and dozens of threads in the /leftpol/ catalog are shitposting threads, e-celebs, incel posting, Holla Forums bait, etc.


Again, what are we talking about here in comparison? The US soldier is still, as it has been noted before, the most pampered in the world - compare it with any other army. The fact that there might be some deficits in the system and the benefit system for vets may or may not work all the time doesn't change that.

Also, even if they are burnt out and against the system, they are still reactionary as fuck. I've met marines in my job, and they usually did not like their job, but all of them were reactionary as fuck still - if you seriously think these people would be open for commies you are straight-out delusional. If anything, they were closer to going full Holla Forums than being anywhere close to class consciousness.


They unironically have a "trans" poster-flag option.
Utterly ridiculous

Tbh at least most R*java supporters acknowledge and are critical of their involvement with the US. Meanwhile ☭TANKIE☭s are willfully blind to the anti-proletarian tendencies of the regimes they support, and actually try to argue that it’s okay for Iran to hang people for being communists, or for Assad to privatize half the country.


For the same reason any board split happens, a dozen autists sperged out over the BO's banter and they made a new board where opportunists fled. Real men just shrug bans off with VPN's.

Some people are really assmad that they got banned from an autistic internet message board and so they went off to create another board

which was the whole point of coming to Holla Forums in the first place

Shut it. Trans is not a political ideology.

Is /leftpol/ dying? Their IP count nearly dropped by half in the last month

typical Trot sectarianism

On the other hand spurdo spardo, the FBI and a fucking crab is a totally legit political ideology.

Considering Bat'ko quietly posted another "leftypol thread" video, yes.

Trans is not a joke or a meme, either.


Trans shit is a meme, it doesn't exist. Trannies are just delusional men.


some user on /1917/ accused /leftpol/ of using bots.

maybe he was right