China will scrap limit on presidential term, meaning Xi Jinping can stay on

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oh lordy


You think he is going full communism.

The reality is he will keep the state capitalist status quo. But now china will have putin characteristics


Socialism can not or should not function under democracy.

No shocker from the tanks

You surely are an antiCommunist

"wow, thanks for all the free money and shit"- china

"noooo, the free markets was supped to make you a liberal democracy"- american retards

Putin is probably one of the most important in influential world figures of his time…

Man, I remember there used to be a Chihirofag leftcom who posted here frequently. Haven't seen him in ages.

Xi:Can I copy your homework?
Putin: No problem fam!


Also, why would ☭TANKIE☭ support post-Deng China, a openly capitalist country which has fought a border war against Soviet Union, invaded communist Vietnam, supported American puppet Pol Pot, and supported Taliban against Soviets?




Uphold Xi Jinping thought, niggers.

repeat with me

end my life

phil greaves loves china

Based tbh.

phil greaves is also a fucking retard and a liberal.


This doesn't sound like a good thing, right?

Well between this and the hard push to revive traditional Chinese culture (especially Confucianism).
We are seemingly only a few steps away from the restoration of the imperial system; Even if only in the de-facto sense.
I don't personally consider this to be a very good thing.

Not a fan tbh. Having old fellows cling on to power too long makes for bad governance, you need a mechanism to shake things up every now and then so shitty leaders don't stick around, and good ones don't get the time to go stale.

why would he do that?
he pretty much now has zero risk of losing power. no direction for him to go but up.

Putinism with Chinese characteristics


Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism with Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang characteristics thought fam.

As long as they rape America I don't care what they do.

the upcoming market corrections threaten his power. people support him as long as china grows. if the growth slows, he's toast

Term limits are fucking stupid anyway. If someone is doing a good job, let them keep doing it. If they start fucking up too much, the party will kick them out.

As a tool not as a principle of communism.

What's with the ShareBlue shit ITT?

They won't they're going to return to the imperial mindset and say anything outside of the country is barbaric.
China was always trash. Stop supporting them.

Sorry for brainlet question, but what is difference between a fascism and current state of China?

fascism is the imperialist enforcement apparatus re-purposed for combating a state's internal threat to imperialism. "class collaboration" is a rhetorical device that doesn't determine whether a country is fascist according to a materialist analysis. China is not imperialist and is not comprador so it isn't fascist, period the end.

I don’t understand what this clever-sounding sentence means.

It means that fascism is a reactionary force by the bourgeois state to prevent domestic anti imperialism from taking root.
At least, that's how I understood it.

So how exactly would you describe China's relationship with Tibet, Africa and the countries in the South China Sea?

They mean that fascism is the reinforcement of imperialism from internal threat.

All aspects of the state that carry out imperialism – military, war propaganda, demonization of ethnicities/religions/etc, assassination, clandestine support to terrorists, and all other tools and techniques that carry out imperialism.

Both imperialist and non-imperialist states have internal elements that can threaten imperialism. These are generally either communist or national liberation movements, or sometimes a national bourgeoisie (in the case of a non-imperialist state). Fascism is simply the imperialist apparatus directed inward at these threats. In many (even most) cases, this is obvious to the point where people remark that there is something representing "internal occupation," "internal colonialism," or "the war machine coming back home."
An imperialist state such as the USA implements plain direct fascism on its black and colored populations, and it's very obvious with the way US cops roll around in military vehicles and gear, or how the KKK was formed and used, and how US media demonizes internal populations (such as "super predators"). Non-imperialist states that implement fascism are always comprador states, such as Colombia, Philippines, ROK, Pinoshit, etc. IE they serve an outside imperialist force. The NDASP and Mussolini actually were compradors (receiving massive foreign funding from Britain and USA) before the German and Italian economies recovered to the point where they could implement self-serving imperialism.

no. if the growth slows, whoever the CPC points fingers at is toast. Xi Jinping is most definitely a Marxist, and he knows to have them pointed at the Bourgeoisie.

I fucking hate China but most Tibetans want to be part of China, albeit as an autonomous region. I don't think it's comparable to what China is doing in Africa or the Philippines.

sounds like an admission the CPC has lost control of the economy

In the future Xi Jinping will command an army of robots produced automatically in the most efficient factories on earth at the push of a button. All the mines for all the base elements for the components will also be automated. This will be the same for most occupations. His population will live almost entirely from an extremely generous universal basic income but the strong work ethic and family structures kept in place will mean Chinese children and adults spend all most all of their time in education or at leisure, they form improvement committees when they believe they have found something that can be improved, generally a part of the productive process, or some new feature on the iphone, in order to sell to the americans and Europeans, who live in abject poverty or work in the tourism industry or policing the major landmarks to make them safe for Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists to take pictures of on DSLR cameras, but still they buy muh iphones for what due to service throttling now amounts to about 15% of their weekly wages, the companies providing these services all eventually owned by the Chinese state,Chinese people themselves communicate through a fully integrated centralised interface, a comfortable contact lens give a holographic hands free interface visible only to the user. The Hollywood sign will be a series of neon symbols in chinese. Neo Nazi nazi rape cults will be hunted out by armed negro self defence units and hispanic auto-defensas as the deep south undergoes its own Maoist revolution with the support of the great Xi. Vladimir Putin will kiss his ring, then shoot himself in the head, his suicide note will read "all of Russia belongs to Xi now" and it will be so. The middle east will fall soon afterwards, the coming tide leads the women in Saudi Arabia to take to their cars and run over their fathers, there is a four year orgy signalling the single greatest cultural revolution in all of history, it takes exactly eleven months for the chinese central planning committee to eradicate hunger hunger in Africa, at the same time powering the rest of the empire with solar, wind and nuclear energy. No warlord dare stand against the robot solider/construction worker/architects, who build cities while AK 47 bullets glance of their armour and their automated voice chuckles softly and offers their attacker a drink of cold water. Europe is mostly by this point a ski and hiking resort. After achieving a certain level of automation, the mayans return and Latin America is jetisonned back to the creator nebulous . The time is Xi

Why do I have a feeling that Xi is China's Bhrezhnev. This is making my suspicions greater but not confirmed.

Progressive and not parasitic

Progressive and not parasitic

So, like Putin?

Is "muh Putin" your only point of reference you political illiterate? Fuck off ShareBlue.

It's more "traditional Chinese culture *with socialist characteristics". Or to put it bluntly: traditional Chinese culture with many modifications and reforms that it is only used as a crutch for the greater socialist party agenda. It's a spook no different than when Republicans whine about "christian/family values".

Also by "socialist party" remember that this is the same party which supports open(ish) markets, price dumping, and other capitalist things that only cause massive poverty inside China and out but also makes the rest of the world's capitalists not want to do business with China because they're openly trying to not play by the rules ("international norms") capitalists have agreed to.

Putin is the most readily available point of reference: he's a former communist agent who is now in charge of running a country at the behest of domestic oligarchs. Xi is no different, except he has far more powers because China is still burdened with a ☭TANKIE☭ tier joke of a "democracy" which prevents any sort of alternative to him.

At any rate Russia is not a good model for any country to use, especially not post-USSR Russia.

So you're a brainlet who thinks everything is just some kind of symbolic narrative, yep, you are a liberal. Gotcha.

Fuck bro, I think the same.

Is that a good or bad thing though?..

No, you said that. I instantiated that Xi is more or less using Putin as a model.

I'm sure the Oromo people think their land being stolen and given to Chinese developers and businesses don't see that as imperialist or parasitic at all.

I think that just like the late Brezhnev he is just a front figure for the nomenklatura. So I think things are not so shiny behind CCP closed doors

There is no "Putin model," you are a fucking dunce.

Oh yeah this ongoing conflict in a country that receives billions from Western countries is now somehow China's fault because they built a big railway…? Hope the Oromo form the "Ethiopian Democratic Forces" and declare a new territory of Oromojava so libs like you can put in all their support against imperialist Chinese passenger railroads.

Is this the power of Marcyite "anti-imperialism"?

I'm pointing out your resort to ad-hoc ethnography to cast aspersions on Chinese-funded industrial and infrastructure development in Ethiopia. You clearly know literally nothing about the Oromo other than what you read in some article or a wiki page, and suddenly you are their ultimate champion of liberation– and coincidentally, their #1 enemy is now CHINA in your estimation. What exactly do you demand of China? They attach strings and demands to all their funding for basic infrastructure? They depose any African government that has ethnic tensions, or refuse to do business with them? Let Africa rot in a swamp of Western imperialism and dependence? Weird how the alternative to China's current course of action sounds so much worse…. because it is. Weird how you libs latch onto ethnic movements you know nothing about, only when you believe you can somehow implicate (without ANY evidence so far) enemies of the USA in their oppression…

Well that is obvious, but the question is if he is merely a representation of the Nomenklatura; what is he showing?

Shut up, Khrushchevites!

The struggle against imperialism is the foremost struggle of the modern left. Except for when it isn't. Will you guys just admit you're knee-jerk anti-American radlibs and move on?


He's already 64 and his term would have ended at 69. This dude wants to be chairman until he's in his 90s.

You flailing idiot, you still have given zero evidence of any "Chinese imperialism," all you have provided so far is a pathetic ethnographical smokescreen (again, citation-free!) which you have now abandoned.

I am not knee-jerk anti-American, I am consistent and committed anti-American. If you are not vigorously opposed to the USA, you are a liberal.

Cool how you can suddenly read the dude's mind because the CPC got rid of a ridiculous pointless term limit rule.


China is absolutely not plundering Africa.

Bullying who? Vietnam, who have great relations with China and are enjoying similarly massive economic growth? The DPRK, who China is still doggedly supporting through covert oil shipments and trade? Nepal, whose new communist government is pro-Chinese? Or do you mean "bullying" Japan or other USA puppets?

China is mining out raw resources and using local labor to extract said resources. The Chinese are even building infrastructure to facilitate resource extraction and shipment.
What the fuck are you talking about? China and Vietnam have awful relations.
The Chinese is using the DPRK just as a little buffer against the South Korean regime, though admittedly the DPRK is quickly becoming more hassle than worth for the Chinese.
Nepal's new government (they aren't even fully there yet to being a Soviet Republic) makes appeals to Maoist thought and anti-imperialism. Nepal and China still have not great relations.
I'm taking about the Phillipenes and Oceania. It's preferable to weakening the American state, but doesn't render it any less imperialist.

This is false and has been debunked, the majority of Chinese trade with Africa has nothing to do with resource extraction.

lmao maybe fifty years ago you fucking idiot.

This theory of yours is proof of bullying I take it?

The new Nepalese government is not just Maoist, it is pro-Chinese today.

Nice proof of bullying.

It's been "debunked" by liberal news. Let me ask, what is China doing in Africa then?
Ah yes, they had awful relations when the Chinese were supporting Vietnam against the invading Americans. That's why the Chinese gave support to Vietnam. That's why they cooperated. Learn some fucking history.
No. I'll concede the Chinese aren't really bullying the DPRK. The Chinese are being domineering though.
It's a coalition that has largely Marxist-Leninist tendencies, but yes there are Moaist chunks.
Is it only imperialism to you when white people do it?

China supported Vietnam against the USA, however China latter supported USA puppet Pol Pot and even invaded Vietnam in 1979.

Oh yes, the liberal Western media that is currently screaming its head off about "Chinese spies" and "Chinese interference" (coincidentally, like you) is clearly dedicated to debunking these smears.

Normal trade and infrastructure, as well as purchasing resources.

Chinese support petered by that point due to the Sino-Soviet split, this is in fact the origin of bad relations between the two countries and has since been mended.

You have literally given zero evidence of Chinese imperialism, ZERO EVIDENCE.


Chinese people talk about Vietnam as "theirs" completely unironically.
Don't be surprised when they start adding it to their maps as part of Han territory.

I like how on this board, the problem with dictators needs to be explained to people.

I could vouch for that maybe, I wonder if there are mechanisms that'd allow the CPCCP to do something like this?

what you call "normal trade and infrastructure" is clearly Chinese imperialism.
Would you be making these same excuses if a western country began investing massive amounts of capital in infrastructure and trade in the developing world?

cool how you've given me all this evidence that the CPC thinks Vietnam, a country they have friendly relations and extensive trade with, is "theirs"

the party votes on the chairman.

lmfao "its foreign so its imperialist"

first of all, the trade and infrastructure deals are not capital investment. second, NO WESTERN COUNTRY is deliberately developing technology and trade in Africa, they only build dependence.

you're illiterate, then

this man isn't building dependence?

Why is China investing in apartheid?

Who? Did I miss something and this guy is the chairman of the CPC now?

We went over this already, China invests directly in the USA, which is 10x worse than Israel. You are just trying to put a spin on your argument that China should be isolated.

Sooky we've been over this. Palestinian genocide could be STOPPED by ceasing all investments in Israel. This is why BDS works as a tactic against Israel but not against the US.

The USA is worse than Israel because, aside from the crimes of the USA, the continued existence Israel itself is one of the USA's crimes. This has nothing to do with a liberal boycott campaign.

You're going to do this how, idealist? Palestinian genocide might only be stopped by an armed uprising. Hezbolla's missiles can do more damage to the Israeli economy in a day than a hundred years of BDS.

Great, look at all the gains BDS has won for Palestine. This focus on some feel-good foreign consumer campaign isn't a sign of strength for the movement, it's a sign of what dire straights the resistance is in right now.

How is it a liberal campaign? The Palesitnians themselves have specifically asked us to boycott Israel.

Doesn't mean boycotting Israel isn't important. You weaken Israel economically so it can't recover from Hezbollah's missiles. Plus, it's not just about weakening Israel. It's about deconstructing the entire NARRATIVE of Zionism. Attacking the very essence of the Israeli identity is more important than making Israel loose money. Palestine will never be free until Israelis realize Zionism is a lie and willingly give up on their genocidal apartheid project.

BDS has been tremendously successful in terms of raising awareness. Most people had no idea the Palesitnians were even facing a genocide before BDS.

Weaken Israel and the Palestinians can regroup.

Because liberals cooked it up. Some Palestinian groups now support it, which is fine and sensible. BDS succeeded in some areas, such as educating Westerners about the crimes of Israel. However, the BDS movement is also bankrupt in many respects, such as its support for regime change in Syria. That's what happens when you have a liberal political trend.

It just isn't.

OR Hezbollah and Hamas, PFLP, etc. just fire more missiles.

Why do Marxists oppose Zionism? It's because they oppose all imperialism and colonialism. This means they also oppose ridiculous and contorted straw-grasping at smears against China.

Show me where they support imperialism in Syria.

So you're willing to throw the entire Palestinian people under the bus just because BDS is liberal?

Missiles can only work so much. BDS isn't just about economics but ideology. You destroy the Israeli identity through delegitimizing Zionism in the mind. Then Israelis will realize their mistakes and join with Palestine against Zionism.

So supporting China is more important than supporting Palestine?

You haven't seen all the shit with purges in SJP against "Assadists?" Look it up, grim stuff.

No, I don't think supporting BDS, and more importantly, propagandizing for armed resistance against Israel (you yourself admit the primary value of BDS is propaganda) requires me to launch ridiculous attacks on China, a country that isn't remotely responsible for the existence of Israel.

They won't, modern Israelis are more brainwashed than ever. The settlement movement is totally mainstream, Israeli fascism is getting bolder and bolder. They'll only "snap out of it" when their state is completely crushed and they have no alternative for survival.

No, you divisive wrecker, they are two totally non-contradictory stances.

Most SJPs aren't even run by Palestinians. The one at my uni was something like 90% white kid, 10% Arab and Muslim. Why should I trust them?

If China is investing in Zionist apartheid they are part of the problem. Period. This is why we call out musicians scheduling to play in Israel. This is why we boycott Israeli artists. This is why we don't use anything made in Israel or by Israelis.
And BDS is part of the movement to crush Israel.

But you refuse to call out China when it's enganing with an apartheid state.

As I suspected, it's muh documentary anecdote man, the favorite "evidence point" of chauvinist Yellow Peril mongers.

ooooook…. do you realize who BDS is for? it's for white people dude.

They're only "part of the problem" insomuch as they are part of the problem of global capitalism, which they are part of since they are not isolated off from the world.

Ooh call outs. Will they get called out for playing in Britain? The USA? No?

lmfao your computer is Israeli.

Because it's a totally worthless act of Trotskyite wankery. If you ask any Palestinian who their oppressors are, they will tell you, Israel and the USA. China doesn't even get on the list.

It's not. The whole point of BDS is that it's inclusive and universalist.

They have a moral responsibility to support colonized people.

You can't fight American or British imperialism through BDS but you can fight Zionism.

No it's not.

How is it Trotskyist?

BDS is necessarily targeted at the rich Euro-Yank countries that created and maintain Israel, it is targeted at predominantly white populations.

China is not a perfect champion of the oppressed fighting vigorously on the right side of every conflict around the globe, it is not all-powerful. China supports many anticolonial and socialist struggles, but China itself is also under threat of war and regime change operations from the USA and is encircled by US military bases. I wish they could do more but I also wish the USSR was still around, the battle for socialism can't depend on ideal conditions. The CPC has made mistakes and good decisions in history, China is not imperialist.

But you already conceded that BDS is largely a propaganda campaign. Propaganda can be used against the USA and Britain.

Yes it is, tell me your computer parts and software. There is a shitload of Israeli stuff in it I guarantee you.



IT is still a universalist tactic which anyone supportive of anti-imperialism should support.

Supporting Palestine is still more important.

It wouldn't do anything to destroyt he US but it can destroy Israel.

No there isn't.

The criticism of idpol wasn't wrong

Additionally, the officials can't control every single one of their representatives.

Does this count as apologism for or denial of imperialism by Chinese porky?

what the hell is a universalist tactic? clearly BDS is not accessible to everyone as a tactic.

More important than what? China's support to Cuba, the DPRK, Venezuela, the Naxalites, Nepal… their economic assistance to countries all over Africa and the global south… its lifting of hundreds of millions of people in China itself out of poverty… you are the ultimate judge of this how?

holy fuck you are a broken record, only the resistance of Palestinians or an actual revolution in the USA could destroy Israel.

You are utterly clueless my dude, the US tech industry is totally enmeshed with Israel, all major chip manufacturers have Israeli HQs and facilities, and software is even easier to develop in Israel. Do you have AMD or Intel? Do you have Windows? Google? GPS? You have Israeli tech.

Communist Chinaman DESTROYS capitalist African with FACTS and LOGIC

China is not imperialist.

Speaking about that…

Worth noting China has partially acquired this technology through its deals with Western and imperialist countries, in order to steal and reverse engineer the components.

So building artificial islands is South China Sea and putting anti-ship missiles on them to claim sovereignty over it was what?..

It's kind of funny, China is actually pretty good at borrowing tech and then open sourcing it

The J-31 (their F-35) is a in development export third gen fighter that could be sold to nations like Iran, and this sale would also include technology transfers..

Historical fear, that was how they were strangled during the wars between them and Britain, japan, etc…

America knows this and has a plan to strangle their supply through the straits of Malacca too, which is another reason for OBOR

Explain. What are Israeli products you NEED to buy?

Zionism is a huge contradiction. In some ways it's even worse than western imperialism. Again Sooky, we've been over this.

BDS helps Palestinians resist.

So what?

The USA has bases in Japan, the Philippines, ROK, Singapore, Guam and elsewhere, China is perfectly justified defending itself with artificial islands.

Hopefully they made practical changes to it or that's going to be a literal burden to Iran. I doubt they're stupid enough to use the entire idiotic F35 design, it'd make up their entire military budget.

I'm not even talking about buying Israeli products. Some people can't boycott because they can't buy Israeli shit at all!

Zionism is western imperialism, you are a fucking dunce. Read Marx, read Lenin.

lmao first outright denial, now "so what???" admit you are a clueless idiot.

It's much more no frills, they didn't use VTOL for example, and the plane can be sold without the stealth paint ( which while vital still plays secondary to the shape of the airframe, which is what is truly stealthy )

Good to hear, hope it kills some Yanks or their proxies.

So, it's exactly like American imperialism.

The funny thing is that in any other thread you'd correctly be denouncing Duterte, Abe, etc. as fascists, yet right now you have determined that China's classic cold war games are actually imperialism. How exactly the existence of these islands turns China into a parasite on the Earth, I don't know.

False equivalence, not only it's a no-brainer but there's also historical precedent on the strategic importance of south china sea for china's self defense. You can't make a similar case for the US imperialist war in vietnam or afghanistan for example.

Throwing your weight around as a regional power isn't "classic cold war games". You can tax ships passing through your water and South China Sea sees a third of all global shipping traffic.

China is countering the USA, literally all serious US analysts will tell you this and they are scared.

OK and? So is it happening? Is China exploiting a net drain on these economies yet? No? Then fuck off.

Oh, I fully support China pursuing its imperial ambitions. Just not fulfilling them.

No it's not. Zionism is far more evil than "western imperialism." Name me one act of American imperialism which wasn't done for the benefit of Zionism.

Shut up retard.

lmao this is Holla Forums-tier. America controls Israel. Period the end.

Why is all criticism of Israel silenced?

Because all criticism of US imperialism is silenced. Israel is just one component of US imperialism.

Ehh. It's a casus belli printer, with agenda of its own.

But you can openly criticize Saudi Arabia. Why can't you openly criticize Israel? Criticize Israel on TV and you get fired for being "antisemitic." Why does philosemitism exist? Why is Israel always prioritized?

Israel was literally created by Britain and the USA inherited Britain's place as the vanguard of global capital, Israel is just one giant US military base. Israel receives over $30 billion per year in direct foreign aid ALONE from the USA, that's how important the existence of Israel is to US imperialism. That money doesn't come without strings attached. Moreover, listen to Hassan Nasrallah, he explicitly says that Israel serves the USA.

Only on Islamophobic Fox News-style pretexts, this is because Islamophobia has become a major component of US propaganda. The Fox News "critics" of Saudi Arabia wouldn't even like you to know that Saudi is America's ally if they could help it. Expose THAT, expose the petro-dollar, or expose Saudi cooperation with the CIA to carry out the 9/11 attacks, and you get kicked off the air.

Criticize the US military on Holla Forums and shills on here try to drown you out for being anti-America. Let alone on TV, you will never see the light of day again.

Because Israel is strategically necessary for the USA to steal oil from MENA nations.

all of the acts of american imperialism which predate Israel for starters?

Confucianism is a pretty central-left ideology.

If you mean by the people, than China and Vietnam really don't have a good relationship.(maybe it's less bitter in southern Vietnam where we did not invade) But the two communist parties are enjoying good relationship nonetheless occasionally using antichina nationalism as a way to bargain for better price. Both South Chinese Sea and Diaoyu island werent so big of an issue before about 2009 when the US noticed that China is negotiating with the prochina factions in those countries for codevelopment plans for the islands while putting the sovereignty shit on hold.

for long stretches of history it was part of china

Reminder that people who claim that "China just needs to get back to its ROOTS!!!! of Maoism/M-L-M/ML/Wtfever" have no idea what they are talking about
In Mao's Idea of New Democracy the Concept of a Small Petite capitalist class and a Large National Capitalist class is already established

China has Literally always been Mark-Soc

Well atleast they are trying.

There is no bourgeoisie class in market socialism. Workers own the means of production directly instead of the state. China has capitalism with chinese characteristics.

>Class struggle, the struggle for production and scientific experiment are the three great revolutionary movements for building a mighty socialist country. These movements are a sure guarantee that Communists will be free from bureaucracy and immune against revisionism and dogmatism, and will forever remain invincible. They are a reliable guarantee that the proletariat will be able to unite with the broad working masses and realize a democratic dictatorship. If, in the absence of these movements, the landlords, rich peasants, counterrevolutionaries, bad elements and monsters were all allowed to crawl out, while our cadres were to shut their eyes to all this and in many cases fail even to differentiate between the enemy and ourselves but were to collaborate with the enemy and were corrupted, divided and demoralized by him, if our cadres were thus pulled out or the enemy were able to sneak in, and if many of our workers, peasants, and intellectuals were left defenseless against both the soft and the hard tactics of the enemy, then it would not take long, perhaps only several years or a decade, or several decades at most, before a counterrevolutionary restoration on a national scale inevitably occurred, the Marxist-Leninist party would undoubtedly become a revisionist party or a fascist party, and the whole of China would change its color.

Note on "The Seven Well-Written Documents of Chekiang Province Concerning Cadres' Participation in Physical Labour" (May 9, 1963), quoted in On Khrushchov's Phony Communism and Its Historical Lessons for the World, pp. 7l-72. *

I wonder what he would think of modern China


It's literally in the red book but apparently no one reads it anymore.

You may consider checking out a map

Any government that ends up concerting power and wealth among a few people will end up being corrupt and will resort to exploitation. The Silk Road and China's expansion into Africa are examples of that. China's growth is beginning to dwindle and as more and more wealth begins to become concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, it will ultimately drop any pretense of communism and become a fascist regime. "Socialists" who support China are quite retarded.

"mission accomplished"


Xi's fucking ☭TANKIE☭ scum

It's probably just rhetoric.
If you go to China, you'll see what I'm talking about. China is culturally about as anti-socialist as you can fucking get. Chinese people are fucking ASSHOLES, they're incredibly rude, empathy is a completely alien concept, everyone worships money as in they literally worship big gold coins to bring them "Wealth", nobody gives a single utter fuck about anybody outside of their family and even then they'll sell their own family out for money.
On top of this, womens rights are spiralling backwards and in China you're seeing a massive restoration of neo-Confucian/ultra-nationalist right wing values.

I honestly would not be fucking surprised of the CCP bans reading Marx and Lenin in the near future.

The crazy ironic thing about all of this is Taiwan is probably the most left leaning, progressive state in all of Asia.


Stalin did literally nothing wrong supporting the KMT before Mao



Really? In what way?

There's a taiwanese exchange student in my corridor (Sweden) and hearing her opinions on chinese people is always fun. She's said they're stupid, rude, don't dress well, among other things. She told me about one time when she was hanging out with a bunch of exchange students, she was talking to someone and said she was taiwanese, and some chinese girl who wasn't even part of the conversation jumped in and said "Taiwan belongs to China!".

Apparently her grandfather was a chinese KMT guy who fought the commies and ended up in Taiwan that way. She never talked much to her grandfather about that stuff and she didn't really understand why I was so interested in her grandfathers past.

We also live with a chinese guy. I asked him if they learn about Marx in school in China. At first he didn't know what I was talking about but when I showed him a picture of Marx he confirmed that they have to study him in school, as well as "general Mao". He also said once that while China is a socialist country offically, most people think it's even "more capitalist" than the west. Even chinese people don't believe China is socialist.

(Sorry for kind of a blog post.)


I don't know too much about Taiwan but, Sun Yat Sen was a pretty hardcore socdem. There's a reason why communsits at the time liked him, and formed the first united front. Chang Kai Shek was a piece of shit reactionary who purged most leftist from the Kuomintang, but if they follow Sun's "three principles of the people", becoming socdems is pretty much inevidable.


based Xi implementing Actual Existing Socialism

It's basically a western social democratic state in Asia with the most progressive liberal value structure. For example, it has by far the most liberal LGBT rights in Asia and is about to become the first nation in Asia to legalise Same Sex Marriage.
Taiwan is considered the most progressive state in Asia by pretty much everyone.

Except they clearly are

Pretty much everyone in Asia hates mainland chinese. They're considered insanely rude, insanely selfish and basically just collectively massive sociopaths.
When you go to China, you will realise this is 100% the case. Their entire culture is fucking "be as giant fucking asshole as possible". Mao didn't do enough to wipe their dumbass old culture from the face of the planet.

I’m living in Taiwan and you’re correct in thinking it’s progressive socially however whether it’s left wing economically it’s hard to say, the bourgeoisie is massive and have bought out most politicians yet most succdem policies still manage to survive.

Um, no sweetie

how did he plan to do that when he was a populist who appealed to those dumbasses for power?

Legitimately pretty much everything in IT is actually from Israel. Israel is the global silicon valley. Using a computer? You have Israeli goods.


hey can somebody post the china/america comparison table?

So China is joining the following countries with no Term Limits for Presidents/PMs.
New Zealand

shh, don't disturb the ignorant Yankee shitposters ITT, let them have their fun


Nice to see China heading towards a bourgeois capitalistic system

presidential term limits are based on moralistic fear mongering about "muh power corrupts". there is no material basis for term limits

Xi Jinping is purging the super rich from the CPC since 2017. Millionaires arent the majority in the PC anymore. The CPC is mostly controlled by workers and Xi jinping is actively working against the rich


Comrade Xi will take all the money from the rich and give it to the people of China

Sure he will mate. Any day now.

Glad to see Marxists realising monarchy is for the best.


Führerprinzip, then :^)

Kurger, Arns (1985)

In practice, the selection of unsuitable candidates often led to micromanagement and commonly to an inability to formulate coherent policy. Albert Speer noted that many Nazi officials dreaded making decisions in Hitler's absence. Rules tended to become oral rather than written; leaders with initiative who flouted regulations and carved out their own spheres of influence might receive praise and promotion rather than censure.

During the post-war Nuremberg Trials, Nazi war criminals—and, later, Adolf Eichmann during the trial in Israel—used the Führerprinzip concept to argue that they were not guilty of war crimes by claiming that they were only following orders. Eichmann may have declared his conscience was inconvenienced by war events in order to "do his job" as best he could.

Nice system you got there, Boon poster.

Let's just hope for the love of God America doesn't join that list

Why would you want Donald "Trade Wars Are Easy To Win" Trump's presidential term to ever end?

The eternal liberal strikes again.

Who cares? The president is a puppet of the USA ruling class and their secret agents.

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