HOLY FUCK he did it again

HOLY FUCK he did it again.

How could we have misses this? I mean, I knew Roo was angry and hated any Marxist to come out of the 1st World but this shit takes it to a whole new level.

Do you think Zizek will respond if we tweet this to him?

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Holla Forums's worst nightmare: Zizek vs. Roo.

wasn't it revealed a few months ago that all this assclown's content is ghost written?


Yes. He used to plagiarize from the WSWS, then he plagiarized from his friends who later dumped him and joined RAIM.

Holy shit Roo is losing it. I have never seen this much strawmanning in mein leif.

Hello, Professor Peterson.

Hahaha wow, he responded to Peterson because he is known and liked even though he's an intellectual fraud, but on the other hand nobody gives a shit about Roo. It's like if he decided to debate some random twitter pseud.

Shit, I swear it's Roo himself on here every time an OP is made about him. Who else would take him seriously?


I can't find this on his website. Care to have a link? Otherwise, fuck off.

"well guess what ziziek, you're a fucking retard"

Yeah, the article does not seem to exist on maoistrebelnews.com/blog-posts/ Remember that time we had a thread about Unruhe ranting against resident pseud AW and that article turned out to be fake as well? I wonder if it's the same OP.


He doesn't have twitter, Jordan

This thread is fake and gay.
While searching through Jason's videos I found this gem.


That was a good one op

lol what an idiot

well shit


jason is a retard worldism
zizek is a liberalism

cuckdems and cryptofascist defeatists are the same sort of scum at heart
19/38 would gulag instantly

epic larp


Check /leftpol/ fag

meant for>>2412440

I really wonder where does that hyperlink links to, possibly another Unruhe article?


You wonder what happens if you click on a link in a text that only exists as a faked screenshot?

I see Holla Forums dares to fight for truth and tackle the biggest mysteries of philosophy. I don't know, user. Why don't you click on the link in that article that doesn't exist to tell us where the journey leads you to? If clicking doesn't work, maybe try printing it out and poking the paper with a stylus? Perhaps you should ask on Holla Forums how to proceed here.

It's obviously fake, but yes the "link" would no doubt me more of Roo's ambiguous charts and graphs.


He offered to debate him when he goes to the USA in October. We had a thread on this a while back:

sage because fake

lol this is actually quite surreal

Tweet this to Roo and ask him if he wants to monitor Zizek and Peterson's debate.

Can this just be a General for Roo cringe from this point on?


that would be massive trainwreck and I would enjoy every minute of it


Anarchopac please go and stop making this threads.

How is pac disabled? Is she physically handicapped or just using "disabled" to refer to her depression?

He is mentally disabled.
he has his head so far up his ass, he became unaware of his sexuality and political ideology.

She seemed very logical in her older videos though.

I concur with that opinion.
but lately his videos went completely downhill.
Intersectionality eats the fucking brain.

I'm an oldfag, so I remember the "golden age of youtube anarchism" (2008-2012) when anarchist youtubers made pretty kickass videos BTFOing ancaps. Pac came into that whole milieu very late and once the ancapper pool dried up they started making videos attacking "TERFs" and brocialists.

Ancaps were a breath of fresh air to debate since debating them actually took some skill and knowledge (namely, why praxeology is a flawed epistemology, how markets seldom work the way ancaps claim they do, how ancaps are ultra-reductionist in their methods, and so on). Debating "brocialists" relies only on appeals to emotion without much substance otherwise.


Jesus Christ, how does this guy write books? nothing he types is comprihensible


One of Roo's ex-friends admitted he had ghostwriters and that Roo's more theoretically vids were all ghostwritten by the friends he had at the time, most of whom went off to join RAIM.

Compare Roo's most recent vids to these gems:

Notice how smooth his presentation is, and how he uses "big words" without flubbing. He's obviously reading off scripts that other, much more well-read, comrades wrote.

The whole video?
He Uses the Video the other Douche made on Black panther to jump on him for not understanding economics and goes on to explain how the Venezeualan and Soviet Economies actually worked

To be fair, Zizek is pretty stupid for knocking national liberation and insisting shit like the EU is ultimately good for socialism.

when did he knock national liberation?
That's news to me.

Žižek has said that he likes Chinese technocratic, bureaucratic authoritarian state capitalism. He said he likes to live in a society where he is "comfortably alienated" and where "things are taken care of" by the authorities such a climate change issues, which the Chinese "get done". He said AnComs are naive idealists and he said he would prefer a similar model for the EU, a technocracy dislodged from the population.

I'm not even kidding, these are all things Žižek advocated.

Read deng before screeching that Anti-Socialist """Muh STATE CAPITALISM"""" Crap

Fucking liar, you're completely misrepresenting his analysis of EU and China in a "like/dislike" fashion. Fuck off retard.

Always funny how the Žižek fanboys aways complain about "misrepresenting" when you do nothing but simply quote things he actually said. If he's completely incapable of expressing a single coherent prescriptive thought, then maybe he shouldn't make any prescriptive thoughts at all.

Also good job referencing the wrong post.


Wow, Jason…

Fuckin Based

Do 3rd World communists tolerate that kind of angry behavior?

What do you mean angry?
He was clearly just making a point how Philo-Semites will constantly use the Holocaust as an excuse to avoid talking about the genocide of Palestine

What? Jason gives zero fucks. He speaks out what everybody already thinks.

The virgin Unruhe attack
The Chad Red Kahina Critique

Nice meme…

They do exist tho. The same way there are weeaboos and wehraboos out there, there are also philo-semites.

There is literally nothing wrong with admiring the wisdom and knowledge of the Jews. In fact, I'd even go so far to posit that the ultra-xtian muck that the contemporary left has been stuck in for years (passivity, prioritizing innocence over action, malignancy, believing you are "saved" by belief alone) could be treated quite nicely by a return to our wisdom. We don't care about "looking pure" as much as we care about getting shit done.

Your critique of the left sounds strangely Nietzchean and I agree, some of the reasons why I don't go around calling myself a leftist these days.

Problem is the left doesn't care about ancient wisdom of any kind, even while their Christian baggage goes unquestioned.

You didn't quote though, did you? You paraphrased to make it suit your agenda. Try again with actual quotes.


Roo responded

Any Jew that isn't a Christian is in league with demons.

Everytime anything dealing with the transcendental is posted Holla Forums spergs out: "muh x religion is reactionary, muh spooks, muh materialism"