Holla Forums finally shutting down

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>>>Holla Forums14389883

Aren't we Philippine-based? Still a bad bill though.

The servers are in California.

look at all the fuss being kicked up! of only people kicked up a fuss about bigger issues such as capitalist exploitation but meh, what can you do?

No fuss, no muss.

fuck me are you a /brit/ poster

why do I always see this "call your representative" meme everytime US politics are talked about on here? do you people even think it works?

Sometimes, yes. The explosive reactions to most of these other internet spying/censorship bills has most likely played a role in stopping them. CISA did eventually get passed at the end of 2015 however when they snuck it in a government spending bill.

fuck paul ryan

there is literally nothing wrong with Holla Forums getting shut down

calls by constituents are recorded by interns and entered into huge spreadsheets
these spreadsheets are used to approximate the direction and magnitude public feelings on issues

if people are really blowing up a representative's phone, it can effect their voting

I for one LOVE sharing a site with >>>/zooscat/ >>>Holla Forums >>>/abdl/ and /younglove/

So does this mean we should start slowly going to getchan and bunkerchan?

An user posted a death threat against Rep. Ann Wagner in a /sudo/ thread discussing this bill.

Yea, if this bill passes there is no fucking way 8ch will survive.

hope it kills 4chan

I doubt anyone here considers 8ch a good platform overall, it's just that it the least shit alternative by a wide margin. Brb, learning2netsukuku.

never going to happen. it would destroy the whole industry.

You misunderstood me.
I want all of the site to die, including Holla Forums.

Wait what?
What the fuck is going on?
Should I be scared?

I guess it's time to freak the fuck out guys.

getchan seems less dead

It's likely that Facebook and Google will likely be able to tank the hit if this gets through.

FB and google don't matter in this case. it's amazon and MS that will take the hit. one of the biggest reasons that people choose to host websites in the US is the legal protection against liability for user content. take that away and there is no reason for me not to host in Europe or anywhere else. this legal protection is not offered in most countries and is a significant factor in deciding where to host your content. this is why this website is hosted in the US.

So the conclusion to take from this is that this a nothingburger? Or what?

my conclusion is that it would be a catastrophically stupid idea to remove one of the largest contributing factors that led to the US dominance in the Internet industry. i'm sure that there are many congressmen receiving a lot of helpful advice from their good friends over at amazon, microsoft and google.

This bill has bipartisan support though. At least at the house level.

we must critically support this bill against US imperialism.

host all websites in the UK

Aren’t they both infested with cp, last time I went I spend less than 30 seconds without viewing heinous shit

Are you sure you're not thinking of masterchan? Maybe you stopped by during a raid? I just went to both sites and they seem fine.

does it also count as accelerationism by destroing the means of lefty procrastination?

The only website i see whining about this is 8 chan which makes me feel like its an overreaction

Nice knowing you

I would prefer a website where I can spamfilter shitposting while retaining anonymous discussion

Will bunker and get chan's survive?

most major sites don't host shit like mentioned. good riddance though.

At worst, american chans will be replaced by non-american chans, or chans will become darknet only.

likely, since nobody really gives a shit about them

Hopefully 4chan gets killed off.


The Anglosphere still exists user


it works when someone from the winning coalition calls their representative, because their support actually matters for winning elections. a lefty calling a republican isn't going to affect anything, but a Holla Forumsyp calling to defend their memes does have a small effect.

It was only a matter of time

At least there's Bunkerchan.


As much as i hat to admit it this will probably be a good thing.
put an end to Facist propaganda of autistic fucktards

IMO western communists should gather on Vkontakte. You probably won't be censored unless you start shilling Navalny or something, and it keeps you out of CIA databases.

the obvious answer here is that Holla Forums will have to get rid of the "create a board feature" and then delete the cp and other garbage people boards

You'd think people would learn after net neutrality.

the FCC is not an elected body, so they have even less reason to care about what people want

That's impressive, considering

this is a bill going before congress, not a proposal being evaluated by some executive agency

Bookmark getchan.net and prepare for the worst

Nice try FSB

If anything communists should use Mastodon and Diaspora, decentralization is the future

You know, it's not that I'm surprised, it's just something I'd never thought of before. Hell, I can't even say I'm disappointed, I just feel like "Oh yeah, right, that would be a thing now wouldn't it".

Wait would this kill 4chan too?

Well they did almost get shut down over the fappening so yeah probably.

Man I hope so.

To be honest. Image Boards are dead. It's all on a life support system at this point. It's all infested with Holla Forums, it's all just fucked up, after it got infested with Holla Forums there came a wave of Conservative redditors, and boomer after boomer after boomer

Pull the trigger Piglet, Kill Me

The internet as it exists currently needs to be destroyed.

I feel like the Boss at the end of MGS3 lmao

I really don't even care at this point, fuck it shut it down, there's nothing left, kill me Jack


I have fond memories of this place, don't really want to see it go.

It was an honor shitposting with you guys


It would hurt Amazon as suggests

Eva still a shit.

see you on getchan, I guess

I would literally get down on my atheist knees and praise the lord.
then I would have nowhere to shitpost and I'll be forced to improve my social life

Maybe it has been said already in this thread or elsewhere, but could they not merely switch their servers to ones overseas?

it starts on tuesday…
imagine the consequences

This will hurt us a million more times than it will hurt fascists.

but at the bright side, no more Holla Forums

So few people use those that you're just setting a flag on yourself. Also, swamped with CP and fascists.
I think VK would have one downside though, which is that Russia does try to appease the USA a lot, such as all their deals and compromises in Syria. Otherwise, it would probably be a much better place for western communists to communicate than other social media such as twitter, facebook, etc.

Doesn't the effect of this bill go through at a later date though? I thought that laws in America aren't just immediately put into effect.

When did the change happen? That's disheartening to know

IIRC the servers never left the USA.

Fuck. It was cool posting with you guys. Maybe this will incite us to make real change/physical organizing.

GETchan and other backup boards still exist

nope mate, if communication is restricted or severed, our situation will worsen.
every one will scatter around disorganized, demotivated and disenchanted.
Other Image boards could be a viable option, but they are so small and they would most likely be unstable, if they get a new influx of users.
also they dont have as much reach as we do here in Holla Forums.
Holla Forums has been really stable since the hack.

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It passed

Good. Then we're on the same wavelength.

b-b-but Holla Forums assured me it was a nothing burger that would die in the house!

Wtf I thought FOSTa died

Why did I think this
Holy shit

When are 8ch servers moving to China

This is the second time this legislation has been introduced.

8ch is hosted in Las Vegas

Bunkerchan is hosted in the EU and will still be chugging as always.
Just looked up getchan's IP

What CP?

Shit just got real.
A board like >>>/triforce/ could really fuck-up Holla Forums.

Jesus fucking Christ

Is this the Holla Forums version of “triggered yet libs”

It's liberals thinking their elected officials will do anything in the interest of the people instead of in the interests of whomever is paying them the most.

so when this shit going to take effect and how 4ch and 8ch going to be?

4chan would probably just be too valuable of an asset for the US to ditch. All sorts of intelligence agencies have their hands in the 4chan pie, and it would be a waste of resources to not have a fascist troll army on standby. For Holla Forums, I have no idea.

I have this feeling that the feds will cracked down hard on pol and this board

Why would the feds crack down on Holla Forums?

don't they like infiltrate some boards to see whats going on.

To the feds, Holla Forums is an asset to them. It's just filled with boomers and petite bourgeoisie sons that fail to get laid and they'll need Holla Forums in order to spread propaganda.

But i just fuckin discovered this place months ago. Goddamnet

Please tell me this is a meme

Oh please, there are literally a million bills like this passed every month, the government can't regulate the internet and if they did we would just be pushed back to Reddit in the worst case scenario where we would have to advocate for less restrictions maybe even start a revolution. Point being only Holla Forums is paranoid enough to take this seriously, stop worrying.



you need to go back

Thanks Obama!


I didn't really plan on respecting the law regardless