Corbyn Loves Porky Cops

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entryism is a dirty game

yeah no shit. Whenever Corbyn does something like this you faggots come out of the sewers crying "HUH HE'S A LIBERAL HUH GOTHCA NIGGERS XDDD". We all know he's nothing more than a socdem, and nobody is arguing about that. Corbyn is good because he at least gets people into radical leftist politics, and like it or not, without popular support you're not overthrowing capitalism.

daily mail hates cops?

entryism like for Bernie right? how's that going?

socdem isn't "radical."

the daily fail will smear corbs in the most retarded ways. like this.

lmfao anyone to the left of a corbyn-loving "ancom" imperialist is now the daily mail.


labour gained 10% this summer
bernie is one of the favorites in 2020 also

Good idea let's not vote for Corbyn and let May stay Prime Minister because we all hate fun and love the NHS dying

As long as we stick it to those coppers, our NHS will be fine, and we can all be happy and glad we have the American health care system now. I feel better already, my glaucoma is forming as we speak. I think my lymph nodes are swelling, I don't feel so good

I didn't say that though. He does have anti-capitalist policies, which if done well could make more people realize said anti-capitalist policies work. And that maybe capitalism isn't the only option. Stop being a defetest fuck.

The more popular Corbyn gets, the more he will "compromise" to get more popular. In the end you will have another Bernie "THE RUSSIANS HACKED OUR ELECTIONS" Sanders. Fortunately Bernie is nearly on his deathbed.

You are a LIBERAL. You are no different than a Democrat ordering people to vote for Clinton because it will prevent Trump.

No he doesn't, he is trying to save capitalism.

I'm a liberal for wanting the NHS to not be gutted and turned into the American Health Insurance market where we all get sick and die

Ok lol

I guess me and my mates are all liberals because we would rather not let that happen

I don't know what brand of special snowflake you are you hate the NHS so much you'd let May win. Clearly a breed of masochist

such as? we're supporting him to displace neolibs and bring others to the left


Let's start allowing the Tories to cut everything because hey if you don't support letting the aristocracy eat Fox's with their bare fangs while absorbing the money of dying families like the space vampires from Life Force.

Clearly if you find this situation "Not Good" "This is very bad" "We could have done something different, why did we do this" you must be a liberal

It's all part of the twelve dimensional plan to let the British Aristocracy win over and over and side with Blarites because at least they're honest!


The Democrats and Labor have always shilled their party by trying to spin up horror stories about how bad it will be under the conservatives.

How is the NHS and American Healthcare similar at all. How is how we interact with them similar at all. Do you have a brain tumor, that might have been because of the Tories utterly destroying the NHS, you should be angry about that

We don't need horror stories, we already have a horror story.

Her name is May mate, don't know where you've been. She's the Prime Minister, and it's not looking good. I think I'm gonna chance it with Corbyn, May just is a cunt. Sorry if that makes you pee your pants with frustration, I just don't like the way things are headed under the Tories

You're free to disagree

Doesn't matter. You are just recycling the same Democrat/Labour talking points all liberals use.

Cry me a river, chauvinist. You don't know what horror is.

What did British cops do?

It actually matters quite a lot. One works one doesn't. One is worth fighting for, one isn't.

You're obnoxiously selfish demanding we all listen to you and sacrifice so many people if your plan is just "FUCK IT LET THE TORIES CARVE IT ALL UP"

M8 where have you been, it's not a potential horror story we've been living it

does corbyn at least support cannabis decriminalization?

I think horror is a bit relative. For example, I find you horrible, but you don't find yourself horrible.

Many enlightenment thinkers saw the body as god-given, and therefore the fruits of its labor were one's property. This is undone in the Vegetable Gremlin, as we see a chilling, inhuman logic at play. Here the body becomes commodity - and a disposable one at that.

The Master/Slave dialectic arises only in a society of exchange and accumulation, when there is some value to be extracted from the slave. Gremlin society prevents accumulation by existing in a perpetual state of hostility and destruction, negating this premise entirely.

Vote for the Gremlin Party for a Stronger and Stabler Britain of pure Uncertainty


unknown, to my knowledge he hasn't been asked.

That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying woe is our health care system in the hands of the Tories. And I am undeniably correct, I'm sorry that you disagree with me, but that's just not my fault and a bit out of my hands

I'd rather kiss a cop than let one more Tory get in

lmfao >>>/liberalpol/

You're really good at convincing people to believe you by screaming at them about their privilege

After I kiss the cop you can kiss Mummy May's Ass, how about that

You are really good at convincing people to care about socdems by screaming about duh Toriezzz.

Except you're a retard. The Nordic states are doing more than Corbyn will ever do, and the radical left there is non-existent.

Im pretty sure this was a shitpost, mods

Most people agree with me, not whatever self righteous indignation you're spewing.

Most people aren't a self destructive angsty teenage book worm. Maybe you should let us vote for Corbyn, he'll help the NHS so you can get better care for that autism problem you got. You should be thanking us and stop with the sour look on your face

corbyn should abolish those stupid yellow jackets and have the police wear blue again.
when they're nice and helpful it makes them look paternalistic and protecting, when they're nasty it makes them look like fascists rather than albino bumblebees.

social democracy in 2018 is more revolutionary than violent-revolutionary communism is.

stupid and wrong
Corbyn will do some tangible nice things like nationalising the railways.
That's the special thing about the Corbyn project versus say voting for Gordon Brown. Corbyn gives you something worth voting for. Is it enough? Is it everything? No. But it's a platform beyond "Would you rather the Conservatives got in?"

oh yay i get to include two pictures in this post.
Britain is well below the minimum achievable standard. That other people are even further below doesn't justify Britain's decline.

pick one

lmfao you've already turned to baseless insults and appeals to your "popularity." kill yourself liberal.

Shut up liberal. You are a liberal.

Nah mate, I'm trying to help you get the health care you clearly need for your special needs. I'm just trying to do you a favor by voting for the guy, I don't understand why you're lashing out

I'm sorry for whatever I did to cause you to throw a tantrum like this


Nothingburger, British cops don't even have guns. The real news is the Czechoslovak connection.

lmao you liberals all use the same language too

Get out of here Jason

Corbyn defenders are cultists. They will filter out any information that goes against their absurd worship of him, even if it comes from his own mouth. The moment you criticize Corbyn, they will instantly start shrieking that you want the Tories to ascend to total world domination.

how pathetic are you that the only critic of socdems you can even think of is Jason?

I am sorry that he offended you by courting…police officers..?


Pretty pathetic I suppose. You are about as zealous as him, I'm just giving you credit where credit is due.

You are only hurting the chances of Yemenis by allowing May to stay in power you absolute fucking fool

If my choice is between nothing and Corbyn I'll damn well choose Corbyn because he at least has a chance of fucking declining to help the United States in its terrible foreign policy, and further isolate them

You strategize like a fucking ogre, begone from this liberal. You care not for strategy, only pathetic pleas to sympathy

Not only is Corbyn guaranteed to "compromise" on Yemen if he ever gets into power, but I think it's absolutely hilarious that you think I, and anonymous critic of British liberals, am somehow the one keeping May in power.

All I have pointed out is the fact that Corbyn is an enemy of the workers, his cultists are LIBERALS, and that no communists or socialists should promote him. You LIBERALS want to prevent all criticism of him!

You're right, you aren't keeping May in power and since you're a vocal minority of autistic little screeching Maoist weirdos, it's unlikely you'll have an effect on the election either way.

Why is that? He said "Look at these police officers, police officers please vote for me"

I really don't care enough about this.

american hands typed this post

You throw around exclamation marks and random capitalization like a crazed twitter boomer

Posting about imperialism does nothing, ordinary voters exclude imperialism from their framework for good reason.

lmao first I'm a tory, now I'm a Maoist???

He's literally promising to put more bourgeois cops on the streets.

and now I'm a baby boomer! Amazing how LIBERALS project all of their pathetic punching bags onto real critics.

I've never read a post more written by a boomer than this post tbf

Never said you were, I was suggesting you were a weirdo the whole time who plays stratego in his head.

If we ignore you, will you go away?

Ignoring imperialism does as much good as shouting about it with all the air in your lungs, besides, it's the responsibility of Yemeni people to free themselves, not some white socialist savior. If you're going to introduce people to your brand of political ideology, you'd better have policy solutions that directly affect them personally, like say, funding the NHS, which these ordinary people use.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I fail to see how this makes Corbyn worse that the opposition.

Good fuckin comeback, whoa you owned that guy man

If we gave you some ice cream, would you stop screaming. Lads I think we need to give our friend something to stim with so he can calm down

libs have no arguments against communists.

fucking kill yourself. reported.

The war won't go away even if the blockade ends, even if the Saudis pull out (which they won't), it's out of your hands or my hands, leave it to the Houthis, they can take care of themselves, that's what they've been doing all along.

Did you delete your post or did your autism catch a spelling error

forgot a quote arrow


oooh epic memes, not an argument.

Fuck off, come back when you are older than 15>>2411564

I wonder who could be behind these posts.

you love cops.

Kill yourself faggot.

Your purity spiraling is transparent, COINTELPRO.

Given that Corbyn loves cops, he would literally kill Rosa if given the chance.

Take off that flag, liberal.

Except there is no Rosa. So shhhhh.

I'm voting for Corbyn because of this thread and how obnoxious you are, thanks

Corbyn will literally "compromise" and kill or imprison British communists if he gets into power.


I wish we had thread id's, so I could tell if this is a shitpost or not.

lmfao fuck off to >>>Holla Forums then

There is no meaningful socialist/communist threat to the British establishment, so there is no harm in supporting SuccDems.

no larp pls

What about CPGB-ML? They seem to have a decent following

You won't build a communist movement without criticizing liberals like Corbyn. Communists must openly criticize their enemies, this is basic shit.

Considering what all of OP's replies are, I'm going to assume that OP is a burger tank or he's a Holla Forumsyp

take your false flag and fuck off, liberal

You could make a case he's literal cointelpro, or a raging leftcom too.

He's undeniably a shitposter, all things considered.

There's literally under 100 of them.

Socdems being socdems, everyone will forget that and suck Corbyn cock at the next election anyway because "he's our best to chance to win".

What has he done, in his time as prime minister, that would out him as a liberal? Oh wait.

I understand that ☭TANKIE☭s like me screeching at people for being liberals may seem arbitrary to you, but there is a pattern to it. You should git gud, before you false flag.

these cucks would've voted Schröder because he said "socialism" once when he was a Juso

This is how the socdems will justify killing communists I guess. "He was COINTELPRO!! He criticized Corbyn so he must have been a spy!"

if you weren't just spouting gibberish retarded nonsense like some braindead liberal we could have arguments here, so take your false flag shitposts and fuck off, liberal

literally cuck retard talk, read some fucking Marx you imbecile faggot

lmfao take off that flag you fucking retard
The USSR was

ban this faggot, do your job you useless shits


don't vote labour, join THE REAL MOVEMENT
no that's your job haha i'm just here to tell you not to vote labour haha that'll be my job in the real movement that abolishes the present state of things *puts feet up* get to it.

Actually, it's the opposite. Read history, false flagger. ;)

bourgeois police =/= socialist police, fuck off liberal

You can really tell the British and American Tanks apart on their view of Labour.

Britbong Tanks actually realise that a Left Labour government's the only way to build a Communist movement, Amerilards are still stuck at the screeching stage.

His arguments in the thread have been ones that are of brainlets.
Seriously, comparison of the American health care system to NHS

the meaning of socdem completely changed after WWI.

no, comparison of Labour shills to Democrat shills.

When, not if, SuccDems will expose their failure and the people are made to taste their bitter weakness/betrayal, only then can you instigate them to become communists. Some steps cannot be skipped. Especially when communists currently are a minority.

You shills really do grasp for straws.

One's based in the Labour movement, and the historic demands of the working class, the other is not. It's not hard famrade.


How exactly is posting part of the first paragraph of a wikipedia article going to convince people you know anything about the British Communist movement?

my fucking sides

Criticize actions, not words, or appearances. Think tactically and carefully.


No, complete criticism you fucking liberal. If Corbyn lies about shit, communists will criticize him. If he says something stupid, communists will criticize him. Corbyn is literally pledging to put more cops on the streets. If you don't see that as worthy of criticism, you are a fucking liberal and an enemy of the workers.

fun game: sit and imagine the individual sitting behind his computer typing out these posts like he's trotsky writing letters in exile.

then in a little while he's going to have a wank and go to bed.

I understand you heard that ancoms hate cops, but I don't think you understand why.

This is actually true. Labor was once a socialist party whereas the Democratic Party was the party of slavery. Even the American Rethiglican party is closer to being a worker’s party in origin then the Dems

insults I have been called now:
All for criticizing your god Corbyn.

take off that flag you fucking impostor.

That's way too insulting to Trotskyites. This is just blatant false-flagging. No regards to circumstance, your own or your opposition, no grace, no subtlety, no strategic thinking, just expose yourself, tip your hand, and blow your load to early, which would make sure you fail. It's COINTELPRO-tier advice. Spouting the same grievances that communists do, does not lend the shit advice credence.

You are a liberal.

Flag related.

It's not that he's (you're) a Trot (Lenin was actually my first choice), just that he types like a serious communist figure when he's almost certainly just a somewhat lonely weirdo on an imageboard like the rest of us, which is fun to step back and visualise for a second.

But then maybe I'm wrong and Holla Forums is the highest journal of communist critique. I would be surprised, but only slightly.

But is he right though?

Look at him, making friends with these absolute pigs!

Oh look, another salty yank.

Literally founded to represent the urban proletariat.

How young do you have to be to trust today's Labour party? Like seriously they are just as slimy as the rest of the socdem scum that infest europe.

Don't mean to be rude by the CPGB was not exactly ☭TANKIE☭: it was actually one of the few parties not to split between ☭TANKIE☭s and Eurocomms because they realised that it would be fucking pointless. It was only after the dissolution of the USSR that the groups split between the CPB: which is Eurocomm, and the CPGB-ML: which is so fucking ☭TANKIE☭ it makes the VKP(b) look like revisionists.

Pic related, nice try dear.

In America electoral democracy doesn't work. Their parties have very little control over what their members do while in government. Even if Bernie became president the rest of the dems could easily stage a coup against him in congress. Meanwhile Corbyn has already purged anyone who directly challenges him and can easily force others to bend the knee if it is required.

So basically the major difference is that in America entryism is a fool's errand while in most other places it is not. It's not about "stages" or anything like that.

the tories are legit morons. Even republicans who love privatising and defunding shit wouldnt do that to the american police. American police are the fucking base.

if the british rightwing lose the police it just means the left wing will be able to take hold of them and reform them.

You know, having pieced things together the tories legit might be doing this on behalf of the freemasons: the Freemasons hate the Police Federation and have stopped attempts for it to reform the police for decades, and it now turns out there is a seekrit freemason lodge in Westminster. Add to this May's personal vow to "crush" the PF when he was still Home Sec in 2016, we may be witnessing something really fucking weird going on.

He is a SucDem nothing new to see here.

Wait, is this true?

Las Malvinas son Argentinas!
I'm not the Argentinian Pirate poster tho.

to be fair the Falklands were basically just a liability until after the war where we decided we wanted to keep them. (And now we've found out they've got oil, yay?)
Interesting debate during the war, where around 10 minutes in they get to talking about UN Trusteeship of the islands, joint sovereignty and so on.

so i guess what i'm saying is independent falklands now?

Jesus Christ, loosen your buttholes

Were you trying to make a point or something?

super underrated

Not bad, actually. I’m not as much a pariah in political circles for my ideas. They have no clue socdem is still capitalism, most of the time, but I consider it a start

10,000 extra future Cheka members.

Broke: The Malvinas Falklands are Argentine
Stroke: The Falklands are British
Woke: The Falklands belong to the Falkland Islanders

You've got the history completely and utterly wrong.

The CPGB did split between Eurocoms and Tanks in the 80s (it's why it no longer exists), with the pro-USSR grouping refounding themselves as the CPB, while the Eurocommunist faction dissolved the party, going on to become a Third Way think tank. The CPB is basically Kruschevite, and had some fairly substantial criticisms of Stalinism (although they've now moved back towards their origins).

The CPGB-ML's origins are actually in Arthur Scargill's tiny "Socialist Labour Party", which was founded as an old Clause Four group from the Labour Party, a synthesis of harder Bennites and Trade Union Bureaucrats.

You might be thinking of the CPB-ML, but they're a different kettle of fish, they're a bizarre sect who's main claim to fame recently was organising with Nigel Farage's "Grassroots Out" group during the EU referendum, rather than any of the 'Lexit' groups.

Fuuuuuck off

Hardcore ☭TANKIE☭s will justify mass murder and suspension of worker power/rights as historical necessity to achieve socialism but won’t tolerate taking a few shitty positions to achieve political success.

and I'm a fucking Anarchist. Y'all need to get at least a little dose of realpolitik. It is quite clear Corbyn is a comrade, he is even in the process of setting up what amounts to local soviets, if you guys had been paying attention this is actually his most commie move yet and it was extremely subtle. No he isn't preaching revolution. Ever hear of Rosa Luxemburg? That's what happens when you preach revolution out of nowhere.

I'll vote for anyone the Murdoch press is going to claim to be both in the RA and a Commie spy tbh just for the fuck you

Good trips, but that's being a bit rude to Rosa.

The Sparts were a lot smarter than ☭TANKIE☭s on Leftypol.

only Jezza has been purging Blairites and the people want them purged

Tbf when she was a part of the SPD even Luxemburg wasn't preaching revolution.

Probably because she understood that revolutionary politics only work in a revolutionary moment, where the existing political order is no longer representative of the mode of production (France 1789) or its in a state of total collapse (Russia 1917). Revolutions just don’t happen when the economy is functioning to a reasonable degree and the state is firmly established, so the task of a revolutionary in this period is to earn the trust and admiration of the working class by improving their conditions by whatever means, as well as organizing for the inevitable period of crisis.

By this logic the Falklands are Furry.

some cuckdem fag was shitposting in another thread about the "stop the war" and just how much he loves corbyns dick in his throat
can't be arsed looking for the thread, found this one, so here

CPGB-ML on this

1/10 because i took notice




Are you denying the cognitive dissonance here? ☭TANKIE☭s are hardcore pragmatists when it comes to bumps implementing their philosophy, but expect everybody else to abide by ideological purity. In their view typically it’s okay to back an anti imperialist force even if it’s radically anti communist, but will lose their shit on a DemSoc for paying lip service to bourgeois issues.