Cheddar Man Debunked

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A dirty mod on pol deleted the thread. 8ch is cucked.

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What does this have to do with lefty stuff? Tell me Holla Forumstard.

Holla Forums thinks this place is tumblr and obsessed with race politics so they're tryna go "gotcha the british ARENT black after all"

If the scientific community read the data first they would have labeled it junk science. But the SJWs and kikes had to run to the media and poison the public conciousness first. Its a lot harder to remove from the goyim psyche once established.

wtf i hate communism now

What fag shit, I figure they would what we're about already.

Come back when arguments we care about.

When I think "credentialed, honest, peer reviwed, free ideas" the first thing that comes to my mind is terrible reddit colony and formerly not populated baby boomers board Holla Forums, and anyone who agrees with them.

The collective brains of Holla Forums are usually uh, right about how to put their shoes on correctly

I forgot a couple words but still >>>/cool/

It's been amusing watching Holla Forums literally piss themselves over some ancient predecessor to the first Britons, as if it matters now. Normans have since replaced any trace of cheddar man in the British genome (along with other people). Why was this such an important sticking point for them? Why did they need to prove that this was somehow not fully decided? Are they just that insecure about being obvious packies LARPing as huwite British folk that they need to claim that all white people in Briton never came from African decent like the rest of humanity, but evolved from the frozen snow of angle tears.

Wikijew betrays you SJW goy.

Holla Forums to have fallen so low and learned nothing. That is your failure.

What else is new

Europe was always white, the baboons need to leave. Every single last baboon must leave.

Nice bumplock after last 10 replies even though the last thread about this was 450+ replies and stayed up for a weekend

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A broken clock is right twice a day

Don't tell me what to do.

Everyone knows white skin only showed up 8,000 years ago at earliest. This wasn't the first find.