Intervention in US Midterm Election General, 2018

We must spread Communism for the American people, comrades.

Promoting North Korea and Cuba as examples of functioning Leftist societies and rehabiliating the reputation of Venezuela are critical to our efforts. We must start a third-party movement nationwide to fight the Democrats–piggybacking more moderate parties such as the Greens only when necessary–and take down the Imperialists.

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Take advantage of liberal trump hysteria and turn it into revolutionary zeal

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Can some American explain to me why the American political system is so dualistic and why there are only two main parties? I know that it's a presidential system and not a parliamentarian one but this doesn't quite explain it for me.

You may not like it, but it's functioning.


I've passed out a few manifestos at work and I've shown a few libertarian coworkers of mine the western lies about the DPRK. They aren't fully on board with NK yet but they no longer believe the "they're literal slaves!" bs

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You mayy not like it, but is not leftist to have a violent regime in power against the will of it's people.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


prove it

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Yeah it still doesn't confirm any of your statements.

Because without having the presidency having any to even the majority of the seats in congress means little to nothing.


You'll never succeed, America will take the rest of humanity and life on earth down in nuclear holocaust before any kind of socialism, we're all going to die, better to accept it now.

You're trolling. It's a totalitarian state sponsored by corperations exporting slave labor.

The other two have little worth holding up as any great communist achievement.

It's the voting system. People feel that if they vote for a third party then they are taking votes from the slightly more bearable of the two main parties which means the less bearable one wins. We need a run off vote so that if a third party is eliminated then those votes can go to the next highest rank on their voting card.


Mods confirmed for being DPRK shills

The point being, they are not really responsible for that. You are being moralistic, according to you, Liechtenstein is the closest to a communist utopia because they have zero unemployment and an astronomical living standard.

Source it and fight me on that.

As much as that'd be great you have to understand that America is saturated with liberals if they are not right-wing retards. They will not do what is necessary to gain freedom.

Americans are too cucked. Better to nuke us and be done with it. What I wouldn't give for it to not be so…

I'd wish we live in the world you think we live in

In presidential elections, you need 270 electoral college votes to win or else Congress just picks the president, so having more than two parties would lead to increased likelihood nobody gets to 270. That's why when the Republicans started existing, they flat out replaced the Whigs instead of existing alongside them and the Democrats.

Congressional and state positions don't have an electoral college, but all the two parties have all the money and the media, so candidates from outside the parties have no chance of winning against the two parties. Some states have had prominent third parties in the past, and Vermont still has one now (Vermont Progressive Party), but laws have been changed to limit that from happening. For example, the Populist Party, a socialist party from 19th century Kansas, used to form coalitions with Democrats in blue parts of the state and Republicans in red parts of the state in order to win; that's illegal now. Even mavericks like Huey Long had to take part in this, although Long's Democratic Party did not resemble the national or any state Democratic Party. Those differences in state party structure don't exist anymore because Washington centralized everything.

China also doctors it's numbers with state sponsored development projects that don't actually contribute much but that's ok because "look at all our new, under populated cities!"

they are for introducing shit laws
they are for not implementing socialism
they are for having a laughable military
and they are for having a black market economy issue

moralistic is a buzzword to dismiss legitmate concerns
they aren't socialist, so they aren't the concern here

It will be a few minutes but I think I might just do that

Such as?

Way to open a new can of worms. I wrote what I wrote before:

The numbers come from the Bank of Korea, and is the most pessimistic estimation. Optimistic estimations are arround 7% economic growth.

restriction of movement, of speech, of assembly…
they also have ancient artillery and tank, and problems supplying spare parts
maybe they could make a case for not being embargoed if they did something about the rampant smuggling
what fucking achivements. HEY GUYZ WE HAS NUKES. FEAR US. is what it all amounts to in the past decade, dick waving over the border with the south and pissing off everyone near and far.

put down the strawman. PUT IT FUCKING DOWN. socialism means worker ownership over the MoP and not the flip-flopped market bastardisation they've dreamt up. having civil freedoms is the main way to stop it being a dictatorship.

admit it, you only suck their dicks because MUH IMPEEEEEEEEREEEEEEALIZUMZ(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Civil war and persisting deep social divides led to this. Plus, the fact that proportional representation was prohibited by the Voting Rights Act of 1964 because it was "racist" and the generally-employed forms of it were actually FPTP-based at the time and gave people multiple votes, which violated the "one person, one vote" principle.

America's representatives are not beholden to any party. They are all individuals who try desperately to stay in office and will do any thing towards that end. Parties in America are far more like corporate brands than the actual political parties you find in Europe.

This refers to tourists, not to North Korean citizens. I can't find anything in the North Korean constitution which would curb these rights, now, you might say they are being deplatformed (which is not the same as freedom of speech) or that they are unofficially restricted (which is not a law). Freedom of movement also is not the same as "getting an apartment everywhere". Living space is distributed by the state. In capitalism, it is distributed by the housing market. Same thing, except in one case it's excessive coercion (state) in the other case it's systematic coercion (market).

Doesn't matter. They are still unassailable, but it's funny how you blame them not to spend enough on their military when it's one of the biggest armies in the world with one of the highest military spending in relation to their GDP, yet it's still not enough. I didn't know anarchists are Songun extremists.

They are not being embargoed for that. What the fuck?

High living standards in comparison to their GDP, no unemployment, worker ownership of MoP, no taxes, free healthcare, housing, economic growth despite sanctions, building a fucking water park despite being poor, etc.

I refuse to answer that because you clearly just having a spastic seizure. I wrote before that they HAVE worker ownership. Just admit you are not ready for socialism, because you are comfortable with neoliberal capitalism because it doesn't take away your vidya.

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Really makes you think …

United front with liberals is where revolutions go to die.


These were all just a browser search away. But maybe you would like some videos? I know actually searching for things is hard.

^Some guys going to a bunch of work camps

Random video

Defectors you'll likely call actors but meh

boats full of dead north Koreans washing up on the shores of japan

Now this is just the quick and easy stuff. You could do some actual work to debunk it but I don't think you care about actually trying to find the answers here, you just want to point to a communist country and call it a good start. That only hurts communism. I included some other stuff of course so that you get a whole bunch of topics to pick from and try to debunk as well.

>I can't find anything in the North Korean constitution which would curb these rights, now, you might say they are being deplatformed

Just because it says something in the constitution doesn't mean it is enforced/guaranteed.

you idiots are so predictable.

Yeah, real socialist news sources are literally blocked from Google. If it shows up on a Google search, chances are it's lying to you.

Then it's your turn to provide some sources

sources for what, that the WSJ and Vice News are bullshitters?

You say you have sources stating the contrary, right? Something that might persuade someone that vice and any other sources showing off how fucked up DPKR is, right? You can convince someone of your argument instead of just bullshiting and hoping someone will believe you, right?

Alright, I'll keep it short: The same fucking thing happens with joint ventures in Cuba. The complaints are that the workers work for a foreign company, but do not keep their wage but have to give it to the state. What those reports don't say is that they get an average pay from the state they are working for. Obviously, and this is what the articles note correctly, this pay is lower than what they would be their wage if they would recieve it from the foreign company. There are a couple of issues with that.

The DPRK and Cuba are a planned economy. This means, currency is strictly admnistered, therefore, in both countries, you actually have two currencies: The internal currency, and the currency used for foreign trade and tourism - the USSR had the same principle. Now, if you had one guy just brining in loads of currency from a foreign capitalistic enterprise, you'd basically make the entire economy volatile, and create a mileu of labor aristocracy. They are doing the same work as their fellow workers, so they should not be paid more, instead, the revenue should rather be used by the state to interact of the global market.

Your first link is debunked, Camp 14 doesn't exist. You are a bit late for that. The second link shows the exact same thing which South Korean military does when someone tries to defect North. Besides, if I'm a member of a military force, and if I'm going to defect to the literal enemy, what you think happens?

True, and if they had no sanctions they wouldn't have to rely on sailing this far out with shitty equipment. By the way, fishing industry in the DPRK is mostly private (cooperative). Nobody is telling them to do this.

Phone deleted the "are wrong" part

Just read the DPRK thread tbh.

Yesterday's libcoms are tomorrow's ☭TANKIE☭s.

thank you based tankposter. the DPRK should hire you tbh.

Hey, a decent argument that makes an ounce of sense. It doesn't quite cover whether they have a choice other than to say they like how things are or that most civilian defectors have various tales of horrific oppression but not bad none the less.

So what sources do you have that life is at least not horrible in the DPRK?

I hit a nerve with that comment didn't i? ey mod, you are not just a retard who can't deal with the fact that NK is a dictatorship, you can't even ban properly

Stay mad, loser

Holy fuck, a dictator did a poll that proves he's popular, that sure proves he must remain in power for the next 50 generations!

the apex of anarkiddie ""arguments""

We only have two parties because we have a so-called "first past the post" system; that is, in any given congressional election at a local/state level, whichever party gets the most votes gets the seat. So, for example, in an election to determine a US Senator, if the Democrats get 60%, the Republicans get 25%, and the Greens get 15%, the Democrats get a seat and the Republicans and Greens get nothing. This means that even if third parties have a large minority of voters in many locations, if they can't get a majority anywhere they get nothing. This system benefits the two largest parties so it will never be changed. That said, there are countries with a first past the post system that have larger third parties than the US (such as the UK), but even in those countries third parties are generally irrelevant outside local or regional politics.

Forgot my Shitposting flag

Well, I would refer you to Andrei Lankov, who is quite anti-DPRK but has said that living quality is rising rapidly since a few years. A few sources off the bat:
I mean, especially the last one proves something that the DPRK can do which the US is apparantly incapable of.

People defect because they percieve life is better in comparison to where they come from. Most defectors got promised milk and honey in South Korea, which they obviously didn't recieve, and many want to go back (which South Korea doesn't allow, so they are separated from their families, which also debunks the idea of family punishment):
There are hundreds of defectors in a Chinese border village which basically live in a fucking slum. They don't get a voice. Instead, we get these fancy celebs with instagram accounts who tell stories full of holes, and who are not representative for the majority of North Korean defectors.

So you didn't actually read the article. It was amongst North Korean defectors. Jesus Christ.

Because it has a "winner takes it all" system and the voting circles are way too big (entire fucking states) for small parties too have enough funding to compete with the big pair.
This coupled with the lesser of two evils mentality developted by americans.

At least you can provide some counter points and sources showing something other than the abject evil I see all the time. I haven't read most of them yet but plan to. Thanks for that. I can almost see them as something that could be used as a good point for communist ideaologies.

Can we please get more activity in this topic? We need to give the redpill to the USA.

Nice state-capitalism you got there

are you so far fucking detached from the american working class that you actually think american workers want to glorify these countries?

how about building an independent american working class party without having to rely on outdated, authoritarian, and foreign ideologies?

Are you so far fucking detached from the american working class that you actually think American workers won't recognize (evidently accidental) similarities between your "working class party" and the "outdated, authoritarian, and foreign ideologies," forcing you to either defend or weakly disavow them in any case?

Defunding the cops and military through government shutdowns is the best way to use the bourgeois parliament. The war parties are in total control and they can barely keep the lights on, imagine if the shutdowns were real and not these dry runs.

Why? Venezulea is a liberal capitalist state.

Venezuela has a protracted socialist revolution underway.

Will it likely be a Marxist-Leninist revolution?

Who cares? If the PSUV and their ML allies succeed, it'll be socialism. Period, the end.

We cannot use Reactionary-Imperialist propaganda to appeal to the misinformed, shackled masses!


Post didn't post properly for some reason. But yeah. Surprised so many here think you are being serious.

They think I'm serious because I am.

America is openly planning to destroy the DPRK. That means that it is probably doing something right. Never forget that America is literally satanic and doesn't do anything without first making sure that it will somehow make things worse for a vast majority of the world.

Ever having negative gdp growth is really bad, dude. Your economy should always be growing at a minimum. Low growth is considered bad, negative growth is a disaster

it's the most-sanctioned country on earth.

Stalin was sanctioned and he was on route to outpace Western Europe by the 1970s.

The DPRK is fucking tiny, dumbass.

You realize that there are plenty of Capitalist countries that have had negative GDP growth in the last 10 years right?

The USA is the biggest example–it had negative GDP growth in 2008 and 2009. It's called a recession and it's very common. Another great Communist nation–China–has not had a recession since 1976, glorifying Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

lmao what kind of Pseudo-Marxist are you where you defend a supposedly socialist society by saying "it has negative growth just like a capitalist society, just look at the worst American recession since the Great Depression." Socialism needs to do better than capitalism, not lag behind it

Whether or not NK and Venezuela are functioning leftist nations, there images are so damaged in the eyes of the public that adopting them as good will invariably backfire. Any leftist movement needs to remain critical, and provide a valid criticism within leftist thought that explains why these places are the way they are (i.e. isolated by American economic imperialism for so long that they retreat to autarky) and why, in America, socialism won't look like what they think it will, namely, the perceptions of these places. It doesn't matter whether they actually are "real socialism"; the point is to disassociate socialism from what people think it is.

don't do this
t. have experience with burger voter outreach

My god

America has always been split between centrist and full blown reactionaries. Just look at the slave line debacle where the country was split North and South between a modern capitalist society and fucking mad theocrats living in some feudal slave society. There should have been a push for a constitutional overhaul by the radical republicans after the civil war to secure the legacy of abolition.

You know I'm right.

Leftists when debating rightists: communism has never been tried.

Leftists when debating themselves: we must critically support socialist countries like Cuba and Nork.

There is no contradiction there.

Oh shit that's what I forgot to do today..I did not do a communism. I might as well try a two or three more communisms just to be sure.

Cuba is pretty close to ML socialism. They would be doing a lot better if they weren't isolated from the rest of the world though, which is why porky tries so hard to keep them cut off. Also any anti-capitalist country is good, since without America capitalism is done for.

This is a pragmatic option.
Be sure to never ever say it's not "real socialism".