Google is giving nazbol shit as the top results if you just search for "bolshevik." Give it a try...

Google is giving nazbol shit as the top results if you just search for "bolshevik." Give it a try. I highly doubt this is a coincidence, Google is deliberately trying to push the "Bolshevism == Nazbol" meme. Nazbol was a PSYOP.

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I mean maybe its just because no one talks about bolshevism? plenty of people say marxist leninist, soviet, communist but no one says bolshevik these days, certainly there isn't a 'bolshevik flag' as such. Most of the mentions of bolshevik and bolshevism today is in the context of naming nazbols.

I actually spent the past few hours researching nazbol and stras serism.

And i can safely say that nazbol has become the lefts equivalent of those cringy kekistani fucks

Go type nazbol into twitter and just see all the memers.

Also i kind of feel like there is maybe only one living strass erist in existence.

Oh definitely not, we have a middle-sized Stras.serist party in Germany (Der Dritte Weg).

Holy shit this pic


user, I'll break it down for you user. Nazbol is a meme. Even in Russia it was conceived as an art project, had a period of relative relevancy then died. Nazbolism doesn't exist outside NAZBOL GANG memes and autistic 14 year old Holla Forums pseudointellectuals who like to identify with obscure right-wing movements.

well, it always seemed like a rip off of stras serism but with russian characteristics

Same in dutch

It's literally illegal to be a nazbol in Russia.

NazBol is way more esoteric than Stras.serism or National Syndicalism (Falange), it embraces the Heideggerian idea of "being" as the defining aspect of human self-determination. Dugin isn't actually that much of a bad writer, his Fourth Political Theory work is an entertaining read, but of course it's still nuts. As far as we can see, NazBol has purged itself from any pro-worker rethoric and just idolizes Russian statism.

There is also an European "communitarian" party from France and Belgium:
They seem to come over as civic nationalists, they idealize some harmonic integration of Islam and Christianity like it was done in medieval Spain without the "multiculturalist mixing" that supposedly destroys both cultures.

Then there are actual Strass.erist parties and the Falange also still exists, and while the Falange reminds me more of old-school fascism (Mussolini before he came to power), Strass.erism like Der Dritte Weg in Germany is pretty much National.Socialism, they are anti-semitic, anti-immigrant, pro-race but unlike the historical Nazis also anti-capitalist - this would probably also upset the Stras.ser brothers themselves who don't strike me as cruel people.

Its important to distinguish between the original Limonov strand of nazbols and the Duginist strand. The two are very much at odds. Where Dugin is a esoteric pro-putin russian fascist who wants a multipolar world where russian chauvinism and imperialism cannot be constrained or scrutinised by european/western liberal enlightenment rationalism, Limonov and his strand could be at least conceived as leftists of sorts and have been repressed by the russian state.

From what I can see, NazBols consist off:

- reactionary intellectuals who try a synthesis of NRx shit and socialism because it's both anti-capitalist

- the mentioned teenager LARPers who listened to a bit too much Neofolk and Martial Industrial

- some esoteric nutjobs

- just straight-out Nazis and Skinheads who use NazBol as a cover

Obviously some pan-European NazBol movement would only gain traction if it purges the Nazis, but is imagineable when the EU collapses and the right-wing populists end up betraying their voters again and again. by the way, Nazis are fucking snakes, they try to co-opt every fucking movement, yet commies are the ones known for being "subversive", what a joke.

Nazbol Gang Attacks again.

You are right, but I always considered Limonov as an activist at best, as his strand is pretty much an art movement.

Dugin basically formulated an esoteric Russian version of "American exceptionalism".

you're forgetting about all the socdems who exist. they're basically strass.


The only NazBols in existence are Limonovites who are a tiny marginalized minority that has fallen out of relevance. Everything else is literally a fucking internet meme. Posadists are more real than them.

It's honestly so funny to watch Holla Forums talk about nazbols like they are a legitimate political movement. How long until they get memed into actual relevancy

thread created just minutes after my post over in

but that's a really bullshit reason
the term is "bolshevik", there's literally no reason to go to put "nazbol" first, even if you put the word "flag" in

SocDem are not self-aware, but it is truly the natural conclusion. For old-school SocDem to work, you need tight borders, tariffs and nationalism (for the class corporation to work).

Katter's Australian Party is pretty much NazBol, can any Aussie confirm?

NazBol might be kill in Russia but NazBol/Stras.serist movements do exist in Europe. It's not just a meme. Of course, they are far away from being relevant, but the German Stras.serist party has recently made headlines by co-opting a carnival march by dressing up as refugees.

Okay I just tried this out as well and just WTF

What even is that symbol on the right in the first row? National Jucheism? I'm done

Also known as regular Jucheism

That RSFSR flag is so pretty, I wish they'd never changed it


it looks loopy, the hamsick is way better

You realize these algorithms are all being trained day in and day out by human review teams, and the political teams in Google are making major revisions to search results, right? Google is heavily suppressing socialist media now, and boosting other content that they want to emphasize. I think this Nazbol thing is definitely deliberate.

another article

The scary thing is that it might well be. Not from the outset, but in the banal way of google pushing it.

well there's no question that PSYOPs are conducted on imageboards, Nazbol really could have been pushed here from the very beginning as some kind of misdirection plot. But if you look at the amount of Nazbol stuff on Youtube, Twitter, and other sites, the Nazbol meme has really taken a life of its own totally disconnected from activity on Holla Forums, with seemingly no base of operations (maybe chatrooms?). And now Google is intervening to poison bolshevik google searches with Nazbol shit.
I think people on here got played.

the nazbol flag came up as the first google result for bolshevik long before there was any mention of nazbol on Holla Forums i know that for a fact.

This is some Holla Forums tier conspiratorial thinking. Bolsheviks were a specific political movement that ceased to exist 90 years ago and they didn't have a flag. Of course nazbols would show up in searches like these, considering how news about them still crop up in Russia from time to time.

"The transformation of economic policy by the establishment of autarchy, a State monopoly of foreign trade, and a currency standard of our own subsumed under the comprehensive term of a planned economy, is today regarded as necessary by numerous groups In Germany and elsewhere In Europe. But this theoretical recognition of a planned economy will remain sterile so long as these groups still cling to the prevailing capitalist economic law which decrees that private property is sacred. With the utmost possible emphasis, therefore, the conservative revolutionist must at this point insist upon (as indispensable preliminary to a genuine and effective planned economy) the abrogation of the prevailing economic law of private property. One who takes his stand upon the maintenance of private property in land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production In general, is not only repudiating German socialism, but is also defending what will make a planned economy impossible no matter how ardently in theory he may desire It. This follows without more ado from the very nature of the owner's claim that he has the right 'to do what he likes with his own', the claim which forms the core of the legal notion of 'private property'. So long as the owner of land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production in general, can do what he pleases with 'his property'; so long as the peasant can cultivate the fields or not as he prefers, the owner of a coalmine have the coal mined or not as he likes best, the factory owner have his factory working or idle at his own sweet will just so long is a planned economy impossible. (To say nothing about the privilege of the owner to sell his property to a foreign individual, corporation, or State, which would be fatal to the organization of a German planned economy.) For these reasons therefore, as well as for the moral reasons that have already been specified, the abolition of private property in land, the raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the land, and the means of production, is the main demand of German socialism, and the presupposition to a planned national economy. The same demand is made by all Marxians, and to this extent they are socialists, though the carrying into effect and the fruitfulness of their demand have been hindered and will be hindered by their liberal alienism. I consider it expedient to dwell upon the identity of demand in this respect as between the international Marxians and the German socialists, this being a prelude to insisting, as regards constructive methods, upon the difference between Marxism and German Socialism." - Otto Asser, Germany Tomorrow, 1940.

The same thing happens when using Startpage and also with DuckDuckGo.

"Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism."
-t. Stalin

startpage is literally just google, DDG uses the Bing engine IIRC, meaning its results are also subject to govt. control.

NazBol Gang is a cybernetic schizopolitical assemblage, a nomadic meme machine that fights the reterritorializing efforts of the neoliberal State by pretending to be retarded online.

me on the left

Sure, but any halfway decent search algorithm would simply return an early USSR flag, or a plain red one. Well known, perfectly plausible historical results. This is what google would return on autopilot. That it actually returns an obscure internet meme that links communism to the far right is not a natural result.

I could definitely see a nationalist social democratic state emerge as it'd appease both the left and right wing populists. Maybe that will be the direction America goes in i dunno. It wouldn't technically be Nazbol, but it's something I could see happening irl


Limonovites exist, user.

isnt that basically what spencer wants?

Spencer's cited dugin and marx in the past I think but he's so focused on muh white race ethnostate that he advances bourgeois and anti-marxist interests anyway regardless of potential socialist sympathies.

He's also a clown so I'd rather not have him on our side.


French google here, it's a bit better.


the reason for the hand grenade flag is that the first nazbol party got banned for importing hand grenades. There v post modern and pretty much seem to be based around the idea of having constant waring tribes like its TWILIGHT 2000

A D+G fan as well. You must also read 'the real movement' and 'totalitarian collectivist'. We walk the same path brother.



The two things I hate most in the world fused together

that's called Asserism
and Asserites got a hell of a lot better logo that that nasty ass rose fist

forget you pseuds, I'm NAZBUD now.
National Buddhism is the ideology of the future.

Why does the dude look like a Hipster Trotsky

trotsky was the original nazbol


Can't kill the gang


Sounds like just Zen honestly.


This shit is fucking awesome.

*applies myself to the MOTHERFUCKING NAZFUR GANG*

hardly a new idea tbqh famrade.



The current furry fandom is deeply globalist and capitalist, it has to be smashed and replaced by a truly internationalist union of national furry communities.

nazbol cica 2009

(paper thin excuse text to post furry pamphlets with a marxist face what i found on the internet.)

this is not new you idiot, that flag has come up as a result as far as I can remember (many years)

No you see this is all evidence Google is actually the Nazbol supercomputer from the dark side of the Moon memeing Nazbol into becoming real.

Nazbols practice “leaderless resistance” If there was ever a “nazbol guerrilla campaign” it would just be a series of lone wolff attacks. Nazbol is an interesting ideology because it is completely horizontal in tactics there is no structure whatsoever. Nazbol is a truly postmodernist ideology.

NazBol is Juche for white people, though.

Please die



who the fuck keeps making these images