Modern Revolution

How is there gonna be a revolution when the government you're revolting against has missiles, drones, cluster-bombs, etc.?

doesn't do the IDF any good

The world first needs to be in such a state of disarray that the forces with the nukes and drones could side with the commies.

Protracted peoples war.

If the taliban can do it then so can we.

you wait for things to get worse. or make them worse yourself. Unfortunately innocent people will be hurt in the process but if you really want revolutionary change and class consciousness the people have to grow angry enough first.

you are right though

Missiles need men to fire and maintain them.

Strike, simple as that, a strong military needs an even stronger economy sutaining it as soon as the soldiers belly starts to hurt they stop, many tzar supporters quickly switched sides when they saw the population was against them.

the taliban is shit and hasn't achieved anything at all.
hezbollah is a far better example since they have actually defeated the IDF multiple times and aren't reactionaries.

historically governments are overthrown if either
a) the gov't is poor as fuck already
b) the revolting party has access to some type of new superior technology that allows them to succeed
(see: fall of constantinople, red turban rebellion)

This, I'll never understand how the military or police are largely aut-right closet fascist. I mean all they ever do is die and kill for someone else's profit. If the day ever comes when they wake up I think it'll be a rough one for porky.

Do you think that it's like the 19th century where people just get together and go out in a field and shoot at each other? What the fuck do you think would happen if the US government leveled several city blocks in the middle of a city like Dallas or San Franciso or Miami? If things are already so bad that they have to use bombs instead of their goon squad, then they're going to be facing the exact same problem in the West as in the East, where every "insurgent" they kill creates three more. They multiply their foes and injure themselves by destroying their own population and the vital infrastructure they need to drive the economy in order to build and maintain and shoot those drones, missiles, and bombs.

By the time that happens, they've already lost. It means permanent military occupation and dictatorship, and in turn a severe loss in force projection. The reciprocating effects would lead to the state being marginalized and hollowed out until it either collapsed, surrendered, or was demolished from without.

It's part of the reason why in places like the US, the government is absolutely desperate to keep shit from popping off in a serious way, because if the cops can't keep a lid on things then there's a very real chance of things going nipples north very quickly.

that's dumb; stop being dumb.

I like them too but you're being stupid, they're theocrats and the moment israel is toppled they'll cease to be allies to us in any meaningful way.

If a jihadi group in 2015 could get a drone a. Communist groip in the 2020s will have them too

You're dumb and your mothers dumber. I never said spontaneously, it's obviously something we need to work towards.

Yeah but we don’t have US backing

and they will have free open source operating system on board

no u


so, this… is… the power… of.. materialist analysis… in 2018

The military is an entity to itself. It only follows the governments orders if it still trusts in it.
Revolutions have always had some of the military on their side.

Not even smuggle it; you can find hobbyists playing with model jets and quadcopters pretty much everywhere. It's a thing of attaching bombs or guns to them, and devising a way to command them remotely and securely.

I think that would be the hardest part. Aren't consumer drones pretty short range?


Raytheon drones are controlled in Maryland and have a working range of thousands of miles. Hobby drones can barely push two miles.

From my understanding, non-violent revolution is very possible.

I dunno, ask the Vietnamese.


FALSES of false equivalency. Rice farmers born in 1930s Viet fucking Nam who lived a hard and spartan life are going to be a lot tougher and more resilient than some limp wristed middle class american kid whos never so much as seen a gun in his life, let alone done something like go hunting in the woods.

A third of Americans own guns and have done stuff like hunting.