Africa hate is not racism

Why on Earth do people on this board unironically believe in free borders?
You do know that not having completely free borders doesn't mean immigration will be closed or racial policies instituted, right?

Political assylum seekers are ok in my book
Hordes of ignorant starving fucks being systematically accepted because muh morals is the greatest spook of out time.

Please accept that the reason so many countries (not even Western) don't want to admit Africans in is not because muh racial superiority or shit like that, but because lots of those migrants are retards, and apply a "better safe than sorry" policy about it.
You very rarely get pic related leves of idiocy from

*from urban areas on Western countries

And even though there are idiots already here, why accept more?
Why not screen people?
Why the fuck open borders?


Well if you stopped being racist then they would stop being stupid. SMH.


but Holla Forums doesn't support this no matter how many threads you make screeching about it faggot.

Maybe in the past, we've been flooded with unironic open/no borders advocates from who knows where.

the standard Holla Forums position has always been, like that of any communist, supporting the abolition of borders and the strict limitation of migration under capitalism.


Holla Forums seems to have abandoned this lately.


Fuck off, Holla Forumsreddit. Read a book.

I'm not talking about muh theory
i'm talking about the absolute state of this board like said

Stop criticizing their culture! We are all equal, diversity is our greatest strength! We need more vibrant African child sacrifice rituals to be done in new York city and Washington d.c.! Have you ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant, you bigot? It's scrumptious!

Sauce on that pic?

.t Marx

Ethiopian food is unironically good.

How about

sage & report


thats not even the right nation you mong

abolishing borders /= rounding up entire nations of Africans and dumping them next door

Westfags are so retarded. If you wanted to keep borders why'd you go invade everyone faggots? Now you fucked everything up and wanna just go in your room and talk to yourself that it never happened. Fuck off

do u kno da wei /leftpol/?

t. antigerman

if you didn't want mass migration you shouldn't have looted africa



eurocuck not wanting to raise his african rapechild


this is Holla Forums-tier garbage kys


didn't say that, retardo

You've got it all wrong, UKIP is fighting against Polish imperialism


because we're not reactionary cock suckers

I think I'm more apathetic to the border, than for open borders.
I can't really blame people for wanting to break into the first world, likewise, I can't really fault anyone for trying to stop it.

Great, we agree on immigration screenings. Those are only done on legal immigrants.
So we agree against illegal immigration? That's exactly what bothers me, that people think legal processes are raciss.

This guy gets it

So? You aren't even making a point, just implying some false representation of what I said.

Now here is a valid point of view. But OP still applies to the chinese or indians. It's only raciss when guite pipo say it.

That's because CNN or Fox will never cover those stories.
Go google some other source, the stories are still true.

nice strawman faggots

Same here. But the fact that I can't blame them doesn't mean I don't want to have stricter border control.

yeah, no.

Are you gonna let them starve when you very well could help them? Just because a few of them do some stupid shit? When your countries politics are the reason those people are starving in the first place? They are not your enemies. They can very well become your allies. Because they have seen what capitalism will bring.

They also won't report on tons of stories were non-immigrants do stupid shit. Because why would they?

Also the current emigration is nothing yet. Global warming will continue. Drought will render large populated areas unlivable. This will lead to more wars and emigration. Much more.


We’ve got some /r/socialism-tier cryptolibs in this thread.