Why can't you cucks just respect the troops?

why can't you cucks just respect the troops?

for what?

why would i ?

just trying to get a hoo-rah for my cousin Felix

I only hoo-rah for this soldier Felix.

sir thank you for your service sir! o7

Why does one of those girls have a dick?

Because she's a he

what is this guys name?

Private Felix Biederman

I meant the catboi

Felix Argyle, Champion Knight of Lady Crusch Karsten

thank you

i do

shame about his squad mates tho


really not a good look for the guys but at least they're getting over their misogyny

agreed, better this than rape jokes



doesn't sound like something a troop would say so I asked my cousin and he told me this guy was definitely stealing valor

This is the most american thing ive read this week.


he fought Hezbollah and knows the truth about Syria, i think he knows what he's talking about bub

don't question our troops

1. Hes a fucking retard and so are you
2. I am not part of your retarded country
3. Hezbollah did nothing wrong
4. America should be balkanized

bet you wouldn't say that to his face if you saw him coward! semper fi hoo RAH


Just because your meatbrain brother cant do anything with his existance than get buff and hurt and kill people for money doesnt mean you are right, internet tough guy.


That's retarded. Butler was the most decorated marine of his time

And I thought that a picture of comrade Dzerzhinskij was about to pop up.

What the world has become?

I only respect soldiers who fight for the rights of the workers.

fuck off with your imperialist scum.

Pretty sure you're both being baited.

this. I don't know why Holla Forumsyps and other crossposters expect us to behave patriotically for a government we clearly don't want present.


I do support the troops, just not those troops.