How do we have revolution in the United States? Should we break it into smaller countries first?

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You should blow up a federal building, kid.

No thanks.

Nuclear war

Not today CIA

If we want to get anywhere close to a revolution, we should probably start by educating the people first and debunk a shit ton of propaganda. It's kinda difficult when all we have is a bunch of useless liberals

>Irreconcilable political crisis over a third rail like military spending or Social Security.

Peace, Land, Bread. It's really that simple.

They're lurking turn on incognito mode

Mass proletarianization of the middle class. There will only be a revolution once embourgeoisified workers can no longer own property, can no longer participate in markets, and can no longer save for retirement. This process is already underway and is inevitable. Until then, we just need to organize and prepare ourselves for necessary action.

Fox News has way too much power and is far too right wing. Somehow some way boycotting them into submission or convincing enough people they suck. Rupert is at risk of losing everything with Fox News right now. He tied up all his investments. Reduce his ratings and especially his kids ratings and subdue the beast.

*when his kids take over.. reducing Fox's ratings then since they might be more likely to tone down militaristic rhetoric to save their ownings in Fox stock

The revolution did happen, his name is Donald Trump. His campaign was based on a very leftist policy: protectionism. If he fails to deliver on it, the left can easily rebuild around it and destroy the capitalist class once and for all.

However this requires: (a) Trump being an idiot and (b) Democrats not being idiotic.

Revolutionaries cannot come to power in the developed world, especially America. the only way America has a leftist future is democratically, Sanders would have been a turning point but you decided to go the other way. Good job retards


Correct but only because the proles in the developed world are still essentially global bourg at worst and labor aristocracy at best.
Oh fuck off liberal.

Wrong. Paris 1968. It just takes a big enough general strike. But I realize that the US, as it currently exists, would be near impossible to have successful revolution. Breaking it up into smaller, sovereign states would be the way to go, creating a domino effect across the North American continent.

It's not my fault. I didn't vote for him.

already been tried

Revolution in America is a perfect oxymoron

revolution in AMERICA IS a PERFECT oxyMORON

Balkanization is the only way, California and Alaska along with Texas would be the first to leave. After that many would follow, polls show that less than 50% of each states population think they should be independent from America. There are something like 230 million registered voters and on average only 50%-60% percent of the population votes.

you realize that doesn't do shit against them right?
incognito mode just stops your own PC from logging your activity, but it does little to stop any computer that's communicating with yours from logging it.
I know it's a meme but I just don't want anyone here misinformed.

balkanization via support for secession movements and a subverted communist confederacy would suffice to destroy the empire. Seriously, we could rally the entire south behind a neo-confederate movement.

Reminder that unilateral secession is illegal and will trigger civil war over federal property in secessionist states.

Start by defining its purpose. If you want to abort the lawless 2-party, 1-syndicate, crotch-groping security state, then what you want is a counter-revolution to reconstitute a republic.

That alone, simply abiding the Old Deal –the only legitimate "deal" we , The People, ever granted to any authority –would eliminate virtually the entire toxic rainbow of societal plagues degenerating our society. Since they are all funded by lawless taxing and spending, well outside the scope of Consitition's Taxing and Spending clause.