Why no Syndicalism flag? You have a Nazi flag, a Satan flag and a bunch of other retarded...

Why no Syndicalism flag? You have a Nazi flag, a Satan flag and a bunch of other retarded, irrelevant meme shit but nothing for Syndicalism, Anarcho-Syndicalism and Sorel?

What's needed is a Deleonist flag, but also a Hezbollah flag and Deng Xiaoping flag for anti-imperialism and memes

This is the syndicalist flag, Google it

we aren't in the habit of making flags for anti-leftist tendecies like Nazbol, apoism, or whatever anarkiddy nonsense you're trying to dress up as sophisticated this time. fuck off.

the red and black, or the angry cat will suffice.

So is this one, more for anarchy-syndicalists but still.

Board owner is too lazy or he doesn't care at all.

Sad state of Holla Forums

Yeah but BO named it Anarcho- Communism so I doubt anybody would use it. There should a a flag like that but with the colors reversed as well


Weve already got that

There was one Sorelean user who posted with the ancomm flag but I assume most people who use the flag are anarchists of some variety.
Like dis?

Fucking ☭TANKIE☭s.

like this

Because this is a leftist board, not a "I want to be a fascist without the racism" board.

Can we get an anime communist party flag?

Can we get a USSR flag?

Can we get a Cuba flag?

Can we get an Antifa flag?

Can we get a Imperial Germany flag?


Dugin isn't the left fuck off

Read Kroprotkin

Sorel is literally one of the hardest left thinkers around. Actually read him before opening your mouth.

Read Deleon you fuck

Dugin isn't nazbol anymore.

What is he now? 4th position?

You have awoken the LHP gods

board owner is lazy and won't add new flags

flags we need:

and flags we need for visitors and shitposters:

Sorel was more left-wing and less anti-semitic than Stalin.


Good idea.

A Trad with Eurasian characteristics

we really do need this tbh

wait, where did my favorite shitposting flag go?

We need a Posadist flag too

I want a Normie flag