CIA Director Reveals He Was Once a Communist Sympathizer

What happened? What could possibly turn a man from an idealistic youth to a cynical executioner, a functionary of corporate fascism?

Before even reading this, I'm going to assume he had leftist sympathies and said, without joining an organization
Thinking he could reform the system from within.


accelerationism gang

every right wing hick in america says "i used to be a communist/socialist when i was in college"

it equates to them playing some red alert and thinking the communist side was cool. They haven't read theory, and they always spout that "i was just like you, till i realized it doesn't work" not even remotely understanding what it means for workers to own the means of production

or it means they had the thought at one point that "billionaires are bad"

it doesn't mean anything, head of the cia was never a communist and never had "communist sympathies". because the second you actually understand and read theory theres no going back to un-learning the immortal science and truth of scientific socialism

Don’t forget about the immortal technique.


Good posts. Marxism is like straightedge: if you're not now, you never were.

Are we deepstate now?



I always have to remind myself that there are people like Michael Collins Piper and Henry Makow who really believe this

Guys going to prison.


Just typical American political discourse. You get people on both sides of the aisle saying they used to be an idealistic socialist/commie in their youth but eventually grew up after some epiphany about the virtues of liberal democracy. It's a cheap way to infantalize the left.

reformism in action!

Goddamn, CIA are literal communists, what have we here?

The masketa man and CIA were the same all along.

Something something KGB = CIA maymay