So I'm sure you've heard about the new GROUNDBREAKING Internet Bloodsports that has trended top 5 every single episode for the last month and draws well over a million viewers in within a week altogether. It is incredibly successful.

Now, I know we are ideological enemies, but let's put that aside and have a conversation. Over at Holla Forums we have started our own post-show Bloodsports stream which is still kinda rough. We need some good opposition. I know you autist have at least a grasp on your dumb ideology so step up and lets discuss these ideas.

The only person I know from here with a face is pic related due to the Lauren Southern stuff. We think Lauren is a slut Jewess as well. I can't seem to find kali on Twitter anymore which is why I've come here.

So tweet me @upload_trash if you're interested. I'll stick around to watch the thread.

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and by pic related i mean this pic. is she dead?


is this the level of discourse here? if so i am definitely wasting my time lmao

Literally who? Only thing I know called Bloodsport is the martial arts movie.


and all so Jim can condense it into a short video

basically its the new platform for the alt-right. we have a shortage of leftists that will take us on because 1) they know we'll win 2) they're scared of the big evil nazis

i don't know you guys and i probably find your views abhorrent but i would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you guys probably at least know what you're talking about? so come on our show, its tiny only a few people from Holla Forums will probably watch but who knows. maybe you could end up on warski if you're good enough at holding your side.

this is different. this is based out of a small group of people on Holla Forums. maybe one or two of the big guys might watch but you don't have to worry about being harrassed. i mean you should look at the autists representing Holla Forums

Are you goys unironically calling yourselves alt-right now?

so do we faggot


On the one hand, I really don't want retards ruining our public image further, on the other, I really wanna see what new levels of autism Muke can reach. You should contact pic related, whoring on social media while losing arguments is right up his alley.

he already disowned Holla Forums so let him embarrass himself

That's the thing, there is no "holding your side". it's just about who scores a certain kind of crude internet rhetorical points best, and you can't do that if you hold a position. If you go into this actually believing something beyond the most pure and therefore unquestioned ideology, you'll eventually lose out. There is no profit in it, except maybe a few eyeballs for people who aim to start their own personal project.

You can try to see if Muke will come on though.


This was last nights stream, it was pretty fun. Hit me up on twitter @hcjoachim or email me joachimhochhc at gmail and I can get any of you in who wants to debate me or one of our guys. I wont be disrespectful here and talk shit on you or your ideology, I disagree fundametally with y'all and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. I think it would be fun to be able to actually debate our ideologies in a live forum to entertain the blood gods. If anyone is interested or has someone who might be please get in touch.

No one wants to be part of your circle jerk. Fuck off.

get at me on twitter, lets make it happen

we've already wrecked him. both andrew anglin and richard spencer. so much so that he literally ran from enoch during a debate. it fucked him so hard it changed his entire ideology (not more towards the right wing a more defined liberal stance i guess). which is why we think this is a good idea. people learn from each others ideas even if they don't agree on everything.

again this is different. this is a small stream thats just starting out. i can't think of a better rivalry duking it out than Holla Forums and Holla Forums

They're talking about the other person in the picture (muke) not sargon. He's a Marxist youtuber who used to come here before he got bullied away.


Well in my opinion that is what makes it fun. I have staked out my ideology which I'm sure you're somewhat familiar with. Its not fun if someone is just a disingenuous sophist. This is a legitimate attempt at fair and open dialogue and debate. Make of it what y'all will, but I'm coming here in good faith.

If you think you'd win then you've got no excuse to not do it. I think I can run circles around your best, and I hope I'm wrong. Give us your best shot Holla Forums, I'm hungry for it.

whats his handle?

get at one of us m8. if you think you can take us by all means.

We were talking about this fag. The fact you referenced Sargon as being on our side is probably the actual most insulting thing I've seen thrown at Holla Forums.

Here's Muke's/Xexizy's youtube

"Debate me, I will wreck you" is not an ideology. But maybe I'm being unfair, would you mind spelling it out in some more detail?

When the fuck is she coming back?

I can't understand what you're saying OP

lol he's pretty left leaning to us

soon actually. we took down kraut (though hes back again). she ended up being the catalyst for what started all of this.

good. we don't need any brainlets.

What's your ideology anyway, OP? Chances are there isn't anything to learn from each other.

you know what it is. but thats not the point. the point is expressing these ideas in front of an audience. of course we're not going to change each others minds but you guys may end up recruiting some people and we may end up recruiting some people. its win/win for both of us.

also tweeted muke. after looking at this dudes page i highly doubt he will want anything to do with it

Left=Does not support capitalism
Right=Supports capitalism

Sargon is a right winger. Hell even Bernie Sanders is closer to the right wing than an actual socialist.

Full fash my dude, watch the ones that are up if you want more detail.

I'm convinced she's just a grifter and just realized that the grift wasn't paying off.

OP is a fag and trying to bolster his e-celeb Hatreon gibs from fifteen year olds.

fuck off


Is this a joke?

Who is this again?

10/10 pic

OP you're not going to find anybody in here, most people around here are pretty obviously new into marxism / anarchism and the ones who get educated get the fuck out.

i have nothing to do with the stream, i am just trying to help book shows. zero money is being made as far as i'm aware.

lol oops forgot how sensitive you guys are,

This is Joachim from the channel, I'm full fash. Watch the video I posted above if you want more of an idea. I'm the heel to your face, just as for our guys we need someone to be the heel to me as the face, if you get wrestling metaphors.

what, because he doesn't think all niggers should be hanged from trees? explain

That can't be since her sub count was rising fast. I assume her getting called out by the skeptics made her feel bad and shut everything down. Remember she's 19 years old.

You know you'd learn a lot more if you spent the time you spend screeching on the internet, reading an introduction to political philosophy

Do you have to show your face for this or can you just speak?

This is actually a pretty bad pitch since any increase in fascists is a loss. Politics is life or death and especially in this case when your side advocates genocide. We do not have to appeal to the extreme right to spread class conciousness.

this. I'd like to avoid revealing my identity from CIA niggers. also I'd like to be able to smoke cigarettes while we're streaming.

Thats silly, I've read plenty, and have the degrees to back it up. Debating sharpens your arguments, it puts your ability to defend them to the test. When you have to defend your thesis, they don't let you do it in writing. You've gotta be able to defend your beliefs extemporaneously and convincingly otherwise its just intellectual masturbation.

Seriously no one here thinks they could convincingly defend their beliefs against a real fascist?

You don't have to no, we use google hangouts just dont enable your cam. I hide my identity too, and like to vape while I do these so I totally understand where you're coming from.

Fascists exist in bad faith so no. Not a real fascist. Maybe a right leaning liberal.

pics or it never happened you pretentious faggot

You know when you run from debates it just shows the people you're trying to convince that you don't have any worthwhile arguments.

being this cloying isn't helping your point faggot

I can, but I'm not a leftist and I don't have a problem with capitalism. Which hours and what time zone?


Also what is this debate about exactly?Capitalist vs. Socialism
Fascism vs. Communism
Nationalism vs. Internationalism
or something else

no that incident made her even more popular. streisand effect. plus like i said, she played a big roll in creating this genre. i wouldn't be surprised if she became a co host on warski live.

nah and you can use voice filters if you want. just pls no shitty communist mics. DM this guy @hcjoachim

you guys pussying out will make your ideology look weak. just like antifa standing around blowing dog whistles and not being able to answer basic questions. people see right through that shit. come tell us whats so cool about communism

Yeah let me doxx myself directly to antifa lol are you serious? You doubt my chops, hop in the ring I'll demonstrate them to you.

So what you're saying is you're afraid of arguing with a full fascist? Yeah, I can see why you'd prefer a softer target.

That's the point, trying to convince fascists is a waste of time. Debates usually just entrench both sides regardless of however much one side can be said to have won. Especially these internet Google hangout spats that don't even have the benefit of an actual neutral moderator or any sort of format or evidence submission protocol, etc. Its just bitching into the void.


its just two people from fringe ideologies talking. it might get heated but there's of important things that can be learned from these debates.

Pol pot? Lol, come into the ring and I'll be happy to demonstrate.

I'm guessing you might disagree with America as a white ethnostate so I'm sure we could find grounds for disagreement. There is a stream tonight at 7 CST, I posted my email and twitter earlier in the thread, hit me up and I can get any of yall in.

It's ok, brandon. I know you're afraid of antifa soyboys. Most conservacucks are.

your shitty memes don't work on us and we're not conservatives. we're the altright and this is your last chance to stop us from taking over the internet. so you wanna step up?

Let's see your ITT tech degree, spergie.

I've argued with fascists and my experience has been that we operate on totally different foundations. The fascist usually considering the contradictions of capitalism able to be solved through some form of genocide, imperialism, and surrender to aesthetic. And that these are good and worthwhile trade offs. Basically impossible to convince anyone out of such conclusions given what they've been able to ignore to reach them.

Screeching and spewing out autistic memes in your Holla Forums torture chamber is not "taking over the internet", lil miss aut-white

Too late for my timezone unfortunately. I'll catch you on twitter when I can afford staying all night.

lol, the fucking rhetoric you guys adopt because of a handful of YouTube channels.
If anything the altright has only fragmented further since the disaster that was Charlottesville.

Keep telling yourself that

Whatever you'd like, we can cover it all or one specific field of disagreement.

Extemporaneously means you compose what you say on your feet. I won't mock your intelligence, but I'd suggest you look up the definitions of words you're using before you mock others.

Well there are hundreds of thousands of views on the bigger ones, we've got almost a thousand on one of ours. If you don't think its worth it, thats cool, but there is a field of battle, you'll lose if you don't show up.

I know what it feels like to kill a man. Talk shit, get hit. I'm begging for antifa to come intellectually fight. Y'all don't scare me.

I'd see that as a debate worth having, to be frank. You're strawmanning my position. Come discuss it if you'd like, I'd love the opportunity.

Hell will be frozen if that happens.

Next he's gonna say his playgroup from Holla Forums didnt elect a zionist with the frog memes their mommies put on their fridge.


Understandable. My schedule is pretty open until Tuesday so please let me know a time that works for you and I can work with the host to set something up.

see, just reading your post I can see there's a lot you have been misinformed about on ethnonationalism. it is less violent to have an ethnostate than to continue down the path we are now.

okay so if the movement isn't growing, tell me why they have to go so far out of our way to censor us? just imagine if we had full access to the same audience as everyone else. we would be massively popular and you know it.

How is Heather Heyer by the way?

Ah, another graduate of clown college.

props for manning up


i'm assuming shes still a fat slob, just in a box under the ground covered in bugs

top kek

Yeah its a debate not a speech dude, you compose what you say as you say it. If you're the bright light in this community then I am very disappointed.


Better than you I guarantee it.

I would no shit actually like to hear that explained. Preferably something in essay format rather than a 2 hour recording of a debate or whatever.

Well a nazi hit her with a car and now she's dead.

They don't. It’s done to everyone that doesn’t parrot neoliberalist ideas. You guys just are politically naive to that fact while left has known it for years.

nah, cville was great.

Y'all are way more spergy than us, its just your autism is so crippling you can't speak in public because you'll piss your panties in fear.

This shit is weak as fuck

Starting to seem like you're not worth our time lad

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Jokes aside that shit is boring compared to the Kraut and Tea drama.

I don't get what you're trying to say here

Holla Forums doesn't actually even hang out on Holla Forums. They're all hidden away on discord servers hidden in the walls like termites.

Who's censoring you? Google? It's because companies don't think they can sell shit if it's associated with nazis. But that's not the left's doing.

it's very simple. spencer explained it last night on warski live. anglin explained it to sargon. we got to this point by policy, we can reverse it through policy. we have to play the long game. but it doesn't mean we can't still organize as a collective in the interest of our race in the mean time.

True, the streams themselves are one thing, but it's fun to fuck with Sargoon and his pet sycophant Vee. They're excellent lolcows.

Massive optics failure on every count. I mean I get that you guys personally thrive on this edgy internet bullshit but that's exactly how you fracture a movement.

what is this 2016?

Yeah, we all know that.
The point was that it’s not going to be “peaceful”

Right. So, you have a link to a piece of literature then? In particular something explaining the ethical justification for forced relocation as well as how such a thing wouldn't necessarily become genocide like what happened to the Armenians.


we have practically zero connection with antifa. you might want to try 0ch.io instead

do you or do you not share views or have empathy towards the third reich?


nope. people still sympathized with our side. trump condemned it but still defended it and called out antifa who were the reason that event turned out the way it did.

yes google, twitter, youtube, facebook has actively been shutting down right wing views for the last year and there is plenty of evidence to prove that. nobody is unironically a nazi and if they are we don't want them in our movement because they would be fucking weird.

I don't get this slippery attitude with the labels. You guys are fascists that believe in a white ethnostate. You're Nazis.
Shit dude if you call me a commie or even a Bolshevik I'm not going to be upset.

of course. you can find something to sympathize with in any ideology or movement. doesn't mean i agree with everything or would want to live under Not Socialist rule.

i mean i don't care. it's just not accurate. we played it up the last few years to kill the effect it had. now when people say it, it doesn't really register the same way. people now just think you're referring to right wingers so 14 but the 88 stays at home now

Who's sympathizing with the out and proud klansmen and kekistan weirdos photographed at the event? Granted, liberals don't like antifa. But if the best you have is the half hearted whattaboutism from one of our least popular presidents then that doesn't bode well.

And again, Google, facebook, etc. None of those are leftist organizations and their motivations for censoring the far right are probably profit motivated.


heartening to be sure

Is that why an angry mob almost kicked Jason Kessler's ass?


and trump is way more popular than the media is telling you. you live in a hivemind of people saying negative shit about him, but the average american is gravitating towards him every day, obviously because of shit like antifa people aren't screaming this at the top of the lungs and with how biased the media is, who knows how they conduct their polls?

Autistic people have no social skills so no shit theyre not aware of how many people hate them.

fuck him. he didn't do his job. the police were not there to help us. they were told to stand down, just like countless times before

can't stand up for yourself, cuck


I see this ad literally every day on WSWS. I sure fuckin wish Google was leftist.
(not) sorry they don't defend unequal treatment of the sexes like /yourfag/ who got fired.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Fucking wew
Yes, I can't wait till communism with google characteristics.
Fucking retard.


You guys really are politically naive

okay look. i would love to address every single thing you guys are talking about but i would rather do this in a live forum

I think I would rather pull my own teeth out than watch alt right e-celebs try to debate.

this is a live forum, it's just not your forum

Why would I want to talk to you an actual retard on a live forum so he can babble at me about some bullshit he heard about on the donald?


so you can berate for the entertainment of the audience since you're so confident in winning. that is the appeal to these streams, but lol reading this place i highly doubt ANY of you could take us.

Also, I've seen the way you guys "debate".
You dog pile on the only dissenting voice there.
And it ends up a shitshow.
Nah, fuck that shit.

No truer words have ever been spoken

Eventually technology will advance to the point where none of this matters anymore and will be rendered completely unimportant. With the advent of gene editing, designer babies, artificial wombs and more, none of the above-mentioned spooks will last. All will fall in the wake of the march of science. Debate over.

keep trying faggot

except the people who actually create and run that technology will die out and america will become haiti 2.0

I don't care about "entertainment".
The world is full of debates for "entertainment", and it's all about who is the most well spoken performing monkey. You can win a debate, and still be wrong. That goes for both sides, as well.

and only the wealthy will have access to any of them

then fuck off.

i'm probably not going to respond much to this thread anymore but just in case anyone is interested, i'll keep it open

Follow your leader.


so what
even if you are right, which you are not, both the brutish mongrel hordes and aryan cybermen of your fever dreams and nightmares are as alien to us, we have no reason to give a damn as to who will follow us


you can't even pretend for one second that this isn't about one side berating the other into submission. you're literally asking us to jump into a tirefire except the fire is just r/t_d-flavored autistic namecalling

Let's get Naziposter to debate them!

nah dude he just wants one leftist to rationally debate with thousands of 12 year olds screaming "cuck" or i guess the new fotm; "soyboy". truly the pinnacle of logical discourse

I feel sorry for your parents.

That would be mean to Nazi poster.

If Naziposter were retarded enough to participate in a 'debate' they wouldn't be intelligent enough to represent 'us'.


Do words really bother you that bad

Is there a structure?

By which, I mean is there a neutral moderator, topic of discussion, specific rules, structure for speaking and cross examination, etc?

If the answer to all of the above is "no", then it isn't a debate and you can fuck off and have your internet shouting match elsewhere.

don't fall for it.
Watch one of there debates. They screech at eachother. it's awful.

So you're literally just here to shill, then?
I'm sorry, but you have to go back.


more like Mexico 2.0.,where criminals run free(guns are difficult to obtain legally and police are neutered/corrupt) and suppression of wages while the bourgeois live comfortably

who are you quoting?

We don't take you seriously enough to want to participate in whatever rhetorical circlejerk you people consider a debate. Go look for your verbal tugjob elsewhere, jackass.

and it goes on for hours

admire their autistic endurance if nothing else


Jason actually handles himself in debates alright. Like that one time with the socialism Reddit mods.
Shame he's a fucking loon.

This is mukes handle.

He's not really "our guy", but it's fun to watch sperg sometimes.


Also, try Jason Unruhue


He's also weird af, and more of joke here, but it might be funny.

lol I forgot about that.

Also, Jack Angstreich doesn't debate often, but he does pretty well when he does. I don't think he'll want to be on your show though, tbh. He tries to argue in good faith.


Yeah my boy Jack would need an actual debate topic.

I still don't know who you're quoting though.

Setting up your little aut-right torture chamberes where you get to screech about Zionism or whatever isn't taking over the internet, you cumguzzling shit

is there a difference?

Hm, good point. Guess I mean a CNN style liberal.

Watch the latest stream for yourself. Its relaxed and chill. Its usually 2 v 2 plus 2 moderators. No its not the hall of debate, part of the fun is when it gets heated but it never gets to the point where its like redpilledblack vs blaire white. You'll only get as much as you dig in. Ad homs, personal attacks or any other kind of Jewery is what gets you dogpiled and for good reason. If you're cool, doesn't matter. BronxBlogger(?) was on Warski Live few weeks ago against Mike Enoch


Didn't hear back from muke. I'll try the other one.

This format is designed to punish people who argue in bad faith because we are all well versed in logical fallacies and catch shit quick. Strawman, personal insults, thats when you get rekt. But if you come in and set aside emotions and have a grown up conversation, its just like hanging out. I also want to say I didn't come here in bad faith, I was just looking for anyone on the left to come debate us because we're running out and we have to keep bringing punching bags in.

No because all fascists do is appeal to emotion and lie. You cannot use verified facts in live debate because there is no time to check. You can make shit up and by the time someone bothers to check nobody cares anymore, you will already have lost. Thats why live debate is so shit, its always just soundbites, appeals to emotion and "muh common sense (that is in fact just shared cultural teachings that arent neccecarily true)".

Trust me, I've tried. But after 10 minutes of litterally "heil hitler lol" and "fucking marrocans" and "soyboys lol" I gave up.

So basically the usual alt-right sophistry where you screech about fallacies to deflect from your own shoddy arguments and questionable sources? Nah, fuck off cunt


So can anyone explain what "i bet you know" OP is referring to? I have no clue honestly, I have better things to do than keep up with youtube reactionaries or twitter.

He means "we've read the wiki page a few times"

I doubt you've debated anyone left of liberal, and even those, like Destiny, managed to give you problems after dog piling him.

Alright Holla Forums it was fun hanging out but I gotta go. DM me if you want to participate or even if you're interested in doing it in the future.


Is this who you think is "left"?


communism is when target has tranny bathrooms and trump pays 0.00001% more taxes

why do it myself when we could just send over Sargon or Larry Page

Someone please inform me.
What the fuck is this thread?

Andy Warski inviting us to a jerk off session, and us turning him down.

Some Holla Forumstard wants to get some /lefty/ lad to debate him and his friends on Youtube

Forgot to sage sorry lads

Dude, they have flaming hot ruffles now?

Yeah they're pretty tasty to be honest, I've been eating massive amounts of junk food lately and have tried everything 7-11 has to offer. Long story short they're the best of the bunch

Wow this seems pretty retarded.

some retard shilling his jewtube channel

They won their cute cultural war just a year ago, and they already have reached the bottom
Anyway, not your personal army kiddo, i'm not going to invade a randome twitter guy because he butthurted you

Partly, the liberals who screech about freedom of speech are much more favorable to you than to us.
Also, read this: wsws.org/en/articles/2017/07/27/goog-j27.html
You'd be suprised.

Then there we have it. Take your shouting match somewhere else.


But next time she will be NazBol, right?

Live debates have their merits in situations where you are just comparing small tangible topics like campaign promisses in elections. But for complex things such as political ideologies it is horrible since there is no time to agree on terms or check facts, it is worse particularly for socialism, since no one knows shit about it beyond propaganda. Every single widespread debate with an actual leftist never goes beyond the leftist trying to explain basic concepts while being faced with constant denial and people disagreeing over definitions. Chomsky is the only one i can think of that can hold his ground because he knows every single event that happened in the last century by memory with remarkable precision.
I think we should have more discussions on how leftists should aproach debates since they can be good to gather attention. Maybe we should participate on debates while ignoring the debate, explicitly telling we don't give a fuck about the topics and the people debating and that we are just there to spread information.

lel this place is a torture chamber, nobody is interested in sharpening their ideology. They wouldn't be here if that was their M.O.


We are, but that isn't to be found in an aut-right screaming match.

quit ban-evading faggot. i know it's you

I tried to DM you on twitter but your account settings only accept DMs from followers.

Holy shit, why so wordy?

This just reeks of "nerd who got shoved into locker room wants to be an internet tough guy"

I would be willing to debate. I need to buy a microphone and camera first though.

I couldn't send a DM to the OP via twitter, so I sent it to this guy instead:

When do you plan this to happen?


You need to have it assured that there will be a moderator, lest they will drown you.

If they drown me out, they'll make themselves look like petulant children with no real arguments.


t. Holla Forumsyp

They tend not to practice that self-reflexion.
If you proceed with this, after the first few moments of uncivility, speak over them and threaten to leave unless they behave themselves in earnest.

This is the type of shit you're going to be dealing with.



For pretending to represent the common man, you fags are pretty snooty.

post degree
put up or shut up

You want internet rhetoric points huh?


When do they stop talking about having sex with children?

you would gather clicks by entertaining Holla Forums and Holla Forums would yell "hurrdurrr communist BTFO" even when i drilled you a second asshole infront of these orcs. waste of time.


you guys are retarded

debate isnt a tag match
out right lie

except when its andy's side that does it right?

dont come back