Russia Is Doomed

Can any Russian anons confirm what how shit tier the Communist Party of Russia is? Seems like the leader of the party is paid off to shill for Putin or at least not confront him. Figure it tp be common sense, but anyway saw this video and thought I'd post it.

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Seriously though, which european communist party isn't fucked beyond all belief?

Can confirm, it's pretty shit


Russia should be ahead of the curb though, Putin is fucking shit up. The stats on voters for the Communist party could be skewed as well

how unfortunate


I was wondering who's autism was going to kick in over that


Grudinin was being praised a few threads ago, now he's controlled opposition. Navalny, I understand, is just a typical Western-style politician wanting to liberalize the market while also bringing some social benefits. and potentially just 5D chess controlled opposition

Is there anything left to hope for, or will Russia just continue to grow reactionary until some president officially proposes to bring back the monarchy? Will I ever have a reason to come back?

The CPRF is pro-Putin shills with a conservative, nationalist succdem platform. Their communism ends at pandering to Soviet nostalgia.

What is sad is that the CPRF has legitimate leftists in its ranks but they are impotent to do anything. At the same time CPRF is pretty much the only org they can go to at this point, since leftism was completely destroyed in Russia during the 2012 protests.

There is growing popular discontent and economic turmoil, but at the same time there are no forces that can grab for power if things go south. Even the right-liberals like Navalny and Sobchak are extremely disorganized right now. My most optimistic prediction is a palace coup against Putin by the elites, resulting in increased authoritarianism and significant worsening of material conditions that will lead to radicalization of the masses. But who will be in the lead I can't tell.

t. сука блядь

Well are there any right wing groups that look popular? According to voting its Putin than the Communists but I find votes can be fucked with. How do Russia folk feel about Putin skimming directly from the GDP, is that true?


Navalny has support but he wasn't allowed to run and his ground praxis is rather weak lately. His latest protests were downright sad-looking. Currently he is strongly agitating for a public boycott of the elections, counting on low turnout sabotaging Putin's legitimacy and forcing him to cheat. We'll see what comes out of that.

Everyone knows how monstrous the corruption in is. People just swallow the propaganda and either blindly deny it, or just accept it as long as Putin keeps the country stable.

What does this mean?

Aids epidemic, closing of schools and hospitals is not stability. Still I really hate how Russians and other eastern Europeans say something like

The most important thing that there would be no war

Most important thing is that it would not become worse

Do you want like in Ukraine


I assume he meant the corruption.

Ну и что теперь, на майдане скакать?

Russia is no more or less doomed than any capitalist state.

So do you root for the two Donbass People's Republics? Are they in any way really socialist or does Putin have a firm hand on them?

none. Europe is going to collapse into the global cracks of capitalism that runs from Russia to the United States

The Donbass republics are not socialist in any conceivable way beyond superficial Soviet aesthetics. They are simple warlordships redistributing wealth from Ukrainian capitalists to Russian ones. I do not have much love for them.

This doesn't mean I sympathize with the Ukrainian government either, they have a major unironic nazi problem and are overall standard post-Soviet porkies not too different from Putin.

We have a popular saying from a song - "Nothing can be helped here. Lord, burn it all down." This reflects my opinion on the Ukraine conflict fairly well.


I meant literally skimming off the top of the GDP from Russia. Sorry I read in the Wall Street Journal said that Putin steals about a billion dollars from the country annually. And then their was another saying he's the richest man in the world most likely.

So what is the climate like in Russia? The only look at it is from a Holla Forumstard point of view. From Russkie Holla Forumstards actually admit that they liked the soviet union days.

What is going to happen in after Putin wins? You think he'll alter the constitution again, or will he step down in 2024? And if so who will take his place? Putin honestly seems like a statesman it's just he's a right wing deviation and somewhat authoritarian. But I feel like he's doing what he's doing to protect Russia from becoming another vassal for U.S imperialism. What do you think?


Oh of course just fuck people for not wanting war to happen

Well one Russian guy i talked to told me that a Literal Ex-Bank CEO who was a Multi fucking BILLIONaire was the Local Candidate for the communist party in his Electorate during the General elections

Do you really believe that? I mean if Putin could hide that much wealth don't you think that some of our nice friendly Western oligarchs use the same tricks and are just as rich, if not richer?

There's a difference between being the oligarch and being the one controlling the oligarchs.


This was from 2014. They purged all the communist parties in Donbass since then.

So…who controls the oligarchs in the USA?





But did they re-privatize the mines, or dismantle collective farms? If they didn't, Donbass is still more left than Ukraine on economics.

its better than nothing.

we don't even have communist parties to call reactionary in america, the cia killed all of ours with a bunch of different shitty tactics

why do you think we are the most classcucked country on the planet

let me introduce you to the shittiest communist party in Europe that will make you think the CPRF is literally the Paris commune: The Hungarian workers' party. Filled with a bunch of old fucks who know nothing about socialism, never even bothered to Marx or Lenin, and basically just a shitty nostalgia club for people with Alzheimer's. Their party doesn't have a program, and basically rely on the same ~2000 old fucks for all their votes. And they're the biggest leftist party in Hungary. For fuck's sake we didn't even have the CIA to kill of everything leftist and look at us. Unions are nonextistant, the only thing that's not privatized is healthcare, education and railways and people call you a "stupid bolshevik" for being a socdem.

America and the west dont "Get" russia.
Russia is white so they see it as western. But Russia shares a border with many Asian and middle eastern countries. And histroiccly have had to deal with muslims and east Asians way more than the west.
And so their culture had drops of Asian culture. Collectivists instead of america hyper rebel without a cause individualists.
And like so many asian nations they are ruled over by a strong man dictator no matter what the politics is.
In russia the only way you win is by killing everyone and putting yourself in power

Grudinin is not controlled opposition, he is being shit on at state TV for half a week now. He isn't even a KPRF candidate, he's coming from the Left Front.
It was an effort to unite leftist organizations and failed miserably because Grudinin is a porkie and was supported by far-right wing too. Now most of left organizations want to boycott elections.
Left is Russia is strong, but very divided: other leftist organizations hate KPRF because they are the biggest left organization, but are not doing anything with it.

Big if true. Source?

Higher up oligarchs, Clintons maybe. Obviously somebody, I figure that to be common sense bud

I don't know about their party but Russia is pretty different from Europe.

I always wonder just how naive Americans and Holla Forums is.
Same ukranian oligarchs who own the mines of the Donbass are waging war against it. Novorossiya is used by both sides (Ukrainian and Russian) to rally nationalistic frenzy and make population unite against a common "foe".
Reallity is much more cynical.

so what you're saying is Dugin is right?

I am Russian and i watch it occasionally. Dunno if there are any articles in English about this so please use google translate.


Hey Russian bud can you answer These questions?

Yes. Russia has the same type of corruption as Asian countries because of save face shame culture.

"Its okay to do bad things as long as you dont get caught"

While america has fuck you got mine hyper individualism and guilt culture

"i feel very bad if i offended you"

Begs the question. Why would state TV shit on him if he was just another Putin puppet?

It's true, however as this video

Points out neither KPRF nor Grudinin himself are doing anything about it.

Nostalgia for best things about Soviet Union is strong

You have to know Russian language and watch Russian channels. There is no other way to prove it.

The begging this video shows to famous instances.

Because he's a useful idiot, nobody cares what's said about them when their living the comfy life

Putin and his friends stole billions of dollars from Russian people. Billions more are going to be stolen from the people. I am a communist and despise him, he however has curtailed oligarchs created by Yeltsin.
Oligarchs created by Yeltsin privatized every single factory and then sold most of it for scrap to the US.
Russians generally support Putin because he put an end to 90ies and that crushing poverty induced by liberals. From 1991 to 1999 population of Russia decreased by 4.2 mil people because of literal starvation and poverty, prices were rising for 10 times monthly while wages were not paid at all. Webm-related.
What startles me the most is that younger generation is incredibly liberal and anti-russian, they are willing to plunge the country into another decade of chaos. I hate Putin, and yet i will pick him every time out of any pro-western liberal politician.

watch yourself user, critisizing putin can get you banned

But what's going to happen after the election, is their going to be some big shake ups? Maybe start a mini war to stay in power? I figure that would be too obvious but you never know, who's going to take his place in 2024? What's the atmosphere like around that? Are there secret meet ups for the betterment of leftism or can you not say that?


I met a young Ukrainian girl when I was backpacking across India. She was really pretty and sweet, but had some of the worst politics I've ever seen. Even though she hated Russia and considered herself a "Ukrainian nationalist", she couldn't stop shitting on her own people (lazy, inherently corrupt, etc) while praising Germany and other "civilized" Western countries (their roads are so good, everything is so orderly, unlike in our country). This combination of "nationalism" with national self-hatred is a unique development in the post-Soviet ideological space.

the basic point of view i get from anti putin Russians is that Russian peoples say "yes putin is corrupt but he keeps things stable" Apparently the 90's in Russia wasnt grunge music and tamagotchi pets.

It really isn't, nationalism doesn't mean that one thinks his country is the best (that's the liberal strawman).

becuse muh anti-imperialism

Nothing significant is going to happen unless quality of life declines drastically. After 2024 it can get really chaotic but it depends on who Putin would appoint as his successor.

"Liberal" here is pro-western, anti-Russian anti-Putin, they don't really understand anything in politics or history beyond what they hear on social media from Navalny and some opposition news pages.


russia only has the facade of democracy. Putin will stay in power till he dies or decides to step down.
He is culturally opposed to the west. But he is pretty much the equivalent of a neocon, just a russian version.
Merkle has been in power for ages but no one calls her a dictator.
Makes you think.

Post putin russia is going to be very interesting. Who knows what would happen.

not true

communists in Russia have been shit tier since Kronstadt tbh

Something i forgot to add.
I don't know whether you read Dostoevsky in the West. But that phenomena isn't something unique for 21st century.
They really resemble Smerdyakov from Brothers Karamazov: "It would be really good if smart nation conquers the stupid nation".

never in western media does this contradiction come up.
Its because she is a lapdog to western neo liberalism and america.

You can say a lot of bad things about putin but the man knows how to get shit things done. And he has been a thorn in the wests side for a long time. He ran circles around obama, annexed the Ukraine, saved assad, made american liberals go bat shit insane thinking there were russian hackers under their beds.

He really has helped to lift russia out of the post soviet muck on russias own terms

Stalin is the best thing that happened to Russia in her modern history. And i hope we are not going to forget that.
Despite almost half the century of propaganda against him 46% of Russians admire him, including me.
American campus anarkiddies and their like have nothing in common with leftism.

Stalin wasn't admired by anyone for being a good communist he was admired for being a strong dictator
Churchill himself spoke of how he was relieved that Stalin had seized the throat of the Soviet Union and bent it to his will because Leninism inspired in him a genuine fear for the future

She is a lapdog to what she is the dictator of.. make up your mind.
Of which the creation of mythos around himself revolving around not much else than that he does might well be the most impressive.
With the will of the russian nation and his own being taken as one being a good competitor for his most impressive doing.

wtf i love ethnic cleansing now

Whaaa? I don't follow?

But who do you think is the successor?

Churchill said: "He had found Russia working with a wooden ploughs and leaving it equipped with atomic piles".
He was merely a servant of the dictatorship of the proletariat and when he was found dead only possessions he had was 2 robes and a pair of boots.

he was a drunken old man and a peasant through and through
guys not gonna care about collecting priceless art and hoarding wealth when he can drink, smoke, eat and fuck the finest in the land with impunity

So now genuine communist asceticism is a bad thing?
What is wrong with being a peasant?
Even anarkiddies aren't that retarded, come back to Holla Forums.

CP candidate said in an interview he wants to make Russia a good place for both, workers and businessmen

When Putin was appointed Yeltsin successor nobody knew the guy, I have no idea who that is going to be. Problem is that children of Russian oligarchs grew in the west and someday they are going to be in rule.

nothing I wasnt arguing anything apart from the fact that him not hoarding anything of value wasnt out of asceticism it was just out of bog standard ignorance/indifference to it
as i've just stated he wasn't an aesthetic he just didnt care
he was a troglodyte

they should let Kadyrov be the guy after putin.

would be laugh


how long have you been here? People got banned for saying that the Ayatollah is a piece of shit. And in past threads they got banned because they said Putin is a piece of shit. But the BO loves these reactionary faggots because they're somehow """anti-imperialist""".

The irony regarding putin is that his children life in the west. His friends children life in the west. All of his friends have flats, mansions and store stolen billions in the west. This is why some Russians consider putin to be a cia agent.

Stop regurgitating western imperialist propaganda there.


made by the CPRF GANG

Do you stand at least for anything, bro?

I find specific statements from Trotsky agreeable, does that make me a trot?
Do you have any argument against the point he makes?

I have already mentioned your logarithm here

and in other thread. You almost always change your position.

Anyway, what I find dissagreable with that quote is that Lenin has said that workers should not support their- basically what Lenin, workers should not support their countries in imperialistic wars, that almost always equally wrong. Lenin, by the way, has also said that British communists should join Labor party and radicalize it from within.

So everyone and everything that is against the U.S. is anti-imperialism?

No i will not because him. He isn't pro-western politician, he is western PUPPET. His children live in the west too, he is getting his money from the western banks and is going to plunge the country into another half-decade of misery while stealing billions too.
I do not support Putin neither, however supporting navalny is both childish and foolish.
How did i change my position?
Russia today is fighting against US imperialism and expansion of NATO.


I was referring to Navalny as western puppet.

No,you just changed your mind like always. Even without Navalny that comment is dumb.
You do admit that Putin has stolen billions and that his children live in the west, yet you claim that Russia is fighting against western imperialism.

P.S. I didin't even mention Navalny. You just like always project and change your mind.

Patton was such a low lQ right wing brainlet.

phil greaves dislikes them for their support of tudeh

Is this party any better?'_Party_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union

pedo pls go

Russia is an anti-imperialist nation, so supporting an anti Putin "communist" party would be fundamentally reactionary. Who does opposition to Putin ultimately benefit? The imperialists and their lackeys.



He's the modern Bismarck. The only power elite who understands what's going on geopolitically and isn't hyped up on his own propaganda like NATO et al. Woe betide us when he's gone, there's no guarantee the intricate balance of power will be in such capable hands.

Putin is bae

That is perhaps the greatest analogy I have heard about him; fits with the faux-leftism et all.

In what way is Putin faux-leftist? Russia is neoliberal and austerity as fuck. He even avoids talking about the USSR personally.


He uses Soviet nostalgia for propaganda purposes: look at the Sochi opening ceremony.

Questions to Russian leftists:

It should be Lukashenko tbh

It isn't that scary. The real question is what happens when another Bismarck wannabe, Benjamin Netanyahu, inevitably reties due to old age. By that point 20-30 years from now Israel will fully control everything between the Suez and Damascus as one state (this demands an "evacuation" of Palestinians who refuse Israeli citizenship to Jordan) and have a nuclear arsenal on par with the US. What then? Suddenly they're able to take Iran on their own, and those oilfields in Saudi Arabia would sure make a lot of money.

When Putin exists Russia will just go back to being 100% evil again, not a great situation but one which the US is equipped to handle. Dealing with a fully imperialist Israel would be a huge problem for even staunch zionists, especially if they suddenly have borders with Russia, India and China one day.

The idea that Dugin is some sort of eminence grise who influences Putin and government policy is something I've mostly only encountered on the English-speaking web. He's one of the more popular loyalist writers, but he isn't THAT influential. Most people who aren't nazbols or nationalists think he's an amusing freak.

Dead in the water, unfortunately. The 2012 protests and the subsequent repressions against the opposition took a lot of air out of its sails. Used to be one of the most promising orgs imo

Tsarism with Stalin characteristics is hegemonic in Russian leftism. That aside, yeah, although you can find a Trot if you dig enough.

They are. I couldn't really tell you why but they used to be extremely popular up until very recently. I can think of two reasons


Only for as long as the Putinist propaganda props it up. Most people aren't religious and only care because the TV tells them to

Eh, I guess I wouldn't say so, anti-Semitism is definitely less taboo and more tolerated in Russia than in the West but it isn't that common in my experience aside from the usual suspects

Generally homophobic. System """leftists""" like the CPRF are overtly homophobic while orgs like Left Front are on "we're for the people and the people don't care about gays" positions

Sorry if my response isn't super informative, I'm not that active in RL politics (or RL at all)


Thanks user!
It's fine, I appreciated your input.

What The Actual Fuck


What are you surprised about? You are ashamed of America being super-capitalist, we are ashamed of Russia being a shitty reactionary kleptocracy.

Ethno-masochism is fairly common among Russian liberals, and sometimes I feel like I can't blame them. Putin's Russia is shit.

the KKE is based af

Based KKE BTFO all the liberals

The KKE are basically left communists or crypto-Trots on many issues, everything they say should be taken with a grain of salt.,

Isn't this what Dugin wants as well?