Jimmy "Let's Have A March To Jeff Bezos' House" Dore rants about lifestylism and conscious consumerism

Jimmy "Let's Have A March To Jeff Bezos' House" Dore rants about lifestylism and conscious consumerism

Is he right?

Nailed it. I

Bezos house when, comrade Dore?

Jimmy dore is literally correct 100% of the time.

Jimmy "Every Bourge In A Morgue" Dore

Has anyone been to his live shows? Is it worth the price of the ticket?


People on this board know that Jimmy Dore is an useful idiot at best, and just an idiot at worst, right?

well-deserved quads

give me one political point of his that you disagree with.

His general succ-Dem liberalism, and lack of theoretical knowledge is more than enough.
Also constant Green Party dick sucking.


this is a really good common sense explanation of why ethical consumption is a shitty meme

I like Jimmy because he is like that non-intellectual but still really smart friend you have. He hasn't read theory but he still sees the evils of capitalism clear as day

Often times when Americans say "revolution", they actually mean radical reform, through voting in the right party. This isn't anything new.

I think it would be very fun if you had the ability

Jimmy would like to nationalize the electric grid, bring democratic control over police and businesses. He is a radical.

One thing I don't like about people who identify with a tank is the ever present cynisism

it's literally illegal to call for violence, and unlike the autright we dont have the protection of sympathetic cops or judges. any call for violence has to be couched heavily in irony or only hinted at in a way that can be construed as nothing more than a call for radical reforms. no sense in going to jail for a comedy show


I think to guys are misunderstanding my point. Im not saying i hate Jimmy, he is certainly useful for converting liberals further left, and he's certainly better than Kyle Kulinsky and the TYT crew. He just strikes me as a red liberal, lacking in theory. He's not utterly awful.

do you think the sailors who took the winter palace had all read Lenin and Marx?

"useful idiot" is not only bad tactically but also rude

Jimmy Dore is a potential comrade. He notices problems with capitalism, imperialism and bourgeois democracy but still needs to read more to have a better grasp on these things

This isn't the early 20th century, half of the people that stormed the winter palace could barely read at all.

Jimmy could read theory if he wanted to, he CHOOSES not to.



If this ended up being true, I'd eat my soiled underwear on stream and give everyone on leftypol the link. That's a promise.

no we don't. I'm an American. this country was founded on a revolution and we know exactly what it fucking means.
however, the same could not be said for our yellow-toothed tea-sipping cousins.

that's unironically one of the reasons I hate the god damn Brits so much, they dont even remember the last revolution they had, America is a little better, France and Spain are even better

the Germans are in a weird place because of the Hitler stuff so they are afraid of anyone who sint Merkel or Gerhard Schröder for the moment

Nice American exceptionalism, ladd

the only real time a revolutionary party was curbed into reformism and class collaboration was the left during the 1960s, but that was only because the government actually felt threatened for once, and that was only after multiple assassinations and other acts of censorship.
but regardless of whether what you're saying is true, Dore and his following is entirely the opposite.

The last revolution we had was the industrial one. The last political one was just dynastic succession changes. The last revolution that helped the people was the signing of Magna Carta after the barons got pissed off. Over 800 years of slow reform It's been fucking Hell, please help us

Eh, to an extent. He's just stating "there's no ethical consumption" but with different words. While you do have to participate in the system, I don't think you should do so indiscriminately. There are other places than amazon to order shit online, if he REALLY cared he could find alternatives. I think people could probably also learn to do with less or without, part of what props people like Bezos up is the culture of never ending want that we have. Not talking about stuff like healthcare or education, but the need for more useless tech or bits of chinese plastic from walmart, maybe not drive as often and take a 20 minute walk instead, etc.

He's too busy converting liberals into socialists to bother with reading theory.

Glasses pepe gets me everytime

it's cool he got on joe rogan and balanced out all the "classic liberals" and right wing types he has on

Makes me cringe to think that Jimmy's appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast was literally the first time hundreds of thousands of people were exposed to an anti-neoliberal leftist perspective.

The dude reads, it shows, and he keeps getting better.


of course.

But lifestlylism isnt exclusive to the left, or communism.

Its a poison in everything

(fascist anime twitter girls)

I think the left really really needs to destroy the idea of conscious consumerism or at least make it more visibly stupid.
The left one the culture war, but they clearly didnt win the economic war.

This drone strike brought to you by breast cancer awareness™

He said on a recent livestream that he doesn't know enough about Marxism to consider himself a Marxist yet, but has read some Marx and agrees with everything he said.