How do we stop people just getting into Socialism from falling for these cryptos...

How do we stop people just getting into Socialism from falling for these cryptos, and starting off right by listening to TheFinnishBolshevik and Phil Greaves?

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I don't think people just getting into socialism going full ☭TANKIE☭ is a good idea.

fuck off opportunist.

Finnish Bolshevik is pretty accessible, IDK why you can't just link them his videos. That's all you should have to do. Also send them Parenti stuff, very easy. Once they get an idea of it, try to move them to the real literature, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc ASAP. Phil is good for what he does (tweet) but twitter in general is a waste of time, you should not be trying to get people to follow twitter ☭TANKIE☭s unless they are already twitter addicts.

Aside from this, what I think is that Marxist-Leninists need a wiki where they can condense all of their research and stances.

calm down autist.


Well yeah lol, isn't this what everyone thinks?



how are third worldists any better than other brands of liberals?

yeah sure, fuck off

Finnbol is alright actually. Phil is just a shitposter, a entertaining one but still just a shitposter

This is literally politics

I actually know alot of socialists who were introduced to leftism through Noam.

He is alright, especially if you are dealing with someone who is still under the impression that "Ameriga is #1" and associated ideological nonsense.

I got to where I am today through introduction to Chomsky. I used to adore him, now I just think he's decent when it comes to being a socialist and an anarchist. But his critiques on Western imperialism and mass media arguably can hardly be matched.

Do you get up in the morning by trying to put your pants on over your head?

noam is poison, for every socialist who moves on from him to real marxist analysis, there are ten more who regurgitate his "USSR was the greatest defeat for socialism" line


Phil "anything that isn't Russia-Iran is fascist" Greaves


American liberals are crypto fascists. They love cops, they love troops, they love buying shit and most of all they love the empire. Chomsky can reverse some of the brainwashing but the remainder sets in even harder.

that just means they haven't moved on. every chomper who screaches about the USSR is just a on the first step towards breaking their booj programing


Isnt that the turd worldist?

Well I mean thats what I say too.

Why do I feel this is a vol posting

Space in the sage god damn it

who is this parenti? why haven't I heard of him? any recommended books about theory?

this is something of his.

He's one of the best leftist historians alive. All of his books are great but my favorite is probably Blackshirts and Reds.

To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia, to see him at his best (attacking empire, debunking imperialist propaganda) and worst (apologizing for capitalism, identifying with 3rd world strongman to make up for his own 1st world impotence, defending genocide)

Better than supporting imperialism in order to get temporary "reforms" passed at home.


there is nothing wrong with Charlie Chaplin.

Nothing wrong with Einstein.

Lmao did he really say that?

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