Daily News Thread 2/23

Trump says violent video games 'shape' young minds

President Trump has vowed to "do something" about the violence in games and films watched by younger people.

US to impose 'largest' N Korea sanctions

US President Donald Trump says he is launching the "largest ever" set of new sanctions against North Korea.

U.S. expected to open embassy in Jerusalem in May, official says

The United States is expected to open its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem in May, a U.S. official told Reuters on Friday, a move from Tel Aviv that reverses decades of U.S. policy.

Police Fight Radicals as Italian Candidates Unite Against Juncker

Italians go to the polls on March 4 with voters divided over the country’s relationship with the European Union, taxes and immigration. Here’s your daily guide to the latest news.

Italian far-right leader Massimo Ursino 'tied up and beaten by protesters'

The regional leader of a far-right political movement in Italy was reportedly bound and beaten by protestors in Palmero as tensions boil over in the country ahead of a general election.

Erdogan Redraws Electoral Rules to Boost His 2019 Chances

A nationalist alliance led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is amending laws to try and secure his victory in the next Turkish election, which will mark the coronation of the presidential office as the nation’s nexus of all political power.

Shadowy Far-Right Fraternities ‘Infiltrating’ Austrian State, Ex-Chancellor Says

Austria’s new government is allowing secretive groups with links to the far right to exert control over powerful positions in the state, according to former Chancellor Christian Kern.

U.S. Military Backs ‘Targeted’ Tariffs on Steel And Aluminum

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis is urging “targeted” tariffs on steel and aluminum, warning that more sweeping action might antagonize American allies.

Two top White House advisers may leave over tensions with Trump: sources

Longstanding friction between U.S. President Donald Trump and two top aides, the National Security Adviser and the Chief of Staff, has grown to a point that either or both might quit soon, four senior administration officials said.

Trump: Florida school officer 'didn't have the courage'

An armed officer who stood outside a Florida school where a gunman killed 17 people last week "certainly did a poor job", the US president has said.

Mnuchin Urges Markets to Shrug Off Tax Cuts, Debt Worries

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin brushed aside signs that investors are nervous about rising prices and criticism that growing debt will harm U.S. economic security, declaring that President Donald Trump’s policies won’t cause inflation.

Venezuela: Petro Sales Exceed $1 Billion in Just Two Days

Venezuelan President Maduro said almost one million people have visited the Petro website since the currency’s launch two days ago.

Iran, Russia Show Interest in National Cryptocurrency after Venezuela Petro Success

Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology said the test model for a digital currency is currently under development.

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Judge rejects Shkreli's request to have conviction voided

Biotech founder Martin Shkreli’s request to have his securities fraud convictions thrown out was rejected by a judge who is set to sentence him on March 9, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

Missouri Governor Charged With Invasion of Privacy for Photo

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was charged with invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a compromising photo of a woman he was having an affair with before he was elected in 2016.

Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate his commitment to diversity

"It's really, really good," Rauner said after taking a sip of the sugary drink. "Diversity!"


The NCAA Says Student-Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid Because the 13th Amendment Allows Unpaid Prison Labor

IN THE UNITED STATES, college athletes — particularly those who compete at some of the largest football and basketball programs — generate not millions but billions of dollars for universities, brands, and television networks.

Striking maintenance workers in Manchester win inflation-busting pay rise

Housing maintenance workers in Manchester have won an inflation-busting 20 per cent pay rise after standing firm through 80 days of strikes.

Inside the Trump Admin’s Fight to Keep the Keystone XL Approval Process Secret

The Trump Administration has been withholding documents in the ongoing suit against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Inside Atomwaffen As It Celebrates a Member for Allegedly Killing a Gay Jewish College Student

Late last month, ProPublica reported that the California man accused of killing a gay and Jewish University of Pennsylvania student was an avowed neo-Nazi and a member of Atomwaffen Division, one of the country’s most notorious extremist groups.

Ice Age

The details of ICE terror are so on-the-nose they would seem downright corny as fiction. This starred-and-striped Gestapo now targets not only schools, workplaces, and homes—as it had done, of course, under Democratic as well as Republican presidencies—but immigration offices themselves, the very places once meant to offer the way out of hiding and persecution.

Countering Fascism in Black Metal in Olympia: An Analysis


Lots of stuff happening recently or just preparing for the weekend newsanon?

the former, its been a pretty busy news day.

and like clockwork they blame Soros

Rick Gates, Paul Manafort's Business Partner, Expected To Plead Guilty


Manafort is toast.

With all of these recent conspiracy theories, it's really hard to argue that the Republicans aren't running scared at this point.

The funniest part of this whole thing has been seeing the see-saw effect Trump has been having on the Republican party.

In the primary they hated him and thought he was the worst candidate imaginable and an embarasment.

Then he won the election and they all could either stop pretending they hated him or start pretending they liked him and now he has so thoroughly shit the bed that republicans are jumping ship like it's the Titanic.


Holla Forumstards won't care. They'll continue to suck his ass.

Please strike back based kim.

Feminists make shitty videos about how playing super Mario makes you hate women and every one loses their minds.

President of the most powerful country on earth says he is going to directly censor videogames and movies because he bought into the meme that they cause violence that was debunked all the way back in the 90's and no-one gives a shit.

This is your brain on Holla Forums

I was under the impression that we had sanctioned them to the point where we were doing everything short of a naval blockade.

Would it even be possible for the US to do anything about the video game and movie situation though?

can confirm saw nothing there



The backlash is going to be slow but huge. Holla Forums was already turning on trump before this but we're going to see a full pendulum swing in the next few months. They Just don't want to flip right away to save face


I don't think that backlash will happen anytime soon if ever. If you go to Holla Forums right now there's two new stickies about how the wall is being built and MS-13 members are being arrested. These are some light crumbs but they will take anything they can get and praise him as the God Emperor for it. Also, a lot of Holla Forums was fine with Trump regulating video games because of the "kikery" and "marxism" in video games nowadays >>>Holla Forums11297475

Fuck this gay earth.

he was baited into doing it by some cringey corporate diversity officer

We had this shit back in the 90s. Why again?

Oh boy how could this go wrong

Republicans are going to the dog houses.


Winner-take-all electoral college system is unconstitutional, say suits led by Boies

"A coalition of prominent law firms and professors has filed four federal lawsuits claiming the winner-take-all system of electoral college voting distorts presidential campaigns and violates the U.S. Constitution."

"The coalition is led by David Boies of Boies Schiller Flexner and the League of United Latin American Citizens, as a result of a crowdfunding campaign launched by Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig. A press release announced the suits on Wednesday."

"BigLaw firms working on the suits include Hausfeld, Alston & Bird, and Steptoe & Johnson. Also working with Boies and Lessig are former White House chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter, New York University law professor Samuel Issacharoff, and Duke law professor Guy-Uriel Charles."


LOL trump is representing exactly what the average kekistani voted him in to put a stop to. this is the most pathetic cuckoldry imaginable

I don't think it will at all, but it'll be interesting to follow at the very least.

This. It's why you're seeing a lot of GOP quietly switch to independent. They're not going to say they were wrong, but they're not going to be on fire to defend Trump either.

I'm going to play devil's advocate and say I don't blame the officer too much. When you're faced with an adversary that's better armed, the logical thing to do would be to wait for back up. Going into that school would've almost certainly been a death sentence.

The ICE is literally the American Gestapo. Rounding up mothers while picking their children after school and then locking said children in detention centers indefinitely because they don't have the right papers is undefensible.

Why isn't it discussed more and fought back against? Why are liberals preoccupied about broken windows by antifa and black hollywood stars but not this? For that matter, where are the antifa protests against ICE? It's the most transparent reflection of the racism and militarism of the American state.

If you haven't noticed, America is currently a dumpster fire. With the non-stop deluge of garbage coming from this administration, it's hard to pick specific subjects.

There aren't any worker orgs in the US that have anything close to the kind of power that would be needed to stop ICE.



ICE officers are terrible, but illegals are part of the reason that unions and low-skilled workers were pushed out of the economy. Illegals come for a better life, but it comes at the expense of citizens. Trade deals and globalization means that we slowly become poor as they become less poor. It's not a future citizens wants to live in.

ICE is an expression of the working class' desire for economic access & the upper class' desire to keep illegals in an exploitable position. Only globalists and the family-members of illegals care if ICE is evil.

Oh, they will now. But once congress starts holding hearings about it, that shit will change real quick.

No they are not, they peddle conspiracy theories justifying sucking his withered little white dick, and will continue to do so.

Oh please cut the crap.
You must be drowning in ideology:
1. To imagine there are divisions between the working class is to fall into bourg propaganda. Black, white, citizen or not, materially and economically speaking there is no distinction, and academic studies have found this to be true: Economically, there is no difference between either. Only legal fiction (the same that upholds private property) makes it true.
2. To call a human being "illegal" is to imply that the laws of the imperialist state are legitimate.
3. Investing billions in a military force to hunt brown people and detention centers to keep them (and their 'illegal' children, indefinitely) is not only an absolutely abhorrent action, but also a total waste of resources that could be used in social programs.
4. To imagine that you will protect the working class by terrorizing an underclass while engaging in corporate welfare and union busting (which the Trump admin does plenty of) is a laughable proposition. And also very fascistic behavior.

TL;DR: Read a fucking book, recent Holla Forums convert. Your repulsive post might as well have said "Critically support the ICE and the Trump administration in their struggle against mexican peasant imperialism.

Jesus christ these guys are fucking retarded.

Trump just said that shooters won't kill students because armed teachers love their students.

My brain hurts.

Everything about this post made me roll my eyes.

My god has 4chan fallen.

you are mistaken, conservatism is actually the core of chan culture

yeah seriously. this whole "i'm totally a successful dad with fifty beautiful aryan children" thing has been a staple of Holla Forums for as long as it's been around

Yep. Filled with boomers & redditors.

They'll go back to where they came from once 4chan goes back to being asociated with pedophiles instead of Nazis right?

lurk more

I knew it was bad but 4chan is really a boomer site now. It's a good thing they're anonymous.

how the mighty have fallen.

Don't fucking look into this guys. You'll have a goddamn aneurysm.

Remember when it was the Internet Hate Machine? Good times.

Lurk more

1. There are studies that show blacks lose out on jobs because of illegals, and that black wealth has been declining as white and hispanic wealth increases? Clearly there are racial elements to this.
2. Illegals are detrimental to low-skilled workers. Remember when the cousin of Caesar Chavez attacked migrant workers for undermining their union?
3. The actions of the empire (trade deals) have caused these conditions, but citizens will naturally resist threats to their way of life.

I personally can't say that I want to live in a dying empire, but I will not criticize those who are looking out for their collective self-interest. There is little that can be done when our interests come into conflict, except to struggle until one group prevails. From my point of view, the rich have won and the poor have lost. The empire will fall with or without the immigrants, and the people will be left to pick up the pieces.

yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk

America has created its own mess by sabatoging the collective economies south of its border during the Cold War.

People who shit on illegal immigrants in America want to have their cake and eat it to. They want to stop illegal immigration but every time they try to stop it they make the crisis south of the border worse, making illegal immigration more prevelant

It's a vicious cycle that continues to repeat because of past mistakes until you have the borderline, no, actual Gestapo of ICE, which will only heaten the situation worse anyways.

Most illegal immigrants aren't even coming to America anymore like they used to because they realize its a lost cause, they head to places like Uruguay. The last little place in South America that America hasn't completely been destroyed by America fucking it's shit

If you knew about 20th century Latin American history, you would know why this is happening, and you certainly would not be sympathizing with the Americans

I believe that berating and fighting the 'illegals' instead of actually placing the blame where it belongs - the American oliogarchy - is the total opposite of what a socialist would do. You say the rich already won and there is no point in fighting that, but there sure is still plenty of energy to terrorize mexican immigrants.

Ones you dont cite, oops

[citation needed]

How could any leftist abandon the local working class because of a ruling empire? But at least you finally admit that illegals are a detriment to citizens.
This is how empires work. Their theft leads to immigration. All of these coups were terrible crimes, but we cannot escape our place in society without cooperation. If illegals wanted to destroy the imperial class, then they might be good allies, but they're just trying to get jobs that citizens depend on. They're not a violent, militant force. Pancho Villa & Che Guevara are dead, they will not save us now.

You know what's more detrimental to America than immigrants? I'll give you a hint, it isn't the immigrants

Stop arguing reformism


Read a fucking book.

It’s a fact that immigration holds wages down for low-skilled workers, retard. I don’t know why pro-open borders leftists go to such extents to deny the fact of supply and demand. Even during economic booms with closed borders wages for low-skilled workers rarely surge very much without a unionization drive because there are plenty of potential workers available to do low skilled jobs.

The only workers who’ve even benefited from the neoliberal program of border liberalization are the immigrants themselves and highly-skilled relatively wealthy (usually white) workers who anarkids and red liberals love to blame gentrification on. Even Richard Wolff admits that immigration raises the costs of rents but he says its a good thing since it “rejuvenates” dying neighborhoods—but if it was whites causing the rent increase instead of Latinos he’d probably condemn it and correctly call it gentrification.

The alleged benefit of immigration to the average worker is so small that it’s not even worth talking about—it’s only the bourgeoisie and the upper-crust of the labor aristocracy that even benefit from it:

nevertheless I still tend to support immigration for the purpose of accelerating class struggle and really no other reason but if US workers can’t lay off the idpol then closed borders are a much better option. Don’t forget that the revolutionary upsurge of the 1930s and mass unionization happened when the US had the tightest border policy in its entire history. The real argument here should be about tactics and not morality

This isn't about morality it's about common sense, the past happened, the present is its consequence. Each president has been more aggressive on immigration than the last, and yet here we are arguing about it.

You won't change that

It isn't law that is the problem, it is the past actions of the United States it simply cannot escape from.

We would fight the ruling class, but we do not have the military power to take on such a struggle.

I plan to abandon the empire, but even my expatriation won't invalidate the views of those who stay. The empire's death will leave the citizens who depend on it with a more precarious life than any immigrant deported by ice. All we can do is walk away from the carnage before it consumes us.

We do not decide our place in history. If we could offer up the saboteurs, the despots and killers the world could be returned to the people, and yet we are kept from them by their deceptions, their weapons and wealth.

You refuse to see distinctions which contradict your argument, even when the workers make them themselves.

Hey now /mlp/ is fun
Even before the boomer influx Lauren Faust cane to visit the board

Not really. LBJ was more liberal on immigration than any president since the 19th century and he struck down racially-based immigration quotas such as the laws banning Asian immigration although it should be noted that beyond its racist element there were progressives who supported the ban in order to stop coolie labor.

The definition of a deportation has also changed so that even turning away immigrants at the border is considered to be on par with throwing out someone whose been working illegally for 8 years. It seems that Obama still leads even by this metric:

You know an argument could be made that many of these people would revolutionize their home countries if they were denied the chance to migrate. Remittances from America have been helping to keep the capitalist and even semi-feudal order of central and South America alive for decades. Free movement of people certainly makes free movement of drugs easier which has important consequences for people on both sides of the border. Many of these people flee from their home countries, come here and become liberals if not outright conservatives because their standard of living is so low at home their thankful to the US capitalists for their relative tolerance of them. It’s not for nothing that half of new jobs created goes to the foreign-born—their kids on the other hand don’t fair any better then natives in the job market. The argument can be made that immigration can and has been used in the past to blunt the development of class consciousness.

Think about all the counter-revolutionary Cubans, Vietnamese and others who have been allowed to migrate to the US—did that not inhibit revolution at home?

We should also consider the tactics of US imperialism itself. To continue to dominate the world it must grow demographically there’s just no other way. US war planners such as Thomas P Barnett are have went so far as to claim that 20th century European powers such as the EU, Germany and Russia are no real threat to the US, they project their disintegration or decline in the future—so the real threats to US hegemony are powers like China and even India.

You might ask yourself how the US could win a war either militarily or economically against China with only 330 million people. It can’t. That’s the real meaning behind all the screeching coming from the legacy media against Trump but I think it’s only noise. Trump will do “the right thing” once he’s convinced this is the only way to stop ‘Chyna’

read more

Yeah, about that.

Report: Three deputies waited before engaging Florida shooter


But they were good guys with guns!

Cops are such fucking cowards.

Someone archive this retarded site, they blocked way back from archiving their shit and I don't want this reactionary hellhole getting ad money

Here's archive

I'm having a hard time empathizing with the bastard

looks like you leftists could learn a lesson or two about tolerance!


That's why Trump's next grand proposal is for armed teachers, since they love their students so much they'll take a bullet for them.

Yes, overworked, under paid, and highly stressed public educators will also now have to defend our schools because the Right doesn't give a shit about the safety of children.

Opinion: Trump Won't Be a Broker on Guns or Anything Else


Those student protests won't be ending anytime soon.

And where is the GG crowd that screeches about Anita Sarkeesian at?
Complete silence.

GG was about protecting multi-billion dollar gaming companies from "undue influence" from cultural enemies. Thus why Anita, being le evil feminist, had her bullshit gamer creds questioned constantly while Milo (a 35 year old who has never played vidya but who nevertheless was most certainly not a feminist liberal) was allowed into the clique without any issues.

GG was about ethics in games journalism and protecting artistic freedoms before it was co-opted. Milo was accepted mostly unquestioningly because Milo didn't support corrupt game journos. Anita did and still does.

Begone brainlet.

Anita probably wasn't really a gamer, tbh.
Not that I think it matters, since I think the rest of her views are awful. Point is, giving her that much attention was always stupid. I see your point about Milo being an opportunist, though

It's as simple as that. Lol

She didn't play games. I think she's just very basic feminism. Nothing more.



Illegal immigration is not workers issue.

Yes they were, they know hes another zionist puppet. Jews pretending to be right wing push Trump.

I'm not a fan of Anita. I just said what she is: very basic feminism. I really don't care about Skeptic#592 giving a rebuttal.

except you're flat out fucking wrong

That particular political compass was specifically designed to make liberals think they are anarkiddies. Pic related is the only accurate political compass.

What the fuck are you even talking about. Hillary, Lib Dems, SPD and FDP are all in the blue. But apparently political compass encourages liberals to vote for green parties and democratic socialists because anarchy is hip for the youth. You're kidding me.

Give the temperatures and weight in kg's of those parties while you're at it.

Anal sex is the post-meme world turtle.

plz disarm us we're clearly a irresponsible class - workers

yeah something sparked by a literally who indie dev getting laid was totally not a sexist reactionary sperg fest and also >protecting artistic freedoms you mean spreging out about "cultural marxism" yup am on leftypol

I'm honestly can't even tell if you're trolling. If not, educate yourself shitlord:
I don't want this to degenerate into gamergate shitpost thread #9billion because a few anons have no clue about what they're talking about so let's just leave it at that.

your the one posting trash here. imagine being so sad that your still in 2018 trying to 'correct the record" about GG with outright historical revisionism GG is not your ally

How retarded can one possibly get?


Wow i cant find a single thread about it on v.

I hear people saying they were security guards and not officers.


Today i will remind them

Muh gaymurgayt?