Has anyone in history actually successfully pulled off 12D chess...

Has anyone in history actually successfully pulled off 12D chess? Like when people say that someone is actually on a million layers of hidden motives?


I'm pretty sure Fidel Castro didn't suddenly "convert to Marxism-Leninism" as he often said on interviews given on the early 60s. One doesn't just adopt all the ideological and theoretical elements to materialize an anti-capitalist alternative in a whim, and his comrade Ché actually developed a very intricate critique of Soviet political economy (see attachment). So I'm pretty sure the Cuban Revolution and it's sudden ML turn was an example of 12D chess at it's finest.

Yup playing it right now to praxis and shitpost dialectics

also the Cubans have BTFO off the US during all these years thanks to their brilliant abilities at multidimensional chess, I might add

The Anglo American empire did when they decided to spitroast Germany around 1900. The absolute madmen actually did it.

To elaborate the Americans and British formed an alliance before WW1 even started with the goal of crushing German industrial capitalism in order to secure their own petroleum backed informal empire. That's why the US bankrolled the entente war effort, and it's what led to Germany being managed by the western allies after WW1. Germany being crushed utterly by the Soviets in WW2 was just icing on the cake.

They're playing chess

We're playing trading card games

Mao in a way pulled off some pretty fucking degenerated 12D chess by support Pinonigger. If it can even be called that, I mean I don't have any true hatred to the guy, but goddamn, fucking Pinoshit, ffs

America offered amnesty to all Cubans, so Cuba emptied its prisons into America.

What? Did this seriously happen?

Guarantee this guy harbors intense autistic rage towards Cuba.

Yes that's what the movie Scarface with Al Pacino was about

Uh, pretty sure that movie was just about an immigrant that ended up doing crime (that maybe already had a record). I think the geopolitics were really unimportant to that movie.

Lenin won at 12D chess, but he never lied about it or hid it. He outright said "I'm going to use 12D chess to use the liberals against the Tzarists" and then he went and fucking did it. That's what dialectics is.

Read What Is To Be Done.

pic related

Tony does have a record already, he was in a cuban prison. The movie starts out with the ships full of cuban immigrants and Tony having to get past the police checkup. He also speaks Spanish in a couple of scenes.

this is from the actual intro (also the music is great)

Based Giorgio

Uh, no? I'm actually arguing against the people who just brush it off as just an "adventurist petit-bourgeois guerrilla" or whatever, that happened to get lucky. I believe the Cuban revolutionaries actually had a well thought out plan regarding the American reaction.

You realize Trump is just using the bump stocks as leverage so when he unveils the universal CCW permits second term the dems wont have the ability to stop it because his bishop is already in super opposed double cross angle in C7 to D11 when the knight on square B8 on the Z board is in full range on the King then the wall comes