please tell me you guys arent anti-gun

We're not you dumb cunt. Now fuck off

why the lack of action to protect the second amendment then?

at least calling out the anti-gun MSM shills, like the hypocrite kids from florida( not saying it was a fake shooting), but the kids are definitely bought by MSM and are doing this to advance their own shilly careers

We're not the main stream, faggot. Liberals ban us on sight.

I'm about as pro-gun as the next guy, but what exactly can americans do to protect the 2nd amendment. Not american myself, but the way I see it, there's not much they can do

because it's an imageboard, don't expect any action from here

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but seriously read the faq famalam

meme magic isn't real, kid

Guns literally allow people to kill 20+ others. With a knife you can't kill more than a few.
Basically, gun laws need to be more restricting so that not every other mentally ill person can shoot up a school. Hunting rifles allowed, but only hunting rifles and not fucking AR-15s

To tear down capitalism, well need guns.

Everyone here is pro-gun, but honestly this is a dumb fucking argument. The guns don't go to Trump's basement and become his property, the state that enforces public control it is a multifaceted institution composed of many conflicting, diverging interests and functions. This logic is the same as that of low Autism Level libertarians who say people who want more healthcare and less police are calling for "more state and less state xDD"

Again, I'm for guns and fucking love them, I'm just saying you're stupid. Holla Forums needs to stop defending guns and allow the Left to defend them, because your arguments and reasoning are always shit tier.

what Holla Forumstards call "meme magic" is simply the result of their board at halfchan being pozzed by Trump campaigners, whom themselves won the actual election through the massive use of big data and directed advertising

this board is about as popular as your cum sock from last night.

JUST my 2 cents:
Notice how there are "assault rifles" which are fully automatic, then there are "assault weapons" which are semi automatic. That latter term is, in my opinion designed to cause confusion. And the interesting thing is that Trump's recent willingness to control guns more appears to causes him to lose support from his followers. The same people who last year screeched at you if you linked to an article were Trump said/did something pro-Zionist. pix related.

Wow… Do you THINK Adolf Hitler PERSONALLY did everything? The idea is that if you thought someone was a literal Nazi (especially the one that is basically credited with world war 2), why would you give their government your guns?!

Seriously end your life maybe three Holla Forums user think Trump is a Nazi.

I've reread his post 3 times now and still have no idea how you came to this conclusion.

Here is the radical leftist position on guns.

please tell me you guys dont actually believe this

dumb angry boomers and lack of votes won the election don't fool yourself

Rolled 1 + 14 (1d20)
the 'hoax' element is that national tragedies which are hyped up by liberal media, are sanitized of any nuance and do not meaningfully protect communites –
1 as a media stunt. our actual political allies, for whatever it's worth, are the independent parties, and they get to platform to debate the other candidates. everyone is trained to think of them as 'crazy' or 'tied to russia'.
2 to pass fuckingawful legislature. every time there is an event 'like this' … what came out of 'the debate' with middle-schoolers?
a nudge…
I'm touched by your feelings, and I am going to keep accepting endorsements from the NRA to pass their legislation… However. I will budge on the magazine size :^)
Now is that a progressive attitude or what? The kids don't have to be paid actors.
They just want to scare people into giving away their rights away to COPS immediately, and train them to automatically be a snitch every second.
tl;dr liberal media = horror porn
the right's conspiracy is just another layer of garbage to sort through

I think he is a nazi. Because of the whole, you know, using xenophobic nationalism and control over mass media to whip up a fanbase of thoughtless fanatics – some of which hold rank in the authoritarian military (that's illegal) – who will work in -extralegal- manners to carry out any messages their Idol Figure asks. Since that's what nazis do, it's not that far fetched.
Have you really addressed the material facts? Never underestimate your enemies.

To all the right-wingers inevitably reading this thread: I'm someone else looking in on you from outside.

I'm not one of you, but I've noticed that gun owners believe in equal protections, think of themselves as defenders of the community, and are a lot more tolerant of subcultures that aren't trying to squish them out of existence. I've noticed that the gun is a strong symbol of peaceful intentions. Gun owners who aren't basically peaceful and sane don't get to remain gun owners in the long-term, which makes it a filter that marks people worth recruiting into political movements. Not to mention that crime victims tend to become gun owners themselves; if anyone is looking for politically useful victim stories, scouting your community might turn them up. Be good to each other and you'll benefit from any group that scouts you.

To everyone else: Something to notice about politics in America specifically (and I'm guessing probably NOT the rest of the world) is that the people who believe in the military don't support it. I'm talking about the kind of person who spreads the "drones and bombs would wipe out conservative resistance" meme. That meme is spread by so-called pacifists, but doesn't it sounds like something the army itself would spread? Don't do the army's propaganda work for it. They're not that useful for anyone. Instead try to win over gun owners.

Notice that the people who support the military don't believe in it. That's gun-owners. They've noticed the ineffectiveness of America's interventions overseas just as you have. They're not impressed by the threat of drones, and they understand that the military are their neighbors too. That neighbor factor would make domestic fighting a nation-shattering morale crisis for leadership at every level. It'd break the morale of the grunts, too. Gun owners believe in the basically marxist precept that political power is safeguarded by firepower. They don't believe the military could suppress them, and they're right. They just don't see it as a likely source of conflict, because they see the political power they're safeguarding as being the power of their communities. You can impress them by guarding your own communities in the same way. If you befriend them, you can probably pull them into compromises on militarism, too.

So how did we get to the point where the people who believe in the military don't support it, but the people who support the military don't believe in it? Check your dialectics; make sure you're doing the work of your cause rather than the enemy's.

Use it?