Why does Holla Forums exist?

Why does Holla Forums exist?

How can you like chan culture and be on the left when the mainstream left openly hates our very existence?

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I'm not a leftist, I'm a communist.

The vanguard exists outside the mainstream.
Holla Forums is Lenin's sealed train.

we hate our existence as well

Because chan culture is a spook.

Uphold Marxist-Leninist-Benatarism tbh

You deserve to be hated


Are memes allowed under communism?

You are on of us though.

A volcano is colder than the sun, but it's not cold.

no tbh

I post more on Twitter than I post anywhere near image boards anymore. People who like it here are vermin.


THAT is why we're on the chans, dummy.

Well said, my tank friend. I hope we both agree that revolutionaries (whether ML or anarchist or trotskyist or whatever) should distance themselves from a broader "left"

imma bite the bait
only in post 2010's chans people would do this
its just sad and i feel sad


Well you just answered your own question

read the faq

facebook is superior desu.

Protip: don't believe Holla Forums's definition of "left." Primarily because they're idiots

What news network is officially left wing then?
It's not hard to find our people being persecuted.

This is why communism does not work.

I want to know what you call left. Please.

Pic related.

If that's the case you guys are fine in my book.
I just want to farm my memes in peace.

Chan culture was never left or right. It was something special all on it's own.

it just so happens that the left is trying to ban us everywhere and the right have taken a liking to us.


Pic related

Of course. Historically, and by the original definition of the word, communists are leftists as they see history as progressive, but pretty much since WWII being on the "left" and "right" pretty much evolved arround the ideas of whether or not women are allowed to have abortions or something. Today it's even worse.

Oh wtf you have a FAQ?
I quite literally missed it due to the mass of unrelated stickies above it.


pic unrelated

memes get the bullet too

I never claimed that. i prefered the apolitical times.
im just mad at the current alt-kikefication of the chans.
the reason im confined to posting on Holla Forums (and the reason i started posting on it and slowly radicalizing myself) was because the boards i used to browse went to far to the other side in the idpol spectrum

cmon dude

What are you even? Hilldawg? SocDem? Neolib?

Well then it's helicopter rides for you.

also, how quick you forget about cuckservative outrage.
The right only likes you because they've successfully astroturffed Holla Forums for years.


imagine being this defensive about memes

I'm with you on this 100%.
That's the only reason I even came here.

tbh you seem friendly enough, you get two bowls of cabbage soup in gulag.

Liberty, equality, fraternity. Organized labor. Direct democracy. Working class.
Left-wing capitalism (liberalism, social democracy), identity politics.


I have not forgotten. The war never ended. The new front is on the left.

Nice. Even if I'm not some idealist who believes all our differences can be bridged, I'm still very sympathetic towards MLs (as opposed to most anarchists)
We both know that neither Marx or Kropotkin ever associated themselves with a broader "left", only the cause of (anarcho-)communism

t. zizek
he's gonna be in my city in april, looking forward to it

Why do lolberts meme so much about pinochet's helicopter rides?

Here's a little tip for you: Argentina did it much better. Argentina's death flights had a much higher death toll.


honestly i had to leave 4chan after so many blatant the_Donald ledditors came to Holla Forums and then spread to the other boards. Holla Forums becoming even more retarded was fine, but to bring it in to discussions about history , or comics was the most annoying shit
all my funposting or reg posting is on twitter now, Holla Forums is just for leftypol. maybe im to old for image board homes now. that old meme pic of "your here forever" isnt really applicable to me or most people who ever were regular years long posters on 4chan

These memes.
I will protect these memes.
I will fight you for these memes.
You will not hurt these memes.
For you see, there are some things in life worth protecting.
Some things worth dying for.
Memes like this can fill the iciest of hearts.
Dispel the darkest of evils and win the mightiest of wars.
These memes will be the thing that pulls us from the depths of despair and lead us to the path of salvation.
Wars will be fought, people will be saved and civilizations will prosper because of these memes!

I don't like the idea of non-anonymous posting and i don't want to shill my privacy to the NSA, so twitter and facebook ain't an option.
Also I've become attached to the imageboard format. I'm here forever.


2005-2010 will always be the golden age of halfchan. Before the dark times. Before the normies. The worst is part that we can never go back. We can only hope that the normies get tired halfchan and move on. I only hope they don't start migrating to Holla Forums.

chan culture is only anti-authoritarian by definition. Since now the authority is in the hands of da liberals (who you are wrongly calling "left"), chan culture automatically shifted towards anti-liberal positions. The majority did it radicalizing to the right cause of a series of historical reasons (stormfront infiltration, gamergate, sjw's, non-existence of an anti-liberal left in U.S. etc), while we here did it radicalizing to the left (cause we are a little less spooked and stupid, i suppose). Also you'll find that the percentage of burgers here is lower than in other boards, also cause of the historical reason i said before (the non-presence of leftist thinking opposed to the power in maintream american politics)

I hate the fact that everything your saying is true.

The internet has changed. I don't think that the chans will go back to being a counter-culture site.
Even when the userbase starts dropping out of the main chan sites, they'll still have their reputation shitstained by Holla Forums's retardation.


irony is society now


Are you posting from 2014 or something?

only because you're all Amerimutts lol.

Are you legit retarded? All Holla Forums talks about is their fear (and arousal) of niggers fucking "their" white women.

How do you people post here and not understand that larping as nazis has been one of our traditions since 2004?

We do it because it's a social taboo. Not because we hate blacks and jews.

Somebody better tell the rest of you that then, because out on the streets you'll get killed for it just the same.




What is a ☭TANKIE☭? It sounds like a fat person to me. I don't wana start a new thread just to ask.

Why don't you just not kill everyone and join us instead?
It's fun.

I used to LARP as a nazi on Holla Forums up until 2013. Don't try to tell me that shit was the same as now because it definitely wasn't, it became pretty clear when Stormfags started arriving.


Why don't you join us? You don't have to kill anyone if you don't want, you can just make signs or something. Maybe if we destroyed capitalism we wouldn't be seeing so many tragic cases of irony poisoning like yours.

I mean. I do it because it's funny. Other people taking it seriously only makes it more funny imo. I don't really know what you mean by "stormfags arriving" because I'm not a Holla Forums regular but a bunch of white guys in black face standing in a swastika is still funny, even if one of them hates blacks or something.

What im saying is don't let other people influence you.

This guys a ☭TANKIE☭? I don't get it.

It's not 2008 anymore lad, the majority of channers are unironically far right now

Tankie is someone who uncritically defends the imperialism of the Soviet Union, not really relevant here

Because memes get the bullet to.

we need to indoctrinate the next generation even if they are cringy

Funny thing about that picture. It was in relation to the pools closed incident, which was a response to Habbo Hotel's suspected discrimination of non-white avatars.

Forming the swastika was in protest to the moderators of the game. You fucking normies don't even know what it was really about because you werent fucking there.

Wrong. We did it for the lulz. It was only ever for the lulz.
When the mods started banning us for being obnoxious little shits we cried racism.
We had them in a catch 22.

Ban these black people making a swastika and you are a racist.
Don't ban them and you are supporting racism because they are making a fucking swastika.

This is pure lulz.

Then your moral fags came along and actually thought we were fighting some crusade against racism. Even better lulz until it more or less turned into the modern social justice movement….

Never mind you just connived me that most of Holla Forums is not larping. They are the same moralfags from chanology. They actually believe what we are… oh god.


please never post again

user. You are who you are.
The current year does not define what makes you you.

Cringe to death on this mudkip.

If you're actually old enough to have participated in the original habbo raids but retarded enough to still say shit line 'for the lulz' you need serious help

Started going on 4chan, 7chan, and 420chan around 2005. Pretty much only come to leftist boards here now.

lol no it fucking wasn't

Says the guy who wants to kill everyone.

I don't think anyone in the early days read Stirner but the "do it for teh lulz" idea is pretty close to the type of life he preaches about.

p r e t t y s u r e t h i s i s b a i t g u y s

Kill yourselves

it is you, my moral fagging friend that should evaluate what you are doing with your life.
You are being spooked.

I got tired of being surround by right wing retards who always complained about da joos and niggers. Seriously, like all of 4chan is infested with reactionaries now, even the quality boards like /trv/ and /out/ are filled with Holla Forums-tier posts. Give a fascist a crumb, and he takes the whole goddamn cake. Then he complains that you're oppressing him when you call out his obvious dick move.
Bringing Holla Forums was a huge mistake in the long run, goddammit moot you fucking jew

what the fuck??
did that .jpg just fucking move?

He could not see what it would become.
Some place had to be made due to all the SJW incursions in everything. Every board would have turned into Holla Forums if not.

The containment board became the whole fucking site. During the election Holla Forums basically pulled at Holla Forumsscientology2.0 or some shit and attracted a bunch of retards who found themselves in good company around a bunch of people pretending to be retards.

This sums it up best.
But all in all it's not unjustified.
I think we can safely say Holla Forums would have never gotten the initial grass roots support from the other boards if it was not for the SJW's.

Hes consuming to much fake news then.
The obvious joke is that when leftwing crazies try to commit mass shootings, they miss. Like that tranny who tried to shoot up a store, or the guy who tried to kill the republicans playing baseball.

Most mass killers have no political affiliation at all.
All this attribution is just political garbage like "the columbine killers played Doom so that means videogames cause mass shootings".

Post less, lurk more. You might learn something.

Whatever man. It's all cultural marxism, amirite?

I actually tried this. But this board is as slow as /po/. I mean look what's on the front page.

This thread

ITT: movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc. ,

Has anyone pulled of 12d chess?

What the FUCK are we suppose to do? (crying)

Was the Brotherhood of Nod an anarchist organization?

Real talk. You been on Holla Forums lately? It's fulla reverse-Anita Sarkeesians giving the shitty little critiques bout how video games are part of a Jewish conspiracy to take away the white man's hobbies just cuz occasionally a woman or a black guy is the protagonist of a title.

You cannot convince me that you're not a newfag.

I am I newfag on Holla Forums. Im use to the catalog being on the top right. This whole sites layout is shit tier.

Your Holla Forums?
That sucks.
Our Holla Forums is obsessed with SCP right now.
Its fun.

*top left

That's not how imperialism works user.


Seriously what the fuck is any of this crap.
Home is home, ok.
Price tag?
Question mark?
Random arrows? Is that Holla Forums?
Cross? Religion?
No symbol?
Zoom in?
Gears? /g/?
Money? Is that /biz/?

Yes I can mouse over them but that defeats the point of a symbol entirely.


SCP – Containment Breach

Its a colab project between Holla Forums and /x/. It''s pretty fun desu. You should try it.

I left 4/v/ during the whole gamergate fiasco, never been to 8/v/, can't imagine it's any better why are gamers so reactionary???. Got tired of all the screeching about feminism under the guise of gaming journalism (which was always shit-tier tbh).

There is a strange unspoken truth here on leftypol, and maybe it is unspoken because is it violent in nature and hate speech against humanity, open treason and authoritarian aims without any muscle to back them up without using the state as a killing machine.

Some people just want human welfare to be non profitable and universal while merit and business thrive to prop that small gesture up. Those people are not here though, dyed haired overweight and underloved slobs roam free here and have sat on civil discussion and pleasant conversation and exchange of ideas, to their great shame.

I'm guessing it's a videogame bout some kinda interdimensional portal that gets opened and let's in all kinds of spooky shit, right?

Unpopular opinion: I think Zoey Quin did nothing wrong. I ain't seen proof she fucked a buncha journalists to get her game good reviews or whatever it was she got accused of yet.

t. namefaggot

Its a 30 player co-op survival horror game.
that's actually good.

Its an open source horror universe that anyone can add to and has had a few game produced by fans of said universe

The premise is basically that there's this super secret global Men In Black type organization that goes around containing and studying all the supernatural shit that's out to kill us
The premise of the game is that the supernatural shit breaks containment at one of the research facilities and you have to escape without being killed

Even if she did fuck a bunch of dudes for reviews, this is hardly worse than just paying for it, which literally every succesful company does.

Niggas were wilding out on dumb shit. Gaming journalism? Really? Just a bunch of drama over he said she said bullshit. Who cares how many dudes Zoey fucked, it really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things and yet people like Sargon take gamergate as a serious issue and it shapes his ideology and worldview. It honestly was just a bunch of petty e-drama nothing more should have come of it and yet it was kind of notorious.
Her game sucked by the way in more ways than one heheheheh

It really had little to do with Zoey Quin and everything to do with the shit quality of games journalism and SJW pushing politics over videogames. The other side just tries to make it about specific people being harassed.

That's like arguing about who attacked who first in the civil war. It's much bigger then 1 dev.

t. newfag that doesn't know my year-long shtick by now


Never understood the point, desu. The only people I've met who've been paranoid of the NSA (to a degree that they don't use certain social networks or use fake names on them) have been near-impossible to associate with due to their immense autism. Is it really worth it?

SCP - Containment Breach is single player only

Gmod SCP roleplay servers and SCP: Secret Laboratory are multiplayer

This is why namefags should get the bullet.

Looks like the Wompa from Empire Strikes Back.

t. never played games

The best thing to come out of video game journalism were those shitty top 10 lists on gametrailers.com back in the day.


Playing games is all I do apart from shitpost here =/


It can only move when you are not looking at it.

I think I've listened to SCP Creepypasta narrations before. Never knew it was popular enough to be made into a game.

True. Fucking incels, man.

It's not. But that has never stopped 4chan before.

That's why you should play games, not get caught up in the politics of the gaming """community""". The games themselves are never arseholes, just the people who play them.

We were complaining about that too, user. It wasn't "Zoe Quinn fucked five guys" it was "game journalists are crooked scumbags (and we caught one of them with his pants down)" but that was harder for the press to spin into some misogyny bullshit, so they ignored it.

They need to make The Holder Series into a game.

games companies are the ones who corrupt the games journalists usually through legalized bribery
i am the real afroplasm BTW

There is no "real" Afroplasm anymore.

It exists to fill a vaccuum in current leftist thought. We are the first modernized attempt to create an open space for discussing Marxist thought and anarchism, and nothing else. The emphasis on materialism is something not seen in a lot of mainstream left discourse today, and so we are unpopular because we are reviving something that was dead.

As for liking chan culture, so what? I like being able to say irreverent things and not get harangued for it. Chan culture is extremely conducive to that and it's something I appreciate because it brings out a certain amount of honesty in people. I don't like moralistic types trying to police my thoughts.

So it's a furry knockoff of the Weeping Angels…

there never was
plasm was always an idea
a mantle to take up
a torch to be lit

what did he mean by this?

All the games are made by indie devs, they're nothing that would require a large amount of prior support

Does 4chan have anything to do with its development?
I was reading up on SCP - Containment Breach on Wikipedia and it was developed and published back in 2012 all by one guy in Finland who was a fan of the Wiki.
Browsing through the reviews on SCP: Secret Laboratory (from December 2017) on the other hand gives the impression that 4chan has been playing it

All hail the writhing, twitching, ever-hungry mass of collectivist, Marxist-Pan-African thought which absorbs all ideologies and anons on Holla Forums in a never-ending quest to merge with all of Holla Forums.

The SCP wiki started on /x/ and is made up of stories from /x/.
Holla Forums has been shilling Secret lab from the getgo and was the main player base before it went mainstream.

Communist twitter is a dumpster fire.

Fuck that Doom/Half-Life knockoff. Fallout Cascadia is the real fan-made game worth mentioning.


The guy developing it regularly posted on Holla Forums when he updated it and asked for advice/opinions

How much you want to bet that irc's/chatrooms get popular again? I think the old guard will grow weary enough to get the pendulum swinging and start a reversion back to more simple forms of internet communication.

Also, as a reminder. If you find yourself a nice little niche on some corner of the internet where cool shit is happening, DO NOT spread information about it's existence. You will only attract shitties that ruin everything.

Best meme rebuttal ever.

You will never understand the true power of memes. I shed a tear for you.



The only way reactionaries can ever do shit is if there's a global shortage of chicken tendies.


Because it's a forum where free speech is protected so we can openly talk about our goals. Death to capitalism. Death to America!

National-socialists opposed the reactionaries and vice versa. Educate yourself you braindead edgelord.

That is so very very said. I hope you're just fucking around this is embarrassing as shit.

In the states? None. All are fundamentally Liberal socdem. The US is a brainwashed society, and they can't seem to look past their bubble.

Lime for scale

i cant believe OP is probably considered an average intelligence and informed individual in America, because holy fuck are you dumb as rocks

I agree.

Because commies arent mainstream left.

Also Rin is adorable.

It's okay because cum suck faggot


rampage capital punishment



holy shit dude get your priorities in order

tankie is used as a slur against marxist-leninists
but it's a bit of an odd slur as it's often used against hardline anti-revisionist MLs while it was khruschev who sent in the tanks and revisionist MLs are those who will defend literally everything the soviet union did

Tankie is such a big meaninglessword now
MLs use it against revisionists
Anarchists use it against any authoritarian leftist
Normies use it against anyone who is sympathetic to the USSR

Now for a more informative post.

Chan culture isn't Pepe, Moonman and traps. Those are passing fads. Imageboard culture is about anonymity, non-conformity, self-organization, subversion of social norms, opposition to the mainstream. Those are largely LEFTIST values. And if you look at the history of halfchan, for a long time it was quite leftist.

It's true that "SJWs" are antithetical to imageboard culture. But what you should understand is that they are not leftists. They do not seek to dismantle existing power structures, and they are not non-conformists. They are content with the existing order as long as it has black people and transgenders. What you should also understand is that the alt-right is not diametrically opposed to SJWs. They are one and the same in goals and methods, differing only by what arbitrary set of labels and identities they subscribe to.

No one has done more to destroy chan culture than the alt-right. Look at halfchan now. Dissent is stamped out. Non-conformism is ridiculed - nerdy interests are bad and you should be a "Chad" who "hides his power level". Holla Forums invited a shitton of outsiders not familiar with chan culture, who use chans to circlejerk and enforce groupthink. If it was in their power, Holla Forums would have gleefully done away with anonymity and free speech, because they are not interested in chan culture. They merely see chans as a means of fighting their pointless culture war.

If you knew what chan culture actually is and what it means to be leftist, you'd see that anonymous imageboards are inherently Left. Both SJWs and alt-rightists are authoritarians equally antithetical to chan culture, and you can see it clearly by looking at the current state of halfchan. The only way to make imageboards great again is to rebel against both of them.

Check out the scpwiki (not the scp game wiki), and explore from there. Try the toprated stuff, some of them are really well written "SCPs".

Also you're describing DooM, but there is one about a hell portal (blood lake I think its called)

Well stated user.

Not OP, but is there any hope to even reclaim halfchan at this point? Because at this point, the alt-right and normies have infected halfchan in its entirety instead of just Holla Forums.

There is so much dishonesty in this post that it blocks out the sun.

It dares to complain that Holla Forums wants to destroy anonymity when Holla Forums willingly to flags itself, that Holla Forums cares nothing about free speech when you can be banned for spamming nigger here (which you will not under true chan culture).
Alt-right is also far from Holla Forums and SJW, alt-right is the cucked version made by Dickie Spencer (a little faggot), yet alt-right still fights for more free speech than Holla Forums does, considering Holla Forums has no reason against word-filter, porn censorship until it bits them in the ass in the form of over a dozen US military bases in Syria. Holla Forums has the gall to accuse Holla Forums of silencing dissent when its BO gleefully ban anyone who disagree with the board's narrative and for such a small board, it bans more happily than Holla Forums.

Holla Forums also openly courts leddit and wants to branch out into other site in order to spread their influence unlike Holla Forums where it grows organically.

You never own 4chan, you are a stranger from leddit trying to turn 4chan communism and everyone's wary of your evil.

I'm sorry comrade, but I personally think those are here to stay. Precisely because of this:

All new users see the chans not as a place for discussion of hobbies, but as place for discussion with an alt-right twist. That's how everyone sees imageboards from an outside perspective. Yes. I mean imageboards in general because halfchan's reputation is applied to every single other chan out there, and since that's the reputation halfchan had at the peak of it's popularity, imageboards are now doomed forever.

The only imageboards I've been to where there is no conformist posting are ultra-strict spinoffs of other boards.

There is no going back, there is no salvation. But I'm here forever.
I wish I could just shitpost innocently and post about video games, comics and anime in an actually comfy place.

The fact you think 4chan is a place of discussion of hobbies means you aren't even a 4channer in the first place.

Holla Forums exists, 4chan wasn't your anime forums where you get banned for saying nigger.

Lie and more lies, you never shitpost innocently, you get mad when people spam nazi memes so you just spam communist memes, that's not innocent, that's just being a communist.

Holla Forums you already fucked up halfchan. Please don't fuck up Holla Forums.

Hey Holla Forums, you do not belong to the chan, you belong to leddit, so kindly stay there please?

I hate the fact that BO being a trigger-happy negro gives credence to this worthless shitpost.

It's not a worthless shitpost.

It uncovers the great lie beyond this place.

Holla Forums tries to say Holla Forums ruins muh chan when this place isn't the chan at all, it in fact operates much more like a subreddit.

The obsession with identities show it, when the BO takes away the flags, Holla Forums literally beg for them to come back because no flags means people cannot talk to each other.

So much for chan culture, so much for anonymity, I need my flags!

Yet Holla Forums has flags to. Pretty sure Holla Forums has had flags much longer than Holla Forums ever had them.

And the shit with that faggot Bat'ko and naziposter.

Adoration of tripfag and namefags, another great sin that chan never touch, is actually well-presented on Holla Forums.

Meanwhile Holla Forums shits on everything, including the alt-right.

Newfag shows itself.

Holla Forums at the beginning didn't have flags, Holla Forums Holla Forums carry on this tradition.

Only 4chan Holla Forums start to have flags and they are national flags based on IP, not identity flags where you pick and choose.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

nice reddit spacing

You got me there. I was confusing Holla Forums with /liberty/ since I've been shitposting on both lately.

Just waiting till some mod ban me, and Holla Forums tries to wrap itself as the tru chan culture, when it's fucking leddit or goon culture trying to actually destroy real chan culture.

Repent from this place, or at least get the facts straight.

Imagine being this spooked.

Literally what's the problem of flags? they don't say anything about you, other than give a convenient estimative on what your point of view on all types of policy might be.

They've still had flags longer than this place. Get off your high horse you dumb sperg

tying it to your ip is even dumber, tbh

Chan culture has always spoken of sin. Of being a faggot.

They do say something about your ideology, and it shows you willing forsaking your anonymity.

Their flags are national flags based on IP, not identity flags where you pick and choose.>>2409431

No it hasn't.
People who think they are priest of chan culture are the biggest faggots.

newfag detected

Whelp that didn't take long

No, it's not. If you are a little savvy, you can get past that easily.

But Holla Forums WILLINGLY chooses to pick a flag to represent themselves, which is unlike Holla Forums where a flag is forced on them.

I'm banned anyway, the fucking mod fears the truth.

Nigger, I could have a flag that doesn't even represent what I believe. I change flags constantly.
You are a complete tard rager

Yes, it has. And I happen to be one of the older channers.

4chan Holla Forums starts to have ideology flag just recently, you actual newfag.

They build off identity from those flags, you idiot. There's reason memes about leafs there rampant.

Then you were a faggot then, and you are a fagoot now.

The fact you choose it at all means you are an identarian.

There's literal no difference between you and a tranny who jumps between male and female as they want.

They build up identity from observing behaviors of random nationals on the internet.

Unlike you who open a list and choose the identity as he likes!

No, I think perhaps you are the faggot.

Nice try fig newton. Holla Forums has had memeflags since at least 2012 when /q/ was around.

Yes, because I literally identify as spurdo.
Christ, stop spurging at any time, please.

Flatout lie. They have threads dedicated to expanding to leddit.

This shows your lack of knowledge about western chan history. 4chan was dedicated to otaku culture, and Holla Forums was a board that was created, as moot said "a containment board for retardation". And no, I don't believe you should be banned for saying nigger. Although spamming nigger is different from calling someone a nigger, retard. Spamming is a banable offense.

I actually only want to have apolitical discussion about japanese culture, comics and video games. I don't mind nazi shitposting, but I don't want my fellow posters to get unironically triggered over "brunw peeple in muh vidya games"

And you guys take those seriously.
You're building identity around them whether you want to or not. Fuck, the fact you identify so heavily with user is an identity. The reason identity is a stupid thing to build politics off of, is because it's so fungible. There's nothing concrete.


The legendary (and mod sanctioned) inter-board redpill raids didn't happen now? lmaoing

You're making shit up. Nobody had said this.

I don't think there is much discourse between me calling you a faggot.

You are a faggot.

Proof? Meanwhile your side has actual threads dedicating to expanding to leddit, to facebook and back to 4chan like an actual tumor.
And otaku culture is fucking political, otaku gets mad at korean, otaku gets mad when their shit gets censored, otaku spams fascist memes.
And yes, here we are at Holla Forums where calling someone a nigger can result in ban.
If I call someone a nigger repeatedly, I would get banned on this board, and it alone.

I don't quite remember but most people do not bother with them.

We build them up based on actual behaviours.
You pick and choose as you want.

That's the difference, one grows organically from actions, one is arbitrary made.
Identity is not stupid, but the obsession with identity is.

Read your own fucking board post:

So, so much lie on that post.

Yeah, neither do I. Good job missing the point, you dumb faggot.

Raiding has been a chan tradition.

What point, you faggot?

I remember when caring about oldfaggotry made you the ultimate faggot.

And then there's a great lie here:
Except when politics are involved with japanese culture, comics and video games, then you decide to have "apolitical discussion" by banning ALL discussions regarding to politics. No, that's not how it works.

They are triggered because their gaming spaces are ruined by feminists, leftists who unironically want to flood vidya with diversity that nobody needs.

I remember when a newfag is told to lurk more instead of being celebrated.

But this is leddit central, and the mod bans with glee.

They're both arbitrary, because arbitrarily basing things on the actions of a few posters is still arbitrary. There are trends we see here, but no one takes them seriously. We even have memes about flags that are associated with certain posters, but that doesn't define anyone who uses the flag, because you never know who is behind it. Which is what makes even dumber that you guys take "muh flags" so seriously. The fact you think this is some knock down argument against us because we have flags that aren't based on IP, is pretty dumb tbh, fam.

One is defined by the actions of people.

One is being picked and chose by an individual, and then change as will.

Holla Forums takes flags less seriously than people here, are you calling Holla Forums dumb when Holla Forums literally cannot function without flags a mean to label each other?

Yes that's how it works and I unironically support this. Unless they are flaout attempting to ban video games/whatever, which, guess what, will never happen.

You mean liberals.

Ask yourself the following question: Is the diversity ruining the gameplay of the game?
Do what us communist do and just get over it if you don't like the message. There isn´t a single video game out there that shows support for the USSR or any other collectivist non-liberal ideology out there. We just ignore that and keep on having fun.

No you don't. They pick a flag and you're stuck with it, and that's who you are now.
Someone had to manually attach a flag to your IP. There's nothing organic about it.
Which is why you should stop this retarded obsession over flags.

So you aren't a channer, and you definitely aren't for channer or even otaku culture. Otaku stands and defends themselves.
No, I mean leftists.
Yes, it does, by making the game more ugly.
We get over it by bitching the fuck over it and not buying the games, like true otaku would do.
Because you are just mindless consumer, and that's why nobody cares about you.

fuck off newfag

I already did.

Yet hasn't been banned yet.
Yes, because that's spamming you dense retard.

Meanwhile, we're having discussion without the flags.

They can function, they're just more fun with them.

No, that's not what I am, that's what they think I am, but by further interaction, they will know that I'm not that guy that they meme about.
No, it's not good, it's exactly like transgenderism, you pick and choose instead of sticking of what is born with you.
it's organic because it's inherent with your IP, unlike your ideology flag.
It's not me who needs flag to function, no.

I have been banned on this board for saying nigger to that nigger Afro before.
Calling someone a nigger repeatedly isn't spamming, you actual retard.
Are we? Plenty of flags in here.

See? Identity is FUN!

Looks like my post struck quite a nerve.

I got told to sit down, shut up, and lurk for a year before posting and I did so for a solid year with the occasional question and opinion in one off threads.

Fucking lol. You even admit that the flags have nothing to do with identity, yet you still are taking this line of reasoning?
No it's not. Everyone would be user if they decide to add flags. Quit playing dumb.

You weren't born with a flag strapped to your ass

I just took my flag off. It's amazing. We're still functioning.

Indeed, I'm pissed off by your lie.

And do you? Do you actually shut up and lurk?
National flags have nothing to identity, unlike ideology flag, I can be an indian, I can be a canuck, you will never know what I think. But a communist flag, gee whiz, I don't know what you think, man.
But everybody is already user.
No, but my IP has a flag strapped to its ass.
Nice, keep it up.

The monarch works as ruler; checkmate

I can tell what burgers think most of the time when I see there flag lol. Also, people use flags that don’t really represent them here. There’s a guy who uses a nazi flag here, for instance, and he’s not really a nazi

And someone took the trouble to make it visible. I can change my up just as easily.


Oh please, stop fucking lying. People use market socialism flag gets shat on, as well as leftcom flag, as well as ☭TANKIE☭s flags, these people use flags as their own avatars.
Jeez, it's not like he has a name for himself or anything.

More like taking the trouble to making it invisible?

Yeah, and everyone on 4pol gets shat on because of their flag. Keep trying to split hairs, tho

Chan culture has been irredeemable garbage since 2007 and I'm glad it's dead.
Really, honestly, what kind of fucking loser takes pride in how they've acclimated to this shitty place. Just post you freak.

You don’t need to go through the trouble here, you can just take it off lol

And a big not really to you. Have you been to 4chan Holla Forums at all?
I don't think a flag born with your IP and a flag you pick and choose is splitting hair.

Because it's about standing and fighting for your lifestyle and belief.

I believe in a white and pure world, I do not want diversity infecting and ruining my hobby, my family then my race and my nation.

I never pick any flag. There's no need to, your actions are telling enough.

Your grievance is autistic and petty, bitch.

As a channer, I take pride in that.

Lie must be fought, else they overtake reality.

Yh, you guys shit on each other based on flags all the time. It’s kind of funny, because the aussies sometimes lose their shit

And yet you have ignored every point of mine, instead launching into an irrelevant tirade about flags. Not that I'd expect an obvious GG-era newfag like you to have the perspective to argue with my post.

No one made you, like in some places

You've inherited the posting habits from some pedophile ween outcasts from something awful. There is very little merit in this. That it's a fundamental part of your identity is just a demonstration of how the internet has destroyed your brain.
You being a retarded nazi is no surprise given everything else.

I did.
Been on here for a solid 4 years since that fateful day I found here

Your point is a lie.

You think the "alt-right" and SJWs are the same thing and that chan culture is somehow left, when this thread shows leftist culture is actually the opposite of chan culture.

Leftists desire conformism despite all the big words, they only mobilize they people complain about diversity.

Chan is the reverse, they seek problems and make a big stinking pile of it.

It's called banter, and it's only specific flags.

Damn, that’s some pure shit right there

When said chan culture instills almost religious zeal to your belief and hobby, I would say it holds actual merits.

Unlike you faggot who believe in nothing and fight for nothing.

So decrees the high priest of Chan culture

Lifestyleism is being a hipster who refuses to do something.

An otaku will organize and boycott en masse a product he doesn't like.

The problem is not the banter, the problem is the lie that Holla Forums desire anonymity when it willingly flags itself.

Huh, weird, I would argue the exact opposite. You've been driven insane by posting wars and gamergate.
I'm pretty sure you're not doing any "fighting" for any of your retarded beliefs beyond sharing oven memes or whatever counts as praxis for Nazis since you can't show up on the streets without getting decked. Good luck with the whole weeb Nazism thing.


holy shit

Please do argue the exact opposite that.
We are voting with our wallet and shame the leftists.
Haha, I wonder who's getting decked.
There's an actual word for that.

See this post

He said this, when he flagged himself.

This is your brain on idpol. That it's idpol concerning something as insignificant as choice of imageboars and the minutiae of posting custom only heightens the absurdity. Kind of makes sense that such people lean into fascism, already so susceptible to spooks as-is.


Yes, the brain on idpol is saying the obsession with flag is idpol. Of course, it's posting custom! It's fun! It has nothing to do with identity.

Except stop referring to it as chan culture, because it's not.

Doesn't look decked to me.

Everything you've said regarding your alliegance to chan culture is fucking insane identity bullshit.

Oh that's a complain about flagd then, and how it is not compatible with anonimity exaclty? Can you guess the actual identity of the guy posting under that flag?

I know you are a black flag faggot for one.

Does chan culture exist or not?

If exists, then protecting is not bullshit.

If it doesn't exist, then faggot here is lying:

Well, he's lying either ways but yeah.

How is this better?

*better for anonymity?

Because your country actually tells nothing on what you think.

You can’t really protect cultures because they change. No, I don’t think the Chan’s should be a petting zoo/museum for “culture”

See my post for the rest of the complaints:

It has more to do with censorship and that the culture here is far and away from chan culture.

Were talking anonymity, you dumb fuck

It exists and it's not important or worth preserving. The workable definition of chan culture is however just how people post on chans, there are no uniting principles, even the focus on absolute anonymity, as in not even using the namefield, was a later imposition. People namefagged all the fucking time back in the day, again, these were something awful posters. Just as IP flags were a later imposition.
Getting pure about chan culture is an enormous waste of time. In 4 years the way people post will be drastically different as has been the case with these awful websites since their inception. You have politics based on this, I hope you meet with a therapist at some point.

No, even worse. They give the country where you live. So much for caring about anonymity

So you would rather judge a post on the flag it bears rather than its actual content?
And somehow you are the one upholding chan culture?

If something can change, then it can be protected.
Then you desire the leddit and everything invasion that destroys chan culture.


Giving away your ideology betrays anonymity.

The country where you live doesn't describe much about you.

I don't judge you, it's you who put up the black flag by your own choice.
Yes, yes and yes.

It actually is.

It exists and like every culture, it's worth preserving because I care for it.

The fact you think I'm insane for wanting to preserve something I grow up means you are the insane one.

Who are you to destroy culture?

I can do it. I'm doing it right in this thread.

Culture changes, you are trying to fight history. You'll lose btw.

No, you really can’t protect it. The Chan’s have changed already, and you don’t even realize it. Anything you protect would be a facsimile of what it once was. I much rather shape the direction it goes in.

No, history is shaped by humans, if people think a culture is worth preserving, it will persist.

Then you are one of those ledditor invaders and should not ever complain about Holla Forums "ruining" chan culture when you yourself want it to be ruined.

No it isn't. Shilling was present in Holla Forums very inception.
Also you faggots have no room to talk when it comes to Reddit when you flooded imageboards with The_Dolan retards

There are no cultures that have stayed frozen in time. Unless they die that is, which in this case is actually appropriate since the 2004 era btard bullshit that spawned this conception of chan culture
died out long ago. Probably due to people like you in fact. Since you were new blood that changed the culture.

Fuck off, youre probably 12. How come every channer I meet after gg sounds like a pubescent whiny culture warrior?

It actually is.

The swarmfront shit is literally never proven (Stormfront now is boast) while there are actual proofs of outsider boards like leddit trying to influence Holla Forums.

I still don't see a single argument, ESL-kun.

I respect and desire chan culture, a culture where I can call you a nigger faggot and speak my mind without getting banned, this culture still exists in various places on either 4chan or Holla Forums, even on Holla Forums. Just not here (been banned twice faggot already).

I dunno, but you are the one who sound 12 to me.
Because we face actual threats?

The will to preserve culture have little weight compared to our material conditions.
Something as trivial as a model of urbanism can kill the communal life and its practices.
Supermarkets and modern working conditions did more to nuke traditional ways of life than Karltural Marx could even dream of.

Another good post on the topic.

Then re-read these again and again until you see them: & , illiterate.

That post is another big lie.

That point about unique way being celeberated ignores how certain fetish is always frowned on the chan, such as furry.

The chan does give a shit on what you fap to and will shame you mercifully if they find out about your taste.

In fact, why it does so zealously is why it gets political, because feminists and leftists cannot leave everything alone.

You were banned for being a dumb faggot. Which actually used to be way more common on 4chan. These days you only get banned for explicit rule violations. Again, that's a new thing. Tin god moderators like snacks were the norm back then.

The will is everything, it's the will that shape humanity, not the material.
Sure, not the shit they teach in university, no.

Not the fact that the lives of traditional parents weren't taught to the children.

Nope, it's just supermarket and modern working condition.

I'm banned because I expose a big lie, and you hate me for it.

4chan was never known for being a ban-happy place, it's a place for dumb faggots to shame other dumb faggots, not a hug box.

Holla Forums didn’t ruin Chan culture, they ruined the board. I can’t even blame them because it was bound to happen eventually. There’s no way it was going to survive them astroturfing. You guys were completely fine with that. Now you come to us and expect our sympathy because there’s reddit at your doorstep? Pardon me as I whisper “no”.

No furries weren't shunned upon because of their tastes but because they decided to be obnoxious about it.
you show once again you understand nothing of chan culture.
You only adopted its superifcials asect while ignoring the reasons behind thoses customs, ironically demonstrating that you war to preserve the purity of chan culture is void of meaning for you defending an already bastardized version of it.

Naw, you write like a brain damaged pol idiot and like your comerades you get banned around here.
I actually don't even blame you for not knowing how the mods used to operate because you probably started posting after 2010. The 4chan of yore was totally out of sight even then.

If you never got banned there consistently, then you probably weren’t anyone that mattered.

I do not expect sympathy from you fucking losers.

Just don't lie that your place is the real chan culture, because it's not.

School students your brainwashed sociopaths are shooting en masse


Real Chan culture is a spook. It already died and you guys are just kicking the corpse

I am banned there consistently because they accuse me of speaking of politics in non-politics board.

I was not banned in the older 4chan for saying the same shit.

There are shitton of obnoxious things about the chan.

Only the furry were nuked, and only the furry, not even the damn horse.

I think it's actually you who do not understand chan culture.

I would argue that it is. Bush was never loved, neither was Conservatism. This is relatively new, as more people have access to the internet than before, and time has clouded memory.

Trump is a classic neoliberal, an American conservative. He would have been hated at any time from 2003-2010. Perhaps you have your libertarians who dominated such spaces, but I don't think you realize just how alone you would have been at this point, then.

It's fucking dead, it doesn't matter. Nobody cares. Move on with your life.

More meaningless screencap to congratulate yourself.

Get fucking real.

You do not want to protect culture, you hate culture, the capitalism destroys culture doesn't mean you communist faggot wants to protect it, in fact, you want a culture-less world, much more than the capitalists do. Because at least capitalist can make money of culture, unlike you faggots.

So actually shut up if you want to talk culture.

The assembly of sociopathic hyena taking nothing seriously at all that was early chan culture is dead indeed. But you see more remnants of its memories, if not some customs,here than you would see in nu/pol/

Plenty of people were, tho. Muke was\is an easily offended fag.

Humanity isn't important. There hasn't been a genera of large mammals nearly as fragile the genera Homo. They've all gone extinct in thousands of years mostly, not even reaching millions. We're all that's left, I doubt we're going to fare much better.

Your will does not matter to the climate, the air, the food, the water, the plate tectonics, the elements, the chemicals, your body, your health

Your will is your dreams, and I think many men have dreamed before, but many men die penniless for their efforts. To claim yourself greater, is such grand naivety, to think an individual among 7 billion can possibly matter, that I can only imagine you're mentally ill.

Which given the population of Holla Forums, is not surprising. You all suffer from unwarranted self importance.

Except I care, and thus, I want to protect it.
A culture is never dead, since it lives with people who practice it.

Bush was hated because at the time 4chan was populated by young kids who were liberals.

But even then, liberals back then weren't SJWs, and thus they grow into conservatives who despite the liberals who want to shove diversity into every notch and cranny.
An american conservative is a liberal, not a neoliberal, what the fuck does that mean?
Not from 2008 onward where Bush is started to be loved again and Obama is a huge fucking faggot.
On the contrary, I'm not alone. What matters is that tumblr and leddit bringing you leftists ass here.

Then keep screeching boy. I'm sure someone in the world cares

Humanity is important. Culture is important because it brings inspiration into humanity, and humanity makes that into reality.

Humanity's strongest point is that it can realize things that are thought impossible by humanity.

Thus we are important because we believe we are important.

Drivel, the project of capitalism is to commodify everything. You have a very impoverished idea of culture if you mistake that for preservation and you're an insane person if you think it leads to originality. Just look at the fucking movies we make.


In the first post you're being intellectually dishonest by equating BO's policies with board culture and general leftist attitudes. If you lurked a bit, you'd know that BO's trigger-happy attitude is widely unpopular and frequently criticized. There was even a recent board split over this.

Holla Forums has other problems but I've never claimed that Holla Forums is the gold standard of anonymous board culture, or leftism, itself.

You continually refuse to engage or even think about the rest of my points. Lurk more, learn why we say that SJWs aren't leftist and Holla Forums is the same as SJWs, and we can have a discussion.

Said hyena does care, they laugh at things but never at things they like.

They weren't anarchists or nihilists, they have always protected their hobbies or their beliefs.

Commodifying everything erodes cultural significance and value acquired through meaning. Capitalism by its nature commodifies everything. Money and possessions are the cultural pillars of the capitalist worldview, and that was a poor direction for humanity to follow.

The more we are advertised to, the more our culture is manufactured for us by board-room decisions and marketing data, the more it is about the things and not the people and shared activities, the more fake our existences become. Anything that steers us away from that direction is likely going to be a positive as far as culture is concerned.

No it isn't.

No it isn't.

You're so obsessed with culture you don't even know what it means. You think Russians had no culture, you think the Eastern Bloc was some artless blob.

You love culture but you hate the humanities, how contradictory your logic is I cannot even begin to describe.

Humanity's greatest strength is going extinct faster than most animals in the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

Ah yes. If you believe you can succeed. Which children's movie did you pluck that one from

Yeah they did.
They liked cats, but also tortured the fuck out of them.

Only children get this mad at the changing times.

You see, your big mistake is to think of culture as as some kind of citadel you have to preserve against the barbarians when a culture is first and foremost something you practice.
I have seen plenty of liberals, normies and literal hippies at cultural festivals, i have yet to see any keyboard warrior upholding the White race.
If anything, in my country the Holla Forums type of people are the one crashing cultural events because God forbid Blacks to be curious about European culture and partake in it.

The BO here is the perfect representation of leftist culture, dogmatic and contradictory and very ban-happy. And this board is fine with it, because this place is all you got! The BO can shit on your mouth and you will "criticize" him and get back to posting yourself.

Compare this with the rebellious actions of Holla Forums and older 4chan, where we piss off moot the little jew faggot to the point he left.

Then learn that SJWs are leftist and you guys are the same as SJWs, the actual fact.

SJWs want niggers in games.
You are fine with that.
Holla Forums does not want niggers in games.

Thus you are SJW-enabler and Holla Forums is anti-SJW.

This is you

So rebellious you defend the US Government

Shitty movies Hollywood makes are no different than the shitty movies communist makes.

But at least the commodities show the culture, or even the shell of it.

Communists want to destroy that even, to replace them with their own invented culture, newly made of books!

This is why capitalism is bad, but communism is worse.

I kind of admire that you're so foward about this just being videogame grievance bullshit. Most of you try to pretend you care about important things.

Uh, you mean the very US government that badmouths its president?

Is the president rebellious or the government rebellious?

They had no cohesive beleif system. In fact, if you started talking about belief systems, they’d probably call you a faggot and post a dead dog

Yes, the very same. You don't get how this works, do you

You see, I think your big mistake is that you think culture should change on a whim by outsiders.

Cultures are practices thus they are protected by those who practice them.

SJWs want niggers in games.

Holla Forums does not want niggers in games.

Holla Forums realizes that niggers being in games is a completely ridiculous and unimportant non-issue that is barely worth talking about in the grand scheme of things.

And that is why you are a bizarro SJW, and we are the actual anti-SJWs.

You're a loser lol

So is the president rebellious or the government rebellious?

Do you know how this works?

Oh jesus he actually has faith in Neoliberal electoral politics

Videogames and anime were a channer's hobby and culture.

It leads to important things.

Seeing videogames being invaded kinda opens your eyes.

Your English skills are pretty poor so it's hard to make out what you're saying. You're scared of books? Sorry dude.
You've confirmed that you've confused commodification for culture though so I fear you'll just continue this confusion until you read a book, try society of the spectacle. You won't get it but it's worth a shot.

Neither, and neither are you.

Fucking wew
You’re deep into that ideology, aren’t you?

You mean the very board who shills for Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn?

At least Holla Forums regularly shits on Trump.

I'll link you to the pic of your( i presume) own post.
Moot was a colossal faggot fucking up his own site every four mornings but people keep coming back.
That's another characteristic of chan culture that sticked :^)

Anime sucks and so do video games get out of here

Moot was chase out of 4chan, when will you chase out this BO?

Constantly mocked

Look who the press is bad mouthing and frothing at the mouth about. Sorry people want to defend the NHS, you blind American Mutts only want your own self destruction.

Wow, was the Civil War real?


You know who the press is also bad mouthing and frothing at the mouth the most about?

I will see the day when Holla Forums is so rebellious it defends the UK's labour party.

There are more than 5 threads shitting on Trump right now on Holla Forums.

How many threads here are mocking Sanders?

What does this even fucking mean. All of them accept the same bribes from the same lobbyists and nothing gets done and the outrage is to keep themselves perpetually elected, or at least electing officials that benefit their own interests.

They don't give a shit about you.

Why don't you get it

Bernie and Corbyn are memes. I just want to move the Overton window. Getting Bernie actually elected would have been horrible. The fact he lost was better, because it means people aren’t going to be disappointed when they find out he’s a socdem. The only people who unironically support him are socdems

Who is "our" here?

Funny that you were calling people nihilist consumerists above despite frankly admitting that your politics is built on a foundation of zealotry towards consumption of puerile media like fucking videogames.
You are drowning in ideology and it might be terminal.

The American president? Good, why should I give a shit.

Fuck em

Like, every thread

Yes, I'm damn scared of books who replace actual culture with fake ass ones.
I think there's a better tale for you, the Golden Goose.

Really? Link them all to me?

Ya we totally are in love with Bernie Sanders you caught us

lmfao get out of here

They do not change on a whim but because of the habits of the people change, like when they are confronted to new ideas and customs.
It's not about how culture should be but how it works.
That's how most of culture is born in the first place.

Right on the front page actually

Was the Civil War real?

Answer the question.

I don't think you read tbh. No need to be scared. After the revolution you can keep jacking off to anime.

That is literally how culture forms, take a fucking community college class. The Greeks didn't found Western Canon by themselves, they borrowed in cultural exchange from the Near East, Egypt, and the surrounding islands

Rome borrowed from fucking everywhere it went

The only time you're thinking of is the fucking dark ages

Name a culture that hasn't changed, just one.

So I guess Corbyn, another politician, is the exception here then.

We can tell you Trump is but a way to move right too.

It took more than 10 years to oust Moot, so BO might still have a lot of time unfortunately

Yes. The civil war was real. And no, it does not relate to modern American politics/politicians.

All of them accept the same bribes from the same lobbyists and nothing gets done and the outrage is to keep themselves perpetually elected, or at least electing officials that benefit their own interests.

They don't give a shit about you.

Why don't you get it?

Your privacy is already owned by the NSA, good news is the CIA and NSA are stupid, the shooting in Florida is enough to prove this.

No, all these cultures get worse in time. Time to stop that.

I dunno, Japan still keeps their culture and tradition intact.

They are changed on a whim by outsiders, literally by something else who come and say their cultures should modernize.

Not even the middle ages were stagnant. Cultures have never frozen in place, it's impossible.

He's a useful tool that wants to get rid of corruption. You have faith in American politics that is full of fucking corruption. More corruption than anywhere else in the Western World.

The difference is, you're fucking ridiculously stupid. You and people like you have the political understanding of children

If the civil war is real, it means the governmental agents is not the same entity.

And why is it not related to modern american politicians?

It takes 2 year to oust moot.

Sure, but you won’t because it’s not true.
During the election, the majority of the board had some sky high hopes. Even after it, all you needed to peruse the trump general to see al the true believers. Face it, you and r/the Donald love that guy

Yes, while you have faith in Corbyn who really wants to get rid of corruption.

So rebellious indeed.

Haha, jesus, and he votes for more social democrats!

Sickens love Corbin for some reason. Rest of us are cynical

You mean like how Holla Forums literally phonebanks for Bernie?

Jesus christ, even Holla Forums didn't need to do that, it just makes funny jpgs and videos.


Wrong. Before the Orientalizing Period, Greece was fairly crude. Then it slowly developed a canon during the period and afterwards that became Western Canon, borrowed entirely by is successor Rome.

Here's some before and after of the Orientalizing Period.

At least fucking read a book before you pretend to know about history Holla Forums.

See that on the left? Mantiklos' Apollo, the state of Greece around before and during beginning of its Orientalizing phase.

See that after? That's after its Orientalizing phase.

This happens throughout history, you haven't studied even basic fucking history

Nigger please, don't lie.
I hate it when obvious lies exist.

I'm damn scared of communists to be honest.

Aside from being bloodthristy, they will use the excuse that capitalism make culture commercial to destroy every last bits of culture.

And that Debord faggot too.

The sheer illiteracy of this statement. The meiji restoration and transition to a liberal republic were massive fucking upheavals. Social standards and custom have gone through enormous change. Even the fucking anime you like so much was a very recent invention heavily inspired by American Disney cartoons.
I shouldn't be surprised that a fascist has a completely stupid and uneducated perspective on japan though. Basically a stereotype at this point.

Start making sense anytime

Actual history shows that every cultures have their golden age, until they either face stagnation or they get conquered and invaded by foreigners who change their cultures.

Only the strong and faithful can preserve bits by bits of their culture.

lmao, I don't think you knew who Debord was before I mentioned his book just now.

Have you seen Japanese Pop Culture? it's a cruel malformed US culture imposed on an ex great power. This is to say nothing of the suicide rate.

Infantile historical analysis. Thanks pol.

Fuckin lol, did you get that from reading some "cute little girls doing cute things at New year festival" episodes?
Most of their women spend their life slowly killing themselves at work on an other hand, an ever increasing number of their population drop out of society entirey to overdose of manufactured crap.
So much for muh traditions.

The Meiji restoration liberalizes and modernizes japanese society, but their actual culture was kept and preserved because even the emperor fears of the supernatural.

Anime was inspired by american disney cartoons because they are also cartoons, but anime is but a product, the actual contents show if they are inspired by Japan culture or not.

What in the everloving name of Lenin are you even talking about?

You need to lurk more. Corbin

I will personally come, burn your daimakuras and smash your vidya you false valor having stormfaggot

The Classical Period was after the Archaic. Guess when Greece was isolated vs when it wasn't.

Guess when Rome was isolated vs when it had an Empire.

See, this doesn't work well for your argument at all.

See these statues? Greek, archaic, most isolated time. Kleobis and Biton, 580 BC. Before Classical Period.

You would probably mistake these as being from the Near East.

You know about as much of history as youdn scrape from the top of a fucking American Grade School book

The two longest years of my life ;_;

Japan cultrue is far and removed from US culture.

Study history and get back to me.

No, I read that from actual festivals and traditions that are still preserved in Japan, as well as their history books starting from the first emperor.
Because their modern culture are not comparable to their old, that's why they look back to anime and vidya to reflect their older cultures.


The meiji restoration did not liberalize Japan holy shit. You don't know the words you're using.
What is the culture of a country if not it's politics, it's art, and it's social custom? All of which have changed enormously everywhere since even as little as 50 years ago? I can't even parse that statement about the emperor. Again, I think that's your language skills.
I don't think you actually have a coherent idea of what culture is or what kind of future you'd like to see.


Really hard to understand?

Communists want to use the excuse that:
- capitalism commodifies culture thus it's not real culture
- culture changes
To completely destroy every last bits of cultures.


Proof Positive

Culture doesn't stop. Ozymandias was king once.

This has to be bait. You don't believe that culture changes? Fucking what?


What the fuck are you talking about, specifically?

Be honest with me. Have you ever read a history book that wasn't assigned in class? Name one.

that is the single dumbest thing anyone has said about japan

They are still occupying it, but Japan refuses to adopt to american culture.

Else we would see everyone with a goddamn gun in Japan, that would be nice.

The Meiji restoration completely and utterly destroys the samurai class, forcing them to be either general or merchant, thus liberalizing Japan.
The culture is the language, the art, and social customs, it has nothing to do with politics unless politics suppress culture.

As a former Holla Forumsbab. let me explain.
This fellow believes that communists plan to create a society of endless commieblocks, with all traces of history, identity, values, art, etc. eradicated such that people live worker ant lives.

Wrong, Communists want to separate culture from the capitalist process of production because it produces bullshit like the Chris Nolan Batman movies


I'm honest with you and I know more about history than you do.

That didn't answer my question.

yea show me all the samurai clans that still rule japan and not its fucking parliament

What on god's fucking green earth



Nah, they just went door to door. Either way, I remember there being a phone bank thread, but it was mostly meme kids who just wanted to see a Bernie/Trump debate. A lot of them were voting stein

Stop fucking lying, communist doesn't give one fuck about culture.
It thinks culture changes, or worse, some cultures are reactionary and thus deserve to be suppressed.

Bolsheviks destroying church, or tsarist symbols, or suppressing cossack traditions, specificaly?

japan and korea became almost literal us colonies because of fear of being molested by uncle joe.

There's McDonalds in Japan you idiot.

how about this one?

If you are honest, the Shimazu still rules Kyushu.

Japan's """culture""" is hated by most of Asia for being the most comidfied Americanized piece of shit in the East for getting sent back to the stone age in World War II by allying with the Axis Powers, which afterwards, they borrowed heavily from the Western Media they consumed during the occupation










Cultures change because everything changes you fuckwit, Communists love studying change, it's their thing, it's called dialectics. The communist society is not one that is unchanging you dumb shit.

That isn't liberalism you fucking moron. Japan transitioned to militaristic imperialist state during the meiji reformation. They didn't start to liberalize until after WW2.
Fucking imbecile.

I know we are probably destroying your worldview, but you should at least listen when talking to actual communist about what they believe.

The USSR did more to preserve and promote Russian culture than any tsar or capitalist ever did. The symbols of a German dynasty and parasitic, regressive clergy do not a culture make.


I'm afraid the Japan you like is like Wakanda fam.

McDonalds in Japan means Japan is American culture, what?

Indeed, care to explain?

And they still keep their cultures removed from US culture.

Unless you think these korean dramas that the US end up copying are actually US cultures.

This isn't even mentioning Japan aping the west's colonialism and racism during the imperial era, just ask any korean or KMT war veteran

thats a fancy way to spell Yakuza


you mean…fucking

Andrei Tarkovsky

Frida Kahlo

Czeslaw Znamierawski

Fucking Pablo Picasso

All fucking communists


t. Tokugawa

What fucking Russian culture, champ?

Pray tell?

See the proof right here.


I do not give a single fuck of what you say, and I'm darn scared of you.


You said yourself that art is a part of culture so how are Korean soap operas not a replication of American culture? You want to tell me how many soap operas Korea was making before American influence?


Japan has always been a militarized society, except Meiji destroys the warrior class, thus liberalizing it.

No, we have an actual communist here glorifying destruction of culture, see
And no, you are entrenching my worldview. Thank you.

My god the American on this one, you can smell its breath from here

Your arrogance is why you are universally loathed Holla Forums. The world doesn't revolve around you.

Cooking is a big part of culture m8, it shows that Japan doesn't insulate itself from foreign cultures.
Beside, if you're searching from foreign inluence on Japanese culture, look at their artistic production. Lots of manga took inspirations from Western floklore.
I dare you to deny the inflence of LOTR on the whole isekai genre

where are you from? your post is filled with nearly incoherent rage and it makes me laugh.

You just linked back to me, dum dum.

I'm not wrong bub

Japan has already invaded Korea a shit long time ago.

They didn't learn that from the west.

The meiji reformation didn't even destroy a warrior class as the imperial military ascended to what was essentially the ruling class. The emperor himself even being subordinate to it. In any case, even if there wasn't a military class. THAT ISNT FUCKING LIBERALISM. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THAT WORD MEANS.
You don't know history. You're fucking retarded.

Excuse me?

Korean dramas are inspired by soap operas but they develop into their own, to the point where americans start to copy their styles.

didnt you know japan invented medieval knights

The Imjin War isn't really comparable what came in 1895.

wew lad

Nobody wants to convince you to be one of us, in fact this is good, please stay away from any political ideology that makes a lick of sense, all you could possibly do is destructive


How is this not cultural change. Going in both directions.

The meiji reformation destroyed the samurai and shogun so utterly that a general staff loyal to the emperor is installed instead.

So it went from a state ruled by the de-facto shogun/military dictatorship to a constitutional monarchy.

Oh yes, silly us. I mean everybody knows there is nothing in Eastern Europe beside men in jogging squatting and vodka.

Guess where does the tem lolita comes from?

He doesn't know who any of those people are.


I’ve never heard of the Tsarist and Orthodox Symbol culture. Must be new

yeah, considering communists here have no problem suppressing culture, as long as they are reactionary, you confirm everything I need to know.

Be honest, these aren't classic russian cultures.


Americans do the same fucking thing. You suppressed cultures throughout the fucking Cold War

Shut the fuck up honestly just shut the fuck up

They are cultures.

In fact, the ruskies pick up them back up, and even Stalin installed them back to get people back on track, showing how strong they are.

the "strong" usually leave no culture behind

The fact culture can influence each other does not mean cultures ought to be destroyed, like what you communists do.


What on Earth

Are you saying imperial Japan wasn't a military dictatorship? It wasn't a feudal one, that does not make it liberal.
You are straight up retarded my dude, learn what these words mean before you use them.

you mongoloid

So? It does not excuse what the communists do.

Wait, who says Russia doesn't have a culture?

In fact, I'm not the one who says tsarist symbols and orthodoxy are not russian cultures.

Russia has more cultures than the USSR.













considering fascists have no problem burning books, as long as they are opposed to the state and tradition, you confirm everything i need to know.



It's not because it's actually under the emperor.

Japan was ruled by the shogun, a single military dictator back then.

it can be, look at classic american cultures.

Classical Russian music, song, dance, art and literature were preserved and promoted by the Soviets. The USSR created world-famous poets, filmmakers, musicians and sportsmen while preserving the works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Tschaykovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov. The cultures of ethnic minorities that were suppressed under the Tsars, were promoted and protected.

But all that is irrelevant to you, because the Soviets did away with the superficial aesthetics of a corrupt, parasitic elite. You don't actually care about culture.

ok you got me, you're a troll

You just fucking did



Is Britain no longer liberal because it has a queen?



The west is in danger of being destroyed and overrun by foreigners, we want to protect it.
You communists want to destroy every cultures you deem as reactionary.

God, so fucking mad.

Americans are guilty for suppressing cultures too, but communists literally don't care.






look, the ussr wasn't known for supressing culture. You're probably thinking of the great cultural revolution of china, but even that one was dedicated to purging party members that rivaled mao, not feudal culture itself.

Bullshit, they were promoted ONLY because Stalin thinks people like them and it can embolden patriotism. This is why Stalin rebuilds church.
Like the cossack and tar-tar, amirite?
That aesthetics is culture, my friend. You just destroy culture while thinking it's nothing important.

It confirms what I fear.



They’re not tho.
You can orthodoxy and symbols but they don’t make a culture, that’s the point. It’s like you’re too myopic to see that culture isn’t one way street

Even if this were true, it's the west that destroyed countries like Syria, the Congo, and most of Latin America causing those people to flee where things are better, guess where things are better?

the USSR is very-well known for suppressing culture, even folklore were banned for a time, until Stalin think it's good for the mass.

Then stay in your fucking hole Holla Forums nobody wants you here.

I dare them to slap me, the cultureless bastards.

Like seriously, this is how communists argue.


the more I read, the more I'm scared.

Why does Stalin's motivation matter? The USSR is better with the church than without according to you, right?

America is very-well known for suppressing culture, all their films are reviewed by the State Department

I don't even know what point you're trying to make about Japan at this point. You didn't even refute what I said. You're just repeating simplistic and stupid ideas about Japan.
You don't know what liberalism is besides some ape-brained correlation with modernity. I bet you think Dubai and Saudi Arabia have been "liberalized" as well.

The author is Russian.
But what you say is interesting becasue the novel was indeed published in France and the author got naturalized American, culture thrive beyond borders…

because it shows Stalin is no true communist, he's a pragmatist and god blesses him for that.

The USSR supressed culture
The USSR did not supress culture

Imagine a world with no folklore
oh the humanity

god you fucking little shit

holy fucking shit. This thread blew the fuck up.

My point is clear Japan went from a military dictatorship to a constitutional monarchy with a parliarment, and the peasants got some rights as some generals, it liberalizes.
Saudi Arabia is been liberalizing.

Britain is a constitutional monarchy, it's already liberal.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww are you scared?

This really makes me understand why the mods usually just ban and delete

Symbols are just that, and not culture. Why are you playing dumb?

That's the fucking point. The mainstream "left" is cancerous, and Holla Forums is severe chemo.

any communist is a pragmatist my dude, the reason communists kill anarchists is because communists think anarchists AREN'T practical ENOUGH, this is why Marx, father of communism, criqued guys like Bakunin, Stirner, and Proudhon.

You're a neoliberal fool who believes America is the center of the planet and I hope to god you get soaked in radiation from a North Korean ICBM

You've attempted to demonize communism in this thread by referencing the actions of the USSR and Stalin but now Stalin isn't a real communist.
How do you even get your shirt on the right way, my man.

Yes, I fucking dare them. Cultureless bastards shan't lay their hand on me.

Yes, because Lenin USSR and Stalin USSR are the same. Just like Krushchev USSR.

imagine devoting hours upon hours trying to dishonestly argue about chan culture of all things


Stay in school kids

Right? The limits of discourse, honestly.

imagine being so spooked that you literally value moe your grandmas pot making technics and your grandpa's leg stretching while listening to a concertina more than anything else

Holy shit this fucking guy


I just wish these types of threads existed for things that actually mattered

How has this thread not been anchored yet?

Hoochie would have deleted this thread the moment it began

We got rid of hoochie. We made a mistake

I doesn't matter why they did it. Russian culture flourished under the Soviets, and that's a fact.

I'm a monarchist actually, absolutely monarchist.

I don't need to demonize communists when communists gleefully excuse the destruction of cultures in this thread. Everyone can see.
And Stalin is not a real communist, the USSR is not communist either.

Call me many things but dishonest is not one of them.

Pick up a history book.

I already get out of college, no thanks.

Japan didn't have a parliament or any form of democracy until 1947. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. A limited monarchy with military, imperial rule and an absolute theocratic monarchy are not liberal under any definition.
Talking with you is genuinely exhausting because you're just so stupid and uneducated. I can see why you need Holla Forums for community.


No, that's not a fact.

Because it destroys cultures that are deemed reactionary all the same.

A tsarist russia would have kept more traditional cultures.


You never answered me in regards to whether or not you've read a history book of your own volition. Just one book that isn't a textbook you were assigned in class.


That's bullshit and we all know it. You didn't even know fucking Greco-Roman history, you never set foot in a fucking college. You don't even know who Andrei fucking Tarkovsky was.

What fucking clown college accepted you?

Tell me what college you attended, University of Phoenix?

It's good to have these threads. Maybe this poor Holla Forumsyp will start thinking about this later, and eventually the cognitive dissonance will get too strong for him to deny.

You mean those times when it was pointed out how they preserved russian culture, while you don't care how western republics and monarchies repeatedly assimilated other cultures?

Which University bud? How you living the postgrad life? Seems like you learned a lot

It was a constutitional monarchy.

Thus it liberalized compared to the absolute rule of the shogun/emperor in previous era.

Do not call people stupid and uneducated when you are one yourself.


Which college had the good grace to fucking accept you?

Literally "I know you are but what am I"

I see that attending Brain Genius University did wonders for you, I'm in awe of your capacities


Do the bare amount of work and research that term as a political philosophy. I'll spoil this part, it doesn't include any divinely appointed monarchies that collude in power with a military. Transitioning from Feudalism does not equal Liberlaism. It can be, it isn't always. Such as in Japan.

You're amazing, I have no idea where you lobotomy patients keep coming from.

1. I know my share of Greco roman history.
2. I know who Tarkosky was, but he's not a symbol of classic russian culture.
And which college, anonomity, remember?

Rethink about what? About how communists destroy culture while saying they are not cultures? I'm scared by you guys.

Like those nice tsarist symbols, various pagan traditions, the separated church, the suppressed cossack, all those russian cultures man, I love it!



I have the deep conviction that thoses threads are what are making Holla Forumsyps snap and commit school shootings.

t. hoochie

lol you lied

You unironically get the gulag


Hello, this thread is about I'm pissed off about being lied to that Holla Forums is tru chan culture.

All you have to say is which University you graduated from, it's not that difficult, nor does it reveal your anonomity

So far you have shown you don't have a community college level education

You are so sad

Which college?

High school dropout confirmed

The best fucking "college" you could have possibly attended was either University of Phoenix or most likely Adult School

Tell me more, you scholar of chanology.

It doesn't really matter.
I'm a burger, and unless you are a history major, burger education barely covers anything that isn't british history to WW2, with most of it being about WW2 and the burger civil war. That's about as far as it gets all the way through college.

No, that's the combination of their ideology which tells them that's the right thing to do and the constant warnings about cointelpro and every polyp shooting being a falseflag.
Threads like these got me to stop being a Holla Forumsyp after about 4 years of it.

I'm a Burger and that's bullshit. Even a community college can tell you this shit

Unless you live in a shithole state, learning all of this is incredibly easy and this man has not shown he has learned even fucking Art History


*He hasn't

I lived in a shithole state, South Carolina.
And most of this isn't taught to you unless you specifically seek out history courses. You greatly overestimate burger education

Anonymity, remember?

Fuck off fake nazi.


I'm banned so many times now.

But let's do one more time.

Communists destroy any cultures that they deem reactionary, and install new cultures to replace them.
Capitalists commodify and sell cultures, but at least through that, cultures can live on and prospered.

Don't lie about going to a university we can all tell you're bullshitting

Clown College

Clown College

Clown College

Sorry you got caught in a lie, bud.

You're worse at lying than you are at understanding history

But i thought Classical American cultures dissapeared?

Anonymity, remember?

I'm sad and pissed off by this thread.

And this little friend here, the fact it has a constitution already means it liberalism.

Absolutely monarchy answers to no constutition, even mockup or not.

If you went to any higher education and came out a fake deep monarchist, they have failed you utterly and completely

Disappear in the city.

But that freedom loving, frontier spirit still lives in in certain countrysides.

All we're asking is which college my man, we don't want to hurt you. We just want to laugh at you.

Which college :)

I have came out and fuck these cultureless bastards. Not worth to lick my boot.

And I'm not a fake, nor I am deep.

Just a monarchist, absolute monarchist.

You never attended higher education other than high school, just admit it already

I take offense to that, because I do understand history.

So laugh at me because I'm already scared by you communists.

So much lies and doublespeak.

This thread should be archived.

If you even went to a university, you would probably have a better grasp on history and culture, but so far you have shown you grasp nothing whatsoever


Do you know how old constitutions are? I mean obviously not given the grasp of history you've demonstrated.
They're more than 1000 years older than liberalism. Sparta had a fucking constitution.
You are deeply retarded.

I do have a good grasp on history and culture though, what are you guys smoking?

You didn't even know about Greek's Archaic, Orientalizing, and Classical periods

You probably couldn't even fucking distinguish between an Ionic and Doric column

You know jack shit, we all know you know jack shit

And it's really pathetic you keep larping instead of admitting you never went. Because this is pathetic.


Such a great grasp you thought Greece was at its height at its most isolated

lmao we all know you never set fut on any campus

What we all know is you're full of shit, and any college that accepted you is crackpot


I know how old constitutions are, but constitutional monarchy is a liberalized form of monarchy, and is absolutely disgusting.

Capitalism is not thoroughly as communism in destroying culture.
This much is clear, because capitalism can still make money off "reactionary" cultures.

I have been banned again and again, which makes me hard to post.

But the fact the greeks were inspired by Egypt did not mean their cultures are dead, you guys on the other hand fully want "reactionary symbols" to be stamped out and do not want to count they as cultures.

Sane men who read this thread can figure it out on their own.

Eisenstein literally shaped all of cinematic history you Brainlet

And who gives a shit about that when they destroy churches and cross? And stamp out pagan symbols?

Who gives a shit about cinematic history?

Nobody even said that. You said that. You said that they never fucking borrowed from other cultures. If you knew anything about history, or art history, even a tiny bit of Western Canon, you would have instantly remembered that the Greeks established it by borrowing from other cultures at the time

Which is really not unique at all, the Near East borrowed from them, and the Egyptians, and the Egyptians stayed fairly consistent but early on borrowed from the Near East

You want a real absolute monarchy you should be shilling for the fucking Egyptians and stop idolizing Rome and Greece, what you will find there will only hurt your arguiment

Previously you did

Capitalism twists cultures to make them marketable
In other words it make them ''change', exactly the stuff that trigger you so much

You are about as consistent as fucking Lucifer. Jesus Christ

You still haven't answered what college you went to

When did I say that Rome and Greece never borrowed from other cultures?

Rome becomes fully Absolutely Monarchy as it goes on, and Greece has absolute monarchy states as well.

Even bigger meme ideology than Ancap

The Magna Carta predates liberalism.
You're stupid dude, sorry to say.
Also, you're backpedaling. You said previously that a constitution is evidence of liberalism and now have to retreat from that.
Your claim that Imperial Japan was liberal is empirically wrong. Just stop digging deeper.

Take the hint

Lads, what the fuck am I reading? Can someone explain? Is this a real person?

Elements of it remain, in fact the very element that are marketable that make people research and know of it.

Compare to the USSR's censorship altogether.

In what? Korean drama?

There was the Roman Kingdom, but that was replaced by the republic, when was the empire an absolute monarchy?

This is just a brain on Volkish spirit.




The subtext here is you seem to think these cultures got worse from when they were most isolated, but the establishment of Western Canon at all proves this is incorrect and you have little to no historical understanding

I have a game you can play. I post Near Eastern art, and Archaic Greek art. You have to guess which is which

The Greeks executed their tyrants every time they cropped up except the Spartans (which was a constitutional monarchy btw). Who were crushed by the Ronan Republic.
Truly, monarchists never win.

It's actually a performance that will count towards credit at clown college.

Previously yes, you were defending the artistic nature of Korean Drama while shitting on Eisenstein, calling him irrelevant

stay consistent

A constutition is an evidence of liberalism and I will never retreat from that, liberalism is an old ass ideology.

The magna carta is also an evidence of liberalism, where the King ONCE compromised his rule to his subjects.

Anyway, can't post anymore, fucking ban. I will never run away from you fucks, unban me you fucking coward mod.

You sound like fucking Dril


John Locke is generally considered the founder of Liberalism as a distinct political ideology. Born 1632.
You really ought to retreat from that claim. Fucking idiot.

Except, you know, before that, the Kingdom of Macedon conquered all of Greece, and later the roman republic is transformed into the Roman empire with a single dictator/emperor.

Except you know the thousands of monarchist rules in both east and west, pre-BC to AD.

Liberalism is a drop compared to that, and communism has never been tried, haha.

This is all I've gotten out of this entire thread

You're so absolute monarchist you defend the US Government and isolated small towns in the Midwest

What a fucking king

Pimp, I wish I was as confused as you

Wait hold on didn't you say about Rome

But now you're saying that they got better in time

Which is it

Liberalism triumphed. Making kings and queens into petty symbols of vanity. If you want real monarchies you have to go to the Arabian penninsuila, so have fun over there.

Roman culture does get worse over times. Roman empire in Augustus to Marcus Aurelia era was their golden age. Happy?

Triumph, but for how long?

When the world goes to ashes, it's time for kings and queens again.

You don't have to wait! Your ideal is a socially repressive, isolated, absolute monarchy. Saudi Arabia is goddamn perfect for you.

Because they are far more traditional than you communist fucks.

And that reminds me:

Apparently, cossack culture, tsarist/aristorcrat russian culture and russian orthodoxy aren't culture, just oppressive symbol.

Muh modern USSR cinema though, that's russian culture.

What a joke.

Saudi Arabia is liberalizing so try again.

Meanwhile, you faggots can all go to nowhere! As you should, because communism has not been tried.


Holy shit pimp, take me to your kingdom

So this is the power of schizophrenia gang

Yeah you never went to college

Nah, I don't speak nigger.

Just an example.

It's liberalizing real fast.






Unironically join ISIS king, you're too good for these secular woman and their…driver's licensees?

You're mentally ill

Indeed, it's too liberal for me.

No, I want my reich again.

No, just stating fact.


And not the 3rd one or 2nd one, but the 1st one.

This time without jews.



ah, you are that butthurt spammer.

Nice, spam more, I seen these pictures a lot time already. These guys look like they will kick your ass.

Nah, I'm into culture.

Cossack culture.

I will only spam if you tell me which college you went to pimp


Tell us more about chan culture, that was really fascinating, your insight is infinite


I'm sure you have a nuanced opinion on the cossack repatriation and not pol diarrhea.


There we go again folks: the culture of Russian people doesn't matter, only the culture of the Romanovs (heavily Germanized and Westernized aristocracy that spoke French) matters.

Gotta give you props for being so straightforward about it though. You are living proof that when a Holla Forumsack spergs about muh culture, he means the flashy aesthetics of the ruling class and videogames, and nothing else. The real, living culture of the masses is worthless to him.

Also the Cossacks were simply a warrior caste like the Janissaries in Turkey, they didn't have much of a culture that wasn't invented by latter romanticizations and simply died out once the material conditions propping them up as a caste disappeared. And many of them sided with the Reds.

The faggots didn't even speak a Slavic language and weren't ethnically Russian

They don’t live on though. Living cultures don’t rely on commodification to survive. It’s become something else entirely. It’s the culture of a parasite

This is honestly the most retarded thread we have had on here in a long time. Holla Forums united only when facing bait

Why would any German find this appealing? Not even mentioning the whole Papacy thing is directly in conflict with your Absolutist views.
t. Amerimutt

Literally thousands of microstates? You want that?

I feel ashamed that something so lazy got me to post, and yet, here I am.

So many dishonesty in this post.
The culture of Russian people matters but the romanovs and its aristorcrat culture also matters, both folk and aristorcrat contribute to the greater culture. The fact the romanov were not pure russian and were westernized does not matter since Peter the Great was also westernized, and he has no problems with russian culture and traditions.
Here is another inconcistency, you accuse me of caring for only the aesthetics of the aristocrat (never mind that IS culture in itself), yet also accusing me with not caring for "living culture of the mass", are video games not living culture of the mass? Why is there exception here?
The cossacks were an ethnic people with their own song, dialect, dress and tradition, the fact they were militarized does not mean they were kidnapped enuch like the turk janissaries.
Yep, the wealth of the don cossack just suddenly disappear along with cossack village! Yet they mysteriously appear again after the USSR is dissolved, really nothing to do with the USSR there!
And much more of them sided with the White, and after that the communists still genocide them anyway, what ungrateful faggot.

Because every germans have their own kingdoms/dukedom and culture?

The whole papacy thing does not matter when the Reich can impose their own Pope.

Yes, what's the problem? Better a shitton of small states than a gigantic state.

Without anyone practicing it, a culture would die.

I don't care what you call it, but capitalism ultimately brings culture due to commodification, because they can make money of it.

Chan culture is fighting for your belief.

Such as me calling you a nigger faggot kike.

Can you explain to me how you enjoy this new niche game but want to uphold traditional culture?
You should be playing rogue and tetris, not these new games.