The Young Turks is conducting a poll on whether assault weapons should be banned...

The Young Turks is conducting a poll on whether assault weapons should be banned. Holla Forums appears to have been alerted. I figure that Holla Forums should be aware as well, regardless of our positions on gun control.

Well obviously the answer is no
Read Marx
The proletariat must be armed

Will Holla Forums and Holla Forums create a spontaneous alliance of convenience to rustle cenk's jimmies?

Be sure to tell them that - there's a "why did you vote this way" comment option

Should've said USA or just in general, imo. Answer differs slightly on culture. I think upping the age limit might be the best course for USA? But long term arm the workers etc etc

Can still arm proletariat with other guns though, mind

I don't have a YouTube account so I can't vote

How would people be able to fight an oppressive US government and their walking death squad of an army plus all the right-wing autists who would probably un-ironically attempt to help them all of which would be armed with full autos and military grade equipment like drones and shit with semi autos and manuals firing guns?

How would you fight a drone with an assault rifle anyway?

Mount it on a drone.

OP here.
Read my post. Where was I advocating for gun control? You are very presumptuous.


Let's all go back to muskets for the authenticity.


this but unironically

Reminds me of the arguments liberals use against the 2nd amendment cause "muh muskets"
But yes, the more workers armed with rocket launchers, the better.

I've read 100 pages of Marx and 800 pages of Lenin and I'm here to say that anyone who doesn't want workers to have rocket launchers is a liberal

This but completely serious.

unironically yes

you think we're gonna do an insurrection with fucking pebble shooters or what?

We need way more

Say hi to the CIA for me, amigo

That's the only way to avoid a post-Stalin style degeneration back into capitalism once you have a DOTP.



I think Syrians would prefer having assault weapons

What the fuck do you think the AK47's that are all over the middle east are you fucking tard?

Does banning those guns get me nukes sonner? Unless the answer is yes, then hell no.

My perception on gun control has changed somewhat. I used to think that we should ban assault weapons on the basis that the average hunter doesn't need such things to hunt. But I realized after that this is not the time to disarm. If anything, we need to be defended more than ever because of an increasingly encroaching police state.

I'd fully support ownership of personal nukes too.

Holla Forums porky here. Sure, why not?

PS: This board has no purpose. Rejoin your brothers over at real Holla Forums.

We'd be immediately banned for wrongthink just like our BO does in here

nuclear artillery only. thermonuclear weapons and ICBMs are bourgeoisie.


oh yeah, but if you dont say the magic words the cia will leave you alone right?
get real. we're all being watched.

Are your mods still perma banning for even slightly going against the r/the_donald 88d chess narrative you sorry faggots still desperatly clinging to?

Not everyone that shoots guns even hunts. A ton of people just enjoy shooting targets. Honestly prefer that over hunting though I do love eating deer.

This always bothered me.
No one in their right mind truly believes the second amendment intended hunting to be the reason for an armed population.
It was for defense.
Maybe defense of a tyrannical nature, not necessarily against your neighbors or others in the public, but defense nonetheless.

Unironically we should hit the capitalists and their armies with white phosphorus.

Anti gun liberals should go to another board.

Yes, because in 20 years when the American state sells all mineral rights to EU?Chines corperations and america becomes a second world nation, victim of imperialism we’d want a socialist insurgency.

all these technophile shills should fuck
only thing "workers" (they don't exist in primitive society) should be armed with is spears