I've never seen a thread like this here, but with the Olympics on now I think a sports thread could be interesting. There are lots if highly political sports organizations; for example, Red Star F.C.:
Truly /ourclub/
Also, thoughts on sports in socialist states? Why is the DPRK so bad at the Olympics?

Also if mods think this would be better suited for /leftytrash/ that's fine, but I think the rich political history of sports makes this a worthwhile standalone thread.

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Sports have their roots in "rational recreation". Porky had to find a way to keep his workers from drinking, fighting, and napping when they should be productive. He invented games which would promote fitness, tribalism, and competitive mindsets. He found that observers also gained the same tribalism and competitive mindsets as the players, but without the risk of injury (or becoming fit enough to tear his head off) and so company sports teams declined in favor of company sports sponsorships. The legacy lives on, with sports effectively just being booj mind control. Fuck sports.

I hate this "the capitalists wanted this so this happened"
Sports have been around FOREVER, and the reason it's still here is because it doesn't harm the circulation of capital.

Meant to write "so bad at the Winter Olympics", they do ok in the Summer

Ronnie O'Sullivan is a top lad


Religion has been around forever too. Age doesn't justify something's existence.
Sport may survive the revolution, but I guarantee that it will eventually transition to something that more closely reflects a proletarian society. Cooperative games and games focused on self improvement and games with no win conditions at all could replace competitive ones, for example.

That's the fucking point. Do you think capitalists created religion?

No, but they created many of the sects that exist today.
Just as they created the sports we play today.

That's your argument. I wrote it, because you are incapable of expressing it.

Sport is bad because it was designed to be bad by capitalists. That's my argument. You're just too stupid to read it.

you've never been to a rural football match I see. It isn't about winning. It's a communal experience for fans and players where everybody just gets piss drunk after the match. Top level British football is fucking bollocks. It's only about money. In my country most rural and smaller football teams are financed by the locals and the players themselves. They buy the equipment, the petrol for the bus and whatnot. Fields are usually looked after by a local guy who has sheep or kettle and he's allowed to have his animals eat the grass if he cleans up the toilets. Eliminating sports where you can win or lose makes no sense. People who geniuenly enjoy a sport won't care if they lose.

Glasgow Celtic, founded by poor Irish immigrants to the city.
Tend to be


Nah mate I hate the SNP, doesn't mean I'm anti-independence

But don;t you see, Scottish independence will just lead to Scotland being cucked to the Americans rather than Scotland cucked through the UK to the Americans?

Look I support it as a tool to escape British politics. Make no mistake of course we'll be cucks to the US along with the rest of the west. But Independence may at least mean that the Scottish left can thrive. But as you said we're cucks either way so wheres the harm in trying. Plus if you had to live around these people you'd sympathise with me.

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t. gaunt skeleton that can't play sports with any competence.

Babelsberg 03 is posibly the most based club in Germany
4th division, in nazi infsted east germany, but solid af left wing and always in trouble for it.
Currently the east german football federation si trying to forcefully relegate them because one supporter shouted 'nazi pigs fuck off' at some Nazis who stormed their stadium.

oh did i mention?
They play at the Karl Liebknecht Stadium

Hey user, if Scottish independence went through, and there was a commie revolution throughout the British Isles at some point in the future, do you think Scotland would re-join, to form a greater communist union?

Total utopian fantasy of course, but what do you think?

I mean don't know, I suppose at that point it wouldn't matter too much, I wouldn't be completely against it just don't see the point unless it made sense in the context of the future.

uphold Stalin-Castro MLB thought.

geninely think part of this dumb ass belief comes from the mouth of Gnome Chosmky who never had the constitution for sports so justify it as capitalist bread and games

that bullshit my nigga

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t. amerifat

Sport is inherently communist.

no surprise, chomsky exists to work for the undermining of a possible emergence of a proletarian vanguard

AS Livorno, hometown club of the Italian Communist Party and club legend and self-proclaimed communist Cristiano Lucarelli (Serie A top scorer in 2004/05) who got blackballed from international football by the Italian FA from 1997 to 2005 for taking off his shirt after scoring on his Italy under-21s debut to reveal a Che Guevara t-shirt. He also has The Red Flag as his ringtone.


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nah, St Pauli is /ourclub/

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