Breaking: Bernie Sanders going full CUCKOO! Redirects all focus towards "Russian government’s attack on our democracy"

Breaking: Bernie Sanders going full CUCKOO! Redirects all focus towards "Russian government’s attack on our democracy"

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not even once

Bernie just saved this timeline,


Things that were responsible for trump winning in order of magnitude
1. Killary having the charisma and likeability of a serial killer
2. The DNC rigging the primary
3. James Comey’s 11th hour announcement
4. Trump running a supieror campaign, especially visiting midwestern states
5. Pepe
6. Venus was in retrograde
7. The Irish
8. The Russians

This is happening because everyone who isn't in the mainstream is being accused of being a foreign agent, in an overt move to create new censorship laws. Just watch when Muller exonerates Trump and demands new laws aimed at fucking over mainstream left groups. All the Hillshills will get fucked long and hard as the bullshit narrative they hyped up is used by Republicans to crush everything left of them.

Disappointed but not surprised.

Though we'll always have Corbyn…

Realistically you're right
It was a lot of things


Whoa whoa whoa slow down.. Really?

Can you lay this out step by step? How does the left get fucked, and what are the most probable chain of events.

I thought this was going to hurt the right more.

didnt bernie sanders vote yes on every war the US has been in for the last 30 years?
hes a puppet of the state only out for personal gain

We've not touched the election results since Kennedy we swear it laddie

Mueller practically wrote the patriot act, it could happen again.

Keep in mind what started the Russia hysteria was the DNC email "hacks" that were probably leaks. They were extremely embarrassing for the HRC crowd, which in turn was evidence the primary was rigged against Sanders. The Red Scare 3.0 is mostly about crushing leftist opposition.

He didn't support Iraq or Libya IIRC. He still supports the empire like a good succdem though.

I was really hoping we could use a Trump Putin conspiracy to our advantage. Like Rasputin and Romanovs, but I'm increasingly thinking it will be used to put a white Obama in power like Joe Biden.

Is it useful to leftists at all? Is there no way to exploit it to our benefit?


succ dems gonna succ

We all know you got Obama elected you damn Hibernians.

Another thread that makes me question how naive leftypol users are.

No. Why is it that you thought this?

this is just to get the dumbest DNC hillary #russiagate people of his back
sanders is a okay political operator, and he knows how much the media class can affect a marginal number of people on the dem side he can still win over to his politics

even his succdem policies are scary to many rich dnc donors so he is going to be smeared as a russian puppet

It's 523000000 dimensional thinking. Bernie will be the catalyst leading towards global geopolitical socialism. He is the true Marxist revolution. Oppose him and get the wall.

sure thing
have a

I miss the clovers

Firstly some history: Mueller was appointed FBI Director about a week before 9/11, and oversaw the 9/11 Commission which examined how the US government failed to stop 9/11 from happening. The policy/reform recommendations he made in his final report were used to construct the Patriot Act, which was a massive expansion of the government's Fourth Amendment powers. It also created the modern US electronic border surveillance system, which Trump wishes to augment with a physical barrier.

The same is happening here, but vis-a-vis the First Amendment. If one believes the entire narrative, than despite everyone at all levels of government knowing about "russian interference" they let it occur beacuse there was no law or procedure to censor the "interference". This includes everyone from website moderators, hosts, tech companies, FBI agents, the Attorney General and former President Obama himself. All the surveillance in the world yet it could do nothing.

The next and most obvious step is censorship. Every group that might plausibly appeal it must be delegitimized, (among others) this includes the NRA on the right and the US Green Party on the left. Both parties must hold purges (mostly of staff) and isolate any legislator who tries to fight the allegations. Note that not even Trump has done this, Trump simply blames Obama for the "hacking". Once that is done the purity test is with a new censorship law, which will appear as something "common sense" like a new libel law, one which would overturn NYT v. Sullivan - a decisive court case that allowed newspapers and periodicals to call people racist without being sued for defamation.

They built the tools to track people, now they are constructing a legal framework to prosecute them in. The result will be the left being gutted, top to bottom. Holla Forums will get blown the fuck out too, because obviously antisemitism won't be tolerated. What's left standing is all political discourse being recentralized into things like VoA, which seem kitschy now but will be the official state media soon enough. It might as well be already considering that most news media these days is just AP/Reuters newswires being copy and pasted, not original content.



What you said also applies to that Chinese family that was kicked out of Daly City in the early 1950s, which spawned a huge shitfight because it made us look bad in Korea. To loosely quote the SF Chronicle article on it at the time "our ability to promote peace, freedom, and justice overseas is greatly hampered by racism at home". The result was California's civil rights act, and similar laws implemented before the official Federal one in 1964.

Made me lol.

I'd add to the Comey point that Shillary was under FBI investigation basically through her entire campaign. She did conduct government business out of a server in her basement, wiped the server when it was evidence of her misconduct, and then pretended that she didn't understand what wiping a server meant. "What, like with a cloth or something?". The Comey thing itself was also kinda' bullshit. They admit that she conducted activities with gross negligence but then dropped the case entirely.

There was the Bill Clinton meeting the attorney general in secret too, that was another good scandal circa 2016.

Whatever you say, Paddy.

Thats the weird thing. He should know better. For fuck sakes, he supported the Sandinistas.

hes just keeping the dems happy so he can get the nomination in 2020

Super delegates still exist. He's not getting the nom and when he dies the nascent American socialist movement dies with him. We need to somehow get people to move away from Bernie and towards actual socialists and socialist orgs.

That is happening. It's just a lot of people here are upset about what form that takes shape in. Like the Democrat Cops of America or even socialist alternative.

You can't make this shit up. I hope Secular Talk makes a video on this and calls him out on his hypocrisy.

Aw fuck, I don't want to admit but that's basically what I've been trying to make myself believe. Bernie has for the most part the right policies but he's a terrible campaigner. He's "cult" of personality is what really carried him but he keeps going softer when the growing Base wants to go further left.

I see I was right to lose faith in him. those replies at least give me the slightest hope that there are still people not biting this shit.

I like Corbyn and am happy for him but unless he opens up the borders that doesn't really help us across the pond.

I can't speak for SAlt though I'm wary of trots, but D.S.A. have always been wolves in sheep's clothing. People act like them advising to work with Democrats is something temporary, but they've been shilling for Democrats for their entire existence, even when they were nobodies who could have afforded to swing harder to the left. There's a lot of fine people at D.S.A. who only joined because it appears to be the most prominent socialist org at the moment, and that is true, but this is an org that will fuck the movement over when shit gets real.

It's because he is still reliant on the Dems. If they refuse to cooperate with him his career in the Senate is over. That's why the goal should be for the actual left to move far away from Dems.

Depending which conspiracy theories you buy into she literally fucking may be

I wasn't into leftist politics like I am now years ago. Can someone tell me how demcucked was Bernie before he announced his election run? Was it always this bad or just after he got robbed the primary and had to shill for hillary?

Wasn't always this bad.
He knows how corrupt these people are.
That's what makes it such a disappointment, despite being expected.


This is even more unrealistic, America is never ever ever going to move away from the two party system. Just deal with it. All you can hope for is that Bernie's support grows so strong that no amount of rigging can stop him. It happened with Trump, it can happen with him. In Trumps case politicians who previously opposed him bent the knee even though they opposed him ideologically, solely to further their careers. So in the end it's just about winning hard.
The problem is that not enough people know him. Ironically the people who actually care about politics don't matter, because they already support him. You have to convince the normalfag subhumans, and while the internet bubble might sometimes make you think everyone should know a certain thing, the truth is that most people only use the internet for Facebook. Fuck, I bet half of them only even voted in the first place is because the "Trump is literally Hitler, we HAVE to stop him or WWIII happens" meme was pushed HARD.

I do think he has a great deal of integrity (which makes it all the more annoying when he cucks out). Guy has been raising the exact same points for multiple decades. Webm related.
I think a lot of his "cucking" during election was strategic moves (in his mind). If I had to guess this tweet was because Hillbots literally started calling him a Russian stooge etc. If he runs in 2020, the shills would probably be all "WHY DIDNT YOU SPEAK OUT AGAINST MUH RUSSIA WHY DIDNT YOU BERNIE".

Bernie is literally going to die in a couple of years. Attaching everything to him is folly you dumb demotard.

except trump is basically i more nativist neocon now, he never had an ideology beyond watching fox news. all the "anti establishment" ideas about military isolationism, trade regulation, and immigration restrictions, are replaced with bush era standard republican policies now

ahahhaha socdems when will they learn

is the keyword.
He pretended to be something quite different, but the point is that Neocons weren't "in" on it, so yes I do think they genuinely thought of him as an outside threat, but they still bent the knee once he was winning. Remember what happened to Ted Cruz?

FUCK YOU Holla Forums
Back when Bernie was campaigning you retards hyped the hell out of Bernie and got me so excited about his campaign. In reality he was just another BACKSTABBING SOCDEM.

I'm never listening to socdems again, and that includes your "absolute lad" Corbyn.

Bernie is nothing like Corbyn. Corbyn is actually a leader while Bernie is just a meme.

Shut the fuck up socdem, I fell for your lies last time when you said Bernie is nothing like Obama. I won't fall for it twice.

I'll believe you when he whips out the dragon scimitar and beheads the Chinese mining company that bought Runescape


it's clear that bernie has outlived his usefulness by now, but he served a purpose in atleast somewhat bringing anti-capitalism in the mainstream (even if he shilled his social democracy as socialism)

same, should I ask BO to bring 'em back?

Bernie kind of sucks but he's all that remains of the left as a political force in American electoral politics. Everyone else had their careers destroyed and became pariahs after the neoliberal revolution.
If he somehow gets nominated for president he'll mysteriously die before or shortly after taking office.

No because the goal of the Mueller investigation is to crush all dissent against the Republican Party and the corporate lobbyists they represent. Democrats will go along with it because after Muller clears Trump, anyone who dares suggest any criticism of new censorship laws will be branded a traitor. Republicans are willing to nuke a few of their own to accomplish this, because they know it will be overwhelmingly successful right before the 2020 redistricting.

All of it is happening because the majority of Democrats are fucking retarded and seriously cannot accept that Hilary was a bad candidate. It'll only be AFTER new laws fuck them over (like their ability to post "trump is a racist" onto social media) will they realize their mistake, but by then it will be too late. And even then most will still just lay the blame on Trump, not the own flaws within their party.

hopefully he'll be destroyed then.

dont forget gamergate


FWIW most of the dem candidates D.S.A. is backing are only running as dem because it would be impossible to get votes otherwise. I certainly understand your feeling given how shitty of an org D.S.A. has been for most of its history. They really should just form a party of their own and outright denounce all dems.

The fact that they won't form an actual socialist political party and instead redirect discontent back into the Democratic party is why I don't trust them.
Furthermore I don't understand why a socialist would want to be associated with the Democratic party in any way.

That's such bullshit reasoning. If people won't vote for non-dems then it is up to the Democrat Cops of America to get their brand out there among the local proles.

Berniefags on suicide watch. We fucking warned you faggots that he'd backstab you but you didn't listen. I bet some of you "leftists" still support this fucking cuck.

For real, if the fucking Libertarian party can get on the ballot so can the Democrat Cops of America.

This should be number one

The problem is partly that, but also the fact it is basically impossible in a lot of places to get on the ticket as anything other than a democrat or republican.

Every single fucking time.
Sucdems do this every time is any one in here honestly surprised?
I'm surprised but not because of that.
because actual Anarchists and ☭TANKIE☭s supported him in the primaries.
Just goes to show how shitty Sucdems really are if you weren't aware of it already.

Bernie Sanders' campaign was good for class consciousness and the left. Nothing he does now can change that.

Daily reminder

Its pretty funny looking at the tweets of all the Berniebros who feel betrayed but at the same time think Bernie is playing 4d chess like the good little cucks they are.

I supported Bernie before I became an accelerationist, then I supported Trump.



Chris Hedges was right all along

Why should i defend an authoritarian capitalist state like russia? Its like supporting nazi germany because its "muh anti imperialism".


Russian shills will change strategy now that Trump and the Republicans are the status quo in America. They will shill for Black Lives Matter Trans Children anti-fracking legislation Green shit gun control and other shit and when they do Republicans will turn this Russia shit on to the demshits

Jesus Christ why are people acting like he personally betrayed you? This changes nothing about his policies or his reclaiming some leftist agenda.

That's a good clip. Thanks for posting.


People treat "killing Rosa" like it's just a meme, but literally ALL major socdem parties and politicians would kill Rosa again if they got the chance.

The right wing in America is a much better target even with Trump in the WH. For one thing the MSM doesn't ignore them like they do the left or even left liberals.

It's in our best interests for Bernie to be a classic reformist backstabber. The masses learn from experience. Every time Bernie cucks out, another ex-Bernie Bro leaves the Democratic Party.

Sanders deserves to be forgotten as soon as possible.

I see you Holla Forums.

they know what they are doing to protect their profit margins , so ill give them that, but it seems like even the individuals at these news outlets really care about pumping up the rights importance as much as they can , while completely ignoring the left

I don't think he's necessarily wrong about that though. The young (and not so young) people who believed in the system and who voted for Sanders are obviously going to be disillusioned after finding out about how obnoxiously Shillary and the DNC rigged/owned the only system. These people may push for more 3rd party choices or they may realize some extent of the reality of the voting/political situation in the US - that money rules and swimming against that tide of capital will either get your career ended or get you killed.


Sanders could still redeem himself by running as a third party candidate in 2020. That would really help to introduce people to the idea of voting for Thurs parties.

If I remember right, Jill Stein and the green party basically said they'd let him run as the head of their party after he 'lost' the dem's primary. It was unfortunate that he didn't take the offer.

It would be better than nothing, a Sanders Stein ticket, and I'd love to see the hit-pieces that the dems run against him if he ever decided to do this, but I don't think he will want his legacy to be tainted like that - because the smearing he would receive would be off the charts, and his odds of success would be relatively low, at least as far as I can see right now. If the dems ran Shillary or someone equally loathsome (Tim Kaine?) again then maybe he'd come out on top, but it would be an uphill battle against a massive pile of money and propaganda, and Bernie isn't getting any younger.

The Green Party is a total joke. He's a sitting senator, associating with the Green Party is a sure way to end his career.

running as a third party is a waste of time. You don't get featured in the nationally televised debates, the funding you get is miserable, since you can't compete with democrat/republican donors. Another issue is that third parties don't show up in ballots in all 50 states - so they're already at a pretty major disadvantage.

And then you have to look at who the Green Party is made up of - anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO, anti-nuclear energy, etc. they're a miserable excuse for a "left" party.

Btw that picture is exactly what happened to Jill stein- NOT Bernie Sanders. After Hillary lost, Jill Stein used donations to get a recount in close states. It's actually kind of funny that the meme is painting it as a thing Bernie did.

Bernie Sanders is 76 years old. How much career do you think he has left?

That's the thing that bothers me the most.
He has nothing to lose at this point.

t. Liberal who gets all of their opinions from John Oliver.

The 2020 Dem convention is shaping up to be like 1968. It will be a knife fight between the corporate professional class and a wave of pissed off sanders fans. Unless something shatters the party first like Bernie running Independent

Daily reminder that the democratic party is not a party but a brand. Entryism doesn't work because party bosses ultimately have very little to do with policy. It's the donors who set it and they aren't going anywhere.

I liked sanders. he was easily the best one in the 2016 race. sorry to use pol terms but he's being cucked here. He wants to run as a Dem again in 2020, and he thinks he has to bend the knee to the Russia Mania dominating the media and Washington Dems. This is like a religion now and he doesn't want to be labelled an apostate and traitor. It's all a complete joke and sad. But it's kind of the way politics is in America. You can't exist in the system without being corrupted and abandoning at least some of your principles to serve the beast.

I would love to see a Bernie campaign 2.0 where he is calling out shills by name, indighting the corporate media as propagandists for profit and calling for treason charges and public trials across the entirety of the US government, intelligence community, military, congress, etc.

It won't happen, but it would be beautiful to see both the old Bernie supporters and the left-leaning youth rally behind someone who was calling for radical revolution.

It'd also be great if he told us how Shillary's campaign along with the secret service threatened him and his family's lives towards the end of the 2016 primary. That'd be hilarious.

If he goes off the reservation he'll mysteriously pass away. Although that could be good for the establishment. Just blame it on Russia and the military buildup can go on unimpeded.

He's literally never been more popular. He has a real chance of winning the next election - why waste it on the Green Party?

Plus the Russia connection isn't so popular here, but liberals have bought in to the idea that the Green Party - and Jill Stein in particular- is some Russian conspiracy. It's pretty toxic now, so it's for the best Bernie stayed away from it.

I guess I don't see why this is a problem. He's a


He would have to get the nomination to do that. Guess what? He won't get it. The Democratic party is not a political party. It is a corporation. If the money doesn't want something, it's not going to happen. And they don't want Sanders.

Of course rather than engaging with my actual issues - you just deflect. Running as a third party is a bad idea - it's a dead end if you actually want to have real influence in politics. What is the value of a left-leaning candidate running if 1. He won't appear in ballots in every state. 2. He won't appear on nationally televised debates. I'm asking you to actually engage with my actual points of contention. And frankly, even relatively successful third party runs end in disaster - look at what they did to Ralph Nader.

It's not a given, but he has a lot of advantages heading into the next election. Most notably that he's currently the most popular candidate. Of course the DNC won't have his back, but he came pretty close last time and they were actively acting against him.

You are either really young or just dumb. Educate yourself.,_1992

Wow! can't believe Ross Perot became president! That totally disproves my point.

Not that guy but political parties have collapsed before and it will happen again. The Democrats won't be around forever; in fact the party is in disarray with no clear leadership or message. The party's name is dirt because they have no answer for neoliberal decay, poverty and endless war. Securing the backing of a shit heap like the Democratic party isn't desirable for a left wing candidate.
Hardly anyone watches tv debates, and thanks to the media blackout on Sanders in 2016 the televised debates were on at strange times on obscure channels.

Bernie Sanders is proof that leftists need balls. Bernie "the cuck" Sanders has no balls. He'll keep getting fucked by the democratic party and will take it like the little bitch he is because he thinks they'll give him some succdem crumbs. He doesn't realize that we're beyond the point of reform. We need leftists who wont take shit from anybody and who are assholes. Sanders aint it.

Christ dude. The point of a Sanders run is to "pass the torch" to actual left wing parties and organizations in the US. We need him to use his star power to radicalise american workers. He becoming president would actually backfire massively since he wouldn't be permitted to do anything and would face extreme opposition from both left and right liberals.

Holy shit. Where did I say this?! I think it'd be nice, but I don't think it's the goal.

My main point has always been ballot access and presidential debates. The rules for being invited to a presidential debate have changed a little since Ross Perot ran. Did you watch the Green Party debate on youtube? If you did, you're in the minority. My point is that the the democratic platform gives you a much larger audience just kind of by default.

How many third party candidates were debating Hillary Clinton on CNN, or ABC… you know… where people are actually watching them?

Bernie could do it now, but I think there are good reasons not to. Just as an example, because I think I'm done responding after this: The Green Party is a toxic brand, it would likely hurt, rather than help his reputation and therefore damage whatever socdem proposals he would have (that was my point with Ralph Nader who was at one point one of the most well-liked political figures in the U.S.). Even Ross Perot claimed some fuckery happened to him - but who knows the guy was insane.

Nobody cares about debates. People have made up their minds about Bernie and they like him. He's the most popular politician in America by far, in fact he's one of the few politicians that isn't widely loathed.
He could steamroll all opposition within the party Corbyn style (though I doubt it), or he could run independent, but TV debates won't change any of that.

American political "parties" don't work this way. They are essentially loose coalitions of independent representatives within the government who agree to publicly support a broad general set of policies. The only group that has any real power are the donors.

That system is falling apart. You think the donors wanted Trump? The GOP clown car in 2016 is evidence that their grasp is slipping. Same with HRC, she had to use every trick in the book to fend off a half assed campaign from a relatively unknown old man. Shits unraveling before our eyes.

Supporting Sanders yet again, so much for Holla Forums.

Wasn't the big "meddling" from Russia just that they leaked the fact that the DNC rigged their primaries?

Yes. The DNC party elites were embarrassed and whipped their retarded cult followers into a frenzy over it.

Truth. Bernie has spent way too much time listening to the msm lately.

They're desperate for something, so they project their hopes onto a fraud hoping it will work out. Kind of like Obama.

Good post, what's VoA though?

Voice of America

This is why we need to build a mass movement m8s

No one's gonna come along to save us


Voice of America, the US government's attempt at a news service.

I don't understand why its so hard to accept the fact that Putin would order something like this to be done
You can't discredit everything the federal government tells you just because its the federal government telling it.

A couple of reasons:

1. The individual charged with creating the version-of-record from which policy will be determined from, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, has not yet released his final, definitive report on the matter.
2. All of the claims made are just that: claims. All the alphabet soup agencies quoted and cited at the very most only release a statement stating their position, no actual hard evidence like ip logs or documents as was the case with the DNC leaks or similar.
3. Of the claims made, none of them explicitly define the connection to the Kremlin or Putin. Only that there is a "suspected tie" or some sort of old boys' network at play with Russia's government. Even if this is true, it is not clearly spelled out.
4. Additionally of the claims made they don't investigate the plausibility that it's just Russians doing it independent of Russia's government. While this may seem remote, consider how all the spammers responsible for the recent Elsagate issue are crying crocodile tears because their source of easy ad money is gone.
5. Which relates to the ultimate problem here: all US tech firms actively profited from this arrangement because they sold the ads these people all used to profit and promote themselves. An investigation of this matter cannot be complete without an investigation into their practices, and whether or not they themselves encouraged this activity instead of the Russian government (as remember, they profit from all this).
6. Even if Russia did do it, was any crime actually committed? Russia does business in America like Israel and Mexico do, a globalized society inherently causes globalized elections.
7. Finally, when it comes to matters regarding free speech (which is what this battle is about, the ability of foreign agents to buy ads) it is always reasonable to be sucpicious of the government's motives and suggestions, especially when they are blaming supposed "foreign subversive activity" for their problems and not themselves (consider that per the Snowden leaks the NSA was revealed to have shit tier control over their employees, who would do things like use their powers to stalk ex girlfriends and such).

There's just not enough information to make a conclusive determination. There are too many gaps.

But isn't that the purpose of the investigation? I think we should wait until see what Mueller finds out before we dismiss it.
What's more, the US hasn't been the only country claiming Russian interference. France, Germany and Norway have made similar claims.
This alone warrants looking into the claims

Those are the same countries that referred to the Soviet Union as a totalitarian state

Wow, four different neoliberal states say the same thing!

Just to be clear. You're saying we should disregard these claims that a neoliberal state(Russia) is interfering and manipulating people simply because 4 other neoliberal states were the ones to call it out?
I guess we're gonna have to wait until Cuba or North Korea points out that Russia has a history of this behavior (in the same way the US has a history) for you guys to believe this incredulous story

I'm arguing that biased sources are hardly the best places to get accurate information.

who the fuck cares?
even if they did spread propaganda and disinfo in the us election, so what?
do you think every other country doesnt do this?
do you think china or saudi arabia have no hand in us elections? do you tihnk the us doesnt interfere in others' elections?

all states with the capability to do this, do this. the russians simply found it advantageous for them to be caught and drag out the spectacle in broad daylight.

Fair enough. But right now, the "biased" sources are the only sources. Both Russian state owned media and mainstream media are the only ones reporting any of this and adding their own spin to it.
So it wouldn't really be reasonable to read something like RT and take this as face value while rejecting something on say CNN

This is a very foolish attitude to have. When the US interferes with elections, they are actively undermining the sovereignty of other nations. This doesn't mean it's okay when some snake like Putin does it whether it be to France, Ukraine or the US. If you want to use the "if he does something bad, then I should be allowed to do it too" argument then I suggest you go back to kindergarten

it's not "ok", it is something that will happen so long as these states have the ability to do it. whether you like it or not or think it is "ok" is irrelevant.

It sounds like youre making a moral argument for Putin somehow being more of a snake then the rest of them.

Alright since we aren't going to moral arguments, then how about a practical one?
I don't want Russia destabilizing my home, so I am i am in favor of the Mueller investigation. Since it is entirely likely, as you said, that meddling in the election has occurred.


do you seriously think this is the one time a foreign power has spread propaganda in a us election? This is the first time. Only russia has done it?
Second of all, what is the mueller investigation supposed to accomplish to you? Confirmation that foreign powers use intelligence to interfere in other countries' elections, ours included? And what is that supposed to accomplish? What do you think is feasibly possible? Do you honestly think these politicians know nothing about foreign money and efforts going into the american elections?

They also contacted the Trump family specifically - there were a number of things which specifically probably were treasonous, but it's increasingly apparent that this is also being used (like 9/11) to provide ammunition for yet another general natsec power grab.

The actual biggest criminals here are probably the domestic ones - but they're in the White House, now. Just like when the FBI was monitoring all of the hijackers (and SA officials were supporting them) before the planes flew into the world trade center, the blame again must fall within the niche that politics and immunity allow.

Based Bernie! We must fight Russian imperialism in all of its forms everywhere!

I am not sure if I will fell for it again.

1) BLM burning entire cities, making people live in fear and looting everything, do two mass shooting.
2) Pink haired weirdoes who talk a lot get a lot of visibility and steal feminism and occupy movement
3) Obama being not Change incarnate but more of the same, keep the troops on the ground, start more wars, keep Guantanamo, keep the patriot act and even wiretap the entire world
3) No one stand in the way of the politic and economic elite destroying the middle class and removing all hope for the poor worker
4) No one except the eccentric orange guy

Now, this is the point where any typical leftoid will go in five general directions. He'll either:

Then there's the interesting alternatives:
>he reads Marx
>he reads Marxagain
>__________he actually reads Marx

But didn't he do way more for the Saudi's and Israeli's than he's yet done for Russia?

FBI leave.

If corbyn doesn't kill the queen by next year I'm done

And no
Well if a hand picked puppet of Putin is currently holding the highest office in the US, I think i'd would be a great idea to get rid of him.
I don't know why you want to give Putin even more power than he already has. He already destroyed Russia and is in the process of looting all of it's wealth. Do you seriously think he should be able to do what ever he wants? For a second, take off your blind hatred of the US goggles and fucking think why it would be okay to let the Russian government to amass even more power.

I got the exact same response on Holla Forums

Uphold Vladimir Putin Thought

Critically support Russian oligarchs against American imperialism