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I sadly noticed that the cyclical thread about climate change [CC] got buried, while the majority of this community clearly accepts the danger it means to humanity in general. The thread in question started to share info and perspectives I thought were invaluable and sadly it went bankrupt due to a lack of activity. This shouldn't be the case. Comrades here know that CC is one of the – if not the – main crisis of the 21st century, so I kindly ask the vols & BO to consider stickying and making cyclical this thread!

Please, share and discuss everything related to this topic, and let us hope that the worst scenario doesn't come!

Pic related is a form of theoretical agitation: how to think about nature without making it into another form of the Other, that is, "Nature". Also, the pdf shared is a guide for radicals on what kind of subjective position we should occupy as radicals to be effective in our endeavor countering the fact of possibly fatal CC.

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Thanks for reviving the thread. I unfortunately am not too informed about the scientific research behind climate change apart from the few major points but I'm glad this thread is back as climate change will definitely one of the most signifcant challenges humanity has to face in the coming decades.

People that don't believe in climate change will be sent to the gulags.

ecological collapse is our only realistic path towards communism

unironically this

I sometimes think that this is the case as well. I suspect that the international porky would rather destroy every inch of habitable space before relinquishing the control they have attained by the hoarding of capital. A pronounced enough ecological terror could potentially force COMMUNITIES to come together against outside influence merely for survival, and in those communities of limited means we may be able to develop proper, sustainable communal governance and perhaps even happiness.

But yeah, things will really have to go to shit, but once people are dependent on people in their community for survival they may be more eager to develop communal ways of living. They'll pretty much have to, because its that or feudal living, which unfortunately is probably the more likely scenario for humanity before agriculture becomes impossible.

The best case I can make for them is that there's been billions of dollars of propaganda put in to making people believe that climate change is a hoax. That doesn't excuse their ignorance, but a similar case could be made for religious people. They too believe in nonsense, but it's nonsense that's been shoved into their face since birth, nonsense that society-at-large rewards them for believing, and nonsense that makes their lives simpler, more easy to manage.
I think that the possibility for re-education should not be overlooked when dealing with at least some of these people who hold obviously false beliefs that are detrimental to humanity's future.

I will concede to re-education but if they still refuse it then they shall go to the gulag. It's the best I can do.


Massive numbers of people fleeing climate disasters, famines from formerly productive land being exhausted, governments losing legitimacy from their total inability to address these problems. Extreme situations like that will be necessary to overturn the status quo.
Perhaps a smallish country will find a new way of organizing themselves as a society that distributes and preserves resources equally while providing a place for refugees that isn't miserable or exploitative. A Cuban miracle or something.

That's what I'm thinking too. It's at least possible. Somewhere, for some people, for some length of time.

Best case scenario for humanity.

It also is our doom. Understand that ecological collapse is not something genera upon genera survive.

Only ten thousand years ago. Ten. A majority of Earth's megafauna went extinct. Why? Because of a shift in temperature. Such a simple thing thing effects so many different aspects of life that evolved for certain conditions, conditions no longer there, they all died out en masse. The Mastodon, the Mammoth, Smilodon, Ground Sloths, the Rhinos, and the list goes on and on. 20,000 to 10,000 years sounds long but it's just a glimpse away in the history of the planet, and indeed all these mammals died fairly quickly.

Earth was never made for life, it exists with its own phenomenon independent of life, that can be effected by it as well.

Ecological collapse is the last thing anyone should want. It is not the golden ticket, it may very well, theoretically at least, end in our own eventual extinction along with the other forms of life we're carrying with us. Remember the Camels of North America, the Ground Sloth, the many different wolves and cats.

All of them were wiped out because of temperature change in a matter of two or three thousand years. Do you think we will be much different in an even worse scenario with an ever growing number of billions of people reliant on energy that pushes us further and further to that edge? I'm not even talking KT-Boundary Extinction, let alone Permian Extinction levels. Life will go on and adapt without us, but a lot of life won't.

Those gone to the fossil record will probably include us. Give it 5,000-10,000 years. Humanity will be struggling to survive and adapt. We aren't particularly good at adaption, we're the last species of the Homo genera. All of our family tree went extinct faster than the mammoth did.

We won't be much different if we embrace ecological and climactic collapse. Life on Earth is a phenomenon, and like all phenomenon it relies on certain conditions to exist. Without those conditions, there's die off of genera.

Not to be dark and dreary, if you know a little about prehistory, you'll realize just how fragile ground we currently stand on. We may rule today, but every king has his reign. No matter how impossible it seems to him at the time, he will be succeeded eventually.

Earth is book ended by a runaway greenhouse and a planet that used to have water and possibly an atmopshere, but doesn't anymore. We're all living on borrowed time.

It won't be that extreme. We've been through far worse. Life will live on without us, and we'll just be extinct in 10,000 some odd years. The world will live on without us.

Besides, if we were really that bad, it'd still take hundreds of millions of years at least. We don't need that span of time to simply go extinct.

Things progressives don’t know about climate change:
1. The Greenhouse effect is logarithmic, not linear or exponential.
2. The rate of sea level rise is 3mm per year.
3. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide increases agricultural yields.

In all the history of the Earth rapid climate change has only resulted in prosperity for all its inhabitants, because Mother Earth loves us so uwwu


Wrong because of methane and ice shelves
it depends
literal prager u tier argument, that won't matter if the best arable land is contaminated with seawater

I just don't believe we have a good grasp on what effects human activity is having on the climate. Of course its bad and climate change is real, I just think we're being overly optimistic about the how devastating human activity has been. What if we're the dinosaur killing asteroid and the Siberian traps all in one?

The argument is kind of moot anyway since if humanity is close to dying out and nuclear states are on the brink of death MAD will probably end up getting set off somehow

Life is very resilient. 95% of it went extinct once, which lead to the Mesozoic from the Paleozoic. The effects of a massive series of volcanic eruptions. Then the Mesozoic was capped off by a massive meteorite impact, leading to mammals dominating the Earth. From there plenty of extinction events have happened.

We just have trouble imagining a world without the animals we recognize today, let alone, a world without human beings.

Life will go on, but I doubt it will be with us. Our entire genera has proven to be extremely fragile when it comes to any kind of Earthly change.

What people don't seem to grasp, or have trouble grasping. Is we are a phenomenon of Earth. We are just as much natural a phenomenon as the clouds in the sky, so to speak. Just like clouds, material conditions can take a far turn for the worse for much of life. It recovers eventually, but we're still just living on a planet. Most planets are hostile to life, our Earth isn't that different.

Sometimes life just whisps away like a cloudy day transitioning to a sunny day over a week. There's still clouds, but it's different than it was before, adapted to the conditions its in. Much of Earth works that way, and we, as natural phenomenon ourselves, are no different.

The Earth was never designed for us, and it will continue moving and bubbling below us, while the seas are filled with out trash and our climate begins to change. Our extinction is imminent in the grand tale of life on Earth. The only question is when.

But, either way we as a species will go extinct at some point. It doesn't matter if the rivers rise and grasslands desertify, mankind will die. 10000 years, 20000, maybe 500000 if we're lucky. If the game is rigged, why even play?

The irony of all this, is this is the first time life has effected the climate for the negative in over 500 million years. Half a billion years.

We should be proud of ourselves for this level of tragic irony.

But if we were to change, and man were to bring positive impact to the environment, the species would still be doomed to extinction. Is it better to revel in the destruction while your time lasts than to live in a peaceful misery for a few more minutes of life?


Fuck off Ipso brothers. Even if that's true, as says, rising sea levels will destroy arable land all over the world and many microclimates will change, meaning that the agriculture techniques that have worked preciously in those areas won't work anymore.

GMOs and urban farming truly are our only way to survive the collapse of conventional agriculture

sorry *Idso


Those fuckers were bigger than bears!

The urban part of urban farming might become untenable as resources diminish. The construction and infrastructure maintenance, the sewer systems, the essential AC as the world warms (if you've ever been in a 10+ story building that had no AC, they get REALLY hot in the summertime - weren't built to exist without AC), the importation of water as that becomes more scarce. I mean the water we have is already essentially poisonous, and that's only going to get worse around urban environments.

I could go on, but yeah, cities are nasty and generally synonymous with 'unsustainable'. A few awesome hydroponic grow-towers would be cool and all, and we'll probably see a few in our lifetimes, but I doubt that you'd be able to maintain what we would call a city with them. Still, it's good resilience for a town/city to have these things. The money could be spent on much dumber stuff, that much is certain.

Coca-Cola and Nestlé to Acquire Private Ownership of the Largest Reserve of Water in South America

fucking look at it. do you think all that glass and steel is free?

What really terrifies me are the immediate effects of global warming. Just look at Africa in pic related. Most of it would become uninhabitable. This would spark a massive wave of migration, which no country would be able to control.

those farms use far less water and need also less fertilizer and chemicals, they can grow plants without even using soil
putting on solar panels would even create more energy than is used cuz plants dont need the full sunlight spectrum
at least that's some stuff i've heard about this

Another problem seldom discussed is the nutrient cycle. Right now phosphorus is just washed into the sea. If we keep doing that, even urban farming won't save us.

Good thread.

i mean, like, put a bunch of stores filled with plants growing on artificial grow beds, glass walls letting in some sunlight but for the most part use solar energy from the roof to shine light on the plants when the sun is actually out
if it's overcast or just night time, turn off the lights or just use any surplus energy available if needed for better plant growth
if it's just a 2 store building that's already half the regular needed farmland
and the water can also just be collected from what'd fall on the roof, since if the claim of higher water efficiency is true there's no need for taking any other water then what's naturally raining over that area
you can even filter it using excess energy

Climate change 'will push European cities towards breaking point'
Study highlights urgent need to adapt urban areas to cope with floods, droughts and heatwaves

I just feel so hopeless thinking about climate change, what can be done?


let's burn everything to ground and genetically engineer humans to breathe poison.


I swear these threads turn you all into insane paniced lunatics. As if you already weren't already.
You are not a good socialist if you have no hope for the future. Yeah yeah call yourself a realist for feelgood points but it does not change the fact that a socialist has to believe in the future they want to create. This is the fucking problem with the left today.
Also if you think you are some sort of genius for pointing out that life goes pn on the earth with or without us then kindly kill yourself you pseudointellectual faggot. You point out obvious shit that everyone knows because it has been said a millon times already.

If you do NOT deny the
Earth is recovering from
her last Ice Age, then you
are called "climate denier".

If you do NOT believe in a
prophesy of thermal Armageddon
lest sacrificial rites are mandated
by overlords, then those who do
call you "irrational".

If you do NOT believe in the Mayan
mysticism of government controlled
weather in exchange for human sacrifices,
then you are called "anti-science".

I used to like making jokes,
but the world is degenerating
into a merciless one.

Sorry I don't practice religions.

WWF Appoints Veteran Banker As New President

Pavan Sukhdev, 57, who worked during a quarter century at ANZ Banking and Deutsche Bank, followed by a decade working with the UN, is convinced that the private sector holds the key to saving nature.

vomited a little

Doesn't that hope have to be at least somewhat feasible though, comrade? You can't hope that hundreds of thousands of species un-extinct themselves, but you can hope to build a resilient farming community with family and friends.

Recognizing the dire nature of our collective situation is empowering in its own way.

sooooo the arctic is getting ass blasted

~it all returns to nothing~

fauna is counterrevolutionary

Study: Climate Change Threatens Major Crops in California
California currently provides two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts, but according to a new study published Tuesday, by the end of the century California’s climate will no longer be able to support the state’s major crops, including orchards.

NASA: Far northern permafrost may unleash carbon within decades
The study calculated that as thawing continues, total carbon emissions from this region over the next 300 years or so will be 10 times as much as all human-produced fossil fuel emissions in the single year 2016.

Recent Very Hot Summers in Northern Hemispheric Land Areas Will Be the Norm Within 20 Years
Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) accounts for the effect of environmental temperature and humidity on thermal comfort, and can be directly related to the ability of the human body to dissipate excess metabolic heat and thus avoid heat stress. Using WBGT as a measure of environmental conditions conducive to heat stress, we show that anthropogenic influence has very substantially increased the likelihood of extreme high summer mean WBGT in northern hemispheric land areas relative to the climate that would have prevailed in the absence of anthropogenic forcing. We estimate that the likelihood of summer mean WGBT exceeding the observed historical record value has increased by a factor of at least 70 at regional scales due to anthropogenic influence on the climate.

Is AGW an example of the correctness of Dialectical Materialism?

realistically nothing
We're decades too late to make any meaningful change other prepare. I think on the whole humanity will survive the event but there will by a mass die off of most humans on the planet over a period of time due to famine and drought

Not to mention widespread (otherwise treatable) diseases, war over the remaining resources, immigrants killed off at borders, concentration camps, etc.

It's not like the shift in temperature happened overnight, were as our existence has caused a mass extinction event in a very short amount of time. And I disagree with the edgy doomsday crap, we can secure the world's future, it's just a matter of getting socialism before major crisis. And who knows maybe we can do it under capitalism according to this liberal economist:


don't understand threads on social power dynamics under capitalism get anchored but climate skepticism threads are allowed despite there being an explicit rule against the latter

yes i'm talking to you, useless piece of shit vol

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As climate change parches Somalia, frequent drought comes with conflict over fertile land
Desert sand is slowly taking over Somalia. Just six years after the last major drought emergency, the rains have failed again – a devastating trend in a country where around 80 percent of people make their living on the land. Special correspondent Jane Ferguson and videographer Alessandro Pavone report on how climate change is threatening a way of life that has sustained Somalia for millennia.

can a smart person debunk this

Explainer: The polar vortex, climate change and the ‘Beast from the East’…
The unusual weather extremes [of Europe and the Arctic] are two sides of the same coin. While much of Europe is shivering in subzero temperatures, the Arctic and eastern US have basked in unseasonably warm conditions in recent weeks.

Attached: Polar-vortex-1024x534.png (1024x534, 151.1K)

Allow me:
'nuff said
I's smart.

You can become a "smart person" in one easy step:

The Arctic is sending us a powerful message about climate change. It’s time for us to listen…
In 2017, the Arctic winter ice set the lowest level on record, but we’ve broken that record again. We’re only three months into 2018. Yet we’ve already seen a parched California, a frigid eastern US, two “storms of the century” in New England, and a record-breaking heatwave in Florida. On the other side of the world, ski races at the Olympics had to be postponed because it was so cold and windy. Then comes the Beast from the East. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events is entirely consistent with scientific expectations. And this is costing us all a lot of money, and more importantly, lives.

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Key Message: U.S. Precipitation Change
Average U.S. precipitation has increased since 1900, but some areas have had increases greater than the national average, and some areas have had decreases. More winter and spring precipitation is projected for the northern United States, and less for the Southwest, over this century.

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Stop being a bunch of pussies. Launch a fuckton of factory components into LEO with nuclear pulse propulsion ships and manufacture enough "orbital" mirrors to deflect 4% of the solar radiation. Problem solved.

Not sure if satire.

There have been papers done on the subject as well as experimental data for nuclear pulse propulsion. You leftist pussies are all the same, whinge about a problem but never being a realistic solution to the table.

Nevermind the feasability is still doubtful, how do you launch such program?
Are you gonna make Mexico pay for it?

What would mexico have do with anything? It is all very feasible on a 20 year time scale asumming you have the same budget and amount of resources as a state. There could be any number of ways to minimize the fallout too, and its nt like the plebs dont except the fallout from coal that kills hundreds of people every year.

Reference to a situation when someone have an infrastructure project in mind and didn't think carefully at how it would be financed.
Which is the keypoint here.
You can't just make modern day state fund massively anything just for the common good or else public hospitals and schools wouldn't be as shitty as they are.

If i wasn't clear enough, your proposed solution is on par with: lol unemployment is easy to solve just give everyone a job bro.

I wonder if they took into account the greenhouse gaz released in the atmosphere with the ships's fuel?

You realize he is talking about grossly inefficint chemical rockets. I am talking about launching nuclear propulsion engines which has a far higher impulse to mass ratio. Meaning you'd need way less than 5 million rockets. It would still be unfeasible to launch the total mass of "mirrors" from Earth needed though. But thats not what I am suggesting. I am suggesting that you industrialize low earth orbit and manufacture orbital "mirrors" up there using captured asteroids as raw materials. Its completely doable

I dont have a plan of action, im just some fag on the internet. This is more of a general awareness thing. There a plenty of solutions to climate change but none of them get evem the tiniest shake of the sauce bottle. Orbital mirrors just happens to be on of the best ones.

Then don't claim to have realistic solutions when you clearly don't know how to implement them.

Fuck off libtard.

I could outline any number of scenarios that i would be plausible. You just want someone to tell you what to do lmao

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What? It's vague and bad science at best, and a deliberate scheme at worst. Watch this and think about the other side of the debate

Looks like Koch brothers level faggotry to me brah.

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Red Cross Turns to Climate Attribution Science to Prepare for Disasters Ahead
A new analysis by World Weather Attribution, a science organization that the Red Cross has partnered with, shows that heat extremes are rising much faster than the global mean temperatures in most regions and that daily precipitation extremes are also increasing in severity, with some regional nuances.

Understanding how often extreme events are expected and how intense they could become helps relief organizations determine where to stockpile emergency supplies and to design shelters that can withstand extreme conditions intensified by global warming.

These people should be hanged. No exceptions.

my nigga are you fucking serious

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Scientists Discover the Benefits of South African Wildfires
When you first think of wildfires, you probably don’t think there’s actually anything good that comes from them. However, according to a recent study carried led by researchers from the University of Wyoming, the biomass smoke that’s produced from the South African wildfires actually helps to bring down the temperatures on Earth. This helps to combat the damage caused by the greenhouse effect.

Only nuclear winter can save us now.

Climate change affecting taste and cost of beer
As the world’s climate warms, an interesting effect is happening on beer’s core ingredients: hops, water, and barley.

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If this doesnt wake the masses it's all over fam

One activist from a socdem party literally told me just that. "Not before the price of beer rises will we have a revolution."

Beer is more or less banned already in most Republican states. See the widespread use of Alcohol Beverage Control stores and Ignition Interlock Devices all across America.

Americans prefer soda.

Hotter, Drier, Hungrier: How Global Warming Punishes the World’s Poorest
Northern Kenya — like its arid neighbors in the Horn of Africa, where Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson paid a visit last week, including a stop in Nairobi — has become measurably drier and hotter, and scientists are finding the fingerprints of global warming. According to recent research, the region dried faster in the 20th century than at any time over the last 2,000 years. Four severe droughts have walloped the area in the last two decades, a rapid succession that has pushed millions of the world’s poorest to the edge of survival.

Well, at least Burgers will finally have a reason to act.

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California may reach 50% renewable power goal by 2020 — 10 years early
Two years ago, Gov. Jerry Brown signed an ambitious law ordering California utility companies to get 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030. It looks like they may hit that goal a decade ahead of schedule.

Last three years hottest on record, severe weather hits 2018: U.N.
The past three years were the hottest on record and heat waves in Australia, freak Arctic warmth and water shortages in Cape Town are extending harmful weather extremes in 2018, the United Nations said on Thursday. “The start of 2018 has continued where 2017 left off – with extreme weather claiming lives and destroying livelihoods,” WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas wrote in the report.

New data confirm increased frequency of extreme weather events, European national science academies urge further action on climate change adaptation
Globally, according to the new data, the number of floods and other hydrological events have quadrupled since 1980 and have doubled since 2004, highlighting the urgency of adaptation to climate change. Climatological events, such as extreme temperatures, droughts, and forest fires, have more than doubled since 1980. Meteorological events, such as storms, have doubled since 1980.

Reminder it's human nature to destroy the environment, don't argue with me on this!

Everyone should take the climate change class a federal judge just held in his courtroom

Before he would have to decide whether major oil companies could be held liable for climate change, William Alsup wanted to get some facts straight.

Alsup, who studied engineering and has a degree in math, is a federal judge with a reputation for probing for scientific details. The Verge called him a “lifelong geek.”

Now, he’s presiding over a case in the US District Court for the Northern District of California that will decide if San Francisco and Oakland can hold Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, and Exxon Mobil liable for the effects of climate change. At issue is whether oil companies can be held responsible for the effects of climate change, given the evidence they knew fossil fuels were driving climate change decades before the general public started to catch on, and continued to try to persuade the public that nothing was wrong. (Exxon, meanwhile, is counter-suing the cities right back.)

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/r/climatechange mods delete articles if they suggest that socialism is "really, really" the "cure for climate change".

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Acid trap
Earth’s oceans are beginning to warm and turn acidic, endangering plankton and the entire marine food chain.

According to some models, by 2050 this rising brew of more acidic water will reach the surface waters of the Antarctic, and calcium carbonate will begin to dissolve throughout much of the Southern Ocean.

‘It’s not a question of if pteropods will be dissolving, or if they will be compromised – it is certain they will be,’ Bednaršek said.

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RIP ocean.

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