Daily News Thread 2/22

South Africa to Cut Ties with Israel 'Over Abuse of Palestinians'

South Africa, a former apartheid state, has been vocal in its support for the Palestinian cause against the over 50-year-old Israeli occupation.

Police Lock Down Part of Brussels Amid Reports of Gunman

Belgian police sealed off part of a Brussels suburb Thursday and searched two apartments, warning residents to stay inside following witness reports that an armed man could be at large.

Russia: UN Syria Resolution Aims to 'Overthrow' Government

In spite of suspicion, Russia said they are "ready to consider this proposal."

Fear of war looms over Syria neighbours, Iran says

Iran's deputy foreign minister says the situation with its ally Syria is "very complicated" amid growing concern a wider regional war could erupt.

U.S. Treasury Official Says Era of Congratulating China Is Over

The U.S. is done applauding China for promising economic reforms and wants to see the Asian nation back up its professed support for open trade, according to a senior U.S. Treasury official.

What are Pakistani troops really doing in Saudi Arabia?

Pakistan's opposition parties are piling pressure on the government to reveal details about the country's troop deployment in Saudi Arabia. But the government remains firm on not divulging what it calls "operational details" of the deployment.

NRA's Wayne LaPierre echoes Trump's plan to arm teachers

Wayne LaPierre warned of a "socialist wave" in America to take away guns and limit individual freedom.

Venezuela to Launch 2nd Cryptocurrency, the 'Petro-Gold' Backed by Country's Gold Reserves

The new cryptocurrency, the Petro Gold, will be backed by gold and other precious metals.

White nationalist Jared Taylor sues Twitter over ban

White nationalist Jared Taylor is suing Twitter after the social network banned his account as part of a crackdown on abusive content.

Republican Congresswoman claims most mass shooters are Democrats

Rep. Claudia Tenney, an upstate New York Republican who is up for re-election in one of the most competitive congressional districts in America, told a radio host in Albany that Democrats are more prone to be mass shooters.

Thousands of US Citizens Jailed Over Debts as Small as US$28

One in three Americans has been reported to a private collection agency with the majority of cases affecting Latin American and African-American communities

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It's official boys, Gay IDF stoners are boer fucking shits, we should call Zionists boer fucking shits from now on.

How do the mass shooters become democrats, most of the time mass shooters become dead. What the fuck is this woman injecting into her veins?


Welcome to the ‘homeless’ working poor – a new neoliberal KPI


Painting an Israeli Attack on Syria as Israeli ‘Retaliation’


Toronto: Residents on Rent Strike Flyer Neighborhoods of Landlords

Residents in the working-class neighborhood of Parkdale are engaged in a rent strike against their landlords, and recently carried out the following flyering campaign.

West Virginia teachers hit the picket line

UNION TEACHERS and staff in public schools across West Virginia will begin a two-day strike February 22–their first in almost 30 years–to call for increased pay, an end to attacks on seniority and a real solution to the crisis of the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) that provides health care coverage for state workers.



Uhmm.. Are you retarded?
Anyway I very much doubt her claim is true.

Fla. shooting survivor says CNN rejected town hall armed guards question: 'It ended up being all scripted'

Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference

No shit her claim isn't true you retard, that isn't the point, the point is it's absurd just on its face

We're coming for that toothbrush whitey!

He won't get anywhere.

I can't be the only one that thinks that these student protests are where the alt-right crumbles. Rubio got fucking eviscerated last night and Trump's listening session was a goddamn joke. GOP leaders are hiding and the NRA are attacking everyone.

The Right's weakness is on full display.

Oh man, could you imagine if the Trump administration were taken down by a group of traumatized children with determination? It's like a Care Bears cartoon, it's great


How is it absurd? I fail to see what you're this worked up over.

Honestly lads, this is a kinda big thing: it is perhaps the first organised revolt against the very concept of New Public Management itself and is the longest strike in many universities' histories by a long shot.

Just to note the Petro brought in 700 USD: which is 25% of expenditure.

Most mass shooters seem like right wing Holla Forumstards to me. Not that Democrats aren't shit, but Holla Forums is fucking delusional.


Zizek says patriarchal statists are in retreat. I tend to agree.

These alt right sickos screaming Crisis Actors and spreading Alex Jones propaganda is just a fight or flight defense as they run away. They completely stopped using critical thinking skills and analysis to debate their positions. The laziness of their minds and willingness to embrace cringelords aides leftists far more than any single group of activists could hope to accomplish on their own.

Our job is to develop praxis and dialectics to ensure we don't get stuck with Obama liberals the rest of our lives. Because the right wing is digesting itself as we speak.

Don't get lazy with debate and resort to the same cringe tactics. Use that critical analysis leftists are known for to debate their lazy minds.

No joke, I've been thinking about moving and living in my car. I've been wanting to move to a city that pays more than 8 bucks per hour and doesn't have used syringes in every street corner, but I can't seem to get the guts to do it.

He’s talking about turkey

I hope they're actually there to coup them. There is no one I would trust more with the stewardship of Islam's holy sites than the Pakistani's.

If kids and teachers are taking to the streets, it raises the question why aren't more people doing so? This is going to open the floodgates for even more protests as people fully understand that Trump and the GOP aren't going to do anything to solve these problems and no amount of "civil discussion" is going to make them.

New South African president wants to seize land from white farmers without compensation


Can somebody please make an Eternal 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Boer🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 meme?

you mean Eternal Idpol


my uni is full of whining bitch students complaining that teachers won't tell them if and when they are striking. the concept of a strike is clearly too confusing for them

Is Ramaphosa for real? Given that he was Zuma's deputdeputy and a hedge fund manager, I expected him to be more neoliberal trash. This is promising, but I'm still assuming the worst from his ANC.

honeslty even though it's just about gun rights, it's great to see so many high school kids protesting. Trump era politics have brought about more youth engagement than we've had for the rest of the 21st century

The Trump and the Republicans are going to lock up on this issue just like they did with DACA and that will make Americans question the legitimacy of their government.

I wouldn't be surprised if all of these recent protests merge into one massive movement against the GOP.

Man I hope so. But then again, Americans always let me down when its the right time for change.


Can they pay their whole debt by selling shitcoins to nerds? LMAO

I agree. It's disgusting to see the ICE terrorizing kids and single mothers for some vague 'security' and 'worker protection' promises while the government refuses to do anything abkit school shootings and gives massive tax breaks to the rich.

Only for one year, but it may be what they need.

If you can convince lolberts into believing that doing so would undermine their socialism and is in some sense 'safer' than other cryptos, then yes, absolutely, hilariously

I know but I still don't want more war in middle east. Considering Turkey is in NATO this could sparkle an invasion of Iran and I just really don't want the people of iran to suffer as much people did in Iraq and Afghanistan because of US invasions.

that pic fucking 10/10

Tbh most of my mates from back home are petit-bourgeois and are like "why are they striking" but tbh I think they will win. This is the longest strike in uni history and both supporters and opponents alike are emailing units for refunds. if you are gonna run your uni like a company, get expected to get treated like company.

"end up being democrats" is just American "English" for "end up being discovered to be democrats"

Kek, saved

I think we're at the breaking point. Trump and the GOP's reaction to Florida confirms everyone's worst fears about this administration: that in the event of a major crisis, they'll divest themselves of any and all responsibility. They'll do nothing except lie and blame "fake news" and the democrats.

Muller files new indictment containg 32 counts, including tax charges against Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

Mueller isn't fucking around.

Looking into this, the new indictments are because Rick Gates turned down a plea deal, so Mueller's going to hit them with a truck.

And this is on top of the previous indictments issued in October, which included conspiracy, money laundering, false statements, and failure to disclose foreign assets related to his work for Ukrainian politicians.

Am I allowed to think this is funny

Whatever Happened to Brenden Fraser? Brenden on divorce, ridicule, the death of his mother, aging, and the experience that nearly ended his financial stability


GQ? More like qq am rite?

You're missing out on Brendan Fraser talking about his autistic son caring after his disabled horse.

I'm serious





Lads I think he's evolving into Steve Buscemi


We /years of lead/ now comr8s



I was being ironic with that one. EVERYBODY should own the land and have access to it!

Can someone update me on some climate change news? Are things still irrevocably fucked or has there been some relatively positive moves recently?

How come victims of mass shootings are crisis actors but right-wingers getting assaulted by Antifa never are? :^)

NWO can't get a decent employment agency to find it overweight 20 something crisis actors

President Trump Proposes Violent Game Regulations

Do we have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the gamer salt mines that just opened lined up yet?

I want to see the Holla Forumsirgin tears.



Most gamer gators hate vidya nowadays so this probably won't do much to change their opinion on Trump.

It has always been official.

They should just go ahead and nationalize ALL the land while they're at it. Land ownership is reactionary even under capitalism.

Time to ban everything besides tetris and nethack


Please tell me someone posted this on 4chan's Holla Forums. I want to see them crying tears of rage.

I don't blame Manafort for not flipping. I'd rather take a gamble on a presidential pardon and then facing NY AG Schneiderman than getting a ricin surprise courtesy of Putin. Let's not forgot Manafort stole 30 million dollars from a Russian oligarch…


I knew this was going to happen. I FUCKING KNEW IT.

Trump has always had a hate boner for Vidya. Holla Forums deluded themselves into thinking otherwise.

How is the child actor conspiracy theory still running around in FLORIDA in the year of our lord two thousand and eighteen


If anyone from the Russian investigation gets a pardon, you can bet your ass that the GOP won't win any election from that point forward. It'll be an admission of guilt on Trump's part.

Of course, Trump is too stupid to think in such broad terms.

The Right are desperately clinging to any flimsy argument they can to avoid addressing the problem.

Take for example their "good guy with a gun" argument, that if they have armed guards patrolling the school (preferably ex-cops/muh veterans), everything will be fine. Well…

Parkland shooting: Armed school resource officer ‘never went in’ to school during shooting


To add, this could possibly fly under Oboomer or in Cali, but in >current year, in a state they control, how can that meme logically work at all?

The right wants to arm everyone.
Does the left want to everyone?

Will this finally end the stormfag posting on Holla Forums?
Probably not

nah, it's way easier to just ignore the cognitive dissonance than to admit you were wrong

Is Brendan woke now? Could he be the voice of the new movement to change America forever?

Dude, during the Sarkesian nonsense they literally had threads realizing how in line with their views Jack fucking Thompson was.