Some rando just punched me in the face and broke my teeth on the subway...

some rando just punched me in the face and broke my teeth on the subway, and i talked to the cops when someone called 911 and now i feel like im a bad leftist

is it all over, should i just join the republican party at this point

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things that totally happened for real: the thread

lol it just happened dumpass

dont ever doubt me again buddy

please apologize, this evening has been traumatic enough already without comrades (or former comrades given that i have now abandoned all my principles apparently) suggesting i'm lying :^(

Yes OP, you should just go join the Oathkeepers now.

But seriously that sucks OP, but no it's not undialectical or whatever to call the police, they might suck but they're the only law enforcement we've got right now, socialism isn't about pretending capitalism doesn't exist. I kinda know how you feel though, I felt a little dirty when I called the police non emergency number about a group of youngins who had been fighting in the street for like ten minutes.

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a lot of people say you shouldn't call/speak to the cops for any reason though, and to be honest it didn't really do anything either way - i would have been just as well off if i refused to speak to them

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What even is this thread

im sort of joking obviously, but i also seriously want to know your stances on calling the police for any reason. if you were assaulted would you call or speak to the cops? what about if someone stole your wallet? where's the line where you'd call them vs you wouldn't?

There's literally no problem with calling the cops when you were robbed, assaulted, etc. It's the best kind of "protection" and "retribution" and "justice" this system can provide.

What's the alternative? Getting raped and then keeping it a secret, giving more opportunity for the criminal to go on raping?

well, i've read plenty of anarchist writers who claim you ought to not call the police for any reason. they say if you are assaulted you should defend yourself, or call upon neighbors to help you. I guess in their version of this scenario I would have asked fellow commuters to help me tackle the guy or something?

When porky gets fucked, when desperate people commit "crimes" out of desperation, etc. If you see someone shoplifting, you shut the fuck up, if he's busted, you even stand up for him. If you see someone pouring diesel in a bank, you shut the fuck up.

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If it involves anything you/a comrade has done sure but as user said it's only reasonable to contact them if you're a victim, there's nobody else who could do anything about it, but equally be prepared for them to do absolutely nothing, still the best you can do though.

They are idiots.

How realistic is this, in your opinion? In an urban environment you don't even know your neighbor's fucking name, man. Also, fuck me for choosing the side of (shit) laws in desperate situation over unpredictable mob "justice". If I've been robbed I want my shit back and a fair sentence for the criminal, not him getting lynched, ffs.

They are idiots. It don matter.

And here I thought I had a bad day because I chipped my enamel on a fork.

I'm not saying this is a realistic solution or that it's one I'm really defending, I'm just curious about what others' opinions are. when the cops came this is what I was thinking about - whether it's good praxis or something to refuse to speak to them, lol - and i thought it'd be a good way to start a discussion

personally I more or less agree with >>2407679; you have to work with the resources you have access to.

incidentally, when the cops arrived they said getting punched was my fault, because I had politely asked the guy to move over and let me sit down

This isn't even praxis, just every day ethics. Praxis is collective.
Do you personally want the puncher get punished? Do you think society might gain by him getting punish? If yes, speak, if no, don't.

this is a good rule of thumb except that in some situations I would like the perpetrator of a particular act to be caught and dealt with appropriately, BUT i dont trust the police and current justice system to do it fairly.

for example, if if the man who punched me was severely mentally ill, I would want him to be stopped so that he will not do the same to others (who perhaps can't take a punch as well as I can and would be seriously hurt) - but that would ideally mean treatment and compassionate aid rather than being thrown in a cage.

so I don't know if I really agree that "if you think they should be punished, call the police" is all there is to it.

anarchists are mouth breathers.

Talking to police is not a big deal. Hope you restore your teeth successfully.

i don't really have the money so probably it will take a while before I can get them fixed, but at least they're just my front teeth and not the ones I really chew with

It is all because you did not apply for citizenship yet. Communist organization would care of you.

Why did you hit yourself in the face?


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Try to get them fixed as soon as you can and baby the fuck out of them until then. The rough edges will be prone to bacteria growth and further cracking.

thanks for this advice. if I don't have the money to get them fixed right away, do you have any advice for what I should do to protect them in the meantime? what sort of stuff should "babying them" entail?


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The easiest stuff are avoiding acidic drinks (soda and juice especially), be mindful of your chewing and avoid anything hard and cut food into small pieces, and stay hydrated (saliva actually suppresses bacteria growth). You can also get dental cement OTC, which can temporarily protect your teeth from further cracking. Also, obviously, brush.


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Quads have nothing to do with it, you are a bitch by your actions. You are telling me some guy socked you and ran off and you did nothing? I dont hate you but it makes me mad thinking about the situation from your perspective. Inaction is the worst.


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