What do you think about Antifa ?

What do you think about Antifa ?
do they belong to the gulag or are they a necessary opposition to fascists?

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Antifa could be useful.
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Just one tactic among many. Unfortunately it's the most visible part of the actual left (here in the US anyway) so it's mistaken as a complete political position instead of a way to make fascists feel unsafe on the streets, which is good and cool.

American antifa can get fucked.They don't fucking read. Reactionaries love to act scared of them, but antifa won't be a threat to fascists if shit ever actually gets violent. They make leftists look like whiny, directionless, effeminate children. They're a net negative, tbh.

American AntiFa is hilarious.

Imagine a gang composed by soyboys, beta cucks, weaklings, butch dykes, trans freaks, and such creatures. And supposedly some of these cucks have been to Greece, and other European countries with strong AntiFa groups, to learn tactics and shit.

Simply put: European AntiFa > American AntiFa.(>cuck >beta >soyboy)

Thanks for the input, Holla Forums

Don't really see the point of them since you don't need to be a member or call yourself Antifa in order to fight fascism

Antifa is just a bunch of dudes who meet up on the street to physically confront fascists. There is no organization or membership or whatever. The term is mostly used by reactionaries to fear monger. When it is used by the left it's just to talk about this specific protest tactic.

The fact that american reactionaries are genuinely afraid of them makes it all the more hilarious then.

Its very easy to spot a Holla Forumsposter since they always spout off buzzwords in their posts.

Pretty based. You're gonna grow outta the liberal "B-but violence is NEVER the answer!" line of thinking pretty quick once you realize just how stupid and uninterested in honest discussion the people who Antifa beats up are. I find myself watching clips of their "terrorist acts" unironically for entertainment sometimes.

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I don't think it's always that simple. There's definitely some people that strongly identify with the term and political movement despite how vague it can be. I'd show up to an protest against fascism but I'd never consider myself Antifa because it seems silly and limiting to craft this political identity around something so specific. I think a lot of liberals tend to do this because they see fighting fascism as this big rebellious thing despite being totally okay with all the heinous shit that happens under capitalism anyway.

I haven't seen that image since 2016.

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You ever consider maybe people just dress up in black and wear ski masks just as an excuse to beat up people who're fucking obnoxious online, in Antifa's case the alt-right?

They're right.
Those skinny leftist will never be that thicc

Sure, some people probably do that, I don't know what that has to do with anything I said though.

I'll take your word for it even though I've never met these people. The more typical liberal reaction seems to be "violence isn't the answer."

From my experience, I went to the Charlottesville thing and the Democrat Cops of America was the main organizing force present. They set up the marches to go confront the fascists who were starting to organize in poor, black neighborhoods. There were some more radical groups present too passing out literature and free food, with a giant "FOOD IS A RIGHT" sign right above it.

I get where someone could attach to themselves to the idea of anti-fascism solely which is indeed pretty hollow and in some cases even just a different strain of reactionary thought. However, the display of a united anti-fascists front during these events seems to do more good than bad, again, in my personal experience. I admit I haven't gone to a lot of these events.

Don't worry bout it. I just really hate Holla Forums.

Depends on the liberal. Not of them share the same pacifist sentiment.

They hurt their own movement. They're a bunch of reactionary lemmings

Americans have ruined the name completely for me
It just used to be some German activists smashing up G8 summits
Now it's some gay mccarthyist scarecrow
I blame twitter

t. fascist


I honestly want to support them and I was drifting towards Communism, but shit like this has driven me off.

How common is stuff like this? Is there any way to deal with them or are you just fucked if somebody pulls a race privilege card on you?

Politics as spectacle. Look at all the posters in this thread, cheering on their "side", like fans at a sports match.

Just don't engage with insane idpollers. That guy's problem was that he responded with indigence.
American leftism in general is full of this puerile call out culture. I used to think it was just growing pains but lately I seriously think it's a tendency within the left that seeks to foster division above any other goal. Again, I would just walk away if someone accuses you of being a "performative ally" or some other such horseshit.

idpol is liberal. liberals are not left-wing.

They've been active in my old city. They're scrawny usually but they've organized and stopped asshole right wingers and Fascist from organizing.

I support antifa, even if the right wing useful idiots have a war against them.

They're part of the reason I no longer call myself liberal. Good job, idiots.

I would support and "join" Antifa if fascists would become a serious threat, but now it's mostly larpers vs larpers.

In all honesty if the local antifa turned out to be idpols I'd not be wasting my time saving them from fash.

there are probably some decent groups, but in germany the antifa consists mostly of bourgeois liberal tumblrites, anti-germans/zionists and plain idiots who put the legacy of the old anti-fascist movement to shame.

I'm having trouble believing that this is genuine. It's too much. Doesn't anyone else find this highly suspicious?

Honestly, yeah. My first thought was that this was a spook.

I would joint antifa if all their member were like the girl in the pic

Most people on here hate them because they protested BASED Milo back during the waning years of GG. There is literally nothing wrong with class collaboration in order to assault fascists.


Dude in the video should've laughed in her face and just walked off. That's how you deal with people like that, you treat them like a fucking joke


Nah, banned for sounding like a retard. If you want to criticize American antifa, don't do it with an annoying Holla Forums accent.


at this point it's damn near a dialect



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The people have spoken - give us a name.

Wish i knew

I hate how many Holla Forumsacks often make the same assumptions about "antifa" as Holla Forumsacks do. It's not some centralized organization with a coherent ideology, it's an affinity group. Anyone's free to take on the label of antifa (which is why falseflagging is so strong)
Anti-fascist activism is good in so far as it also properly anti-capitalist. Anti-fascism in support of liberal democracy is worthless.

probably more common now that antifa has become a hotbed of liberal entryism due to libs seeing them on the news and going like "oh hey they fight nazis!!!! this is le captain america!!1!!"

That's good, all the fascist have gone ahead and started waving Nazi and confederate flags around. Making themselves inherently anti-American. I use Sock accounts to promote Anti-fa unironically and labeling them #TrueAmericans for continuing the fight the Abraham Lincoln Brigade took up. Imagine if the global left had an Imperialist and propaganda force as powerful as the U.S.S.A? We need a second republic, we defeated the Russians when they were a degenerate workers state, now we will defeat them as socialist state.

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Seriously though, these people actually do go in Gulag if they don't cut this out.

Sabrina Nichole


is she actually in antifa?

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Is there an uncensored pic?

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They're not afraid of "them" specifically. Here's how it goes in 'murica:


American antifa are fat liberals that put euro antifa to shame. Antifa in certain parts of europe are brutal.


they're fine, and why the fuck would they get the gulag? they lose sight of a lot of things but there's nothing wrong with attacking fascists in the streets. I will say, I've seen a lot of stupid antifa members misrepresenting us and that does suck, I wish it would stop.

fascists should be run down like diseased cattle. 18-6!

they're screaming whining liberals throwing their shit at onlookers like monkeys in a zoo, nothing more nothing less

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