What will prevent the Democrats from shilling hard SocDem policy 2020 and then once in power stabbing everyone in the...

What will prevent the Democrats from shilling hard SocDem policy 2020 and then once in power stabbing everyone in the back yet again?

Absolutely nothing. They're scum.

Exactly. Just look at Sanders right now.

This. Sanders will fuck everything up by shilling soc dem bullshit

Bullets, if anything. A guaranteed cure.

Will Bernie ever ditch the Democrats for an actual socialist party or is he controlled opposition?

Sanders and Democrat Cops of America have done more to destroy socialism in the USA than the aut right psyop tbh.

I don't see anyone being stabbed, only bourgeois politicians serving bourgeois interests.

What are the proletarian politicians?

many former democrats and independents felt stabbed in the back because millions actually believed in obama as hope and change or in the democrats to depend them
if the democrats actually implemented socdem policy in 2009(card check, universal healthcare,wall street punishments/regulations), the subsequent elections wouldn't have gone how they went. the donors always knew what was actually going to happen and the dem party surrogates and media class tried to spin it as the best they could do but everyone outside of a certain economic comfort or ideological restriction could see that it was just lipstick on a pig.

So e ssentiallyin American elections it isn't what people actually want that gets done, it's what the donors what, and they own both parties so it doesn't matter which one wins.

I think they're out of room to maneuver. Obama papered over the failing political system with his charisma but that won't work anymore, people are fed up and want change. The Dems have no bench whatsoever, their only hope is to merge into a centrist party with the mainstream GOP in order to keep left wing reformers out of power.

Tulsi Gabbard?

Obama stole the thunder of any future candidate who tries to get by on "historic" qualities like being the first woman president. He had no actual political skills and so he was clowned on by cutthroat Republicans and cynical careerist Democrats. Gabbard would need FDR level political skills and strong alliances backing her to get anything done, and she won't have the permanent media honeymoon Obama enjoyed if she tries anything like Medicare for all. The Democratic party and the weirdo cultists that run it simply won't accept her if she's a threat to their jobs.

Funny joke. If anything, that would've made the GOP wins in 2012 even greater.

The sad fact is that unless you can get the Republicans on board with this stuff, they'll always spin it as smug commie Liberals pushing their evil government overreach on poor true Americans.

I don't know how you can avoid regarding an unironic Zionist as controlled opposition

they do this every single day
if dems actually pushed things that massively helped the average guy it would be much harder to actually sell this

The Dems are controlled by the same donors, the Republicans are just the donors outright. It's why the Dems never actually do anything.

The last time it worked it required FDR to stab the banks in the face after getting elected and they've pretty much assured that that should never happen again by internationalizing capital.

Hillary won in the popular vote. They have a winning tactic. Fucking Joe Biden is going to get the rust belts, blacks, womanenz, gays, latinos, dems, never Trumpers, evangelicals, Irish, Catholics, etc etc etc and Military sweetheart. He's the perfect candidate for people with Daddy issues.

Better convert him into a Socialist

get ready for white obama i guess

No way are the entrenched bourgeoisie going to let a buffoon like Biden take their power away. They'd destroy him with a million (100% true) sexual scandals.

Their own reliance on donations from corporate and billionaire NGO sponsors is what stops them. They honestly CANT run a succdem because even that is just too far left for their money coalition to accept. It doesn't matter that it would win them the election. Money will win at the end of the day, and only unions would really support a move away from the right and back towards the center.

Here is what will happen. A succdem like Bernie will run and do every well in the primaries, but lose because he or she isn't "practical" or "electable". In their place they will nominate Oprah or soemthing, and then the succdem will fall in line like the bitch they are. After that, the party will begin to collapse. The progressive/liberal voter coalition won't be able to sustain itself, union donors will leave, and there will be a huge wave of 3rd party votes. This may coincide with something similar happening to Republicans, since they're on the eve of their own internal crisis between populists and conservatives.

Best case scenario? A massive wave of 3rd party votes in 2020 or 2024 ensures no one is elected president, forcing it to the House where the decision will be locked up and America enters a political crisis.

Talk about Biden all you want

he's that weird uncle that is one big sex scandal waiting to happen

Forgot pic

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to help the average guy, but the GOP successfully smeared into an evil socialist program run by vampires that want to kill your grandmother.


I am horrified you might be right. It's such a bad play, but they use the dumbest playbook every time. That being said Obama ran a couple really good campaigns. Bill Clinton also was very charismatic. John Kerry and Al Gore were terrible candidates and Bush Sr sabotaged Carter for Reagan with the Iran Contra. If they're smart they'll get a succdem that has the appeal of Bernie Sanders. Also Joe Biden would be a safe bet. Trump types like him.

My prediction is someone will stage a pseudo-color revolution. Maybe the Democrats themselves, maybe a new third party with infinite dark money. Imagine

Then they'll do some triumphal pantomime of the civil rights movement, distracting everyone from a military buildup against Russia and crackdown on political opposition. It would provide the illusion of success for the opposition to the shitty unpopular government we have.

If he'd actually delivered healthcare reform instead of the Heritage Foundation Plan for Profit Security, those smears wouldn't have worked. People were begging for FDR 2.0 but they got black Herbert Hoover.

That's rich!

Are we living in the alt-timeline where FDR never becomes president and America becomes an isolationist state under Limbaugh?

Mixed up those names, Lindbergh.


literally written by health care companies and conservatives

nothing because of

If they don't put in some socdem safeguards, with those tax cuts in place and the trumpanzee running the show, economic collapse will be an inevitably and shit will hit the fan. People will wake up.

Capital is already internationalized, collapses are like fireworks for them. Never heard of Soros?

PSL, maybe
both are pretty shit though, one ix Hoxhaite, the other appears quite idpol ridden

Do they actually think they will be able to participate in bourgeois electoral politics or do they plan on seizing the means of production?

Their donors.

Sanders might be a dirty succdem, but he scared the pants off of the bourgeoisie in 2016 and they want no discussion of even mild socdem policy for fear of creating another left populist surge.

You can already see this in DNC politics and their political mouthpieces. All they talk about is Russia Russia Russia while the DNC purges socdems and sabotaged their campaigns. The goal, at this point, is to suppress the left and any conversation of serious reform. If this means the Democrats never win another election, so be it, they're basically the jobbers for the Republicans anyway. The point is to keep the left out, and they know we're not weak anymore, so no more winks and nods and tips of the hat like in yesteryear, the left is to be shut out down to the mildest succdem.

Tbf, Tulsi Gabbard has good anti-imperialist praxis.

She's also opposed to the Iran nuclear deal and her issue with war in the Middle East is that it gets Americans killed. She's stated she has no problem with drones or SF raids. She's really not that great.

their donors
next question

Because they won't shill SocDem at all. That'd go against what the party stands for.

You merely pretend to be SocDem until you're in power and then you run neo-liberal.


Except they won't even do that anymore. Just look at modern DNC politics. They're unwilling to make even symbolic gestures to the left anymore.