Libs vs DPRK

MLs: How to approach convincing Dems, Social Democrats, Leftcoms and Trots of why they should stand in solidarity with the DPRK against NATO?
Best rhetoric for countering NATO propaganda around DPRK?

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Why would you need to do that? Most non-neocons don't want war with north korea.
Never heard a single dem push for a NATO invasion.

Why aren't you ok with them just not giving a shit about it?

Just focus on getting your foot in the door by taking a third-position stance of opposing US intervention without supporting the DPRK. That's already a huge leap for liberals because they've been fed propaganda their entire lives and there's ZERO counter narrative that they will listen to. All you can do is point out that American intervention is worse than non-intervention by pointing to imperialist tragedies liberals accept, and make the connection to the DPRK. Once they get used to THAT idea, introduce them to a less moralistic and more materialist stance on anti-imperialism. Worked for me.

because it's Morton's fork. Do you support dictatorial """""socialists""""" or a a league of American client states




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You simply don't. As MaoistHoxhaist put it, "liberals blind themselves". Let them be blind, it's what they want

The USA killed 20% of the North Korean population by their own admission. US soldiers had orders to murder all refugees who came to the 38th parallel. The US used chemical AND biological warfare against the DPRK. The USA deliberately blew up all major public buildings (schools, hospitals, etc) as well as dams.
After the war, the dictatorship in the ROK continued to kill thousands of DPRK sympathizers, and imprison many more. There are literally mass graves all over the ROK. Then when the USSR collapsed, the USA used the worst sanctions in history to try to starve the DPRK to death (succeeding at killing possibly a few hundred thousand). To this day, there is a US military occupation in the South of over 40,000 US soldiers.
So tell the libs:
1. The USA is guilty of genocide by its own admission. Whereas there is literally no evidence of the DPRK "killing millions."
2. If you aren't against US presence and sanctions in Korea, you are for genocide.
3. The DPRK is fighting for indigenous rights.

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Because mentally deficient libcoms always fail to refute ☭TANKIE☭s on this issue.

Also remind them that the DPRK is the remnant and continuation of the People's Republic of Korea and the people's committees which were present in all of Korea. The Soviet Civil Adminstration in the North recognized and worked with the people committees, while the US Military Government in the South disbanded the PRK and people's committees while establishing a puppet government.

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